Sunday, August 31, 2014


No, I did not escape from this tyrannical and mind-invasive scourge, but while at the dentist this morning, the perps parked a Ford Escape on either side of my Toyota Camry. Both were light colors, one silver-grey and the other some kind of light pearl off-white. One was a 2003 model, and the other probably a 2011 model. And what is the significance of this? As it "happens" my perp abetting mother owns a 2001 model and I have driven it plenty often in the past as she is such a driving klutz, and won't drive in the dark.

And to elaborate further on the dentist's visit; it was a filling with a post put in place as the tooth would of been a candidate for a crown if I had insurance coverage. All that time with one's mouth open and two attending female dental staff in very close proximity with vacuums, water supplies, drills etc. as well as making up the plastic bonding and constructing agents.
All those immediate physical activities are prime etheric disruption agents. And plenty of jocular male banter in the background from other dental stations, the latest perp addition to the dental noisescape.

BUT dental visits are a prime perp event, for whatever they get from it, and with big expectations. I say that, as on 09-11-2001, that day of infamy, I had a dental appointment in Everett when I was living in Seattle. (Originally I lived in Everett and got set up with the dentist there that I liked, so I didn't change dentists). The appointment was in the afternoon, and I was of course, transfixed by the terrorist events that day. (My boss phoned me at about 0700h PDT and told me not to come to work-  prudent advice as we worked in a 60 story office tower in downtown Seattle.) And so I drove up the nearly empty I-5 that afternoon to my dental appointment. It was most strange as there is usually bumper to bumper traffic in the daytime  in either direction. The dental staff were most apologetic as they weren't able to cancel appointments that day, and I said that was perfectly understandable. Anyhow, I forget what the treatment was, but it was legitimate, and my mouth was ajar for at least half an hour. And so I still wonder why that arranged coincidence was put on, and what the perps were expecting from that.

Before that, on February 28, 2001, there was the Nisqually Earthquake in Washington state. I was on the 13th floor of the above mentioned office building, and "happened" to be on the phone (read, asymmetrical EMF signals to one side of the head) to the same dentist's office in Seattle. I could feel the building swaying and some noise and indicated to the dental assistant that there was an earthquake happening and I would call back later. Again, I ponder the significance of that particular calling destination, 30 miles N, as the earthquake had not reached Everett just then.

Anyhow, I digress, and hopefully provided sufficient examples to note that dental appointments are high perp disruption and expectation events.

It is the last Wednesday of the month that a certain specialty foods store has a 20% off sale on nearly everything. I went a few times last year, but it was getting to be such a freak show along with the extra rudeness that I gave up. Or more like, I was forced into "forgetting" anyhow. (And fitting the imposed financial adversities detailed below). Suffice to say, it was a major
 gangstalking stakeout at the foods market, starting in the parking lot. A pair of ambulatory E Indians (as in Asian subcontinent) crossed my path ahead of me when arriving (me in vehicle). Who then returned the favor (them in vehicle) when I was crossing the parking lot to enter the store. Another E Indian woman driving a vehicle with a trailer behind it also pulled in behind me. Said trailer had a tractor tire on it for crissakes, and parking this rig at a busy parking lot was a high risk. But no matter, the perps had the closest double parking stall available so she could hound my ass while inside as it "turned out". A woman did the stop-in-front-of me when doing the lead-ahead gangstalk move. She then circled me, as in feigning that she needed to attend to something she just passed. Fortunately my forward progress wasn't obstructed by a second choreographed stalker, and I set out to get the planned items. I proceeded to the hot counter for a cooked chicken and picked one up. Two "excuse me's" to get past the the next planted obstructing aisle stalkers, this particular stunt is a Penticton specialty, the perps inferring that the population is fucking rude or else extra clueless about social egress in shopping locations. (Or maybe they get paid for being weird, and all the better if kept stationary in advance of the victim (me) arriving). The E Indian gangstalking resumed inside, she of the tractor tire trailer towing vehicle.

