Sunday, March 23, 2014

Color Me Red

Yoga yesterday, and the prominent shuffling of other classmates/yoga stalkers was the two other gents in the opposite corner, behind the pillar, and the girl with tatoo-ed calves (lower legs), on my L, when she had been a three time serial regular on my L. The Fat Girl from last week was gone, a one time only appearance thankfully. The perps flushed my face to be red colored, as they have done for the prior week for outside work days no matter the sunlight level. And it might have been to "coordinate" with the pixie instructor who wore a red top today. Quite the yoga clothes horse she is, though nothing ostentatious.

And upon exit, always a perp show, they had a red shirted jocular male standing in front of the coat rack (where I needed to get to). As with many exits from my yoga class, this seems to be a highly coordinated presentation moment. Two weeks ago it was a long hair male that paraded past me, though short and of slight build, more like a woman, but a man. Last week it was three same turquoise shirted females on coat rack obstruction. And I am sure no coincidence, the instructor had been wearing a turquoise colored top the immediate prior session.

Today, same deal; red flushed face for the latter hour of the day and then the drive back to my residence. I will have to apply sunscreen (in March!) to counter this ridiculous situation.

My usual post-yoga grocery shopping trip got stalked by a yoga classmate for the first time; the tall blonde woman "needed" to stop there too as it "happened". And all the in-store gangstalkers (about four, though not the yoga classmate) lined up behind me at the checkout, which was most odd, as they usually string themselves ahead and behind me. And what is it about financial transactions that the perps need to gangstalk me for; from checkouts to farmers markets to coin machines, they are on top of me ever time. No wonder there is all these customer points systems going on; often the same merchandise but not in currency, but points as an alternate.

Speaking of financial transaction fuckery, the perps totally scrambled me over making an electronic payment to a food wholesale outfit that I have done business with before. I was to transfer the funds, but somehow "forgot", and "thought" I had done it until I got a phone call yesterday (Monday). But "somehow", they let me pick up the order Friday, and they  confirmed that it was paid for, and let me take it away, to significant rounds of vehicular gangstalking. (Food was in a brown cardboard box with one corner crumpled- the perps love creating assymetry). In other words, it was an organized "mistake" on the part of the wholesale food outfit to follow the perps' scrambling me into not paying when I thought I had.  All to disassociate the act of payment from ownership. Hilarious, if not, deranged perp behavior.

More online screwing; I wanted casters which were $20, and the notion of putting together an overhead kitchen rail got planted on me, and the connection parts were $100. When I see these parts, they are so fugly that no way do I want them in my kitchen, so $100 pissed away. The perps just love setting up these parcel deliveries for useless crap, though only determined when it is opened.

At the vineyard, a tree chipper arrived, the one that had been parked in the neighboring property for the last week. I was dispatched to collect all stems and wood chunks in the vineyard, as well as removing the pressure treated wood that the owner foolishly put in this pile when it was concieved as a burn pile. The perps put me on a total loathing of pressure treated wood, and too, have the owner blunder in and propose it for winemaking tool use. No way, and I succeeded in getting all pressure treated wood out of the winery pad (double wide driveway), and lo, if the owner doesn't needlessly bring a 4' pressure treated 4x4 in for this tractor press.

And have I not mentioned that the perps like to hound me with tree chipping trucks and set these jobs up in my proximity? Maybe not since last year, but here they parked it next door (500' away) and had it sitting idle for all that time, and then brought it around as a neighborly pretense.

After hauling vine branches and other fruit tree prunings to the chipper, and ferrying out their beer case payment, I was back to tying down vines on the wire with the chipper noise going. Some of my earlier (a week ago) larger pruning cuts bled some sap which congealed on the cut. I picked some off and put it in my mouth, and lo, just at that moment a gust of wind came on and blew up my spine, under my jacket and shirt both. And have I not mentioned how fixated the perps are about tree and plant sap, its presentation (e.g. automobile tires) and any ingestion (e.g. maple syrup)? More than once to be sure, which I am sure lies at the heart of the perp's Fuckover objectives, as earth energies research,- the reason why we eat I suspect.

Then the perps scrambled me at the vineyard, as to which of the horizontal wires was the laydown wire; I asked the owner and he gave me mixed messages and was unclear. Funny how these spurious brain farts come on and there is an abettor to the skit to keep the Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) going.

And I see that my playlist creation software was sabotaged, and some don't show when they are there. I am totally baffled as to why JRiver imports my playlists blank, when in fact they are full of the file links, per Playlist Creator. I even tried to Send To a playlist to itself, but that didn't do anything.

Back on the topic of senseless financial expenditures, I see that my NAS box is near totally useless, save file replication back ups. Its proprietary audio player is totally lame and doesn't support the FLAC files that I use (2200 files). It was advertised as such, but the latest upgrade dropped that feature. Or more like, the web pages got spoofed and I was deceived. After splashing out some $600, all I needed was an Windows upgrade from Home Premium ($130) and the J River Media Center software, $50.

Winemaking duties were up front today; warming me up for the reign of terror the next day, read on.

