Sunday, August 17, 2014

Almost a Head On Collision

Yesterday, a near head on collision at 40-50mph, that is, the speed of each vehicle was traveling toward the other, me being the driver of one of them. I had just made a turn from the rural road onto a two lane secondary access road (Eastside Rd for locals), and rounded a corner to see three oncoming vehicles one following the next (what I call a vehicle train). I get this every work day, at or near this location and this was no exception. It seemed they were staggered (offset) and coming around a bend as they weren't exactly lined up. No big deal, or so the mind fuck (read, planted notion) ideation went. And after negotiating a bend so I was on a straight stretch with respect to them, why, one vehicle was oncoming in my lane, overtaking one of the others in this train. At this location there is a wide pull-out (40' wide) where overnight campers sometimes stay, and it was free of any parked vehicles. And did I pull wide and avert this potential life ending collision? Why no, because we, the Psychopathic Confederacy, want the oncoming vehicle to vacate your lane within two seconds of you occupying it going in the opposite direction. And so the mind-fuck orchestrator arranged it so; stun me out like a bunny in the headlights while a speeding vehicle comes directly at me. Chalk another one up for the perps who can now obviously override one's self preservation instincts. No doubt that shades wearing Fuckwit driving this oncoming vehicle, which was the same mid-grey color as my own, was a full salaried operative as I am sure it would be too scary for a local shill to do.

And so passes another arranged event of the perps attempting to occupy the very location I am at, or driving over. No collision, and timed to the microsecond to ensure that  there wasn't, but I have never seen anything come closer to me from the oncoming lane as this. He was only 40' in front of me before he pulled back into his lane. Not much with an approach speed of at least 80mph. While this is the most egregious and highest speed stunt of the perps attempting to occupy the ground I am standing on, it fits the pattern that has gone on for over 12 years. The pattern has commonly been choking down the aisle space in a store with a display and having the Fuckwit pop out from behind it to cover my tracks at soon as possible. And the outrageous early-red traffic control light running games that go on would be the same; the road traffic proceeds, (me in the front usually) at the just turned green light just as some Fuckwits are just passing through, sometimes two of them in opposite directions. Even when there are advance yellow flashing warning lights of an impending red light on higher speed highways, they just blow them off.

Yoga yesterday (Monday) as well as a special class on Sunday. I figured I should retain the lessons of Sunday, by going on Monday too. Not many in class, just four other students/stalkers, all female. I don't know why the perps had me change out of my shorts about a minute before heading off, and wearing my running tights instead. As mentioned often, the perps just love to have me changing clothes in front of others, or vice versa. And I suppose changing a few minutes ahead of meeting others is also part of the clothing color and fabric type games. As usual, the perps wobbled me terribly when doing balances, i.e. on one foot.

Today, a "summer's day" with oppressive haze all day long, cooling down the temperature considerably. The forest fires are the deemed culprit of this haze, with many in Washington state, and a few in this valley too. I deem it as just more light/temperature games of the perps, as they are constantly jacking with light levels around me, of the sun, artificial lighting, the colors of objects and the environment etc. And too, in yoga, I can now always count on at least my L lens of my glasses getting smudged midway through class, and yesterday was no exception. I once "thought" (read, planted notion) that they were toning down the appearance of the way cute yoga instructor, dimming down her image, but that was incorrect, as it turned out. Even the probable-perp male instructor with the over-sized gut and bald head in baggy shorts (four Unfavoreds there) of two weeks ago got the same treatment; my L glasses lens got mysteriously smudged by no known means. Just another day at the office for some juvenile Fuckwit; or is it auto-programmed each time? Say: IF TI_VICTIM AT YOGA THEN SMUDGE L.EYEGLASSES AT RAN(YOGA_DURATION -20)?

And with the haze, the morning and evening light is eerie with a red glow to it; it just creeps me out. Which means, it is prime perp material to lay on me and find out why in neurological energetic and psychic terms just why that it so.To which I would retort; just leave me the Fuck alone.

A dog-shit "attack" on my boot at the vineyard; the perps have long mastered the art of plastering my footwear with dog shit, and having that dumb rotweiler there is the putative/conventional rationale. I was mighty infuriated as it has happened way too often, maybe 12x in two years. The dog shit games have reached artful heights with the dayglo tennis balls it chews up, and lo, if there isn't dayglo remnants in said doggy do piles. And lo, if the ATV tires didn't "find" some and it "somehow" got stuck on the sidewall so it could go round and round without wearing off. Or, at least, until I got a stick and scraped it off. And this identical prank "happened" twice in two weeks, somehow, har, har.

