Sunday, March 02, 2014

Screwed Again

And what is it that is so important to the size of machine screws of late that the perps replayed a jerkaround of a month ago, also adroitly deleting my recall that they already pulled this same stunt before. The drying rack for clothes that don't need/don't want to be dried in a dryer was being loaded in my vehicle, and while doing so there was a flash of light and one corner of it fell apart. The simulated event was that a loose screw flew off, never to be found again. But there was no way it was loose as it would of been noticed, and drop to the ground, possibly with a little noise. But it was gone, though the associated nylon washer was found. I dutifully go to the big box hardware store and select what I think is the right size (#8), and when home, lo, if it isn't too big. Later I examine the screw, and cannot figure out why it wouldn't fit. Some weeks later, using the compromised drying rack all the while, I am allowed to re-start attending to getting it fixed. I get some screw gauges to figure out if it is metric, or US standard, using an adjacent screw. I figure it out, go to the big box store again and procure some screws, and lo, if they aren't the wrong size again (#8), and lo, if they aren't the same as the first set that was wiped from my recall, as I don't usually forget these things. Finally, the perps let me discover that the corner screws are one size smaller (#6) than the adjacent screws, and now another stall-out, aided by snowfall for the past two days, to get the correct size. And for what fucking purpose does this serve to abuse a victim twice, deploying telekinetic sabotage, in getting the wrong size of replacement screw, by way of remotely imposed recall deletion, twice with an intervening duration of four weeks? And we aren't done yet, as it just could be that the very screw size I need (#6) is out of stock, another favorite perp stunt.

Drying rack with the L side rod end missing the screw that strangely ejected/disappeared when I was loading this into my vehicle.

And more silly shit over screws, as there was a go-round of screws (same #8 size), with a pilot tip, and clip nuts to get another perp project started, this infernal server rack that is to house stereo gear and PC both, getting "converged" as it were. There were web sites that had pilot tipped #8 screws but not the clip nuts, and vice versa, and none in Canada, so I had to order some from an outfit in Texas along with a stiff shipping bill. Thank you assholes.

And what is the point of jerking me around over getting a discount at the local organics store that has 20% off everything on the last Wednesday of every month. Of course they deleted any notion of this monthly event I rarely fail to take up, and had me go in a day early and pay full price. Yes, it is a zoo in there on these particular Wednesdays, but for saving 20% it is bearable. And the next day, why, I had an errand to do that took me two blocks away, still not allowed to know it was the discount day.

Two snowfalls these past two days, meaning that I couldn't drive up the hill to the vineyard. The first day I got a ride from the vineyard manager who was also my viticulture instructor of two years ago. The next day, I got a ride from one of the cellar workers at the same vineyard, one who I hadn't met before. Kind of her (it seemed) to offer me a ride, but as always, there isn't a single instant I am not kept in this arranged circus, aka Potemkin Village.

Another "ride" to the vineyard, the third day of impassible road, this time getting to the gate on foot when the cleaning lady arrived, and she gave me a ride down the driveway.

 Tonight, some 2.5 hours of messing around over port forwarding rules in the router, and lo, if Synology doesn't have my specific router in their approved list, creating more translational hell in attempting to get their support to login and find what causes it to disconnect, even if all seems OK until an application is run.

The job interview I had last week has come to naught; but at least I got an email instead of nothing, as has happened in the past. Some five days of planted stupid ideations of getting the job, informing my current employer, imagining me doing the job etc. has finally ended. 


Vineyard pruning today, and the f--g dog barking most of the day; the dog isn't barking at anything particular, it just sounds off. There was a biddy close to the fence, and the dog got fussed about her heading up the hill, and lo, if two minutes later she isn't coming back down for crissakes. And she put on the preying mantis walk going uphill, with horizontal forearms and the hands hanging down, alternating bringing them forward, -totally ridiculous. When she was coming back downhill, the arm flinging walk was put on instead. Go figure

Said dog doesn't like negroes or turbans says the owner. And from my experience, doesn't like male skinheads either. Funny that, the dog dislikes some of my Unfavoreds.

