Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fats and Tats

Yoga, with the darling pixie instructor wearing dance shorts; very visual yummm... My left mat neighbor was quite large, and my R mat neighbor had gross tattoos running up her legs. (She had capri pants on, but what I could see was plenty enough to consign her as a tattoo case).

They put on the regular dude at the back again, now four classes in succession, and added the red shorts wearing male twit again, though his shirt was black this time. Worse yet, he was yapping away before class and he had an English (UK) accent. And why is it the perps put on British accents so often? My perp-abetting  parents are British, so perhaps there is a whole lot of long buried abreactions associated with this particular accent. The red shorts act made sure to plant himself on my R. side, with the intervening aforementioned Fat Girl sitting ahead so not to block the red shorts act. (The one time I could of done with a visual obstruction). Also, the red shorts act also came in early to do a pass-by (stalking) with black socks on with the shorts. When he returned next some 2 minutes later, he was without the ridiculous socks. Like WTF; why would anyone come through wearing socks and then again not wearing them, when all the clothes are to be put in the lobby? Said black socks might also be another Unfavored characteristic, though I don't know why, save emulating the dress of sexual abusers, as black socks was porn chic of the 1950's. I get enough of the crotch grabbing feints in public to feel certain there was sexual abuse during my recall deleted years of 1956 to 1959. I was age two in 1956, and was begining to lay down permanent memories of life in the winter in Montreal, and on one occasion recall being at home, expecting to jump into a big snow drift before I went out side, and once I opened the door, it was spring and there was no snow to my considerable surprise. So what happened to me in between and where was I that such that my recall didn't continuously update with the outside environmental conditions? Don't know, but I would sure like to find out, especially given the parade of skinheads, tattoo shows, shiftless loitering males, and the rest of the Unfavored ilk.

And after yoga I go to a nearby grocery store, and had two vehicles ahead of me spinning out and racing down the street ahead of me. One turns off, and the other lead-ahead stalks me to the same grocery store I was headed. A kid pops out of the vehicle and opens the door of the store for me, saying something about "daddy coming next', presumably the driver of the other speeding vehicle that turned off. Get this; a husband and wife driving different vehicles speeding out of a gas station with chirping rubber and excessive swerving. Is this town (Penticton) more deranged than I thought?

And a cute trick at the checkout; the scruffy rummy behind me "happens" to drop and orange at my feet and it bounced off my boot. I get "sorry guy" or some such. And why am I not allowed to confront the fucker and ask him if he is one of those sick assed gangstalkers that always seem to hang around me? Or stick my boot into his chops (or back of his knee) as he was bending down? Because I am mind controlled to be docile, tame and not allowed to cause any fuss with operatives or cooperating locals alike.

On the job, doing more fencing; all day long flashes of fence mesh, and even the orthogonal pattern is skewed to a 45 degree angle. I finished the job finally, and also helped out with yeast innoculation for some three hours; attempuration, then pumping and the inevitable cleaning. All without hose-down water, as there isn't much of a supply at present, so cleaning by buckets.

Many fuzzy black ball masers coming from the lake and then around the male whom I was speaking too, he situated in an open doorway to the outside. And don't the perps just love to arrange mishaps and extra gangstalkers at doorways? Been there, had it done to me nearly every day since 04-2002.

More of the continuing conundrum; do I get the (partially) problematic (reflective characteristics) 27" monitor (Dell S2740L) monitor with an HDMI connection and a DVI connection for my two graphic sources (PC and universal disc player) for $325 before shipping, or get a DVI+audio switcher for $333 before taxes and shipping? I don't need a new monitor as this 24" is plenty good, and I am not sure about paying all this out as I got screwed into purchasing this monitor without a HDMI connection (in violation of my better judgement) in 09-2012.

