Saturday, February 04, 2012

Walking Straight

A nothing-much-happening weekend, as my big plans were to take up the offer of a vineyard to come by and do pruning. And lo, if the owners weren't out of town this weekend. Back to hanging around and reading viticulture books.

But I did get out to purchase an inexpensive Blu-Ray player, replete with the dude-force arriving on my heels, some six of them, when I was at the cashier. I have no idea why so many strange dudes need to keep arriving everytime I purchase something, but this has been consistent since 2002 when the assholes first struck. If I don't like the look of someone, particularly shiftless males who seem at a loose end for no apparent reason, (or, alternatively, in ridiculous public poses), I don't understand why this near-ten year long insane and abusive pogrom has been inflicted on me.

But progress is measured in baby steps, as they have now allowed me to watch movies on DVD or video in my own place no less, something they have been managing me for over 15 years. Though I have watched movies at other person's places until the Day of Abusive Infamy struck, when all my supposed friends scattered. Though they did allow me to purchase some 15 movies in DVD or Blu-ray over two years ago, and with the exception of one of them, they did not allow me to view them. Most of them are unopened, as it was clear that the assholes weren't going to let me watch them, sabotaging the drive, Windows Media Player and anything else along the technological chain. Even this player I purchased today was on the heels of them fucking the PC drive two days ago and defeating the sound. So..., back to the sensible way of skipping the wretched sabotage-prone PC altogether and getting a dedicated device to play discs through the 40" TV I have in this suite.

A series of phone calls tonight, one being the ex, saying she is coming up next week to reclaim the vehicle and return it to my mother. Well, my mother didn't say that she needed the vehicle, and she was on the phone only 30 minutes beforehand. And neither of them has asked me how I am going to get around and do shopping, let alone job searching and getting to my vineyard practicum site in March. Just more stupid shit from the FUDsters.

But the perps weren't letting me walk straight today when in my suite; often making me pivot to regain my balance and torquing my knee. And we know about that particular torture don't we, usually applied when I am seated or else in bed. Now they have re-started it, now when I am walking. Fucking insane that they have re-instated this particular torture.

A strange turn of events; the class registration listed the VIT 22 course restarting on Feb. 01 (Wednesday), the the WINE 21 course ending on Jan. 27 (Friday). Ergo, no seeming class on the following Monday, Jan. 30. I "decided" (read, mind fuck) to go to the College about 30 min. before class start time to return a library book just to make sure there was no class. One of the classmates "happened" to be coming past, and I asked him, and he said he was sure there was, and looked in his course binder and Jan. 30 was written in. So there was a class then.

At the time the class schedule was reviewed by the instructor, he seemed to be confusing events, a quiz on Jan. 31, and some mention of Jan. 30, but nothing that I took in at the time. So.. I ended up in class when I didn't expect to, planning tanning and studying next for the quiz on Jan. 31.

As it happened, one of the students was there all day today, and the instructor mentioned it out loud. I wondered if he got his wires crossed like I did. Of course I am not allowed the more conspiratorial take I have in retrospect, as I write this. And as it "happened", one of the class went to the library at lunch time and saw the missing student, but didn't tell him that he was missing a class. (Classes are all day long). Like WTF; he totally spaced out, not realizing the context, and not even having the notion of aiding a fellow student, even if the instructor did ponder out loud as to where the missing student was. So it would seem, this being the conspiratorial/perp perspective, that they wanted one student to be in an adjacent building (a 60' direct line) for the entire day of the class he would normally be in.

More financial transaction fuckery; an online order had a server "problem" last night As it "happened", I had a debit card reader problem earlier in the day; it didn't work at the food market, so the transaction took two attempts. And have I mentioned that the act of making a financial transaction of any kind, from coin machines on up, is totally gangstalked and fucked with almost 50% of the time? Often, I am sure.

The college gym with posted hours of M-F, 9 to 5, was closed  at 3 when I went there to work out. But no, instead, they posted two dudes lounging around doing squat as they usually like to do when I get skunked on these set ups. (Sending me to get an item at a store and not finding it is another game, and always gangstalked, more often the dudes in the past few years.

I got onto major shopping to stock up on groceries as I will be without a vehicle after Feb. 07 when the ex arrives on behalf of my mother - of course no one asks me how I am to make it to interviews and a week long practicum.

