Monday, January 16, 2012

Dusk Onset Games

A photo for my library card was the last thing today at the college, and a cute babe was on the camera, showing off plenty of cleavage with a low cut top, seeming in keeping with the perps' need to have me view such about 3x to 5x/week. The day before, the Ford dealership cashier had a decided low cut blouse.

And after the photo, they pulled the plasma in my face stunt, as if it was a retina burn from the flash, which it wasn't, being an old pro at this kind of fuckery. This gave them the excuse to have the rectangular shape follow me outside as well, going past the red and yellow dressed pair pausing at the doorway when exiting the building. And lo, if they didn't play this up all the more by giving me a
shit sensation in my ass for the walk home. Nothing was there as it "happened". This was dusk onset, as it is earlier as one is more east in a given time zone.

I went out to get stationary items, then LD and lo, if they didn't put on the second negro (woman this time) in two days exiting the mall as I entered. When I got back to the motel where I reside there was a dude standing next to my vehicle, and the one beside it. He was at the driver's door, making out that he was a passenger in the other vehicle and was waiting for someone. And lo, if he doesn't turn his head on cue to reveal his ridiculous ponytail. And what is about the perps that they have to hound me for over 10 years with this ridiculous hairdo.And why do they need to catch me at certain locations with these visages of the Unfavored Freaks making themselves extra obvious.

The frequency of handwriting and keystroke errors has doubled since I moved to this town, and is all the more noticeable as I am taking notes in my Viticulture classes and the assholes won't let me write more than a two syllable word/phrase without forcing a handwriting errors.

And after speaking with the one good looking woman in the class at lunchtime in the cafeteria, why, an army dressed dude in camo, floppy camo hat and sunblasses (inside) arrives as we were in the foyer and exiting the building. He didn't look like a student even, just some fugly military wacko. Back to fugly Unfavoreds on the heels of being in the proximity of a Favored. She is married and I have no interest in bringing anyone into this pit of fucking hell.

An obstruction holdup at the LD checkout, and a redcoat gangstalker arrived behind me with the major obese woman cashier woman doing lots of talking to the granny woman in front of me. And then the redcoat woman did bend-overs, seeming looking for something on the floor. And have I mentioned how many times the gangstalkers have done their public bendovers, because taking yoga classes wasn't enough? Many hundreds of times.

A Field Trip to two wineries near Summerland, 15 min. up the Hwy 97. And what is it that the class members have taken to wearing red coats, red shoes, red shoelaces and course around me, and taking turns doing so? An extra babe added into the class, the girlfriend of the E. Indian freak with partial dreads and a bag hat to contain whatever else is on his head.

Other strangeness on the Field Trip was on apparent visitor with three blonde women, as if they were wine buying customers, and they joined the fray as well. First they strangely hung around outside for 10 minutes when it was -8C degrees outside, and the proprietor had gone outside to ask them in. But now, they engaged in this perverseness that only the perps could answer for, putting on Favoreds (blonde women) with an accompanying dude (Unfavored).

And again, on the Field Trip, we went outside to do vine pruning, and my just-sharpened pruners weren't cutting much at all. I cannot count the many times the perps have gone into beserkness when I cut foliage, and how the blade has been sharpened. It was a diamond file that seems to have out. It was a gather-round-me while using my Felco pruners which had been fastidiously sharpened with a prematurely worn diamond file two nights ago. It was on a belt around my waist, so no doubt that too was a big deal too, arranging black colored fabric around me as they like to test me with straps, seatbelts and the like.

Just as I returned to the parking lot, and with the headlights still on, why, a negro woman walks in front of the vehicle, strutting the dreads again, my daily negro gangstalking just when I thought I was going to have a negro-free day.

Back from a weekend visit to the out-of-town brother, sister-in-law and niece. For a while, despite masers and plasmic sightings, I was relatively free of extra-conventional fuckery of things going constantly wrong. Some family pics to view this morning were interesting, as he accompanied my mother on a visit to Britain in the fall, and he had a number of photos that I hadn't seen.

And he invited me to join him in his swimming training that he is doing for an Ironman triathalon later this year. I haven't lap-swum for nine years, and experienced another never-before event, in that I did not suffer my usual fatigue when taking on aerobic activity unless sufficiently trained. I swam for 20 minutes straight without fatiguing which is most unusual, as it doesn't take more than 3 minutes for me to need a rest.

