Sunday, January 08, 2012

Shut In Again

Another late (0930h) get up, even if I went to bed at midnight. Sleep durations are always manipulated to have me start the daily experiences/harassment just when they want. I am in "hold mode", as this is the last day before my viticulture classes start. You have that correct; 25 year forestry and IT experienced person is getting relegated to vineyard work, the bottom of the heap next to the pickers in the fall. Last year they had me applying to these same jobs to no avail, and no responses whatsoever, despite my 4 year long string of farm laboring work that I have also being cast into.

So far, no eviction level "responses" to the harassment; e.g. sending me to the wrong door or drawer in this new kitchen is just absolutely hilarious for the perps, as they haven't been able to do it so much as I knew where all my items were inside of the first day on my last move-in in May, 2007. But with this move-in of three days ago, they constantly send me to the wrong door or drawer, or else have me grab the pulls in the wrong way, another new mind-fuck experience. The management indicated "no noise" in their emails, so I am on tacit notice that an eviction may be arranged, as the perps so like to move their victims around to new locations. My perp abetting mother was also hinting at the "noise" topic prior to my departure, so obviously they know this is a sensitive topic and like to ride me about it.

My farm worker colleague phoned last night for about an hour, just as I was interested in a new cabinetry wood drill online. The perps like to catch me just as my interest is piqued in a new item. I was catching up on the many tools websites I hadn't visited for some six weeks when the forest nursery evening shift started up. And too, this PC was in the shop for a SSD (Crucial M4 256Gb) install, though the speed increase is nowhere near what I expected.

This particular farmworker woman has been circulating for two years now, also "happening" to have worked at the same places as I did. I helped her move in early December, and she does seem to be a "high coincidence" person, as I moved one month later to where I now reside in Penticton, BC. And I lent her my table from my apartment, and she gave me a cot as I had sold my bed. And many more interactions than that, those being the latest.

And it is indeed a shut-in day, the perps forcing a nap on me after being allowed to read the viticulture books I had recieved over a month ago.

Another round of tiredness has struck after viewing 60 Minutes on TV. The last story was about truffles and the incredible prices they are and the unsavory world that it attracts. Funny to see a woman in the field in a full length fur coat, but as she was the truffle farm owner, why, she can wear whatever she wants. And so after some sabotage in getting the remote TV control device to work, why, I settle on a film called "The Day of the Triffids". I get it, alliteration is a big deal for the perps to arrange, and all the more when they each refer to biological entities.

And too, someone pounding this room, as if it came from below, when there is no room underneath, just parked vehicles and the driveway span. Funny how that happens, room shaking, even in concrete and steel buildings with 12" thick floor/ceilings.

My internet access is highly variable I find, as I am picking up the motel's wireless feed, and that is always and excuse to force disconnections. In the wired modem days, they would have the router or modem going on the fritz as the apparent reason to drop the connection. Now, they do this at will, making out that it is the wireless section.

So onto going back to school tomorrow, and learning about viticulture from the laborer's perspective. It should be interesting and no doubt the Unfavored demographic groups will be represented among my classmates.

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