Monday, July 01, 2013

Switch in the Dude Instructor

For the second week in succession, the dude yoga instructor, as in skinhead and large gut, was put in place of the pixie girl. And of course I didn't look at the schedule in advance. All those prudent habits can be defeated anytime, including remembering one had them in the first place. The svelte dancer girl next to me served as the eye candy distraction instead. But as this male instructor is vague at times, and not always demonstrating, it increases the FUD as to what one is to do. And guess who likes to create FUD?

More rain today at the vineyard, but as the first round tucking was completed yesterday, I was working on the filter fittings to get them between pressure gauges, valves and T's so they could be mounted in a series. As mentioned many times, the perps have a particular focus on beverages and water flowing through plastic hoses, fittings, filters etc. Just to think, those fortunate enough to travel to warm regions and drinking out of a just-harvested coconut with a plastic straw would likely be part of this grand experiment.

The cashier at a big box home improvement store gave me a lingering stare after offering me the till tape and then taking it back to do their finger scratch on the till tape. (Why, I don't know, but the store name begins with R and ends with A, and are a Canada-only chain).  Bizarre behavior to say the least, even if she was an attractive blonde of age 40 or so. This was also exceptional as this store's cashiers nearly always have their head down and not looking at me, even to the level of being avoidant.

I got totally mind whacked, partly as a setup, "thinking" this was a Friday payday when it is a Tuesday. The Texan got my check ready today, when normally it is done on Thursday or Friday. That was the set-up part, and the invasive mind games started from there, first with noting the date was wrong and still not having a clue why. At least they terminated this game before I got to the bank and made it problematic all the more.

More vineyard tucking, catching up with the rows that were tucked three weeks ago. An afternoon thunderstorm was coming up the lake and ended my day. I got to drive through it, and it was intense, though short, ten minutes or so. The perps pulled a changing vehicle color during the rainstorm; an oncoming vehicle appeared to be the same grey as mine, but with a teal patch on the hood and bumper. In the next glance, why, it was all teal colored. The perps have pulled this with faux negroes before; making an ambulatory umbrella bearing Caucasian appear to be a negro from further away, and then when closer, why they somehow changed races. Interesting that the perps pulled this vehicular color change, (or, manipulated my color receiving at the neural level) in a thunderstorm, though I don't know why, apart from the electrical disturbances.

A rare visit to Walmart, and after a freak show of four (two retards giving each other hand signals, and two tattoos) within 30' of the entrance, I made a quick exit, all to be obstructed by a shopping cart act on the way out. And how did I forget how much I loathe the store and why?

A Thursday, but a day off to deal with two dental appointments in two cities; locally for a cleaning from the dental hygienist, and then a CT scan on a tooth in Kelowna , strip mall city this afternoon.

The chocolate "need" came on for the first time in a month last evening, so two 100g bars afterward (for a bigger brown color signature) and one at breakfast with coffee, for that melt-in-the-mouth sensation.

Post dental cleaning, and when online (color calibrated) the perps pull a vomit stunt. Ergo, they had me puke brown chocolate "remnants" into the toilet some two hours after my appointment. And lo, if some didn't "splash" (read, telekinetic manipulations) right back at me and onto the toilet seat and lid too. I haven't had a vomit attack since the early days of when all this came down, 04-2002. It would seem if the perps were looking for the effects (read, color energetics) of brown substances in the toilet, depending on where they came from.

Not forgetting the perps have me cycle/digest my food at significantly faster than the average; in 30 min.or less, and "somehow" I had the chocolate "remnants" last 3.5 hours. Seems like brown color testing to me.

And for the first time ever, a pending root canal-like pain dissipated to an almost nothing sensation over the past three weeks. A visit to the endodontic specialist and a CT scan of my teeth revealed no tooth breakage or assignable source. The pain was barely detectable today, where three days ago I couldn't chew soft gum on my L side. All in time for the endodontic dentist to find almost nothing. So what was that all about? Getting more X-rays to the head in another town, Kelowna?

Back in 1986-89 I was living in a small mountain town called Nelson. I had two root canals there, and both caused pain for months afterward. I was sent to the endodontic specialist in Kelowna to have a look, and after much paper filling and sitting around, he got to work tapping on all my teeth, only to find no conventional cause. At the end of the appointment he asks me what I think the problem might be. Like WTF; a dental specialist asks me after his inconclusive exam about a part of me that I can't readily see. So here we are again (2013), driving to the Endodontic City, this time armed with CT scanners and getting some, not all, teeth tapped to arrive at no evident (conventional) cause. And no WTF moment either; everything was professional, even if masers were floating off some of the equipment or coming in through the building glass from outside and into the exam room.