Back to class today. It is colder, but not enough to discourage my 15 min. walk to the college. A major piss-off last night when I attended to my accounts in Quicken. Some $95 is missing from my wallet with no accounting for how it disappeared. The last entries I made was two days ago, so there should not of been any surprises. All this is due to the fact that my bank fees doubled, so now I take out more cash for smaller transactions. And lo, if this wasn't an opportunity for the Fuckwits and their materialization and telekinetic fuckery to steal money from my wallet. And they do like to mess with my wallet contents, put on extra gangstalkers when I get cash from the ATM (or spend it), and seem to have upped the ante now that they are having me use green $20 bills. Orange $50's and brown polymer (new) $100's to follow in the years to come. Woo-hoo, it has taken them close to ten years to advance their wallet contents research (on me), having me use the debit card most of the time. I can hardly wait; another ten fucking years of this insane relentless abuse before they will figure out $50 bills, and so it goes.

And I see in class, in the afternoon, the E. Indian with the bag hat, removed it to show off his head full of dreads. It took a week of inculcation with his almost fully covered head to be revealed, and I would prefer the bag hat over dreads anytime. And he was the recording person for our little break-out group, forcing me to look as his warm-up dreads that somehow escaped the bag-hat before the post lunch reveal of all his dreads.

Another piss-off was that my $20 phone card went missing, the assholes setting me up to call someone (as they didn't reply to my email) and then me "finding" that it was gone. Why didn't they jerk me around over a $10 card instead, as I only bought it a week ago, and hardly used it. I was infuriated over this, following the above wallet contents theft yesterday, but not loudly, as they make me tone it down.

No negro crossing my path today, as the perps were good for four in four consecutive days in this small town. Though, the perps did put on two turban acts to pass nearby, as I was again having lunch with the above mentioned good looking woman, and two others also.

I had better get this posted, as another week could slip by, given that I was wanting to publish a posting each day, and somehow it didn't "happen".


Anonymous said...

I get no babes whatsoever. I'd love to see a babe. The last time I saw a "babe", the perps made sure it was one that looked like Jerry Sandusky, and the pose she was striking resembled that in my dream.

I'm tired of these cowards and their ganging up on me. Really. I begged them to show themselves, but I'm thinking there is some serious liabilities if they did have one iota of their operations exposed. And being kept down with psychological warfare, they do this with me quite a bit. I don't know if the psych. warfare is due to severe sadism and narcissism on their part or not.

I will never ever see a "babe". And if I do, they will make sure it is someone with a boyfriend who is a minimum of 6 feet 7 inches tall.

They hate me, and I have absolutely no idea why. Did I mention I will never see a babe? The last time I came across one of those, she was with a couple of perps who took my picture. They used to send footsoldiers out to take my picture. I imagine it is part of a file they keep on me as a target, so they can go around spreading slander and lies, and showing my picture. Who knows. It could be just a mind game, but they must have some sort of centralized smart mobbing center where they can dispatch all of their operatives.

The only thing I tell myself and other ti's, is to never give in. They will do things to TI's to keep them isolated and angry. They try to get me on my knees begging for someone to give me a chance to prove myself, but they only send assholes who do this ignoring routine (if it is a babe, that is.) And usual said "babe" is a complete asshole with no substance.

What a life. But I am not about to go begging them for mercy. Forget that. I am way better than that. And they can go sic their huge mobs funded by trillion dollars worth of black budget money. And people wonder why the economy is so freaking bad. It's because so much resources is going into targeting TI's for their "testing".

I would like to say good luck to my awesome perps, they are going to need it, because hell and high water is not going to make me cave in to their desires to turn me into an average nobody.

Anonymous said...

Just found out that Microsoft put out a free download of Windows 8 developer preview. Why haven't I known about this before? I see it's been out since late september. No doubt that the perps did this because they want me using Windows 8. It comes with some pretty nice developer tools, too: Visual Studio 11 Express.

I guess the perps are throwing me a lifeline, because they are not about to send any babes my way anytime soon. They make sure every female I see is either a loudmouth little brat, a "babe" with a huge frankenstein sized boyfriend, or one of those "lookers", if you know what I mean (the unfavorable kind).