I got the screws for the above mentioned clothes dryer at the big box store, and what a gangstalk scene, followed by blatant obstruction at the exit for crissakes. The biddy stalk too; just sitting there in the store on a bench seat nattering, and then tailing me to the checkout while the spouse of one was ahead of me. Which begs the question; how did she know when to come to the checkout and meet up with spouse who was finishing up? That she was with two other biddy pals who walked out the entrance (somehow, they knew how to get the sliding doors to work for them), seems all the more odd. Husband of biddy had his 6' vinyl coving (or whatever it was), and laid down along the checkout and projecting beyond it some 2' close to me. Then the cashier moved them toward me, making out that she was unaware how long they were, giving me cause to being alerted as to an impending impalement.

Insane amounts of telekinetic abuse tonight, screaming at them at least 40x; blocking my email composition and then sending the email prematurely, then blocking me from opening the reply up so I can continue with my dialog over this Synology NAS. Then the assholes have fucked Yahoo, so I don't know if something was sent or not as Drafts and Sent get blended together. In the conventional world they call this "new features" or an "upgrade", but in TI World, it is purposeful directed sabotage of familiar function to FUD the victim some more, as 11.5 years of this insane psychopathic abuse isn't enough. Go figure. Plus all the "usual" provocations; poking me in the fingers and hands, also on my nipples, one of their favorite body regions for gratuitous touches from unseen force fields.

Finally, some forward progess on getting my LAN working; it so "happens" the Cisco modem has a router in it too, which was causing many of the problems, especially with another router downstream that I thought I needed. More e-waste again. It doesn't help that Cisco calls their modem a "Residential Gateway" for crissakes. Deep into the advanced features I find the IP assignment page, so it is confirmed, it is a router and not shared switches. Keep it secret, so we can screw the victim some more. (Now three months of screwing around, though not full time).

I also had to pull the storage room items out as the hot water heater is getting too disfunctional. This time the landlady didn't blow me off with some remark about the "cold snap", as it warmed up today, har, har.

Now, with the Synology box getting functional, the assholes have degraded the applications, e.g. creating an new directory, no mapping of the back up from/to directories etc. This whole NAS has been one intense adversarial experience and I am nowhere near done yet.

A new hot water tank installed today. On with the show; as mentioned previously, the three houses I owned had hot water tank problems/replacement within 18 months of ownership. One was some two weeks after posession date, after the building inspector approved of its condition for crissakes. It appears that this hot water tank is built with a styrofoam jacket instead of the glass fiber matting they usually put in. And too, it is a mid-grey color. Some six months of storing a brown cardboard box with styrofoam inserts next to the hot water tank seems to have been part of the strategy. Now, I will get hot water with styrofoam (white) and steel (mid-grey) colored energies that the perps are sure to add to their research. About two weeks ago, they put on some plasma fireworks while I was in the shower, some 2" long sparks that sit in one place and are about 3" apart in an alternating pattern that lasts for about 5 seconds or so. They like to do this whenever they have reached an important technical milestone, total control of a particular brain region is  one example.

I was pruning vines most of the day. and of course the perps screw me out of putting on sun block from the reflection off the snow, getting a red face each day this week. Snow is melting fast now, so whatever games they are playing with snow reflected sunlight is likely coming to a close for the winter. Even if I am packing two year's supply of sunblock in my day pack, they screw me out of even thinking about it, save now, at home in front of this here flat panel display

A near absence of helicopters and small aircraft today, though the high altitude jets were out, putting on their distinctive noise, along with jet trails. The perps like to put these lines in the sky, often mapping them to cross power lines at angles suggesting that it is of a similar nature. Other times, they like to emulate the angles of the hills and mountains, putting on an extra line to extend a slope higher into the sky.

The frigging dog bark noise for at least an hour or two this am. though not near me as I chase it down to be quiet. Dumber dog (or humans) is better when keeping the TI victims agitated.

And what is it about email respondents that promise a PDF, and send the wrong one, or a partial set? Two in a row isn't a fluke for professional people. And then there are those that don't reply at all, nearly always when I email them from their site and not from Yahoo where I can track what I send. Save for the recent fuckery in Yahoo cramming emails together, leaving me to restart a new thread because the sequence got balled up.

