Monday, January 23, 2012

Buddist Merit Dedication

One of my farmworker colleagues, a woman who has criss-crossed my path by working for former employers of mine, or is mirroring me in terms of significant activities like attending horticulture class, (viticulture in my case), sent me an email after her visit to a Buddist dharma festival, I "dedicate any merit I have accumulated by attending this festival to your permanent happiness". Like WTF; anyone who even looks at me, let alone interacts me in any significant way has been approved, scripted, rehearsed and trained, so with her near two year long association, I am supposed to believe this is genuine? Then she phoned tonight to interupt my studying just when I got started, and as part of the conversation I say that I don't have any control in what happens to me, and she says "no one does". And of course the perps made me dithered to react to this, as it speaks volumes; that she believes in the prison planet world of total control of all beings (not even I have ventured that far), and of course, how does she know anyhow? Neither question was asked of course.She has never discussed her conspiracist leanings to me, and I would be the one person who she could relate to on this topic. Ergo, she gets her information from someone else.

She is also on record as of two weeks ago, saying that I will be working with Mexicans this summer, and when I asked how did she know, she just blew me off with a vapid generalization. There is a good chance of course, now that I am in the farmworker class, and attempting to improve my lot by taking a viticulture course at present. So..., with our mutual path crossing over the past year, and the constancy of a particular notorious someone in the past 12 years, I am coming to think the farmworker colleague just maybe this person in morphover form. When the perps put someone on me for two years or more, and plan parallel activities all the while, as well as working together on one farm, and she working at the daffodil farm that I have worked at, it is beginning to seem mighty curious.

Got my first mail at my new address, as unbeknownst to me they were accumulating at the office since I moved here Jan.05. Of four items, three were invoked "problems". UPS wanted to nail me for an amount equal to what I paid them when I picked the parcel four weeks ago. "Somehow", their finnancial system tried to bill be again, when there was no way whatsoever to pick up the parcel without me paying taxes and duties. Go figure. Then a bill from the electrical company, saying that I didn't pay the last bill when I did, as per the bank's financial records. Then the ISP+phone company has the most balled up bill, billing me for things I never ordered when I shut down the account for Jan.04, 2012. But at least they got my address correctly to send this outrageously wrong bill to me. At the time I was told I was going to recieve a check when instead, I get a bill. It would be another 40 minutes on the phone to sort this one out, now that they have reduced their service level, per last phone call. Which wasn't much better than the dude circus that erupted in their offices, 15 of them ahead of me within the first two minutes of them opening their doors.

And why does this admininstrative sabotage happen to me, and what purpose does it serve? I have no idea as the the latter, but when the harassment first started I had to attend to my bills when I got jerked into hospital for no reason in 04-2002. I paid them all in one go, and lo, if the whole lot of them didn't somehow all get lost in the mail for four weeks. Once I found they weren't recieved, I sent off payments again, and they got through the second time. Like WTF; why does this insane juvenile abusive insanity keep being applied to me for something so strange; fucking my bill payments, with the recent move as an excuse to stir up yet more sabotage?

Last night, on the eve of our first quiz, done today, why, a local earthquake for crissakes. All us studying students were in the area, and for some reason the perps figured they needed to shake the ground.

No earthquake on the eve of the second quiz this week, unlike two nights ago. It was a combination day; first an hour long quiz in the morning, and then a field trip to a winery afterward. In other words, dress for a very cold day outside, but first write this exam for an hour inside before heading out. In other words, long underwear with windproof pants on top, and a silk undershirt with a heavy-weight undershirt on top.

And lo, if the perps didn't make me almost late for class, and the instructor had everyone there arranged with a center table for me alone. This is normally the instructor's table that he works from, I was in his spot for the hour long quiz.

And it was pruning again, just a half hour in the perishing cold, and the perps have a big interest in me whenever I cut foliage or anything else for that matter. Stiil fresh from last week's use in pruing and my classmates buzzing all around.

There is one E. Indian dreadlocks freak in the class, and the perps are giving him extra gangstalking duties, doing the "come straight at me and then divert when within 3' of me". The odd thing was that he headed out from the tasting room in front of everyone, as if he was headed to the washroom, but then came back in within 30 seconds, which meant no genuine washroom visitation. So why does a sane individual leave a group activity (wine tasting), to exit the room for 30 seconds so to set himself up to come straight at me on his return? All to give me extra freak time, as he is quite a collection of Unfavoreds in one person. And at least three redcoats took turns to course around me as we visited the winery, and tasting room with a bright yellowjacket in their too.