They love to plant notions that I am unsuccessful, that I am a type who is just a born loser. I've been getting this recently. Or they put me on guilt trips because I don't have a full time job. Well, number one, they put me in this situation where I am kept underemployed, see, and I still work, and work damned hard. Number two, the economy is bad, and it is their fault (possibly), because they spend so many resources on going after targets. I'm not sure it costs trillions, but I imagine it takes quite a huge effort to get this system in place.

my life sucks because of them, but I am just going to do what I can, and I'd rather be a TI than one of those pampered, spoiled perps/operative/shills who go along with this, get paid well, don't break a sweat, and get to watch us go through hell while they move on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Here's another oddity: every time I spend a dedicated effort in looking for full-time employment, that's when I see an abnormally high number of suit-wearing dudes. They apparently send out the suit-wearing operatives in various guises when I ramp up the job search effort.

AJH said...

Anwer to: I get no babes whatsoever...

I get the odd one to look at, say a blonde, and then they put fugly featured blondes on for days afterward. One 50+ large fat one at the carwash last week was flexing her chest to have her breasts stick out more, doing this in the customer area and pretending I hadn't come through the door. And the deal was that I had lost $2 in the coin machine as she didn't put a sign up to say it was out-of-service due to the subzero temperatures. Go figure.

The employment scenario is bleak and that is the way the perps like to keep it for their selected TI's. I worked seven months last year, with three employers, the most work since 2002. I wonder what their plans are; keep me down or allow me to work more months and how many employers. Hard to know with the viticulture training I am taking in this very hot summertime climate location I moved to two weeks ago. At the near-peon rate of $10/hour, I won't have much to support myself, and one needs enough to run a vehicle for the remote jobs in vineyards in this region

The guilt trip thing, I get that too sometimes, but it is just more planted manipulations. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just found out that...

The perps like to keep me out of the loop too, and I have given up on trying to be current on one's trade; sad but true. It is clear to me that compentence is not allowed, hence the menial labor and farm jobs I am allowed to get. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's another oddity...

I had something similar: three days ago I applied for vineyard worker jobs online, and each time I clicked on the email Send button to send them my resume they arranged a loud mufflered vehicle outside. This was three out of three application events over an hour duration, when not other vehicles were heard. As always, I have no idea what they are after. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I can usually tell when they've scripted certain types to be around me. They're so "rigid" in how they act. Generally, anyone with a T-shirt with writing on the back is a sure-fire perp. Like the one kid who supposedly was a high school senior, he was standing in front of me so I could see the "Sponsors" that were written on the shirt. 4 HS "babes" were there with him too, and 3 more kids joined up with them later. The 3 girls were doing some low-key giggling while I was standing there. The young man working there said he noticed this, too. I suppose young adults in a group are common to place around a TI, like these purported high school seniors.

Then later, I was confronted by a dude who was under house arrest. Heyelled out something insulted to get me baited into a confrontation. When I turned around, he was mocking being a tough guy/hard ass, and appeared to have the intent of charging after me (to fight me). So I dialed 911, and got the dispatcher on the line. Now, the dude seems to know I'm calling the cops, and he appeared to break character and drop the tough guy act and asked me what I'm doing. I told him calling the cops because he was harassing me, he says no I'm not harassing you.

But at the moment, I was scared the dude was going to do something drastic, but he backed off as soon as I dialed 911. It seems like that could have been a desired outcome, to have me dial 911 over something they can later deny or claim was a minor inconsequential thing. I went ahead and filed the complaint with the officer once he arrived. He told me he knows who it is, because he's "been over there a couple of times already". He asked if the dude had an ankle bracelet on, but I have never seen him wearing one. It could all be a ruse, i.e., maybe he was playing the role of a hard criminal under house arrest, but it could be yet another mind game directed towards me. But I was certainly not taking any chances of him assaulting me.

Probably a better approach would be for me to get a video cam and secretly film everything around me, but it's hard to get perps to perform when they know they are being taped. Like those HS girls, they were doing things like when they walked past me, they would do it really fast for some reason, like they were trying to make it look like they were running away from me. Which is odd, because it's obvious they are the ones who sought ME out to harass ME, as they knew where I was at or they were told to show up where I was via the smart mobbing system they have,