Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Did the Time Go?

Tuesday, but like a Monday in that it was the first day back from the long weekend, being "BC Day" in BC (Canadian province of British Columbia).

Still doing vine tucking all day, replete with the noisescape of vehicle performance mufflers, ill-maintained mufflers, HD motorcycles, and assorted aircraft that seem to harmonize/repeat the same vehicular noises. I have been doing vine tucking for the past four weeks at least, and am in a section where the rows are getting shorter due to property line considerations. It would take me two hours to tuck a long row, an hour per side. But now that I am in shorter rows, as in half as long, it should take half the time, right? No..sirr not in TI World; I have no idea why the job took so long today, but it did. I was getting four long rows done per day, and today I got three short rows tucked. The conditions aren't materially different, and the number of vines hanging down from the top wire is about the same. The first half row took 1.5 hours and it should of taken 30 minutes. I don't think my watch got sabotaged, and the perps can now (as of 2005) mess with my head (or anyone else's) and I would not know I was missing time. T

Before all this abuse rained down in 04-4002 the perps would try a number of stunts in road traffic but I always knew that somehow a vehicle was much closer than I expected, and therefore some missing time elapsed. This was under the guise of a medication introduction mostly, but it would freak me out that somehow I couldn't track vehicles around me and  got much  closer than I expected.

Another way to sabotage the mind for not noticing missing time is to change the notion of what is normal, something they began to mess with in about 2006.  Or, perhaps they mess with the cerebellum directly, the brain's timekeeper region. Anyhow, they can mess with nearly everything in one's mind from remote locations and guide them to do whatever they wish, usually pissing off and frustrating this TI.

A nap attack for 2 hours in the evening cost me going to yoga tonight -I was all dressed to go, and couldn't stay awake while sitting down, Once I laid down there was no way I could predict my wake up time.

Same strangeness in vine tucking today (Wednesday) I tucked one side in 30 min. this morning. Still piss poor productivity, but no other co-workers to compare too thankfully.

My PC crashed last night. Something to do with the Tripplite power bar and it went down twice and took out the PC. The repair guy said the BIOS device selection got changed, "power surges do odd things", like resetting the boot device order. Uh huh.

At the vineyard, I am now doing leaf removal, aka de-leafing on the N side of the rows. The sunlight and warmth (~30C) is too intense for the developing grapes, so sometime in September we de-leaf on the S side.

Took the PC into get looked at; amidst an intense vehicular gangstalking show, but as it it the eve of Peach Festival week, there is a reasonable cover story. As is "happened" the PC booted up normally and recovered OK. I phone this repair guy at noon to see if he was available, and he planted the FUD that the SSD drive, my main C drive, might have been "blown". Just what I needed to contemplate all afternoon, how to recover from such a mess. I do have a Synology back up computer, but as it is dependent on me turning it on, it would not of been a current back up source. Thankfully it didn't come to that, though I am sure the perps will pull such an event in the future. Like, why did they let me purchase a back up PC after 10 years of obsessing over not being backed up except by manual copies between hard drives? Not much of a back up if the place gets burned down, or the PC craps out with a power surge. Needless to say, I don't yet have an off-site back up arrangement.

Saturday; laundry in the am with all manner of orchestrated hi-jinx. For starters, they pinched the road traffic at Power and Wade with a traffic accident;-two white sedans, collided with real damage to one, unlike the perp crazy days of 200-3-4 when they would arrange "accidents" replete with LEOs, tow trucks etc. except that no vehicles were damaged! Yup, posed road accidents, and I even had a passenger in the vehicle one time who confirmed it Though this accident had occurred only a few minutes before I passed through this intersection as no LEO's and tow trucks. As it "happened", when I got skunked on getting to the downtown bank (see below), I came through this same intersection again, this time with LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers) blocking two lanes of the remaining through traffic.

When I couldn't get to downtown bank/ATM because of the Peach Parade I drove across town to the second branch and transacted at the ATM. A male gangstalker arrived to loiter behind me in the below the knee baggy shorts; even the elder duffers/stalkers are dressed in this wretched shorts style. (FYI; I do wear shorts, spandex to the mid-thigh; which have a "habit" of the leg portion rolling up and making them look like straight across at the crotch swim trunk style).

The usual parking lot games while at the ATM; a two vehicle cluster of the apparent parties having a confab while standing outside their vehicles, male and female, the latter component with a blonde girl, the ultimate bait to get my attention every time.

Laundry; the proprietor couple at the lesser-freak show laundromat, were on duty per usual. The chatty male was wearing a scout cap, a little puffier ball cap and duplicating a common US military style (non-combat) cap. Considering the huge "popularity" of ball caps, and the selective introduction of scout caps on females (blondes especially), it would seem that this too is an attempt to elicit my subconscious/psychic response (aka abreaction) to likely military exposures/abuses in my memory deleted years, 1956-60. (Again, check out the Indian Lake Project site, as I strongly suspect I was one of those children at the time, though not in the online published photos).