I got to wear my Yaks-Trax for the first time. And amazingly, they didn't pop off or present any problem for the 15 minute walk to the campus. In fact, they worked well in the packed snow and ice on some sidewalks. This would be the very first time in nearly ten years that something new that I would be unfamiliar with, apart from clothing and footwear, didn't fuck up. Truly an epic moment for this victim where even turning on a light switch gets sabotaged.

The bathroom stopper "grew" in the night and didn't fit this morning. Or else they downsized the drain in the sink, sometimes it is difficult to know what they are doing exactly. Hence, no shaving this morning, always a big deal for the perps. the extra time I had was taken up with extra yoga, and a protracted crap to follow. A sudden "need" came on and it just might of been this morning's breakfast. I have known them to put food through my system in less than an hour.

A tanning session this afternoon, replete with gangstalking vehicles covering me just before going into the moribund tanning salon. I had my shiftless males circulating while I waited. A different type of bed, so I shall see if I am burned tomorrow. A follow-on legs shave after that, the first shaving of the day, at dusk onset no less. The just-tanned (exposed actually) leg stubble ended up being shaved off within 20 minutes of being at the tanning salon, and I am sure that this was a very important shaving event  for the perps, the first one of the day being my legs due to the sink stopper hassle they cooked up in the night.

And what is with the black gloves on student next to me? He also has an unerring knack of putting his head in my line of sight as I am looking at the projection screen; 20-30x/day is no fluke, so how does he know to move his head when he isn't looking in my direction?

Hmm.. past public data on this viticulture course indicates a 50-50 split between men and women, and here we have nine guys to one female. How does this statistical anomally erupt this year? And the dudes take turns to wear their toques in class, with the guy opposite going through a different ball cap almost every day; bright red, blue with same red piping, a muted burgundy red and so it goes.

The Unfavored freak (male, E. Indian, scraggly beard, dreads, bag hat/toque per above) likes to be gangstanking me out of class in the doorways; twice in two days at the library, and at least two more in the subsequent days

Sunday tanning again, two days later to "catch up" from three weeks since the last time. back to admiring (per planted mindfuck) my bronzed and hairless legs. Who knew this was an harassment and abuse  outcome? Not me.

A flush of yelling yobos and dude talk erupted just after my tea break, and when starting up the PC. It was the same after lunch, except not so loud. Also in the mix were room shakings "from" other motel doors, and the encirclement strut. This room is bounded on three sides by a walkway and then a stairwell to the first level, so that provides the assholes an ideal set up to send someone in loud boots to walk along, in front, then the S. side and to the stairwell with the addition of ringing iron handrail noise. And this room sits over top of the entry way, so vehicles are parked or passing through underneath, also a bonus for the harassment assholes.

Back to writing a paper.

I am sweating bullets to get this paper done, and what happens? I get phone calls, aka an EMF disturbance at one's ear through a piece of plastic, and how many times have I related stories about each of them? Countless times, and lo, if the form of a telephone reciever we have both together, at my ear, inches from my brain, the seem locus of the perp's nonconsensual human experimentation initiatives. Not to mention that I am being kept in a densified magnetic field, measured at 1600 Gauss back in 2008.

And for the fourth time today, after a tea or lunch break, and then resuming writing and reading for the assigned report, why, an eruption of male voices for 10 to 20 minutes, someone walking outside who then circumnavigates this room, and wall, floor and ceiling poundings (no rooms overhead) carefully timed at particular intervals, especially if I pick up a book or stop reading one. And how could this strange behavior of others be anything but organized, as if four times in one day timed for the same circumstances. Not to mention the usual litany of red and late-yellow traffic light running games at intersections, and the stopping into the crosswalk. Just daily events when in Victoria, and now it has erupted here too, since I came here two weeks ago.

I got my assignment written last night, no thanks to the perps who were hammering me constantly with memory dithering, preventing me from finding my last location in the book after a momentary diversion to type something. I never, ever had any recall problems with re-finding my location in a book while writing/typing, and suddenly, I am totally abushed with this new level of remote influencing abuse. They weren't able to fuck with my short term recall until 2007, and I suppose the decided to give me a whack of it all at once. It was fucking insane, and it was 2330h, and I was getting dithered over this and constant keyboarding sabotage. A piss poor effort, no thanks to the assholes.

I had better get this posted, orit will be another week of letting it slide.


David Fuller said...
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AJH said...

Answer to: Hi from my view it seems...

I have heard of the energy or soul feeding speculation before. I don't know what to make of it, there could be some merit. Though, it is clear to me that the perps like to infuriate me with their torment, as an angry person has a much larger aura say those who can see them. It seems they like to play auric games in other scenarios; having the fugly dude swap into the former place of the blonde babe as one example. Thanks for the comments.