Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Sighting

I took my mother's vehicle to the Ford dealership to get it serviced, as it "happened" the service date came as I was in posession here in this fruit growing belt town. On the way back I stopped at the fresh food market, and lo, if there wasn't my first negro gangstalker doing the pretned-to-shop games, making sure he got his back-and-forths (once, each way) in the very location where I was to go to get kiwi fruit. And it just "so happened" I "forgot" to get it yesterday due the gangstalking pressure at a similar store across town.

Am not about to get out the demographic statistics tables yet, but one can be sure that this town isn't highly diversified, aka cosmopolitan. The E. Indians have moved into the orchard and wine growing businesses that were once the preserve of the Portugese immigrants in the 1950's and 1960's.

It is diesel truck evening here as I type this; one idling for over 3 minutes outside, and at least two earlier idlings, on for ten minutes while I was coming out of my forced nap after studying. The perps seem to find the post-study period most interesting, and force a nap to find out whatever neural energetic correlates there are. Just to think; they could do this is person and thereby expedite 10 years of this insane relentless abuse. But that isn't what is going to happen, even if they tell me it is.

And a male skinhead joined the class today, as it was about grape growing. Said individual somehow "needed" to place his jacket on the chair next to me, just like the co-workers at the forest nursery I worked at last month/ They too engaged in placing their coats, jackets or sweaters near me while they worked further away, as if making a guilty offering to this victim of targeted abuse. The also liked to place their gloves at my cling-wrap station which has a hot pad, even if there was a closer heated pad. I could never figure that out except for the express reason for delivering more of their clothing in closer proximity to me than them. The perps have extensively re-arranged my laundry activity, mostly at the First Feral Family house with that wretched stinky Sunlight deterget which I never buy. I have yet to do laundry here, but one can be sure there will be plenty of hijinx to go with it; e.g. stuck loads, foam out, unavailible dryers, burst water pipes and the list goes on.

A short blog tonight as the internet connection is so slow, and I must study tonight; quizzes in week!

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