Sunday, March 09, 2014

Fear and Trepidation

The boss on phone and I overheard "someone just came in", in reference to me. Later, I realized that it might be due to some financial matters I won't get into now, and so the planted trepidation over a considerable amount of money to possibly repay came on all afternoon. This while fencing on a 80% slope and under the power lines. [Added 03-10-2014; the perps have a long history of hitting me with large financial burdens. Two houses were sold at a loss, the divorce cost me $30k when $5k would of done it, and another similarly large bill that was for an expense I won't get into, but the causal  situation was perp managed. So might they pull this again after four large expenses/losses in the past? One can bank on that, as in emptying my bank account and then some].

It is often a big perp moment when crossing under power lines; I heard about the 1998 Swissair flight 111 disaster while driving along and crossing under power lines. Extrapolating from this, the perps like to arrange disasters and death events when/where there is extra EMF energies near me. Another one is to arrange demise events shortly after moving my residence to a new location; in 1997 I had moved in July, and was out at a friends summer party, got back about 2100h, put our daughter to bed, and turned on the TV, and the Princess Diana accident was all over the news. A few hours later, she was declared dead. And the now ex was extremely pissed that this event occurred, being of UK origin and very much a loyalist to the UK royal family and all. And I might add, the now-ex very likely knew the perp background on why they like "whacking" prominent personalities. Only a year earlier, she was bawling her eyes out each evening for two weeks, and I never did get to the bottom of that. I reckon she was let in on the perp abuse plan then, as to what they were going to do to me, which unfolded when they went berserk/overt in 04-2002. (Which included divorcing the antagonistic wretch).

A helicopter; low and overhead and S bound when putting the metal fence mesh on the concrete driveway to cut it to half height. Within an hour it came back, this same white EC135, and then again after work when mailing the owner's letters at the PO. When at the PO, all for less than 30 seconds, I also got the white trades van pulling in ahead and adjacent to the outside mail boxes, and then a black pickup pulling in 10 seconds later beside the van and behind me while standing at the box posting the letters. I would often get extra stalking when posting letters from 2003 to 2011 when in Victoria, but as I now live in a smaller town, and electronic billing is more common, I rarely have letters to send. BUT, as this is the second time in a week I have mailed letters for this same person, (and the second time ever I have mailed a letter for someone else since 2003), it is mighty curious I got all this gangstalking coverage and an overhead helicopter as well. I hadn't seen this all-white EC-135 on past helicopter stalkings until today. Though they do like that particular model of helicopter, possibly because of its distinctive low volume noise, as they can come on one with short notice due to their softer purring noise instead of a the Bell helicopter's hum.

A drive to Penticton, then Oliver to get a particular wire mesh for continuing fencing work. I was with the owner to do the heavy lifting for her, riding in her metallic dark red Volvo wagon, the perp's very favorite color after the greyscale series of white, silver-grey, grey and black. So whatever metallic red energy "vibes" that came off me when outside the vehicle must of been of significant importance at each stop. At the farm supplies store they put on two E. Indians yakking, one standing on a blue waffle plate raised platform for some curious reason. The usual Unfavored head wear and beards too, and I wasn't allowed to look at them much. I got the blonde turnaround stunt; standing at the counter at the entry aisle end with her back facing me and then when 4' away, and about to make a R turn, she turns around to say hello. Not that attractive at it turned out, though first attractive from behind at first with a slim build.

I am installing fencing on a 90% slope; lugging a 30lb roll of fence wire, and had nowhere to hang onto. The existing fence was covered by this fine mesh fence I am putting up, so there wasn't a lot of options as to hand or foot holds. The perps love to invoke more harassment adversity when in adverse situations, and this was no exception. The roll of fencing would slip from my hands, the wire ends would excessively snag, I put my hand down at least 3x into cacti spines etc. So far, no roll of wire, rocks or me has rolled down this steep slope.

