Sunday, March 30, 2014

Color My Vehicle White

Winemaking work today, and I had 10 minutes to get into the house, and get ready for yoga. And lo, when I got back in my vehicle there was copious amounts of white splatter on my roof and on the windshield in front of the driver. Like WTF; no overhead pole or power line for birds to roost, and somehow they scored a direct hit on my parked vehicle over the driver's side and roof. I have experienced enough of these faux birdshit rains to know it isn't them, directly at least.

Yoga began with a difference, in that a crowd (12 in all) freestylers "happened" to be doing a guest spot in the class. These were snowboarding freestylers, seemingly a local group doing special ski training and had their mats placed tight against the back wall. They were all there when I arrived some 15 min. before class when I am usually the first to arrive. A dude from this troup was moved in beside me in a a dumbshit stripes and polka dots outfit (shorts too. (Can I count the Unfavored Features for you; male over 20, curly hair, unshaven, in shorts and in a fugly polka dots and stripes outfit - five in all). The other semi-regular male was sitting just beyond this fugly feature, both on my L. The semi-regular dude has essentially circled me over the last ten classes or so; L, R, behind and the farthest reaches of the class room.

I did a late evening run to get vehicle cleaned, and lo, if there wasn't headlights aimed at me from across the street for a minute or so. Then I drove the vehicle for some 20 min. on the highway to "blow dry" it. Likely a perp stunt, as they seem to be setting up more of these "exit and return" more frequently, no matter the activity, from kitchen to the great outdoors.

I was performing winemaking activity all day today; racking is the name for transferring wine and leaving the sediment behind. Some 80L was in the sediment, as the owner wanted the cheap fining agent that had a fluffy and deep settling habit. Better fining agents settle in a compact fashion with less wine loss.

As usual, the vineyard owners took off, came back, took off again and "happened" to be coming back as I was departing, crossing paths some 400m away from the vineyard gate. Could this be vehicular gangstalking by one's employer?

red face flush at nearly exacty 1600h; no reason as it wasn't sunny, and I wasn't outside all the time. Except to color correlate me to the myriad red gangstalking vehicles on the way back. And adding more tan brown metallic vehicles, very often behind a red colored vehicle.

I had a phone call two weeks ago about this financial uncertainty I mentioned about three weeks ago. I expected a letter as to what my financial repayments are to be, but nothing so far. It could be $20k or more, and I would dearly like to clear this up. Seems like a perp show when these kinds of matters become protracted.

On soil hauling work; cleaning up a bank slide.  The soil is pushed up by the tractor, and then he dumps two or three bucket loads into the tippable box. I drive it up to the top of the bank and we compact it at the bank edge using our feet. This person I am working with is someone who has a vision, but doesn't convey it, and woe if I violate this unspoken code in all its aspects of soil placement, compaction level and other measures of job quality that he has in mind. It is just like working with my old man; and I don't need those kind of reminders, ever. Which is probably what the whole deal is about in the first place, eliciting the abreactions formed in childhood along with a British accent. (The person with whom I am working with is Australian, close enough).

Still on soil hauling, and I see on the adjacent bounding road a pick up vehicle parked all day, and lo, if it isn't colored with a film of the same color of dirt, fully covered and evenly sprayed; such a big deal of late, soil sprayed vehicles.

I was wine pumping all afternoon to get the blend correct. I was invited for dinner in the evening along with the neighbors and the person with whom I was working with. I have no idea as to what the perps are looking for in these social events, but I was reminded of a curious custom I observed before in the same circumstances. The couple arrives in a vehicle at the gate, some 200' from the house, and then the front passenger gets out and walks the distance while the driver proceeds on to the house. This is the third time I have noticed this, and each time it is the woman who does the walking. Kind of like curious to say the least. I didn't get back until 1930h, almost time for bed. Which then played into not being able to get a new box of disposable gloves on the way home, and the next day, I didn't have any to wear. Which then somehow spawned an eruption of black stain on my hands, which really shouldn't be there as I pumping only white wine. Surely I have mentioned how often the perps like to mess with my gloves, and disposable ones are even more break prone.

I am continuing to filtering wine; the owners took off again keeping a 100% record for being absent when I am filtering wine. You would think the owner, who designed the system to filter wine, would want to see how it turned out and if it needs to be tweaked, tuned etc.