The shopping ended at this quasi-Wholesale store where they were all over me with vehicular and ambulatory cluster fuck games, including one giant male freak with 2' hair who aims his vehicle at me and then averts at the last moment all in the putative cause of making a pointless wide arc to get into a parking stall that he hadn't looked at in advance. What is it that the perps need to aim their ambulatory and vehicular Fuckwits at me to get my attention and then avert at the last moment, also getting me to stare at them like they are fucking nuts (which they are), while they pretend not to have noticed being such a boorish asshole?

I get out of the store after a major hold up at the checkout, with both toilet paper and paper towels in hand, and lo, if they didn't set up a boom truck behind my vehicle and raise it 30' to attend (har, har) to an overhead parking lot (night time) light. I have had many hundreds of boom trucks and scissor jacks arranged as I pass by, or even overhead of me as I walk on the sidewalk, pretending to attend to the signal lights or some such, but never have I had the Fuckwits specifically target my vehicle and have a Fuckwit crew on an aerial platform over my parked vehicle before. That takes the cake as  far as extra-obvious boom truck stalking goes. Next comes the aircraft when I am next in the same parking lot.

And the perps were sleep sacking me in the class for the second day in a row; almost making me nap in class when I hadn't before, and had plenty of sleep the night before. It seems to be about taking me down and reducing brain function. And as I am about to nod off, why, they put multiple ghosted and projected images in my vision, say, three versions of the instructor. That gets my attention real fast, and within a minute they suck me down again to a near-nap state to repeat the exercise.

I class, after lunch, and lo, if there wasn't tromping on roof; the faux repairmen attending to the cooling-HVAC equipment on the roof, with 6" os snow there too. In class, the freak had some cacao beans, apparently from the jungle, and not plantation grown, and passed them around. I had one, even if he somehow "forgot" to offer me one. More almost sleep games in class, not at bad as yesterday though. When I got back to my place, it was hot and humid. The heater/cooler unit wasn't on but somehow, it had kicked off by itself in the morning, and was apparently cranking out the heat without the fan. How it did that when the unit wasn't warm itself is a total mystery. The perps simply wanted hot and humid and made it so, with the heater/cooler switches dithered to make it look like it was the culprit.

And why is it when this place was dead quiet, the supposed neighbors are now getting rowdy on a Thursday night and somehow end up pounding the outside wall at the back of my head while I was in the bed? An unerring knack to pound the wall from outside for no reason just where I happened to be. That the perps like to pound this place with vibration, with the putative cause being a neighbor exiting his/her unit hasn't gone unnoticed. But now it is "happening" some 15 times an evening. And too, I get a simultaneous body zapping the instant the room shakes.

And this morning, male banter and calling starts up outside my room just at I was starting yoga, so end of that, and lo, once done, the male voices subsided.

A major mindfuck this morning; the assholes had me putting fresh coffee grounds in the teapot and pouring kettle water into it before they let me in on the fact that it was totally the wrong pot. They also dociled my "reaction", as normally I would of been screaming infuriated at full volume, but instead, was kept down from really letting them have it. Another never-before Fuckover stunt, and they weren't able to do this until late 2004, when my abilities to monitor incongrous actions was first compromised by the remote influencing technology they apply.

A tan first thing, and then they fucked me out of bringing the address with me for the hair salon, and also fucked me out of seeing itthree times as I drove by. Needless to say, the vehicular clusters were out in number, and it seems, all the more so when I am lost or getting jerked around in new territory. When I started tanning they had four vehicles crisscrossing my path from the vehicle to the salon, some 20' of pavement. And then again when I got out. Now they backed off to one or two each time I enter and exit the tanning salon.

At the hair salon they totally fucked me by putting a Down's Syndrome retard in the adjacent chair, making gurgling and incomprehensible noise all the while. Worse yet, they put on this overweight woman stylist with huge tattoos down her exposed arms. This seems to be part the Welcome-to-Penticton plan; putting retards and the mentally handicapped around me. I can hardly wait to take the city bus, when they often put on this Unfavored demographic group.