Winemaking at work this morning; adding bentonite fining agent to wine, but it is very sticky and one must make the slurry slowly. Last week when I picked it up in my vehicle, why, the bag of bentonite leaked about a half cup onto the rear floor of the vehicle. Grey clay on grey carpet. I got most of it out, but later, the vacuum cleaner "failed" as its suction was impaired (bag wasn't full). And have I not mentioned the high numbers of vacuum cleaners in my presence, right up to those now ubiquitous "suck trucks" for cleaning street drains? Many times.

And my much sharpened and maintained hand pruners were getting stuck in the closed position with no known cause, save for some minor debris. Prior to the last maintenance, they were getting stuck "because" the locking latch was somehow locking up, even if stiff. So I tightened it all the more, and took away that excuse, and lo, if the pruners don't just lock up anyhow, even if no moving latch. Funny how that "happens"; a fix that fixes the apparent problem, but the problem persists with unknown causal.

More oncoming vehicle trains when departing the vineyard; at least five after work for a 10 min. drive, with the red one in the middle. And also, a red tailing me, though usually I am the last one in the train headed my direction

And the most loathed human artifactual sound has returned with the sudden onset of warm weather; the HD motorcycle. One in front of me when N bound and with a passenger, and passed some four vehicle in one go, and with limited vision ahead. And why did the motorcycle take such an apparent risk? Because he was told it was OK, and that there was no concoming traffic. Though, some six months ago a motorcyclist, with a passenger, took off when a police vehicle flashed his lights, and didn't make it far and piled into a pole, killing himself and badly injuring his passenger (wife).  A shrine still there, and one had to wonder why the perps decide to wipe out some motorcylists, but others are in the know and do gangstalking for cash, or for other inducements/rewards, e.g new business start up, new vehicle purchase, house purchase etc. There is a mile wide gravy train behind me, and for all of my near 60 y.o existence.

Outside vine pruning on a mostly sunny day; cannot complain about that, save the most dreaded artefactual noise of them all, the HD motorcycle noise. They started on this four days ago, again with sunny weather, and have now amped it up and added more of them since. I don't have any information to support why the perps are so sick as to pollute me with this noise so often, but they do. And not just with the noise; motorcycles as parked props (in a empty urban lot/field once), and also the mode of dress, eg. black leather, black helmets, singlet vests (bare arms) etc. Today's motorcycle freak was at least 240lb, sitting down beside his motorcycle that was parked in a pull-out, and looking at his LCD cell phone for crissakes. Add in black leathers and a full bushy grey beard.

The grey hair thing has also came to pollute my existence (Unfavored visual appearance) on this same trip into Penticton this afternoon. I was in this wine making supply shop, and had to wait while they looked/fumbled around for a certain product that I wanted, and lo, if two grannies/biddies come in together, one in a red coat and the other in brown. Add a skinheaded male in baggy plaid shorts, and the freakshow was on while I was kept captive at the desk. Another freak was this younger woman in large black framed glasses, E. Indian or something, who even had a "huggie moment" with the proprietor for crissakes. She said "hi" to me before the aforementioned huggies, and I have never seen her before, but I said "hi" back. Enough bizarre BS to say the least.

And an escalation of the vehicular gangstalking as of two days ago; I now get at least six separate trains of oncoming vehicles (clustered together), and up to 15 vehicles per train. Normally 5 to 10 per train for this particular road leg, and maybe three trains maximum, plus other single vehicles. And too, they are adding on a red vehicle behind me, when nearly always I have been the last vehicle of the train that is preceding me. And too, it is getting silly; the same wrecking truck with a vehicle on its deck and another being towed behind it, just "happens" to be S. bound two days in succession, heading away from Penticton when I am N bound after a day at the vineyard.

An hour late get-up, therefore no coffee and no shaving of my torso region. But a new razor insert this morning, always a big perp deal. Extra silly harassment to get me riled up, e.g. sending me to the wrong drawer for an item, pulling objects from my hands etc. No yellow tablets either; B vitamin and a multi-vitamin which is the current perp focus, along with similar colored pee later in the morning.  And no roadside waiting yellow school buses by the side of the road either, unlike the last two days.

