Monday, August 04, 2014

Indian Giving

Monday, and yoga which was eventful in that they swapped out the darling pixie instructor for the oafish male with the excess gut. At least he had the decency to dress in a matched short and shirt set of all flat black. That way, it makes him seek a little slimmer as one cannot pick out the shadow detail which would make his appearance worse. He was his usual cursory self, telling and not showing, and thankfully backed off on the frenetic pacing he once did (around me especially). This was the same instructor who once thanked everyone for coming at the end of a class, and "especially those who came on short notice". He must be a fully accredited perp/Psychopath to have permission to say something so leading and yet so contrary to the orchestrated normal. It is exceedingly rare, maybe once/year on average, that I am allowed to be exposed to something that confirms the abuse agenda.

I got sand bagged for extra morning time sleeping; the assholes turned the alarm off in the night. I checked it twice before getting into bed, and it was set. But "somehow" the alarm clock got sabotaged and I missed my regular get-up time by 40 minutes. They pulled this same stunt on Monday; it would seem that the intent is to mess up my morning routine, and have me not shave in some body regions, abbreviate my breakfast or hurry through getting the dishes cleaned. No good habits go unsabotaged.

Another perp trait is to have someone offer the victim something, and then withdraw the offer later without explanation. The vineyard owners have a vegetable garden but don't eat much from it. I was offered some 40 onions, to which I accepted, and a few days later, I learn that a neighborhood friend is going to come by to take them all. Like WTF; I said I would take them and then a few days later when sorting out the timing of digging them up, I am told that someone else is going to have them. I cannot count the number of "indian giving" (the term that characterizes this kind of jerkaround) events that have erupted since this abuse has blighted me since 04-2002.

And I see that no shared suites came up before month end, and therefore, no September 01 vacancy in a more affordable place.

Ditto on the job front; I sent off an email of my references per request and I don't hear anything back. Funny how that "happens" (again and again).

The vineyard owners have changed or downsized one of their other businesses. Therefore three white vans parked at the vineyard, as if I don't see enough of this particular gangstalk prop.

Another perp stunt is to have software "problems" (read dynamic sabotage). I pay for an upgrade to a media center developer and got the install key downloaded and nothing happens; I have an install key, but what do I do with it? And I see that their notion of support is to send a question to an online forum. More arranged absurdity in keeping with the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) agenda.

Finished reading Detroit, An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff. Hmm.. there is a lot I can say about race politics in this book, but I will refrain as the topic becomes too hot too fast, not to mention irrational. And as I closed the cover, why, a coincident fart came on with a sudden fridge noise. Did I mention the perps like to noisestalk starting and ending of events? Way too often.

A day of tucking vines at the vineyard, and lo, if powdery mildew hasn't reared its ugly head again. As this vineyard is very vigorous and puts out lots of shoots, it makes sense to do shoot thinning.Which is what we were doing until the boss man decided it was going too slow and wanted tucking only. (It is slow, because one must evaluate all shoots to see if they were intended per count of buds on the laydown cane). I told him at the time that thinning shoots would prevent recurrence of powdery mildew, and he blew me off by telling me how much better his sprayer is since it got upgraded this past winter. (Tell that to the powdery mildew). And what is about the perps and why they like to arrange "I-told-you-so" events such as this? I have been through many such setups long before they first went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

And too, if the perps can get the topics of "sprayer" and "spray" name dropped all the better. And too, the number of agricultural sprayers that are put out on roadsides for me to pass by (the "for sale" sign as the ubiquitous cover story) is absurd. Not to mention that as a member of the 2012 Viticulture class I visited two local manufacturers of agricultural sprayers.

08-02-2014 Saturday
Laundry, this Saturday am, per usual. I got hit for an extra 2 hour sleep in for some reason though I did not set the alarm clock. I went to bed at the same time (2100h) as if it were a work day. Long time readers or TI's will know that get-time is tightly controlled as it sets the stage for the next few hours. Its two hours for all the morning routine, from making, eating and cleaning the dishes for breakfast, then in the bathroom, shower shave and dental hygeine. then on workday mornings, getting lunch packed and ready.

Soo.. with a 0700h get-up, then that means a get-going time of 0900h, which is too late to go to the closer Freak Laundromat, and so I go to the Hwy 97 laundromat instead (fewer freaks usually).

I got messed with on getting the towels dried in the dryer to force another trip (fourth) back.  These dryers will accept the coins and count up the time while the dryer is in motion, but won't add it to the total unless the door is opened for some reason.

Which gave the freaks an entree; an Asian skinhead male "happened" to be using the very two washing machines that I was using an hour earlier, On my extra trip to get the dried towel load, hastened by some male pacing activity with a two tone brown van parked in the open doorway for "some reason" not a parking stall, with plenty of empty stalls to use. Said skinhead just "happened' to be around the corner of the doorway as exited. The perps like to arrange their Fuckwits behind doors and corners so they can get a little closer without seeming threatening, and too, have a sudden full image freak display. (And the opposite also "happens"; a staged freak is bounded by objects so I don't see the freak at first, in this peekaboo game they like to put on, though different from vehicular peekaboo games).

On the PC software front, more games over files, conversions, etc.  What works for one user but not the other, even if both have the same privileges (Administrator), files that won't display, forcing yet another download- which also performs differently per user.

Then some dingey rain threatening cloud cover rolled in on what was to be a totally sunny day just before all the laundry dried, which meant that I had to bring it inside, though most was dry. What is it about the perps and their preoccupation about laundry, and the orientation and place it is dried. It is totally insane. Not to mention at the Hwy 97 laundromat the washing machine agitation vanes are of variable colors; black and white. And they are made of plastic, and not stainless steel like the other laundromat. Endless permutations and combinations of fuckery, now 12 years of it and continuing.

A new-to-this-place stunt; smoke alarm chirpings this am; of NOC (No Ostensibe Cause) during breakfast through shower, doing dishes, then bathroom dental hygiene routine.

Not quite a shut-in day; some tanning outside my place on the grass. And lo, if they ddin't put on the performance muffler noise parade, some 5x/minute and have me plug my ears in this residential neighborhood. I was going to start into my new book, "Grain Brain", but they also put on tiredness and forced me to sleep instead (still tanning).

What is it about new books that they force me into a nap within the first chapter or two?

Another assault on home electronics, music playing devices again. The vexation of the variable behavior of the player deck in my vehicle has been mentioned before, and now has settled into behaving itself. Now, the Oppo player with the PC digital music files is acting up, e.g. suddenly stopping in mid song or album. Yet another playback device that gets dynamically hacked for whatever reason. Making a PC work with other stereo devices is a pain in the ass, and if I had the dough I would go full out with a server and player made by a single company. A $5k solution or more in some circles, but that way, the digital file storage is integrated with the playback. And less excuses as to what can go wrong. It seems that the whole DLNA standard for interoperability of home electronic devices has been hacked in this instance.

A hike in the heat today; the perps did their best to delay me getting there earlier in the cooler temperatures. First another two hour extra sleep in, and then later when ready, a tenacious gob of bird shit was arrange on my windshield, drivers side of course. A plastic scraper didnt work, and so multiple trips back inside to get the razor bladed scraper which finally removed it. That was worth a 20 minute delay itself.

A day of local dimming, as there was much haze in the air, presumably from forest fires. But we know who likes to manipulate heat separately from its light source don't we.

And so on this holiday Monday, (BC Day) I shall post for the week.

Not so fast; why, my power supply bar (guaranteed for life, Tripplite)  just happened to kick off all by itself as I was about to post this.

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