Monday, April 07, 2014

Double My Order

Monday, always a high abuse day, though Fridays are catching up. Did more wine pumping to blend two vintages of the same grape, this time the owners leaving after I started and returning about when I had finished cleaning up. Funny how all these strategic departures when wine pumping; either blending, racking or filtering. Though, no major abuse/Fuckover hassle while they were away.

My order for rack mount brackets got screwed with; I have four pairs of slides which need four mounting brackets per pair, 16 in all. All that was clear, and "somehow" I got scrambled and ordered only 4 pairs when I needed 8. I emailed the ebay outfit over the weekend, but no answer, and they shipped the original order for 4 pairs. So I order another 4 pairs, and take a $50 hit again on shipping. Like WTF; what is the point of this senseless fuckery by scrambling my order and halving it and then foiling any recovery effort to get all 8 pairs shipped together? As most TI's will know, doing same thing more than once is just too hilarious for our Abuser-in-Chief. As for details, maybe it was that I was listening to Lindi Ortega when I ordered the first time, and Wanda Jackson the second time. Such details are truly vital to the perps for whatever reasons they have.

[04-01-2014 Update to above; the ebay outfit sent me an email to say they only had one pair left when their page/item counter said there were six pairs remaining (10 minus the first 4 I ordered. I cancelled the order as I need four more pairs. No doubt this order fuckery has more legs; e.g. getting another four from elsewhere and paying a three times as much. At least, they forced another delay of this wretched rack mount project I got stiffed with, as it has been two months since I got the mating slides and wanted to get a custom plexiglas spacer instead of these rack mount brackets. Such is life in the TI World].

Yoga class with the pixie this evening; they moved the British accented Man in Red to my L. with an intervening regular woman. This shorts wearing goof was kept without saying a peep this session, though he was a total rube to walk into the practice room with his shoes on, place his mat, and then depart for whatever reason, and come back changed. All the class at various times before it began, had to exit the practice room for whatever reason, and then return. Fits the pattern of entrances and exits, something like a farce, though deranged, protracted and out of control.

Tuesday, and my first day of trying this Almased diet, though in fact it is likely to be hopeless. One, the perps can control how much weight one gains or loses based on past experience. Two, they just love me to look a overweight stalkers, the most Unfavored Fat People, and what better way than having the TI victim overweight? Three, the perps have been pumping the liposuction angle for years now, and with an evaluation visit to the doctor last year (01-2013), I suspect they aren't going to give up on this, despite my usual disregard of perp statements. (When they beat on a theme for years, like 8 or 10, it is very likely to happen that way, as much as one doesn't want to, as they are aces at planting rationalizations in mind).

Though, this Almased thing might have a purpose in food/color energetics games, being a light yellow powder color, and in a mid yellow container with a silver colored coating inside. They have laid on extra yellow colored gangstalking vehicles of late, especially today. And of all things they laid on three fugly colored vehicles in serial formation; a red, a mid-brown and a mustard yellow. This has NEVER happened all at once until yesterday for the very first time. I get plenty of red colored stalking vehicles, sometimes two dissimilar reds in file, and about 1% or less of the vehicular stalking parade is a red-yellow combination, usually bright red with bright yellow. But to insert one of their most reserved vehicle colors, (and loathed/Unfavored colors) between a red-yellow pair is truly exceptional.

Another perp coup was to cause my debit card to split into the chip area and have it "malfunction", with at least three freaks and two light camel colored dogs clustered behind me at the ATM yesterday. The gangstalking parade was at least doubled in driving in from the vineyard today, even a black vehicle passing a white vehicle at a blind bend, and the next oncoming vehicle was white. Then a vintage motorcycle with sidecar act got into it by leaning his motorbike over and elevating the sidecar in the opposite (oncoming) lane. This particular act has never done anything so stupid as this before, but someone needed the sidecar tire elevated and supplied him with the cash/motivation. It seemed like this elevated sidecar act was rather proficient, as he cut a straight line and wasn't wobbling any, though he could of been aided by some extra-gravitational support, all in a day at the office for the Fuckwits.