Major hassles/abuse tonight; a follow-on from family feuds at the vineyard which got very cranky, though I take a neutral position on all of this. I had been working on the steep slope doing fencing, then "moving the brown", in the form of pumping cider from a trailer into tanks for fermentation, some 3,000L worth. Good for four hours of work or so, including clean up.

Hassles at the homestead include food flicking, where a crumb or portion will flip or eject onto another object, often another food item. Or else forced to create a mess, and do the perps ever like creating messes. Another abuse method they like is pulling items from my grasp; earlier today a box of hose fittings was pulled from my hand all to land on the concrete pad where the  quails have crapped . Ergo, a whole bunch (15 or so) of fittings that were perfectly clean and dry that had to be cleaned. Thanks for the extra hassle.

Sunday, but I worked on fencing on this 90%+ slope; walkable, but barely, and one wouldn't want to fall down and roll, as you would likely keep going to the bottom. I worked in forestry and on this one project with steep hillsides one of my confreres fell down a steep slope and had to be flown to hospital. And of course, it wasn't likely an accident, so what deal do the perps make with someone if they agree to it in advance? The perps must have a very specialized list, something like the life insurance business, where a car accident is worth "x" and a hospitalization is worth "y" etc.

The first day of Daylight Savings time, and surely no coincidence that I am working this day. The perps are heavy into sidereal time, (time according to solar system), and it would seem this is what they would like, having me work this first day.

The perps screwed me out of an hour's sleep this morning, having me doze off after the alarm went and was turned off. Therefore, no coffee (brown color games), no chocolate, and no torso shaving in order to expedite getting ready to head out to the vineyard.

More fencing installation hassles today, but at least I got away from the steep slope and can stand up without the perps wobbling me over. Wire, in the form of mesh or as strands, is one of those things that does what it wants, having unpredictable and ornery characteristics, and made worse by the perp's telekinetic real-time abuse show.

I need a switcher for my LCD monitor; the basic DVI cable split two ways for two sources didn't work. An amplified switcher is needed, and are some $200US, which means $300 by the time exchange and courier ransom is paid to get it into Canada. Or, do I purchase a new $325 Dell monitor that has both DVI and HDMI connections, which is what I want. This present monitor has Displayport (useless) and a DVI connection, but no HDMI. Someone had this planned long ago to end up in this conundrum it would seem, because I wanted HDMI at the time I purchased this monitor, but somehow "forgot". This monitor was purchased in 2012, and there is nothing wrong with it, apart from no HDMI connection. Do I switch monitors (buying a new one), or do I purchase a switch? Tough one, and I hate to waste good things. The perps just love these object-ownership games and the relationship one has to to it, and disposing of it. I would hazard a guess that object sentience might also be part of the abuse/harassment agenda.

Related to object sentience, is live object sentience, say, with trees and plants. I cannot count the times my perp abetting mother goes on about certain tall trees and which ones need to be taken out or other specific plants that need to be removed. I would assign this as gratuitous mentioning, but it is always in the guise of dingbat/dip-shit with poor recall, so one cannot be sure what is the real purpose behind this blatant pandering.

I best get this posted and keep my Sunday evening posting schedule. Ever notice that the perps like to disrupt schedules and any rules (of prudent practice) that one follows? Like all the time. I twist tie the above mentioned fine mesh fence with strand wire, and I want to keep the same clockwise twisting of wires together, just like electricians do. Am I allowed to keep this habit? No......sir; they constantly have me twist the strand wire in the opposite way, all morning today. And what is the point of that for crissakes?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Fear and Trepidation
F.U.D. of the Lard is the beginning of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to put an end to these jokers and their high-level games. Trouble is, when targets try to report what is going on to the police, the police are going along with this and are instructed to play mind games with the target to the tune of the target must be delusional for thinking they are being stalked and harassed.

And also, they are virtually impossible to defeat. They have all kinds of technology. I believe that the perps knew way back in 1994 that I would be going back to university in the future, like 2015 or so. It's like they can see the entire timeline for a target, such as key events in every year for decades in the future.

