Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Much Disruption Over Yellow Beans

Tuesday, the day after yoga, and seemingly another high disruption day to follow disrupted Mondays. (Yoga not being a disruption as I see it, and maybe a regular weekly highlight).

Getting back to yoga, and the orchestration of the class members. A new change in arranging the class members in the room. I was alone in the room for five minutes before class started, and lo, if the other regular male, wasn't sent in next, an all time first. For over a year it has been a succession of the regular females who follow me in if I am first, and in keeping form, they put him next in his usual behind-the-post spot at the back where I cannot see him directly, only by way of the mirrors. Another change up was that of the eight females, only only one was a regular, the remainder were all new to me.

The darling pixie instructor was chirpy as usual, and in her black tight shorts again, none of the body form disguising clothing she often wears. This TI cannot have too many distractions at once apparently; be it her curves, butt, good looks etc. Or at least, they perps have selectively managed for revealing a few female form distractions at a time until the last four sessions or so.

Another day of tucking vines in the vineyard, with the weather taking a turn for the worse, and even a few hours of light showers just to get me wear my jacket and rain hat. Another stunt of theirs was to end my music player listening by having the adjacent farm start up a chainsaw and drive the noise into the headphones. This while playing Eva Cassidy, my all time fave. Within a minute of taking the headphones off, why, the chainsaw noise was shut down for good. Thanks a bunch.

While listening to music, per above, they also arranged aircraft noise to penetrate the headphones; helicopters, four engine turboprops, two engine and single engine aircraft. This emulated the entire prior morning of aircraft noise when I wasn't listening to music; they even put on a single engine aircraft to tail the four engine water bomber, and then had only the single engine return five minutes later directly overhead. Which isn't the first time that outbound aircraft have returned (less than five minutes from the Penticton airport) in short order, but is the first time they put on two aircraft together and had one return. Can we be any more obvious that that? (If they were on a joint mission, a water bomber and a spotter aircraft, they would of stayed together). Though the Orion P-3 anti-submarine aircraft making 7 passes overhead some six weeks ago takes the cake for extra obvious aircraft stalking. (Sending in an over-water mission aircraft 400 miles inland to make seven overhead passes some 400' above (operational elevation) a certain vineyard in broad daylight and in the flight path for the Penticton airport is plain over the top obvious IMHO).

Anyhow, back to the yellow beans. The vineyard owners have a  15x15' vegetable garden but don't eat much from it, and offer the produce to me. As it "happened" the yellow beans came on fast last week when I wasn't doing the daily watering, as the owner took over. I was offered the beans to pick, and took two small buckets back to clean and freeze.

The frozen storage zip lock bags kept screwing up, with the zipper somehow getting off track. Some of the yellow beans self-propelled themselves on the floor, and do we know of an agency that just loves to flick food around, don't we? My finger motor control was messed with so I couldn't manipulate what I wanted to do at any given moment. This and other assaults/insults brought on plenty of screaming at the assholes.

I stopped on the way home to visit the LD store, and there was a screw-up at the Rx counter which kept me captive there for 25 minutes while they made up a smaller single week supply. A freakshow of males in fugly shorts is almost standard, but did they all have to have bald heads? Then a redheaded woman sat in the only available waiting chair, keeping me on the move in the store. Anytime I stop on the way home is prime gangstalking time of late.

On the job obstruction front, I see a promising local wine cellar laborer job  that the perps had me obsessing over much of today, the "usual" planted ideations of getting it, etc. has now disappeared from the internet. It was posted yesterday, and was for multiple positions, paid generously, was for a 6 month term, and now, poof gone.

Tucking vines all day, then thunderstorm at end of day, and so I bailed out some 15 minutes early. It was a strange weather day; the morning was warm and so I had my shorts on, but by 1500h it suddenly got cool and I changed back into my pants. All to make a run for it when the storm unloaded so quickly.

On the way home I picked up two 24" pieces of angle aluminum for shelf supports, and once done,  intense vehicular gangstalking started up, just like last time I picked up this same material (four weeks ago). As it "happens" this later aluminum angle stock came from a new shipment that came in two days ago, or, so I was told. Apparently, the first two pieces came from the last of his then current stock. And sure enough, they put on an aluminum boat on a truck rack as an early vehicular gangstalking entity I was stopped beside once I had the aluminum pieces in my vehicle. And in fact, there has been an increase in aluminum boats as gangstalking props of late for crissakes,

It does seem that aluminum is the current "it" substance the perps have invested in. I have two aluminum surface tables (fold down camping tables) and of course rest my hands on the table while typing or eating. Going back to 2012, before I moved to Penticton, I had an Ikea bare wood keyboard tray that my wrists rested on. I had the Ikea wood furniture since 2000, and I suppose the perps have now "graduated" from wood contact and all its energetic considerations, to aluminum. Just to think that was a 10 year run of having a bare wood (pine) keyboard support furniture. And when this furniture was purchased in 2000, they made sure that the remainder of the Ikea Ivar uprights, boards, work surfaces etc. was all available in a single trip, but I had to make a special return trip to Ikea (Seattle area) a week later to get the keyboard support piece. Funny how that "happens'. And while we are on this aluminum material topic, I use Felco secateurs (hand pruners) all day long in the vineyard, and lo, if the handles aren't made of cast aluminum (with a vinyl red coating on the handle's surface).