And I see that now full speed, some 80kph yellow traffic light running on the highway has reached new levels of coordinated inanity. One white pickup S bound, and one pickup N bound, and much the same model and configuration, were arranged to cross paths at speed while going through a yellow light with advance warning lighting, directly in front of me while I was waiting at the traffic control to make a left onto said highway. That takes coordination, that kind of absurdity.

Winemaking duties were first (as I am inserted into the ongoing family feud), and the son-in-law came by, as he has 3,000L of cider fermenting. His winemaker pal came about 5 minutes later, all part of the staggered arrival scene the perps like to arrange, especially with males. I got some good advice on re-starting a malolactic fermentation (aka MLF to winemakers, though not a true fermentation), and I was set to get the appropriate supplies. And too, both getting in the way of what I was doing, not to mention being overly helpful at times.

Drove to Naramata to get some wholesale food; now a young woman handling the orders, she giving me a prolonged stare twice for no seeming region, and she was being ever so helpful in packing the (brown cardboard) box into the car for me, har, har. She might of been 20 y.o., and I will be 60 y.o. later this year, so I don't think she was trying to get my attention, so what was she staring at me for? Been there, had it done to me so many times for no fucking reason. I even asked my shrink one time if there is anything about me that is remarkable that incites some people to stare at me, and he said there wasn't, though I forget his careful wording.

The usual major clusterfuck of vehicles for my return trip into Penticton, and even the garbage truck was arranged to get in front of me, not doing any pickups, though possibly returning from a trip to the dump. And it was garbage pickup day today. And too, the garbage truck makes no bones about driving over where I park my vehicle, even arriving some 5 seconds after I have vacated it some three weeks ago.

Saturday, and some very strange dreams about a buffet with skinheaded male chefs on hand prior to getting up. Even the gluten free items were identified as such.  Cute touch that.

Then a full front torso shave after my hair plucking the perps so like me to do, ever since early 2013. Not forgetting that prior to their overt (to me) interventions, I definitely did not do any hair plucking or waxing, as it always hurt. But now that they changed my level of pain to be much less, about in 2003-04, plucking hairs isn't such an ordeal it was once. This was the time the perps also straightened my spine, changed my walk, made me look 20 years younger (age regression), and a few more physical characteristics once they discovered how to modify them that continue to persist.

And what is with the extra silly eruption of people standing near or behind their open vehicle doors? Even the landlord got into it this morning, and no less, turns on his facing head lights while leaning into his vehicle. That is, pointless headlight operation as the truck was not running, aka, blatant pit-lamping as I drove away from my parking spot.

Laundry at the laundromat, and the usual minimal crowd at first, one strange elder male loitering about, pretending to be interested in the wall art, and then departing in his white trades van. Not your typical elder geezer-mobile.

The freaks started arriving at the laundromat... then a checkout obstruction at HH, largely due to the screw up, so to speak, of the labelling of the one screw I needed to get. The bin location was beset with a male-female pair of stalkers who "happened" to be so very interested in nuts and bolts. It is mighty rare that couplehood is so engaging that they both go to the hardware store for obscure items. Then another Fuckwit came cruising through. Then the Fuckwits behind me kept closing in closer; what is it about Penticton and Victoria, BC that wholesale public rudeness and disrespect is so rampant and relentless?

More ambulatory red-coated grannies/biddies arriving in the parking lot from no apparent source while at the laundromat, having me cross their path behind them.

An all time perp first today; arranging three dissimilar red colored vehicles in succession. Often they will arrange two dissimilar red colored vehicles together, and of course, the numerous same colored red vehicles that cluster around me, the standing record is eight simultaneously. But three clustered dissimilar red colored vehicles represents a major perp advance in vehicular gangstalking after nearly 12 years of this insane abuse.

