Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dull and Almost Normal

Vineyard work after doing fence repairs to stop the dog getting out. The perps befuddled me twice to cut the wrong cane for the entire afternoon, which is considerably less than last year. They hacked me (a forced "forget") into cutting the wrong cane at least every other plant, and for sure at the end of a row. Needless to say, I was extremely pissed each time this occurred, but for once, the perps have backed off this particular real time memory manipulations.

Ditto for toilet travails; 2013 marks the first year they did not plug the toilet nearly everytime, and for the latter half of 2013 year, it was reversed; 99% no problem, unlike the previous ten years, when it was a 99% occurence they would block the toilet. Funny how that "happens".

Yoga; they slipped this sloppy shorted long hair male next to me at the last minute before class. One could tell he wasn't too clued in about what to do, and funny how it "happens" that these newbie folks end up in an advanced class. At least two tattoo-ed women in class, having them peek out from their garments. I suppose the next affront is to have a tattoo-ed instructor, but hopefully they won't change out the cute pixie instructor any time soon.

Another alarm clock attack in the night; I set it, and when in bed, I checked it again, and it was still set. Later, at about 30 min. past the set alarm time I was awakened, thought that it was a little too light outside, and looked at the clock to find the assholes had turned the alarm off. This is the second time in two weeks, and they would never do this if they wanted me to get up late, but instead, force me into sleeping again. They have many ways to screw a victim into not getting up on time, and messing with the alarm clock itself wasn't done until recently. I have no idea why they are choosing this method of forced late get-up times, a stunt that usually erupts early in the year and doesn't happen until the next year. That is, when they want you to be seen as reliable; if they want to screw you out of a job then get-up sabotage will happen.

Stuck my in L thumb tip with a powered corkscrew; and of course the wretched design makes one need to grab the cork to hold it so the power handle can rotate to release it, and lo, if a finger fumbling eruption didn't occur along with being oblivious to the danger and before I knew it, pain from my thumb. The perps have had the oblivious to danger or injury under control for a long time; about 1996 or so when a commercial wood working tenant gave me free use of his stationary power equipment. When using the belt sander, "somehow" (har, har) I did not realize the danger of getting one's fingers close to the belt, and lo if I my finger didn't contact it; I tried to remove my finger as fast as possible, but for some reason dithered at the moment when immediate action was required. I had a 2-3mm flat spot on the end of one finger tip, having gone through the skin layer. I duly bandaged it and all the rest of first aid care, and fully expected my healed finger tip to be flattened to reflect its new shape, but no, it recovered fully with finger prints and all. I could never figure that one out until all this extra-conventional abuse reared its head, then all the oddities started to make sense.

And why is this infernal Chrome version of my email sending me an email just after I sent it to a single respondent? Talk about confusing, and then it screws with the date that it was sent, moving it back a day when it was sent today? Who is fucking with my email and derives some kind of idiotic pleasure by scrambling the sequential order in which they would be, and FUD-ing me as to whether it was truly sent or not? Isn't it enough mendacious inanity to mess with the email counter and having the counter of Inbox emails wrong for weeks until it self-corrects somehow? I had this going on a work in decades past, and could never figure out why it only happened to me at the time. Glitch Coincidences it could be called.

Back to abnormal and not dull with at least 20 screamings at the perps this evening since I got back after winery work. And also, at least that many there in low volume infuriation mode, as well as drawing blood from my L ring finger knuckle. Things like having me put bottles in the boxes upside down instead of neck up, which I have been doing for two prior days. (It is a uncork the bottle and load it into the tank job, owing to the sterile cartridge filter not working and "somehow" allowing yeast to pass into a back sweetened wine. Nice one that; only 21 case x 12 bottles per case = 252 bottles). I hear the winery next door had the same problem with 6,000L of wine, and the bottles were labelled. Ours weren't. And as any project comes to a close, the harassment abuse gets increased. 

And I got screwed into "forgetting" my phone today, keeping me out of contact with someone I am to see tomorrow. And too, my email message to the person got screwed up with the Chrome-Yahoo games that seem to be erupting. As far as I can tell, the person didn't respond today, so I resent the message. As it turned out, there were no messages on my phone today, once I got back, but hey, the perps got a full day of Uncertainty (the "U" in FUD), keeping me wondering if the intended recipient got yesterday's email (seemingly not, now the work day is over), and also keeping me thinking that I missed an important phone call. And how often does it "happen" that one's email goes haywire and one "forgets" their phone on the same day, one where I am expecting an important response. (Interview time and place particulars). And the boss is talking up me taking tomorrow off early, so he must know what is going on.