The dog also has a penchant for dumping in the middle of a steep NE corner access road, and of course one ends up straddling it when driving up or down. I make daily trips up to dump off diseased grapes, and lo, if the dog didn't also decide to lay down an additional adjacent pile. I was compelled to dump a pile of diseased grapes on it to prevent the occurrence of another "accident" of it getting on my boots. I have cleaned this particular pile location twice, the second time being a day after the road got resurfaced after it got washed out. And lo, if I didn't "happen" to have a shovel with me in the ATV and I scooped it off the road and onto a grassy section 3' away. The owner and the tractor driver who rebuilt the road were also there at that time, presumably for gangstalking reasons while attending to the steaming large pile it left with such temporal precision. (neither of them mentioned anything about this double high pile of doggy-do in the middle of the road, and I just happened to take the initiative. Have I mentioned the perps just love me to be on fresh road surfaces and other rock and stone depositions and grading? Way too often I suspect, as the perps wipe my recall abilities on me keeping a mental record of what themes I have addressed and how often.

To start the day, the perps arranged a traffic accident near one of my turns on my morning commute. An apparent body on the road covered over in a white and black plastic looking cover and blood running into the gutter. Three lanes were blocked, with a single N bound lane I used to make my E turn. Two police vehicles were parked in mid-street side by side, red and blue flashing lights, presumably to add some extra light as I made this particular corner. No signs of how the body got in mid-street, as it seems there was no other vehicle that may have collided with the victim. As mentioned in past blogs I have been subject to witnessing fake accidents where traffic lanes were blocked, attending ambulances and police vehicles etc. but NO evident collisioned vehicles or associated debris on the road. In other words, today's dead body event could of been a total arrangement just to get some extra flashing lights (red, blue) and vehicles parked in mid-road at a key location where I make a turn on my commute.

On the above topic, it should be mentioned that the perps sometimes arrange dead birds or deer in mid road for motorists to pass over top of the compacted remains. I don't know why they do this, but it seems to be all about some kind of energetic interaction of the animal to the vehicle occupants as they drive by.

I picked about 10lb of tomatoes at the vineyard today, a freebie from the owners who don't each much garden fruit. And that brought me huge amounts of gangstalking attention when packing them back in my vehicle's trunk. There was four white vehicles parked adjacent to me, in place in advance, on a homebound stop. Then a extra obvious color arrangement in the oncoming vehicle train; 2 whites, followed by two blacks, followed by 2 mid-greys.

Wednesday, and the cleaning lady and her tattoos comes to clean the owner's house. Along with that, some visiting friends to take produce from the vegetable patch, and helping out in humpfing a fridge with three others from the house to downstairs in the very crowded winery cum garage. Then back to leaf-plucking vines on the N side for the afternoon. The weather was uncertain, so I was hot in my long pants as the forecast called for rain, but was sunny mostly. The perps have been faking me out of using sun block for the last week. The planted notion is I want my face tanned some and the SPF 30 sun block is too effective. And the SPF15 sun block cannot be found everywhere I go, as it allows some tanning through it after a few hours. It is perfect and cannot be had due to the perp games over my skin sunlight exposures that have been going on in earnest since 04-2002 when all this abuse rained down and has been maintained.

Along the way I learn that the male of the vineyard owner couple cannot do more than 30 minutes of manual vineyard work before he gets too tired. Then she says she might have to learn to drive the tractor, which she has studiously avoided in the past. Funny they never ask me if I want to learn, but I suppose the Psychopaths have that one covered, not to mention having me "wonder" about this topic about every other day.

The infernal obstruction over acquiring a slotted serving spoon continues; all this came about as I stopped eating my daily diet of quesadillas, and instead, eat a gumbo of the quesadilla contents. I now need to separate the cooked food in the fry pan from the cooking oil something I never had to do before. As the working counter length is a whole 20" plus the stove top, I need to easily separate the oil from the food without making a mess, as the perps like to have food flick out of the pan as the spatula "happens" to catch an edge.

Rain onset began at 1000h, timed for my break and then it seeming inconsequential, I put on my headphones and plugged it into my phone/player. Within a minute of starting to pluck N side leaves in the vineyard, why, the rain came on heavy. Screw that plan, and so I returned my electronic gear to a dry location. Another ruse/forced forget caused me a second restart of leaf plucking, and the third time I was allowed to get the job done. Same deal at lunch time; the rain had slowed down, but just when I wanted to re-start work, why, the rain came on. This time, still in my rain gear, there was no false starts.