Then the panic (found to be a remotely manipulated state), to get done and out came on, and with a final stop at the coconut oil section, why, another stalker was crouched there, and lo, if he didn't get up and attempt to get in extra close while I was leaning in to retrieve the item that "happened" to be above him. And lo, if he didn't lead-ahead gangstalk me to the checkout with the shortest line, wearing his foul green shirt. And lo, if a woman in red didn't come in to attempt to get ahead of me, when she clearly came after me, making out that she was unaware of me being 3' away and in line. Then she returned to the checkout line from which she came, and that was longer. The lead-ahead foul green shirted stalker seemed to be an Australian, which was his cover to be extra ignorant of emptying his basket of his contents onto the checkout conveyor. Said basket somehow failed to stop the belt and lo, if my groceries didn't pile into the side of his basket. All good for extra commotion, and him saying that he wasn't paying attention. A young woman came into view from the opposite end of the checkout, facing me in her short black spandex shorts, exactly like what I was wearing. And with my attention diverted by the cashier, the shorts girl slipped away, for whatever transitory reason that she was placed there. All of the above stalking and stunting commotion was subsequent to today's earlier dental visitation, and as far as I know, no other local or world events of tragic import erupted. (Unlike in late 2012, when I went to the dentist in Victoria after flying in from Kelowna tje day before, and that Clackamas Mall shooter erupted, wearing a white hockey mask; another possible (and elaborate) coincidence as I was getting a white bonding agent filling that appointment).

Two more interesting winery jobs that I am not motivated in applying for; most strange, as the job would be a substantial learning opportunity and I could do with a pay increase or a rent drop or both. More details below.

Vineyard work: the monotonous de-leafing N side almost done, some 3 weeks of work, and the owners did some too.

I am totally wrung out this evening; not good for getting much done. And something is trained on my genitals to make them slightly painful, usually when near the stainless steel kitchen sink, or have re-located within my residence. It would seem the nut-busting/invading tracking beams cannot quite keep up with the rest of the beaming that seems to follow me. Transient frontal head pressure is another symptom/harassment that erupts in the same circumstances of late.

Friday, and I finished my vineyard N side de-leafing and got the single row of netting strung up. No mean feat when the mere act of completion (of anything) is obstructed by various means; weather, tool malfunction, generalized cognitive slowdown (and being unaware of it while occurring), perceptual reversals, bathroom visitations etc. And the netting is a total pain in the ass as I must do it by myself and cannot put it down as it will pick up every scrap of ground litter going. Except for the weather change, which erupted just as I finished one side of the row, and forced me to change into pants and a (goretex=teflon) raincoat from shorts and a flimsy shirt, the job went OK. (The second net was put down on a red fibeglass canopy while back at the house for the clothes changing). I expected more adversity in getting the netting up, especially for a Friday afternoon, but was pleasantly surprised, an extreme rarity since the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

I got nailed for a near two nap attack this evening, and my usual disclaimer applies; I was not running a sleep deficit or otherwise burning the candle at both ends. Then the assholes hit me with itchy calves afterward; I was looking at my legs and there were no insects or bites and checked the bedding and found nothing. All a set-up, I presume, to forming a strong notion to go to LD after dinner and get calamine lotion. The itching gradually tapered off and somehow, the notion to head out also dissipated. This was combined with a "need" to get chocolate, but that also waned, another rarity.

A 0700h get-up with no alarm, and a full eight hours sleep. I cannot recall the dreams this morning, but that is a good thing with all the replays of the long past they pummel me with; e.g. the ex showing up in dreams when separated since 2000. 

A Saturday, and the one habit that is rarely interupted, laundry at the laundromat. A fat Fuckwit with one of those ubiquitous metal caged hampers/wheeled totes (a common gangstalking prop), was there using my regular two washing machines. I took the two opposite, not noting if they were still on cold water only since three weeks ago. There is plenty of upgrades in progress at this Hwy 97 laundromat; new boxed and palleted washers and dryers, and extra pallets outside. And have I mentioned how often the perps like to pallet-stalk me? Not lately, probably because I am dealing with pallets most days when doing my winemaking duties (Oct thru Jan), as the tanks sit on pallets and are moved (often) with a pallet jack. And now that the owner has a forklift on the premises, a new addtiion since last month when he downsized his Vancouver business, I may be messing with ever more pallets.

A mixed cloud day, with some sporadic spells of direct sunlight. And such was my weather "accompaniment" outside while doing my accounts reconciliation for July and August on my PC inside. It took over for three hours and the perps sandbagged me twice at the extreme rage-ification level; multiple cognitive "failures" (read, remotely applied mental dithering) each over a single day of getting the balance correct. The infernal Quicken doesn't have any provision for ordering the transactions on a single day, and therefore I cannot replicate the version as seen on my online bank statement. Therefore, all the items need to be checked to ensure the amounts are correct, that there is the correct date, and that daily balance reconciles. The perps have begun to mess with the totals and change them between windows (online account and Quicken). Last time they blatantly messed with the totals as they didn't add up when I used a calculator. In this process today, the sunlight would sometimes burst in when a particular realization was attained; e.g. a balance was correct, the date was wrong, the transaction count (for a given day) was correct etc.