As always, I had my color coordinated posse of vehicles around me, and also for the oncoming traffic. Putting a tractor and (full height) trailer to block off my sight line of road signs was a good trick to raise my angst as well as recall this particular stunt for other new cities of the past.

I also had my male/dude force of gangstalking when ambulatory; two tool stores (good cover for shiftless males), and one used bookstore. In the latter case it was plain that the mofo's were herding me and attempting to get a Fuckwit parked over the very ground I had vacated. Also, to stand over me as I was crouched down to look at the bottom shelves. As soon as that bullshit erupted, I got myself to the cashier and got the fuck out. Last time I was there, and during (same) weekday hours, why, hardly anyone was there. This time, at least five males inside of three minutes, some doing reprise gangstalkings; coming by and feigning another look all to reverse their tracks and then come back again. Bad enough to have these sick shits keeping popping out to block my egress or intended path, never mind twice in one store visit. And one in a bright red shirt "happened" to walk the very street I was driving after I had finished in the bookstore.

A Saturday, which means laundry, which means laundromat gangstalker stakeout. Though not many (15 or so) And I was stirred to get a portable clothesline, and couldn't find one at one store, and then when directed to the correct aisle, why three males were clustered there doing their faux shopping act. Onto the next store, skunked there too, though stalked by two longhaired males in the parking lot who departed only 5 seconds ahead of me. And lo, if they weren't in the parking lot of the next location I went to, heading in, a whole 5 seconds ahead of me. Funny how I "forgot" to track their vehicle, something that I routinely do. And the vehicular copycatting was also on full; vehicles turning out at the same time as me, and otherwise emulating my vehicular movements.

The HD motorcycle noise was cranked up to noise-track me from laundromat to my residence and while hanging up my laundry on my inadequate drying rack. Then the EC-120 helicopter flew overhead while hanging up my clothing, all to assure me that all was "normal" in TI World, aka Potemkin Village of the Harassed and Abused.

A shut-in afternoon, not wanting to go outside for whatever reason, even if sunny or warm. I get a three day weekend, as it is a Canada Day long weekend. It was to be a heat wave weekend, but so far, warm and mostly sunny. With some momentary rain thrown in too.

Some file manipulations, cut-paste etc. brought on a long round of dog barking for some reason this afternoon. As I have been repeatedly noisestalked and/or harassed for these events, why is it that this begets such activity now? And the hot-rod muffler noise came on when copying a CD to disc, with compression to a FLAC file.

And I see that my internet access has been nixed after the perps screwed me out of saving my session history, my "reminder" of what I was following and interested in when online. They like to take down my browse history, as it shows up in the tabs, every week or so. I don't know what they would get from this, apart from satisfying their excessive juvenility.

One interesting vignette at the vineyard yesterday; the Texan family member was lamenting that his email wasn't showing on his iPhone, and was waiting for an email from his wife to confirm the changed settings. I said I could send him one via the PC in the office, and so I did while he was hanging around. He kept looking for it, but gave up at first, and then came back some ten minutes later to show me that it had, putting the iPhone in front of me to see the message I had sent him. So what was that about, having me see the message I sent and then received on another computer display platform (his iPhone)? There must be something psychically intrinsic about what I composed, and who to, and what display device it shows up on. Not forgetting that the LCD screen serves as some kind of energy emitting device as well as a color reaction calibration device. Only 11 years of this abusive harassment so far, and I suspect there is a long way to go yet.

Finally, I am allowed (such is my vocabulary) to get on with cleaning the bathroom of the plentiful grunge. It has been a month since I moved in, and this pressing matter did not get attended to because of other pressures. I have at least five hours spent on it and I still haven't finished.

A lamentable Canada Day; I got to finally check the oil in my Camry, all to find I was two quarts down. Not any dashboard idiot lights conveyed this, nor did the engine temperature gauge. And for the record, I was absolutely on top of vehicle maintenance with my former Volvo 240 series vehicle, but "somehow" I never bothered to look for far too long. That is totally uncharacteristic and certain sign that my normal behaviors are getting remotely dithered. Apart from infuriating me, I don't know what the perps would get from this insane juvenility.