So... I stopped in at the bank and the customer service evaluated the card, and then concurred with my assessment the split in the plastic running into the chip area was the "problem". I had to supply my driver's licence for ID, and recieved a new card and left the old one behind. And have I not articulated the perp's intense interest in my wallet contents, especially related to the color  and composition of bills? Many times, but this stunt of breaking the card and leaving it behind must of been exceptional, as there was at least 30 vehicles in the parking lot when there is no more than 10 for a Tuesday afternoon. And as I departed, why, five of them coalesced and arrived ahead of me, one being this fugly white and red splotch painted cube van with grey primer paint. Another great stunt/coup for wallet contents games today.

They even put on one of their very obvious finest to do a vehicular gangstalk after visiting the bank. The big black Suburban with tinted windows came for a cruise by. I haven't seen this particular one since about 08-2012.

Not to mention the morning time was highly irregular; they fucked me into sleeping in an extra hour, so it was just the Almased "meal", and shaving my face only. Very often on special Fuckover events they will have me shave just my face, nothing else, for all they like me to be shaved.

Day 2 of this diet thing, and one more to go on the extreme front. And I see the perps dithered me, and had me eat 3 teaspoons of this special mix, instead of tablespoons. No wonder I felt a little faint today. The gangstalk crush was on; the very large and rotund apple farmer came to natter about the flail mower job he was to perform in the next few days. How did I know, I wasn't in on the discussions last year, and chances are, he would do it the same anyhow. Then the owners drove past the property while we were chatting, and then returned in a short time. Most strange, though I forget the excuse that was proferred at the apple farmer's question to the owner. Later in the afternoon the winemaker for the contract grape buyer came, and said he was in the neighborhood and thought he would drop in. No problem says me, and I direct him to where I thought the owner was. A few minutes later the owner makes some excuse to troop through the winery (two car garage), mentioning her husband was sleeping upstairs, and therefore she couldn't supply the visitors with a bottle of wine. Like WTF; I am the one that makes them up, so why not ask me? No answer.

1235h A rare mid-day break from work as the boss is so fraught with making last minute additions to the wine that is to be filtered and bottled in two days. So I, (meaning perp planted notions) suggested going off to do errands for a few hours while he makes his mind up about the last minute additions. I didn't even know this was coming, let alone having to hang tough while this last minute hiatus was imposed. I can do my laundry at his place as a partial compensation. And do we know who likes to fuck with my laundry constantly? Why, the Psychopathic Confederacy who have stolen laundry, have their shills wear my clothes (just stolen) to orchestrating the detergent availability, to having Ms. C (in 2002) of the story volunteer to do my laundry, and of course, the relentless wackos and freaks at the laundromat and other semi-public locations like those common apartment locations. Even the coin collecting dweebes arranged their shift to coincide with mine for a few laundry visitations.

All the while strung out for the third and last day of this initial phase Almased diet, and with a few fluid ounces of wine in me, as I was doing wine tasting with the boss before I departed for this mid-day break. And lo, if the gangstalking pods weren't arranged for this time too, and not just for my usual day end parade. They even sprayed the road down with water and followed with a sweeping machine outside the vineyard. And no less, they did road spraying/cleaning this morning in town when I was passing through. Obviously there is a big expectation/jerkaround going on, as per the above confluence in events. Another was the next door neighbor apple farmer arriving on the just-wetted road in his blue tractor as I was about to depart the vineyard, having just closed the gate. This would make it the third time I have seen him in a week, and I don't see him more than 3x/year. Funny how that happens, these confluences of diet change, street wetting/cleaning eruptions, neighbors and of course the vehicular gangstalking, heavy on metallic maroon (deep red) colors.