The rain stayed on all afternoon, arranged for the special event of my employer to follow me to my residence, as planned, as she could pack the furniture she gave me in her Volvo wagon (metallic maroon red, the #1 vehicle color after grey-scale colors).  She backed up within 5' of my door for minimal carry time to get the furniture inside. I suppose this was legit, but this would be the first time she has driven to my residence. Of these three blue painted pieces of furniture, she is still keeping one. I suppose there is some kind of blue furniture "vibe calibration" the perps want to replicate in both locations.

The rain still on, and vehicular cluster fucks in the parking lot of the liquor store; I rarely go there, but must to get a certain beer to pay the Aussie fellow who made up two wood shelves for my server rack.  He has a full shop, and would be way too tedious for me to do. Instead of paying some $30-100 for a rack mountable shelf, what I did was mount drawer slides with a pieces of right angle 1.5" aluminum as the shelf support. I suppose this all fits the perps plans, as they told me at least five years ago that I would be getting a server rack. That came to pass this year, but the mountable hardware is way overpriced. So... by dint of slowly trickled planted notions, I ordered steel drawer slides for $20/pair, then rack mountable brackets, which the Aussie drilled out out for me. Astoundingly, they all fitted were mountable. Then came the "now what?", and after some weeks of the project sitting in this partial state, the notion of getting aluminum angle stock and fitting it to the slides filtered in, and so the wood shelves are to span the aluminum brackets to support a PC, and an amplifier.

Media Center files have gone missing, an install key that didn't do anything, and try get to support with that complaint. No live support personnel, must use a forum for crissakes. I signed up for the forum and I was to get an email to confirm membership, and didn't. I have never had an install key do nothing, and yet it tells me it worked fine. Bizarre.

Other; flicking or otherwise teleporting bits of mushroom and onion around, even in the bathroom, elsewhere on the stove and counter and the table.My finger motor control being messed with today, more than usual, all to drive up the infuriation level, at home or at work in the vineyard.

At the vineyard I got faked out into wearing my rain gear. On my morning break at 1000h the rain starts up and so while there with my rain gear at hand, I get into it. Out I go back to leaf plucking and the rain lasted a whole 10 min. or so, and I kept on until 1300h to finish the row dressed in my rain gear with mild, not sunny temperatures. Had it been sunny, it would of been too hot to work in the rain gear. I suppose today's rain gear fake-out is a calibration for yesterday when it was raining most of the day and I was in rain gear. I was wearing a different shirt and pants underneath, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

And the vineyard noisescape gets stepped up when I am wearing my headphones with the phone as a player. First the tractor next door, then the dog barking (what it usually does), and then adjacent vineyard's power saw. Always this unerring knack for the noise ramped up to then drive it into the headphones while listening to music.

And the assholes broke a plastic piece on my headphones today. The headphones were not dropped or in any way contact anything with sufficient force to cause them to break. I could go on at length over the headphone hassle history, though this particular pair had to be shipped back in 09-2012 for ear piece repairs, purchased in 06-2012. As I recall, this was also a NOC (No Ostensible Cause) damage for which I had to pay for. I suppose I shall will take stock of the inconveniencs of this latest sabotage and ponder sending them away or chucking them. Headphones have been such a sabotage magnet, literally and figuratively. (Headphones have magnets in them).

Saturday, and a cool one for this hot clime of the Okanagan Valley at this time of year. Per usual, laundry day, and the low-freak laundromat is adding more freaks, say, one extra today. Some strange withered male in skulking mode just had to pass me by at close quarters, and then hang outside the builiding opposite me while I was busy inside folding my laundry. Said freak was putzing with this bicycle, and lo, if he didn't manage to finish that and time himself to be pedalling down the sidewalk after I departed and was going the same direction.

More strange stuff; the female of the laundromat owning couple was sitting in the passenger side of their mid-brown CRV for five or so minutes before getting out and then getting in my way at the laundromat door. Another gangstalker clusterfuck was arranged at the same door when I first came, adroitly timed to keep me outside for an extra 20 seconds until this pair exited the building.

More ambulatory gangstalk obstructions at the Penticton market this morning. The male "gut strut" was out in force with unerring knack of walking into my path ahead of me, walking the same direction. Then the Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods (RCMP) also added their shorts-wearing ball capped member into the mix. This is the first time I have seen them wear shorts and/or ball-caps. The one farmer proprietor I stopped at seemed to be very avoidant, but that goes without saying. Ditto for the later visit to the government liquor store ; the cashier couldn't get me out fast enough, and looked scared shitless. Probably an operative, maybe a facially morphed over ML as the body shape and height was about right. I never get to figure this out at the time, but this act of looking scared shitless is overdone when regular follk shills don't see to have that problem. (Likely because they have been rehearsed and briefed in advance). It seems to me that the morphing, aka shape shifting, is easiest if they only change form, face and build, but not their height or bone structures. As mentioned many times, they keep me looking about 35 y.o or so, when I am 60y.o.