Saturday, and working to have the contracted Croatians undertake pruning. It almost seemed like they wanted to screw up to get my attention, as they were working just fine at first and later muffed it consistently.

In between, I got to do more fence repairing as the vineyard dog habitually escapes. And of course I run out of fencing material, a wire mesh, that was working out great, all to recieve a new roll with 6x finer mesh and of course, that many more cuts in the wire to separate a piece. Then again, as the perps get no end of mileage anytime I split or divide something, why, it could all be arranged. That is, more localized EMF kick from more wires to cut.

And my dear trackball, some 14 years old, was taken out by the perps tonight. They had me get a backup Trackball (Trackball, The II)  in 2010, and this is its inaugural use. The perps often do things like that; make up a reason (e.g. "will be obsoleted") and plant it in mind, and then have it acquired and then have it sit around for four or more years. (Trackballs sales are doing fine it would seem from Logitech's web site). The outgoing trackball had inset red lighted strips that would doubtless contact my hand all the time I used it, but this new one does not. And so it would seem that the 14 years of a red light at my R hand whenever I used this here PC, has come to a close, and they will have to settle for the red ball of the Trackball itself, no red lights. I don't really know all the manifestations of this advance, though I am sure it must be a major perp move. And too, as I opened up the box of the replacement trackball, why, some dizzy and frenetic dust motes came within an inch of me and buzzed around unnaturally, like they were there to harass me in lieu of a Psychopathic operative. And I see that the scroll wheel works on this trackball, as it never did work right on the former mice for "some reason". 

Sunday morning and a 3" snowfall on the ground. Even at 0900h with the snow, the dude-force was gangstalking the laundromat, replete with stationary Fuckwits sitting at the tables with their ever-present LCD screens, aka, tablets, notebooks and/or laptops.  I got onto other errands while waiting, as is usual, this time getting a tan at the salon. And did they ever put on a freak at the counter; her arms were covered in tattoos and she had deep red hair, likely a dye job. In fact, her arms were reminiscent of snake skin, and we know who likes to plant those suggestions, even in dreams for crissakes.

I got hit with a two hour nap attack this afternoon; talk about putting a hole in one's day, not to mention getting up (no alarm) two hours later than weekdays.

There is something the perps like about me reading "Accessories After the Fact" by Sylvia Meagher, a scathing indictment on the Warren Commission investigating/obstructing the JFK assassination. Also a testament to the political intrigues in the land of the free/home of the brave; pick an implausible theory arranged around a dead alleged perpetrator (never charged!), dismiss the credibility of all countering evidence, and stay on the message, no matter what. It would seem a sitting president wasn't doing the bidding of the high cabal, as evidenced by Johnson's reversal of the Vietnam position (withdrawal, getting out, per JFK's executive order) inside of three days of taking office. And we know what pointless meat grinder that was, and to this day, even the right wing ideologues call the Vietnam War a mistake. Even Johnson bailed on it, and didn't run for office for a second elected term. Pointless strife, death and destruction; why is this theme so near and dear to the Pyschopathic Confederacy, aka perps, Abuse Central or whatever you want to call them? Don't know, but they have arranged some of these events to be coincident with certain episodes of my harassment. For example, the US Iraq invasion began when they had me captive and surrounded with gangstalking operatives at a hospital. And no less, the doctor declared me harassed two years later, but not then of course.

Getting back to the JFK story; I could never figure out why my ex was so reticent to discuss any part of it, especially if some new findings were on the news at the time, e.g. the Zapruder Film alleged as fake. And yet, she had a curious emotional reaction to the JFK assassination that I still recall. In other words, if you accept that I have had my life arranged by perp-abetting family, and my ex being fully involved, then it seemed (now) she had inside knowledge on the particulars of the JFK assassination. Ditto for her obvious non-reaction to my realization when we were watching Unsolved Mysteries, when there was an obvious witnessed connection between UFO operations and conventional helicopter forces. It was the first time, around 1995 or so, that I was exposed to the possibilities of this connection, which I mentioned, and she deadpanned it and didn't say anything. She was never a follower of alternity stories, and it should of been news to her when viewing that segment of Unsolved Mysteries, but neither expressing surprise or affirming what she surely must of known.

Adding on to the ex's strange reactions to world events, another was Princess Diana's demise. We had moved into this temporary house only two months before, and it was on the TV news when we got back from a Labor Day weekend party. My ex is from the UK, and so Royal Family news was near and dear to her, but she was particular pissed on learning Princess Diana's demise that evening. I reckon she new much more about it, and it wasn't the accident it seemed, as with most world events I have come to conclude.

Anyhow, onto getting this one posted for the week.

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