Wine filtering hell again, and no coincidence it was on a Friday when extra equipment cannot be acquired. If I had filtered yesterday like I planned, and the boss thwarted, I could of got an extra filter today, as the co-owner went to the wine supplies supplier today to get an extra 0.45 filter for tomorrow's bottling activity. The perps would screw me totally and constantly on setting shut-off valves the correct (intended) way, caused considerable problems with getting the filter housing screwed on, plugged up the cartridge filter, had hoses leak, had me "forget" which way to turn a screw, and endless insane insults on one's competance. The owners were away much of the time, and then would come by on their way through as they had to get a truck rented etc.

 (What is it about threaded nuts and screws that drives the perps to such amazing relentless abuse?)

The boss' mircromanagement incursions resulted in a boneheaded idiot show, arranging the trailer ramp to be backed into a tree so I couldn't use it, forcing me to go over the trailer rail about 80x while tending to the three wine tanks in it (valves, floating lid gaskets inflation and deflation), and he never figured out that it was a total inconvenience. In other words, a self-saboteur without a sliver of cognizance as to what a major job impediment he created.

As I departed late today, why, the perps drove a pickup past me that was towing a trailer with a little one person gyrocopter, or helicopter on it. Last week on one of their considerable vehicular gangstalk parades, they were towing a small single engine aircraft on a trailer. And who knows what is inside all these mainly pickup towed black and white trailers anyhow? I got some aircraft flyovers today, a few helicopters and one small jet, possibly a military one. The usual high altitude jet aircraft were on duty with their muted roar and spewing contrails for whatever the perps get from that. I suspect it has something to do with delineating sky regions, and sometimes the contrails match local mountain peak angles.

Bottling wine off-site, taking it there, and the mission was accomplishteed. Though the intense micro-management by the boss, fussed and yet not that capable of managerial insight, and was treating me like a child when I demontrated plenty of production line and warehousing smarts. (Having past work experience).  Of course that doesn't bother a micromanager at all, seen to be a total idiot, who will never understand the trail of emotional wreckage they leave behind. He is a carbon copy of my father being such a person, and was I ever glad to leave the family home at age 18 and work elsewhere, anywhere, than be in such verbally abusive circumstances. And today, the perps pulled off the same thing with the same personality type; a over-mangaging and under-cognizant wind bag who thinks he always has a better perspective of what is important in any given situation and his directives are about 90% wrong and never, ever, validates the outcomes, and therefore learns nothing.

So..., a serious abreaction arrangement today along with personal space encroachments by most of the others. They cannot get onto the location I am standing at fast enough it seems.

04-06-2014 Sunday
Cleaning up tanks and fittings after yesterday's epic accomplishment. The perps kept in a dumbstruck mode, clogged and fogged so to make many more back and forth trips than I needed to. In the afternoon I was re-directed to do irrigation work, and help the next door apple farmer's son in connecting the irrigation system at the creek. The job site is a perfect perp location; four water supplies (lake, creek, well and bottled) and a power line covering the E side of the property. When connecting the water supply we found a 5" aluminum pipe that came apart at a joining fitting. I was my duty to raise it for the apple farmer's son to bang with a mallet and hammer while I was holding it up in an attempt to get the fitting back together. It was very difficult to remove with the bolts removed, and all were tight, so how did it come apart by itself? And too, it had rubber seals that popped out, and needed the guy to go back to his place to get more tools. It is very common for the perps to arrange entrances, exits and returns while keeping me in place. In this case it was forest cover, as the pipes run down beside the steep creek gully once being fed from a common weir. Once we fixed the pipe in the gully we went upstream to find a split in the aluminum pipe further upstream, As this was the end of our water line/creek gully work for the present. As it will "happen", the wine tank lids got cleaned with well water, and the tanks will get cleaned with lake water. Such things are important to the perps.

A rare Monday off today, and I shall get this cleaned up and posted.

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