And I recognize the perps like to "warm me up", as in inculcate or entrain me with a certain voice, this being Joan Baez of late. About 30 minutes of prior online time (before above account reconciliation) was spent listening to some recent albums I downloaded. And it should be no surprise that she was playing on my Android player when working in the vineyard this past week. Until 2012, I had no Joan Baez CD's, but always wanted to get some of her pre-1970 work. And the perps obliged, and of late, they obliged some more. Back in about 1970 I purchased "Come From the Shadows" by Joan Baez, a terrible LP, and that was the end of buying her records for me. (Though I did see her in concert at UBC circa 1974).That is, until 2012 when I was re-acquainted with her earlier material, and liked her voice. Except for Karen Matheson of Capercaillie and Linda Ronstadt, I don't know of any other vocalists I could listen to with full attention all day long, and very likely, for days on end.

And after messing with me and getting my accounts reconciled, I find that I am down to my last $10 once next week's rent and bills are paid. All my intentions of financial austerity of May amounted to squat; the perps have had recklessness behavior control down pat for decades, and all the more this past 4 months since my disability payments ended (worth $5/hour). I had intended to drop yoga and save $50/month and lo, if "I" (read, mind controlled subject) didn't "forget" (read, remotely manipulated recall function), get a 10 session pass for $140 two weeks ago. And the chocolate "habit", though presently some 2/3 of its monthly cost until 2013 did not abate any either.

So, what is a mind controlled slave to do if being financially crimped from all sides? My savings of $7k got run down to near zero when I paid back my disability "overpayment" in April, and the monthly bills haven't diminished despite my intentions, and my perp abetting mother isn't coming through when she indicated otherwise? And ditto for other members of the First Feral Family who conveniently don't ever inquire about the financial well being of this purported clinical case (me). [Side note; a forced pee before I got rolling on this topic].

The next level down on reducing the accommodation expenses would be to get a roommate situation, though hopefully a larger room and with a private bathroom, as in the latter case, after six months of no toilet/shit hassles, preceded by 10 years of blocked toilets, they reverted back to this particular abuse pattern when in a shared bathroom situation in 2012. And after perusing the roommate ads for the past two months, nothing has come up, save places with children, and I just don't want to go there with that disruption potential. The very barky rottweiler dog at the vineyard is plenty enough.

On the income front, the extra weekend vineyard side jobs dried up in mid July, and the perps have demotivated me from even putting a decent resume together, or even responding to at least six winery jobs in the last month. Frustration in the extreme, and furthermore, no pointers, suggestions or guidance as to their future intent. Which is unusual, as they usually drop hints that pan out to be what was planned all along, though only determinable in hindsight.This time it seems, they want to have me spin in a dysfunctional and anxiety filled blue funk. Thanks a bunch assholes, as they have been putting me through this for over 12 years now.

And still the perps pummel me, some 20x per day or more, on how to spend my money on big ticket items that I once considered, ($6k liposuction), or items that I would like to have, (nice stereo speakers, aftermarket upgrade to the universal disc player I got in 02-2014), or just couldn't quite raise the scratch, (used Volvo 850 wagon, as I was remined last week of how space inefficient sedans are with the trunk separated from the interior and the ridiculous high sill of the trunk. All fitting the acquisition coveting theme they plant as continued, if not relentless, ideations.

I did some more reports from Quicken, and it really seems I need to do something soon about my cash flow, both in and out. I enquired about a roommate situation and that would of saved me $200/month, but I need to close the gap for at least twice that. All those room and board jobs working on road repair in the summer might have been prudent in hindsight. Screw the winery and vineyard worker theme, go for the cash. As usual (it seems) no reply from the potential roomie contact. And why is it that I am getting new posts on Craigslist that were posted 20 hours ago?

[UPDATE as of 1900h, 08-31-2014, below]
I secured one of the ubiquitous motel rooms in this summertime town for the $550/month over-winter rate this afternoon, and gave in my notice to the landlady, and had a chat too, saying that my income was reduced etc. At about 1800h the landlord comes and says he would offer $600/month as they would like me to stay as I am a good tenant. And no less, starting Sept. 02 (after the Labor Day holiday). A total bonus as it helps out considerably, and no move to make in October and the requisite move-out from the motel in May 2015.

Sooo... I had to rescind the motel booking, and rescind the ISP disconnection I had made as they too require 30 days notice, and here I am back where I started with the residence move-out now cancelled. And what was the purpose of this from the perp perspective, a move-out and then a cancelled move-out with a substantial rent decrease? I don't know, but this kind of thing has happened so often, and particularly in the long past where I had rented a place and major long term plans change, and I had to back out of the deal. Though, this is the first time I came out smelling of roses, getting an immediate 25% rent decrease and free of the moving logistics concerns. Onto the same in getting a raise at work maybe!

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