Onto posting this and starting a new week.


Anonymous said...

I always get suggestions here for me to go visit a certain "babe" who lives nearby, when she is at work. I have rejected those suggestions, because I'm not sure what the intent is here. are they wanting me to show up there and have me look like a fool? Surely, she is involved somehow and is expecting me. That's why I stay away.

And this same "babe" was in my dream last month. In this dream, I had a romantic "moment" with her. And I'm wondering if it was a naturally-occurring dream, or if it was the perps again. Even she mentioned this same dream on her blog, wondering if it were "real" (i.e. non perp induced) or not. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I've decided not to get involved further with this "babe". She may be a tool of the perps to get me further handled.

And lately, this Asian dude all of a sudden has a surely (kind of mean) manner when I try to go into the Subway here. His Chinese restaurant is adjacent to the Subway restaurant here, and I usually sit outside to wait out any gangstalking operatives who may be waiting for me. And this Chinese guy who owns that place (not the Subway) appears and yells "Why are you standing outside"? It seems like a handling job as resquested by my perps. It seems the perps don't like me waiting out any gangstalking visits they have planned. Hence, the big mean Chinese guy they sent to yell at me.

Anonymous said...

I think the perps use this as not only business, but pleasure or fun as well. Hence, they have fun dicking around with things like your bookmarks and browser history. They get a juvenile sense of pleasure from all of this; I can sense it.

Interesting last week I was in a Walmart in a different town. I had an interview, and needed to get one of those faux-leather portfolio things to carry my resume and code samples in. I didn't really get any significant gangstalking there. And I didn't notice any tech-influence harassment/suggestions that I almost always get in Walmarts. I did encounter an older woman there who was posing as a shopper. She asked me if I knew where [xxx] was, and asked if I worked there. Well, I had an interview suit on, so it may have looked like I worked there. But usually Walmart workers don't gave black interview suits and ties on. She probably likely was the mouthpiece of the perps who were doing testing of older version of [xxx] some female I met here. And also she may have been a plant for the perps to compliment me on how nice I looked.

I went to Wendy's to eat, and there I DID get some obvious plants/ganstalkers. They had 2 Mexican guys there with Texas license plates. And there were dirty-looking shiftless male "workers" lingering in the back of the dining area. As I exited, I thought I heard one of them mutter something.

One college kid was dressed in a black uniform of some sort, and was obviously a perp shill. I caught some things he was saying, like "he's in stealth mode", and "he likes to sit over there so he can look at the older people". And one couple I saw may have been a father/daugther combo. The guy, the presumed "father", as he walked over to the exit, he had a constant gazed fixed on me, a mean "dirty looks" type stare and he always had his eyes fixed on me as he walked around me and out the door. The daughter gave me a more pleasant look as he was walking out.

Interesting that I don't get as many dirty looks type stares here in my hometown. It seems like the harassment varies slightly, but not much, when I go to another distant town.

AJH said...

Answer to: I always get suggestions...

I often get female themed planted notions, none that likely I would claim as my own. Very often they aren't in play in the first place (e.g. married) and have done nothing to encourage any further interactions beyond being pleasant, which is likely their normal self. At a certain point in these train of ideations I catch what is going on, and reject it out of hand because it is absurd. So yes, any kind of "keeping someone in mind" is likely planted for perp purposes, romantic or otherwise.

Anytime I enter or exit buildings causes the perps to be on on my ass with extra gangstalkers, noise events or stunts (e.g. someone walking backard into the door to push on it). So perhaps the Chinese guy is engaging you to put you into a high alert situation at that critical moment before entering the premises to cause you to think, say, "how do I reply", "the mean Chinese guy" etc. The perps just love to put me into high alert situations, the threat assessment that goes on all time in public areas. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to:I think the perps use this...

The previous time I was in Walmart I was nearly head-butted by a red dressed staff member, so I should of been more wary of going there in the first place.

It is curious that the perps like to put on different public behavior levels according to geographic location. It is like that they have an assigned level of frequency of stares, weirds, etc. for each town. Though, for more important things like driving nuttiness, this town is nearly identical to the last place, Victoria BC. The running of late yellow and early red traffic control lights being one example.

Though on the whole, I don't get too many stares thankfully, about 3 to 5 per month maybe. Thanks for the comments.