And lo, if there wasn't hot water available at the laundromat, as it seems they are in a progressive update of their facilities. Someone else was at the two regular washing machines I use, running them at the same time. So... I use two washing machines side by side, both with black plastic vanes in the center. The regular pair has one with a white vane, and the other black. And as laundry is such an intense perp project, even stealing it sometimes, the washing machine color, orientation, tub orientation etc.and vane color and composition are of significant interest. For my second trip there, they put on a 300lb Fat Man at the public online terminal they have inside. Said behemoth/freak didn't show for my later trips.

I got hit with a 2.75 hour nap attack in the afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day. (No prior sleep deficit, per usual). Then at least a one hour recovery with the aid of tea and chocolate. I had plans to render the 20lb of tomatoes in my fridge, picked from the vineyard I work at, the owners being strangely insistent on creating a vegetable garden each year, but not picking the produce. Ditto for the seven fully bearing fruit trees. Go figure.

Food experiments continue; I bought and used turmeric, (ground curcumin) today; said to be an excellent brain food, confirmed while reading Grain Brain, my current read. The book is a tour-de-force for expelling carbohydrates from one's diet and getting back to the Paleolithic diet of fats, protein and minor carbohydrates. If the assholes could get me off their milk chocolate fixation (read brown colored food), as in 60g of sugar per 100g bar, 3x/day,, not only could I save a bundle but get the carbohydrate intake down to the recommended  30-60g/day.

Another food item the perps have me eating for the first time since their all-night harassment games of 2002 is jerky. This time it is beef jerky and I haven't been interested in it at all until recently. In 2002 it was tuna jerky available in the Seattle region, and it was my comfort food for those all night driving sessions with gangstalking vehicle fore and aft on the freeways. So I suppose it is the plastic packaging energetic effects they might be interested in. Given how often thin aluminum is used in packaging, those stiff but flexible packages with a plastic coating on them, a (likely) supporting aluminum stalking campaign is in full swing, as mentioned in last week's blog posting.

Music listening continues to develop down whatever path the assholes have plotted for me. Now, non-english female vocals are now "happening", Misa (fado) and Haris Alexiou (Greek); two such downloads this weekend, and both superlative female vocalists to say the least. The former playing as I write this blog up. The PC based non-lossy files served to the Oppo and its internal DAC heard via Grado headphones is coming in with great fidelity, finally getting into the zone of hi-fi.

But the perps won't let me purchase speakers, not even cheap ones for these past eight years. Over this past Christmas they had me salivating over a pair of ELAC speakers (unauditioned no less), while also doing extensive web research on the best DAC to purchase. Finally, after some three weeks, I was allowed the clarity of getting a disc player, headphone amp and DAC rolled into one, in the form of the Oppo BD105. Though it did cost more than a USB only DAC, it gave me a whole lot of future proofed features (e.g. internet sources). Meanwhile, my amplifier (to supply sufficient current for speakers) sits unused, perhaps also a "problem" for the covert perp games when it comes to listening to music  be it live, digital, or analog over what device, through what kind and color of cables, and so on down the audio chain. As mentioned many times, the color, substance and kind of everything I am in contact with is of intense perp research interest.

Sunday, and a special yoga class with a Baptiste yoga instructor. Blonde, and about my height (5'11"), and plenty chatty. She was even pleasant and engaging, and didn't have the dour scared shitless look I get from so many people I interact with. And she was into heavy alignments, pressing on me and other students with great vigor. And lo, if she didn't have a tattoo near her waist line, that was revealed later and just one of those "happenchances" of her garment being loose just as I was nearby. So one could surmise that the perps are up to their yoga perturbation games again; no yoga on the usual Monday because of a province wide holiday, no yoga on Wednesday as an alternate because of above mentioned nap attack, and Friday would be with the grim and fat male instructor I don't care for. Then, with this special class, I get a class almost two weeks later. And what is the point of all that? Beats me, but the perps are silly about whatever all the spine bending and twisting that yoga has to offer, but then retract it for a time, sometime months when I have a work load that doesn't permit regular attendance.

And what is with the red pickup truck games this afternoon? the landlord had a mid-red Chevrolet pickup since 06-2013, and it appears to be replaced by new identical red hued Ford pickup. And of course he drives it past me in the lane when I am about to get into my vehicle. Nothing too exceptional in the gangstalking realm. Today, an older. but identical, red pickup that was behind the landlord's pickup started up and coursed by me while I was in the lane, about to access my vehicle (metallic mid-gray). I do my shopping and come back some 20 minutes later, and this same older red pickup is parked a block away under a tree with two other same red vehicles nearby (80'), both in the open sunlight. What earthly purpose does this same red pickup truck shuffling serve? As always, I would be the last to know.

Time to post this now, and start another week of getting stalked, fucked with and infuriated.

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