A gangstalking tail at the WF parking lot, show "happened" to erupt from the a parked SUV, headed the same direction as me. Like WTF; why is there a sudden prevalence of Fuckwits sitting in vehicles in parking lots, and if a couple, only one of them erupts from the vehicle to either tail me or else obstruct me in passing through a doorway? This same elder-bag woman in pink long pants (for crissakes) "happens" to cross my path for two more reprises, and then "happens" to follow me at the checkout, and then of course into the parking lot. Her presumed husband sitting in the vehicle all the while. I have seen so many shiftless males sitting in their vehicles in parking lots since all this insane abuse began.

A live chat with Newegg blew up as I composed the message, sent it, got a reply and a new window, and yet the window didn't allow me to enter any data. What a jerkaround, and I reckon it had nothing to do with newegg. The perps like to obstruct anything at the starting stage, just like they ruin completion or rage-ify me at near completion. This whole nonsense began when they charged me $0.75 for an Enviromental Handling Fee as the long sought slotted spoon was deemed to be a "Motorized Appliance", which it isn't. No one does stupid (events) better than the perps.

Three drops of milk hopped out of a saucepan when it was 4" below the rim with minimal pan movement, just so the milk drops could hop over the bowl I was about to pour the warm milk into. Which also served to delay mixing the milk with the flax seed and hemp seed in the bowl, as I wiped it up first. Also, there has been an increase in spills and other NOC liquids on the counter and stovetop of late, all to cause more cleaning up with the blue sponge that is ever at the ready.

A trip to the mall as the chocolate "need" came on bad and I also had to get blue Dawn dish soap as "somehow" I "forgot" (read, remotely applied neural influencing (for the worst)) three times this weekend. And lo, if the LD store didn't have a promo on for three bottles for $7.50, and were out of the blue kind, the only color of dishes detergent I use. The LD store is at the S end of the mall, which wasn't open, so I set off to drive to the other end, but just as I was about to back up, why, this Fuckwit couple drove in and parked beside me to my passenger side. Like WTF; if I see a vehicle about to back out of an stall, I don't go near them to park, and drive right past for extra safety. But this Fuckwit didn't, and pulled in beside me, crossing behind me. I drive to the N end of the mall to get blue Dawn at SOF, and do my other shopping replete with gangstalkers on my ass, and this same weird couple were in the store, doing some kind of strange aisle block stunt. They were 4' apart transverse to the aisle direction and left about 3' for anyone to get past. That didn't stop a black uniformed (with green piping) staff member going through this 3' ersatz gauntlet, and as I was coming the opposite direction, I had to wait until they were through as I wasn't about to pass between the couple as part of the long running split couple gangstalk stunts I encounter most urban days. Then another black uniformed staff member passed through this 3' gauntlet after I passed through, in the same direction as the  first one. I thought all this kind of partners and passing close by stuff was called square dancing when they added music. And here we are after 12 years of insane and relentless abuse, putzing with aisle width pinching/obstructing/clusterfucking and having others tail/cover me in the same or opposite directions. And once I got outside in the parking lot, why, the same wierd couple's vehicle was parked beside me in the identical R side orientation as they did at the S end of the mall.

The above weird couple parking lot and aisle blocking wasn't the only clusterfuck event today. Earlier, when at the organic farm where the trail head is for my McIntyre Bluff hike, I stopped in at the small produce store they have. The E. Indian woman who manages the store was kind enough to recognize me and say hello, and I responded in kind. I finished my purchase, (read financial transaction being a total perp stalking obsession), and there was a three male, all seeming to be independent of each other, cluster fuck. One was about to enter the customer space from behind the counter (after coming in from his silver grey vehicle only about 30 seconds earlier), and going in my direction, a skinheaded male was posted at the L side of the door, and the regular dumbshit red haired kid was posted at the R side of the door. And of course neither of these latter two recognized they were blocking my egress, both of them looking identically stunned out. Anyhow, I stepped through this gauntlet, and the first mentioned male was hot on my ass as he was heading back to his silver-grey vehicle.

Enough of the tawdry details, and now to post this lest I get behind in my postings.

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