Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Club Visit

Thursday, and I have been totally slack in not starting the weekly news earlier. I saw Heather Blush and the Uppercuts last night. A good show, though not for metalheads. Kind of a jazzy folk maybe.

The usual cast of male skinheads (5) around me in the club, and at least a half dozen on the streets on my way there. I stopped at the ATM and got some bills for any album purchase at the club, and to my eternal surprise, there was NO ONE GANGSTALKING me there. An all time first for over 12 years since this harassment began in earnest, and the perps like to get me when financial transactions are being performed, and too, the colors of the bills are intriguing for them too.

In the club, the award for the most hideous/color clashing gangstalk garb was that of a supposed customer, wandering in dressed in a scarlet T-shirt and deeper blood red shorts, and sporting a white bar towel on his shoulder. I thought I had seen it all, but this takes the cake (for now). There was also a crutches case gangstalker two tables away, that got moved with her party to the other side after a half hour. I would of thought a crutches case would not of been moved at all, but "for some reason" was; maybe it was about those aluminum crutches as the perps seem so taken with all things aluminum of late.

In the club the perps put on some masers, the small dot kind, and seemed to fly them from behind the performers toward me. I suppose the perps were up to more magnetic perturbance games, and no one seemed to notice them, buzzing like flies that suddenly disappear.

Friday, starting with a moderate rain. I got to the vineyard and did 20 min. of regular indoor chores I do every Friday. Once I stepped outside, the rain was over. But as the vine leaves would have been loaded with water, it was a full rain gear dress up. And my rain clothes did get plenty wet. And this is how I perceive the perp's games at to the timing of the above; they wanted water lingering on the vines to get me wet, but not direct rainfall, even if it was raining until the minute I began vineyard work. And what is the point of that? I don't know, but add all the possible temporal combinations and permutations with the weather and what garments (color and material) I am wearing, and one can expect this to be one long experiment, with me as the captive lab rat.

A Friday legs waxing, and the instructor was working on one side of the table, and the cute young blonde student on the other. I don't know quite what this was all about, and the student has done waxing on me three times before with no minimal instructor intervention. I suppose if two different individuals work on parts of a single subject, e.g. waxing, then it is possible that each of their energies will somehow be conveyed to that body part. And once finished, I will go outside in some kind of asymmetrical energy mix; instructor's energy on my front L leg, the student's on my R front leg, and reversed for the back of my legs as they did not swap locations.

Then a parking ticket stunt followed; a seeming ticket ("infraction" etc.) when I had paid for parking. Off to city hall, not far, and visit bylaw enforcement and find out why I got a ticket, and showed them my parking reciept. Well "as it happened", delivered with a smirk, that I had incorrectly entered my licence plate number incorrectly, and there was no charge. Big joke, and all to get be after a leg waxing appointment, when they often pull gangstalking stunts, but visiting city hall was one extra.

 A freak show, though muted, at the one time no-freak laundromat, which I shall rename, Hwy 97 Laundromat. A supposed brain injured freak had me trapped in a cul-de-sac of laundry machines, waving his arms and telling me his story. Outside, I "happened" to run into a former farm worker I knew from 4 years ago. I had spoken with her a few times, and when I saw her with her farm worker boyfriend in Penticton in 2012, he stopped to chat and she kept on going, even if I knew her better than he. This time, no such evasive strangeness, and all smiles and polite exchanges etc. It turns out she and the same boyfriend are working in a recycling depot in Kelowna. Interesting that, moving from farm work to garbage recycling.

On the streets there were plenty of gut struts, bicycle stalking while I was driving (3 of 3 times when going to the laundromat at a certain corner), three hot pink dressed walkers in a row, each 60' apart, biddies doing a confab one standing on the sidewalk, the other on the asphalt beside the sidewalk rumble where a house is getting torn down. Extra strangeness under the cover story of extra visitors in town I suppose.

My brother and family in town and I met them at a restaurant. There, a supposed customer, a lady in  red dress with her hands at her crotch waited for 20 min. in advance of us exiting the restaurant. I had a 50 min. wait for enchilada when the place was only 1/3 full; all to get a two tone brown sauce covered enchilada that had been made up in advance. Said woman stalker waited inside at the cashier for 10 min. then went 6' away to lean against the railing outside in a direct line of sight with me. The "seeming to be waiting for someone stunt", when she could have had a table the whole time. All to provide inside and outside red color calibrations it would seem, and who knows what the crotch covering was about, except to emulate what possilble abreactions I might have to such activity, though likely from males in the 1956-60 recall deleted years.

I was swimming in Okanagan Lake with my niece; maser and plasma beams all about me, and sometimes coming from her. I suppose this annual event is justification for pouring more extra conventional harassment. And what is it about the just-stand-there assholes, some 6' from me while lying down on a blanket at the beach, who are looking at their smart phones all  the while, and then lie down some 20' away. Why don't they lie down and then look at their phones. It just doesn't make sense, except to stalk the shit out of me. They even put on a blonde woman who did this, and and then laid down on her dark green towel, all to show me her dark brown tanned shoulders and a white midriff, then she swam for a while after that, to emulate my activities of 20 minute prior.

Sunday, and the day of the Challenge Penticton triathalon. It is the second year with the Challenge after parting ways with Ironman Inc two years ago, and the numbers of participants has declined from last year, which was lower in part because it wasn't an official Ironman. It doesn't look promising. Not that I am into such extreme sports, but my brother is, though he begged off and did just a bicycle ride as a team triathalon this year. He did the full ironman level triathalon last year and knows first hand how extreme it is.

My brother, sister-in-law and niece were here on the weekend and in part, I hung with them at the beach. Though, this morning I rendered some 20lb of tomatoes into 11L of salsa, adding other ingredients in too. The plan is to take them out of the freezer after a few days, thaw them and remove the water from them, and re-freeze.

And so, after working on red tomatoes for 4 hours, I was ripe for red shirted gangstalking at the public event. The Challenge colors are red and white, so plenty of this color for whatever reason. And them making sure I was parked next to two deep metallic maroon red vehicles (only parking stall available) and on and on.

Said brother was back from his cycle ride at about 1400h, and just wanted to loaf around and hang at the beach. The rationale was that he was cramping up again and didn't want to sit down, and so he stood while we were on the beach blanket, artfully blocking the sun. I would move to get direct sun, and he would repeatedly do the same within a half minute or so. And how many times has this little stunt played out since the perps went overt/berserk in 04-2002? I don't know for sure, but too often.

Then too, sitting in partial shade of the birch trees at the beach was another perp arrangement. They cannot get enough Fuckwits to either stand or sit under trees, or walk out of the tree shade toward me.

Then there was the male gut strut at the beach in full form; they must of been over 250lb, and shirtless to boot.

My sister-in-law had to borrow my 12" frypan for whatever reason at the motel unit, and so I obliged. And a roll of paper towels too, a prime perp prop I have come to know, a daily one, and of course at home and at the small winery I work at. they came to the vineyard to drop off the borrowed items, and to take some of the tree fruits that were in abundance.

There are some more details I can add to all of the above, but as this is getting late for posting, I shall post this rather than letting it run longer into this week.

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