At least dozen vehicles going up the road where where I was pruning, and then coming down in less than five minutes. Ditto for a couple of parties of ambulatory stalkers. Then there is the files of pickup trucks, two or three headed uphill one after the other and seemingly unrelated. Then there are the ubiquitous muffler noise; none or the "performance" version, as in designed loudness.

Saturday, though a work day, in the cold, as yesterday's slushy snow froze up and some snow came down. And too, they let the helicopters out in the much impaired visibility, or at least, I got treated to the noise of them as I never saw them.

I was overseeing the contract pruners; it turns out they are Albanian immigrants of five years, when my boss thought they were Croats.

I got to do heavy lifting for the boss today; I was taken around on some of her shopping beat, as her recent back surgery prevents lifting much. It was a total stalk scene at Safeway, as it is a store I rarely go to on my own. One seeming male customer had on shorts and flip flops, and it is only 5C outside for crissakes.

I see the perps murdered a deer on the lake ice; it was flopping around and couldn't get up, and a coyote was hanging back when I drove past on the way to work. Now, I see some large birds gaurding something out further, and my boss confirmed it was the deer carcass. A run of three squashed ducks on the road some months back suggests the perps like to arrange (so called) wildlife demise in my proximity.

All this week, and past weeks of vineyard pruning, the perps are constantly lifting of my undershirt under my sweater, and pulling my pants down 3" or so to expose my midriff under my jacket. Not to mention cranking up the wind to then blow onto my exposed flesh.

I "somehow" pulled a split ring of my key ring apart when getting out of the vehicle and then they jabbed my R index finger on both sides to draw blood to track me from vehicle, to gate, to front door, to inside and then to bathroom to clean the mess up and then to apply their very favorite brown color reference item, a bandaid.

More screaming at the assholes as they block folder creation on the NAS box that took four months to get running. They keep putting the directory under another, when I want to have back up files  in its own exclusive directory. There are two software routes to backing up files, and the assholes are blocking both. In the latter case, it goes off to do a module search and then says it isn't connected when it is, as how else could it show me the directories I wish to back up?  if this sounds circular, it is because of just that. All I have wanted is to have sync-ed backups of my files for the last 10 fucking years, (so the perps have less of an excuse to delete my files) and now I have a back up server that took four months of adverse abuse/sabotage to get running, and now the back up software isn't working/functional.

Then to get me screaming all the more, they crashed the browser with the NAS/back up server display page, and then when the browser was recovered, they fucked me out of all my open tabs (at least 20) and I had to go back to the History to recover them, though not all were there.

Then they wouldn't allow the NAS box tab to be closed, prefering a greyed out page to display. The perps have been big on reducing color intensity of late; not only in yoga classes do I get this film on my glasses lenses, but once per evening, and twice yesterday evening. Those web pages that drop into a half or muted tone when a info box is put over top is just what the perps need to do comparisons between full page colors and half tones.

After work; checkout obstruction at natural foods store again. I swore I would not shop at this place again, the coffee mill stunt being the final straw, but "somehow" I forgot my resolution to do this. If ever there was a gangstalking store more than Whole Foods Market (in Penticton, unaffiliated with the the Whole Foods chain), I have yet to find it. This biddy pulled a two product returns, her and prior biddy scooting just ahead of me to the only checkout open. Then the cashier had to go back in the store to get an exchange item, and so it went. Then a rude-ass cashier came by and opened up a new checkout, and naturally (in a natural food store of a different kind) the gangstalkers swarmed the new checkout line ahead of me> Nossir.. not of this polite stuff, "next customer please" in this town. And another ridiculous gangstalk act kept tailing me all over; she had one of those deep baskets that one tows, as it had wheels, and kept clacking the handle down on the basket rim wherever I was. When she finally made it to the checkout behind me, all she had in this basket was a single red cabbage for crissakes. Not only could she have been out of the store long ahead of me, but she didn't even need the basket for all the noise she made with it.