They also do this at the college at lunch time when these same people have no essential reason to be there. And yet, they are getting out of their bus and coming into the lunch area for no seeming reason to parade back and forth while I am talking to the babe-class mate. Other freaks and Fuckwits regularly parade back and forth when I am with this woman, as she is the only one of ten in the class. And yet, historically, over 11 years, the class is about 50-50 men-women, and this year, "for some reason", it is 90-10. What are the odds of that? In a former time I could of worked it out, but owing to the mindfuck games, one being keeping me stupid, it is no longer possible.

I got the film, Mulholland Drive from the college library when out and about earlier. I finished viewing the film an hour ago, and concluded (again) it was a discordant or disjunct events juxtaposition trip, not unlike a Fellini movie. I saw the film back in 2001 when living in Seattle. Ms. L was with me, and introduced me to the Lynch film. I couldn't make much of it then, and the internet banter at the time suggested the film was salvaged from excerpts from a TV show that was rejected. Perhaps, but there was one thing I missed at the time, and it was the vignettes of the overseeing entity, calling the shots, even to the extent of instructing a film director as to who to accept in the title role. That was the cowboy scenario, and there were a few others that suggested a higher authority who was pulling the strings. Little did I know in 2001 it is indeed true, missing the film references at the time, and only seeing them anew today.

A nap-attack earlier today; I started stuying about vineyard soils, and the dude banter and the heavy footpounding started up. Then a yawning attack for five minutes with concurrent loud mufflered vehicles outside. Then a forced piss, followed by ten minutes of studying and then nap attack; 1.5 hours of sleep in the afternoon when I had sufficient sleep last night. There is something about studying, and cognition about learning that the perps really want to know about. Coordinating room shaking and vibration is another "coincident" event. And if you accept the greater theory, arranging a minor earthquake on the evening of the first quiz the class had some two weeks ago. Funny how it happens.

I will get this posted lest it drag on for another week.


Anonymous said...

I think this whole bit with mind control experimentation is a big sham. I'm sure you've noticed that the people who are all over us and a lot of the people who grill us for information can't seem to hold down a job. Yet those are the ones who seem to be everywhere and everywhere. I can only imagine why they're doing this. I figured there was a cult-based motivation for this, and also a monetary compensation aspect of this.

Downcastmysoul, when she was blogging, was dropping some valuable inside. She said her "friend" who sold her out to the perps got "a huge social security backpayment" for her role. No doubt this is all tied to organized crime, and corporations employing black ops to get ahead and maintain monopolies. I never would have suspected it had I not been a target, but I believe companies have a role in human experimentation. For example, IBM used to launch FUD campaigns against other companies in order to maintain their dominance in the computer market, and you have to wonder why Sun and DIGITAL have gone down the tubes, despite at one point producing high-quality unix workstations. But IBM is still around, and I heard the employed disinfo agents to post FUD on various networks to scare their competition's customers away and steer them towards Ibm. No doubt organized stalking/mind control is playing a similar field. For example, I've noticed big drug companies seem to be employing perp tactics in their commercials, so at one point, figured they were one piece of the pie of the Big Perp Agenda as contributors to the perps' massive budget for going after targets.

AJH said...

Anser to: I think this whole bit with...

There is no question that much more is arranged than we victims could possibly know. And the trail of riches that accrues for those involved my life, as associates, work colleagues, employers and others is astounding. New jobs, new businesses, new vehicles, new buildings in my wake from a long time ago. I could never figure it out, until this abusive harassment began, and replayed the tape of my life once I began to unravel some of this mystery of who was in what role and how it fitted with the present existence.

As for IBM and their FUD games; this contracting out mania that has struck business and government for the last 20 years seems custom built for them. But even large companies like Boeing did this too, which is the central reason the 787 was three years late. (They contracted out wing design, one of their strong suits, to a Japanese conglomerate, and effectively surrendered a market advantage and passed this knowhow to a third party. Go figure). But as I have come to learn, even the acquisition of knowledge is part of the perp's harassment and abuse objectives. So why not arrange this on a bigger scale and pass even detailed technical knowledge to another party? The ridiculous contracting out of train service and track maintenance in the UK is another example, where there is an effective monopoly, as there is rarely competing train services. No one I met in the UK could explain why they did that, and are still persisting. The corporate FUD agenda among other things like creating apparent marketplace advantage, seems to be about creating opportunities to pass knowledge on from one entity to another. The harassment victim FUD agenda might be related to this too, but as the perps like to create so much duress upon their victims, is seems to serve as an abusive plank in their platform. Thanks for your comments.