There were many things went awry, but nowhere near as bad as that hellacious abuse while doing the same activity two weeks ago. That was a total rage-fication show for 5 hours, and I still am abreactive to the perp's planted recollections of that particular abuse-a-thon. Examples of the arranged adversities in this context are: stopping the pump and no apparent conventional reason, forced "forgets" on opening valves, connecting hoses etc., "inadvertently" dumping wine from the open hose when I could of placed a plug in it, having a lid hanging rope dangle into the just-filtered wine, slowly pushing me off the step ladder to force me to grab the adjacent tank rim to stay upright, pulling items from my grasp and others. Fucking hell on earth is another way of describing all that. And for the last two hours, they slowed the pump down to protract the job all the more.

03-29-2014 Saturday
Got my laundry going this morning, and the absence of the freaks was most conspicuous. Only a pregnant woman arrived following placing coins into the slot of the coin operated machine. And could I ascribe this to financial transaction stalking, just like every time since the perp's berserk/overt abuse offensive?

I went to the tanning salon to spend the half hour or so, and the wacko-appearing girl was on duty. False eyelashes, tattoos on her arms, and this time in a pink ballcap with silver glitter text on it. She was framed by a woman in black and red on my L, and on the R, a large woman in mostly red. Can we say "framed" perhaps, as in red framed? After I exited, the large woman was still at the desk chatting with the girl in the pink ballcap. Like WTF; who tarries at the desk of a tanning salon for 25 min. when there was no obvious waiting?

I worked in the afternoon doing wine filtering transferring; the owners were away again (for this activity), though they came back 40 min. later. From then on, the swearing from arranged adversity had to be in quiet mode. Part of the filtering activity was using a UV lamp to sterilize the wine, and wasn't that a coincidence that I gave myself a UV dose at the tanning salon earlier?

A new cable was just installed for this PC; a HDMI to DVI adapter cable, and to my surprise, it worked seamlessly (after sitting around for a week, aka "fallow" time) as "somehow" I was unmotivated to get on with installing it.

A late get-up (0900h) for a Sunday, and even a later start (1100) by the time I had finished my weekly arms, torso and usual face shaving following breakfast. The perps hit me for a 10 hour sleep, replete with winemaking dreams, 2 more hours than I need.

The cold virus they gave me last week is starting to abate; the full-on application of vitamin C, D, echinacea and Cold-FX gave me the immune boost I needed. (Almost) needless to say, but the perps do have some major research going on with those two vitamins and the immune system, hence their preoccupation with having me staying tanned (vitamin D).

I see the links in my favorite TI blogger's recent posts  don't work; though it seems it might be a "just for me" problem eruption.

This new infernal NAS computer seems to clunk away for 18 hours (through night and all today) when it should only be doing an incremental back up on files that changed, and there was precious few of those, maybe 10 in all. Its those spinning magnetic discs that the perps like, only 18" from my elbow as I write this.

Tax time, and the flaky software was good for at least 6 screamings at the assholes; "errors" that would not fix, "errors" that were stuck in a loop and wouldn't let me out (form says if I have a "0" in one box I am not to have a non-zero amount in another). Well, I followed the annual income form exactly, so what do you want? And lo, if a message bubble didn't come up later to tell me just that, so I deleted the "0" and it would not fix the error. Before that, a change in the user profile name wiped out all my info until I found the old profile. Before that, going from the web page forms to the log-in, and all the web page info got wiped out. A few others, along with a forced "forget" of entering in a number. A whole $1500 I owe in taxes; its why I save isn't it? Come to think of it, I "somehow" forgot to ask for additional deductions each pay check last year when I realized that they were too low, but was partially saved from such a $1500 hit by the deductibility of my vineyard worker tuition in the prior year.

Now post-dinner. The perps kept up the rage-fication show while making, eating and finishing the dishes of dinner. That I was cutting and shredding some vegetables while the hassles came on didn't go unnoticed. Sending me to the wrong cupboard/drawer is always one of their favorite stunts to get the rage show going. As is poking me in the fingers or hand, spilling food and last, but not least, adding some mold to the vegetables I had in the fridge at its new colder setting.

Now the latest in "piss interrupting"; that is, a forced need to take a piss at a certain moment. Today, it is during the play of each of two new CD's that came in the mail a few days ago. And no lests, both are similar performers of the same genre and both are blondes and attractive. So it would seem that the perps want to look at my piss during the play of each of these two performers, and adding in some rage-ification over making me not notice the toilet lever wasn't depressed until almost out the door.

And why is it that the perps like popping a dialog box on top of where I am doing work? Or else have the cursor end up exactly where I want to type? I had more than enough of those inconveniences before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002, but the escalated level of this fuckery since was evident from the get-go and hasn't let up.

A Sunday wrap up to get this posted.

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