Is it hard to believe that their technology was so advanced, even in 1994? Because they were at it back then; just not as overt as the last 10 years and with not nearly as many gangstalking operatives?

And I've been wondering what kind of tech they have that allows them to see what happens during the targets entire future timeline?

AJH said...

Answer to: "I'd like to put an end..."

After nearly 12 years of this relentless abuse, it is still difficult to believe that there is a considerable amount of forward planning (decades) as well as the day-to-day level of infinitesimal detail they go to. If they can remotely control forces (gravity), minds, actions and teleport things and beings in real time, what more do they want? I don't have the answers by any means, and I doubt the local gangstalking community does either. The trained operatives might, but of course they rarely identify themselves, let alone directly engage with the victim.

Of late, though, after reading about quantum energy theory, aka Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED), it would seem a component called the "measurement problem" is part of the abuse agenda. (Person/method measuring is part of the system,- see: I constantly get poked, prodded by unseen forced fields, as well as noisestalked, gangstalked and otherwise set up whenever I measure things. And too, they like to scramble me as to what units of measure I am using, as well as have me get confused about conversions.

I figure the perps revealed their escalation plans (the present level of overt abuse) to so-thought family and friends in 1996, and then went berserk/overt on me in 2002.

They have advanced understanding of energy forms and how to manipulate them, (even action-at-a-distance), and when one considers how our present understanding of electromagnetic theory is far from complete, and how our understanding of physics is at a dead end, (no agreed upon theory to unify quantum and Newtonian constructs), one has to wonder if the perps haven't derailed academic physics for the past 200 years to their continued advantage. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

One of my professors mentioned relativistic electromagnetics to me, and years later, I find this to be interesting. And I've been thinking too that in the academic world, a lot of research hasn't been harvested commercially, but has been used by the perps to pull off their incredible remote sensing of people/thoughts/actions.

What if one could design a telescope, but instead of a "normal" telescope that can see 3 dimensions, this telescope could see 4 or more dimensions? This would mean that it could see in the past/future. This is valid as a thought experiment, but actually building one would require scientific knowledge that isn't readily available or hasn't been made public yet. I'm sure the perps and the people who hire them know where to find this info, and to surpress it so nobody else finds out this secret knowledge.

I'm sure Einstein's theories allow for seeing into the past/future. But then, there is so much disinformation out there when it comes to seeing into the past/future and everything related to it. About 80% of it is just speculation and unfounded theories.

AJH said...

Answer to: "One of my professors..."

Don't know about seeing back into the past, it sounds too tenuous to me. Maybe it is recorded somehow by the perps who seem to know what is going on everywhere.

Einstein's theories are in fact a major logjam in theoretical physics. He even said himself that if an ether exists, his theories won't hold up. An important precept for his theories is the Michaelson-Morely experiments which did not find any significant difference in light transmission in any direction. There wasn't an adequate number of observations, and Dayton Miller later built a larger inferometer, and ran a significantly larger amount of observations and DID find a difference in orthogonal light beam transmission time from the same source. Which strongly suggests we do live in an energetic ether. And yet the Einstein theories have prevailed to this day and for the foreseeable future. Go figure why our academic leaders accept the Einstein theories and sweep Miller's data under the carpet. (Wikipedia isn't altogether reliable on accounting for established theory perturbing data IMHO).

Anonymous said...

Don't know about seeing back into the past, it sounds too tenuous to me. Maybe it is recorded somehow by the perps who seem to know what is going on everywhere.

I do not think the (C^2) of E=MC^2 is Speed or velocity.
I believe it is pressure or String tension.
I believe in the future the pressure or tension is higher, the future is higher (C^2) our present reality does not interact with. our reality cannot effect the higher C^2, the higher c^2 can effect change in ours.
all of our past and future is contained inside a more distant future with a higher pressure or tension.

we are essentially inside a fish tank made out of one way mirror glass, the future can see in to our present, while we cannot see out to the future. we are "Stone Statues".

All of our past present and future taking place inside the time dilated instant of a supernova explosion.