Later tonight, the thunderstorm came back, now very intense, now an hour of it, though it seems to be clearing. In my Kamloops dwelling brother's town, 240 km away, they had 1" of rain in 30 min. from this same system and plenty of flooding to match. And some nice perp touches with it too. For example, the lights and power went out momentarily and it all came back with the boom, which was very loud. That wasn't enough, because once the lights came back on the perps put on striated plasma light inside, these bands of alternating light and dark in mid room from no And of course, they put on whole room flashes as if the lightning lit my place up, but it was far away at the time.

A soggy day, though not at first, and therefore sucking me into doing my vineyard work without my rain gear on. That lasted about an hour, time enough to finish one side of one row, and lo, if the rain didn't come on then, so that meant a return to the house. I put my rain gear on then, and wore it most of the remainder of the day as it was continually raining.

Screwed; the alarm didn't go off and I got up 40 minutes late -meant skipping shaving for armputs, nethers regaion - shaving  of front torso is 2x/week, arms is 1x/week

Continually tucking vines again at the vineyard all day.

The Lockheed Electra (or here) aerial gangstalk came for the third consecutive day, to circle Skaha Lake; cleverly timing arrivals and circling for my two breaks, one of which was taken an hour earlier than usual. Its distinctive twin tail is a gimme, and they were built in the 1930's. Why this older aircraft was selected is beyond me, but perhaps it is those radial piston engines, a rarity nowadays. Today's Electra visit was followed with an unbroken aerial noise parade of a water bomber, helicopters (2 different makes/models) and a yellow single engine aircraft that kept coming back every ten minutes or so. I reckon it was at least an hour of unbroken aircraft noise, with the Electra as the opening act.

Saturday, and a 0700h start to getting my laundry done ended when the laundromat wasn't open at 0710h when the sign on the door clearly states that it opens every day of the week at 0700h. A shorts wearing male was standing at the door looking stupified and blamed electronic locks as the problem. (Like WTF; chances are that if electronic locks were installed, it would not be the problem. So goes the FUD+disinfo games, right down to a passing comment by a supposed bystander. I suppose that should be FUDD, but then again, I have so many variants on this I keep in mind I don't want to create reader confusion by having numerous versions. Because we know who likes to seed Fear+Uncertainty+Doubt.)

A legs wax appointment this morning, with last time's attendant standing at the counter pretending she never met me. She had dyed her hair an unnatural brown, and stared at me for a moment when I was speaking with the woman at the cash desk. Later this same woman in unnatural brown "happened" to be entering the street in my presence, and put on another stalking -all from someone I spoke with at length while she did leg waxing four weeks ago. I have had many "pretend-not-to-know-me" games from the staff at this place, as well as many others in the ambulatory gangstalking scene. I don't why they do this, start friendly and then suddenly withdraw any knowledge of past encounters, sometimes from one room to the next. Another notable time of this stunt when was when one woman was friendly in yoga class, and then when it was over she leads me out through the doors to the outside and heads the same way I as I am for 10' or so, does a 180 degree turn on the sidewalk to then come toward me, then putting on the act that she doesn't know me by looking straight ahead. I reckon I have been through at least 100 blatant "pretend-not-to-know-me" stunts/stalks in the last 12 years of this insane abuse.

The drying towels outside turned stiff, something I would of known had not my recall faculties been whacked by remote means. The local magpie bird also liked to land on the towels while drying. Screw that, and as the bedsheets that were "forgotten" this morning's laundry, they were added to the pile, plus the towel I used to lie on outside reading a book this afternoon had plenty of grass remaining, so throw it in a heap and make another trip to the laundromat tonight.

This being a post dinner laundry outing, a rarity, and with canned salmon for dinner plus wax beans, cucumber and shallots, the timing was ripe for major gangstalking. Add in taking a shower as today's haircut remains kept falling out, and the town went bananas, as in intense vehicular gangstalking. The laundromat was busy too, this morning's standee "happened" to be there again as it turned out he was the cleaning guy. The responsible attendant was there too in a weekend rarity counting the money. She knows me and was decent enough to say hello. Even that much cannot be taken for granted in this orchestrated anomie. [anomie:  state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values].

At the laundromat an native indian woman kept crawling up my ass, at least four times; once making out that she was interested in the artwork on the walls. (Original local art paintings there for sale). Then she was on my butt twice at the door, and again when I thought she was gone and doing my final towel folding. The latter was a perp cluster fuck moment as another woman (chinless) was hanging behind me too.

Another "visit" by the Lockheed Electra, "finding me" at my residence in Penticton this time.

I was feeling stoned, as in floaty, which means a temporal lobe de-energization is going on. The temporal lobes, are said to be the seat of psychic energies. And of note, I did not ingest any kind of aftermarket (ahem) strange substances to cause floatiness sensations, as this would give the perps an excuse to do all manner of strange things to me. They never miss a beat if some event can be leveraged to be a putative excuse for other remotely applied neural and behavioral intrusions.

That infernal Lockheed Electra came back to "find me" while on my hike, a 30 minute drive S of where it usually turns above the vineyard I work at.

I am late getting this posted due to some other matters, sorry for the brevity this week.

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