It is the season, if one could call it that, as it goes on for six months, for soil smeared vehicles to pimp themselves. Vehicle color is important of course, but adding on a nice even spray job of road mud takes talent. And then to pimp it out for vehicular gangstalking at just the right moment for me to see, if not, drive behind.

"Solved" the above conundrum of a choice between a new monitor or a HDMI switch; I opted for the latter as that particular monitor had no end of comments about the surface reflectivity, and I know who could exploit that "feature" to drive me as berserk as they are. Any time there is rain water on the roads, the road surface has this new characteristic of  huge trailing reflections of the traffic lights/controls, at least 20' of road distance. Never been seen before all this, and those pics of three+ years ago of the strange reflections off windows of the neighboring residential tower that seem to find my apartment are just too curious for conventional reality. After the price gouging of BC sales taxes charged by an Ontario only firm, the Canadian dollar being devalued on purpose, and the inevitable shipping charges, the cost was about the same.

I cleaned the bathroom this afternoon, as it was getting this strange accumulation of lint and hairs on the floor. The lint is navy blue in color, and the hairs are not from me, being other colors or lengths. (And too long for plucked hairs). Back in 1999 when I moved to Everett WA, my bathroom was also getting accumulations of navy blue lint, and I could not figure out where it was coming from, as the carpets were pinkish colored. And now I know, it is the Blue Lint Gang of Teleportational Hell, delivered without asking permission. And do they know how many laws do they violate every waking minute? I don't think they care, as the laws as we know them are for the "little people". And said laws are very likely fomented by the Legal Planning Section of the Pyschopathic Confederacy, who just love the judicial dust-ups, creating human angst and trails of legal bills and life disruption. Hilarious, isn't it?

Sunday, and the week long urge to hike was instantiated (by doing it). Though, I first stopped for gasoline, and lo, if they weren't ready for that. The day-glo guy was putting out lane markers to block portions of the fuel station from the just-removed tank access covers so he could put in the dipstick to measure the underground tank level. Surely they have more reliable high tech ways of monitoring tank depletion? And many of the pump bays were busy, and the only choice it seemed was the one on the end pump bay. A vehicle was parked parallel 10' away putting air in his tires. And lo, if the jaywalking lollygagging negro (rare as hen's teeth here) male didn't get into a conversation with the air pumping vehicle driver, an additional excuse to loiter in my proximity and put on the male banter.  And a roar of the HD motorcycle noise just as I put my debit card in the pump, the moment of greater magnetic flux from the card and reader. (Did I mention how much I loathe that noise?) At least once prior in this blog.

Went through the farm to the trailhead parking area, and my vehicle was the only one there. I hiked up to the top of MacIntyre Bluff at a constant pace for an hour, and there was no one on the trail; almost unbelievable. And while having my lunch at the top, still no one came by. I hiked down and still no gangstalkers, aka hikers. I have had parties of elder-hikers/stalker clubs, families (one parent reading a kids book to his two children while under a tree, twice even!), and all manner of Fuckwits "happening" to go hiking when I did, but this time no one. This is the third or fourth gangstalker-free time in a public area in nearly 12 years of this insane abuse. Just phenomenal.

Of course I had my vehicular vehicle trains ahead and oncoming for the trip to the trailhead and back. The dissimilar reds, the cube vans and the artful dirt splattered vehicles, along with tractor trailer units out on a Sunday drive no less. And hot headed motorcyclists too, running up behind me and somehow knowing in advance I was going to change lanes when in fact I was only doing the decent driver thing of staying in the R lane as there was no one to pass. And extra attention when I went to the LD store for my Rx, the 3x shorts wearing male also "needing" to be seen outside too on my way out of the store.

I was all set o get my car washed, especially for the yellow splatters of bug excreta on my windshield, but no, it was busy with waiting vehicles. Not the first time that this stunt has been pulled, maybe the fifth or more. Enough of the banter, and I should get this posted for the week.

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