At least a 11 hours of sustained abusiveness to keep me at the high rage level for the day, after 1300h when I began winemaking duties in earnest and the owners arranged to be away. The perps dipshitted me to make me extra stupid and unlearning, as well as finger-fumbled me much of the day to keep the rage-ification level at fever pitch, aka loud. And when doing red wines and being forced inside due to a forced "forget" and coming out again, these red (wine colored) plasma beams and splotches would follow me inside, then hang around in my visual field, and then follow me out again.

And the assholes didn't stop there; my phone's back button won't often work for no apparent reason, the most important one IMHO. Then the car stereo player deck goes on the fritz and won't go to the CD source when it has a CD in it. If I try to avoid the sappy radio content they freeze the selection of sources and/or have it switch radio selections from FM and AM when it should be cycling from radio, to aux to CD player. So I turn the thing off altogether.

And a double perp berserkness at the dusk onset and while just finished a tanning session at the salon. Heavy stalking at every turn, literally, in LD, harkening back to the Perp-berserk days of 2002, and the onset of this invasion. The tanning bed started all by itself, not even a faux blundering and managed inadvertent contact with the on switch. And no chance to apply my usual slather of tanning accelerant to particular regions that don't get much natural sunshine. Maybe they are testing the effects of vitamin D from tanning and its role in combating this cold that began today.

The winery owner finally consents to getting an adapter part made up so that his tanks can be connected at the bottom for blending, only 1.5 years later after he initiated a remedy the problem. I also tried to hit him up for getting filters that he needs. He won't split for new filters and won't provide a course of action should the old ones cause too much pressure differential and remove aroma and flavors from the wine. How absurd is that when he is going to take it to a winery in two weeks to get it bottled and it must be sterile filtered in advance? In order to be more absurd, he turned down a $0.18/liter charge to have it filtered by the bottling winery. Enough of these "sabotage-tards", self sabotaging backward behavior acts that seem to find me with inordinate ease.

Saturday, but plenty of stunts to keep up the rage level this morning; e.g. pulling items from my grasp, sending me down the wrong street, inordinate frequency of needing to piss, and swarming me with plenty extra vehicular traffic.

The cold virus they gave me seems to be in a holding pattern with plenty of help from the nutraceuticals; ColdFX, echinacia, vitamin C etc. Immune system responses seem also to be a big part of their research agenda, which might include AIDS they laid on so many victims.

A haircut, and a leg wax, both done at the same cosmetology school. They laid on total mayhem at first, as there "happened" to be a girls (7 y.o. or so) birthday party on, and lo, if they didn't all stand in front of the curtain that separated me from them when on the waxing bed. Then a under one y.o. child was next door for some perverse reason, getting upset about something. Then a motorized wheelchair was buzzing around outside the curtain. Then when exiting the waxing session, most of the mayhem sources were gone, save this one E. Indian woman with two young children, under 5 y.o. and on the cell phone for some reason. She was near me in the waiting area, and her husband came about two minutes later. Like WTF; not even a pretense of a cover reason nowadays, just a plain multiracial parade for no seeming reason. The hair cutting girl seemed totally scared shitless the whole time she was cutting my hair, though nothing new in that. She left gobs of cut hair that came off in the sink at my residence, all to follow the copious amounts of prior plucked hairs that is still a heavy perp enforced "habit".

And when I got back, the parked silver-grey Merc AMG gone, after being parked in the opposite driveway, and blocking a rear lane driveway gate for 4 weeks, not being moved at all. It was likely new, or near new, as I don't keep up on Mercedes' line up of vehicles. On my way out, a Merc owning couple was "happening" to be talking to the seeming residence owner, as if they were dropping by. Presumably they were taking delivery of this new Merc AMG (extra featured model variant) and drove down to retrieve it at the perps' command. All part of the ridiculous gangstalking parade that was arranged for my 5 minute drive to the cosmetology school. Whatever me-to-Merc energy interactions the perps were looking for were presumably accomplished/detected, as I will never make it into Merc dealership, and have never owned or driven one. When the perps want to get vehicle-to-me energy interactions figured out, they put on the Fords and the Volvos, the latter once owned by Ford for 10 years or so until they sold them to Geely of China. Presumably Ford plundered all the technical material they could get their hands on before their fire sale, another case of bad timing.

Sunday, and still holding my own against the cold virus with a heavy neutraceuticals dose. I went on a new trail for a hike, trail being a little generous for the condition of the it, if it was there at all. I lost the trail on the way down, but as it was a relatively even slope and I could see this lake in the distance where I had parked, I was reasonably sure of my bush whacking skills to navigate back. Which I did in reasonably good time, but it wouldn't be the first time I got screwed from a trail guide, also a perp arranged theme. As this was a relatively poorly marked trail it didn't attract any trail hiking gangstalkers either. Though, dealing with the expected hassle of getting back took prominence as the thought theme until I got back to my vehicle. I should of had a compass with me, and maybe GPS would be prudent too, though the perps could fuck with either in real-time. Enough of the litany of enforced inanity, and to get this posted.

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