 But that wasn't it; while I was kept at the obstruction checkout stunt, one of those shiftless males who sits in their vehicle while their spouse goes shopping inside, deigned to get out of his car and put on the "looking" act, staring far away and lifting his heels up, pretending to search for his spouse in the store's doorway. I don't know why so many males have taken up the habit of sitting in their vehicles in parking lots, but it has become the latest paid-for group behavior.

A day off, and doing laundry with shiftless males and at least three fat persons. As some kind of continuity joke, about mid laundering, why, an pregnant and attractive blonde woman comes in and does a small load. She didn't strike me as someone who would ever visit a laundromat, but who cares when the victim is near totally mind controlled, including recall, something they didn't know how to mess with until 2006.

And another turn of the screw, so to speak, as what I thought was the correct size 32-6 imperial measure size, as determined by the thread gauge the perps made sure I purchased a few weeks earlier, was flat-assed wrong. At the time, the screw seemed to fit and all was over (per above), but no, the screw readily pulled out and the wretched nightmare over the clothes drying rack wasn't over. Back to the thread gauges again, but the perps made sure I tried the metric thread gauge this time, and lo, if it didn't fit (too). Much screaming at them and their insane and deranged screw thread games during this reprise episode, but I did manage to get a M4 (metric, 4MM) thread among the gangstalkers who were at every place in CT I needed to go. I wanted to get windshield wiper blades too, and lo, if another shiftless male wasn't walking in with a windshield wiper blade in hand, and just "happened" to be loitering there 5 minutes later when I returned to that section. And lo, if the assholes didn't fuck me again, by not having the 1997 Toyota Camry in the book that maps to the wiper blade set (L,R) that I needed. And if I wanted a Phillips drive on the screw head, too bad, we want it to be a hex head. Seeing that metric screws are hard to find at best, and this was a Sunday, I duly conformed to getting this item. And not to forget, the perps like to arrange asymmetry, often by marking an item (e.g. putting a 4' long gouge on the body work of one's vehicle), or by causing a part to disappear and having the victim get a similar but not exact replacement part.

But as the perps are totally obsessed over rubber, especially wiper blades and tires, why on earth did I expect that getting wiper blades would be easier than getting the right size of screw? Not forgetting for a moment the perps are obsessed with plant sap as well, and having me measure live trees for so much of my forestry career, it was a wonder they didn't have me become a heroin addict too, as the opium base is made from the exudate of cut poppy pods. Just to think, the whole human misery over heroin addiction might be perp engendered to yet again, determine some kind of energetic correlation between plant sap/exudate and either being proximate (rubber products), or injecting self medicating substances into ones veins.

Changing of the guard, as in the red light insert of the L trackball as a near skin continuous red light at my R hand since 2000. Now, the R trackball, without any of the red lighting, replaces it. A big perp advance IMHO, as they now have to go without this advantage of red light next to me. No wonder they like their oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers to do a R side pass.

And to add to the BS, the new trackball makes noise as I rotate the ball- cute.

Other interesting perp advancements is that they have let me eat eggs for the first time since 2001 or so. That was before they went berserk/overt, but after having two eggs for breakfast I felt strangely ill. Naturally they planted the notion that I was allergic to it, which I never had been. During the hospital stay of 2003 mostly, they had me eat some eggs, but no more than six over a period of weeks, along with the rude-asses who were all over me when I picked it up and put it on my tray. One of my hiking "friends" served me eggs in 2005, and that was the last one until now. It would seem that the perps are progressing on yellow food processing and want me to try eggs after screwing me with a faux allergic reaction as mentioned. After having my perp-abetting criminal mother (First Feral Family mother), eat eggs anytime they directed her over this duration, it shows how slow they are about getting me figured out as to yellow color energetics.

Another is that they are combining two kinds of brown food in one meal; the tea that is mixed with powdered coconut, and a brown tortilla. The increase of white vehicles bearing an even tone of light brown road dirt on them suggests they are extending their brown color studies to compare this to a similar tan tone paint color.

They are also putting on much more dirt covered vehicles now; light tan browns on white, darker dirt on black etc.

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