Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Texan Connection

There is a Texan connection to the ongoing abuse and harassment, and I don't have a firm idea of what it is. But, today, a family member came to the vineyard to help as the owners have a health crisis. Not unlike last year, where the owner's son had a health crisis, and that kept the owners in Vancouver for extended durations during the growing season. A  family member came from Texas to help out, though he has never done vineyard work before. So, I had to help him out, as he was taking out too many leaves. He seems to be a pleasant person, and has tattoos galore, extra long hair (to his shoulders) and hides some of it under his cowboy hat. And with avocado green cowboy boots no less. How many Unfavoreds is that?

It rained all day, and I took some time out for my first appointment at the new local dentist. Same deal as other clinical personnel, she had her mask on when introducing herself, as did the dental assistant. Apparently, I likely have a cracked tooth, and under a crown, and my diagnosis of a root canal wasn't accurate, or at least, not yet. Onto another dentist to get a CT scan in a week. I didn't know they could do these things until now. And also, digital X-ray pictures, which instantly display on one or more of the three LCD displays in the room. As always, I posit the path to human control is through such devices, as the perps can crank some very fierce energy beams from them, I have come to know firsthand.

Another day of all rain; my $300 Bluestorm rain pants (purchased for $75), worn maybe 6x in the last two years, leaked today, though didn't yesterday. One can say I am extremely pissed about this. Regular readers will recall in 2011, my new rain paints (different kind/make) leaked within an hour of use.

No Solstice wierdness from the perps today. Unless one counts the hot-rod muffler noise, about one every five minutes, nearly all day. The excuse was that the neighboring vineyard had some kind of public event. The local hot-rod muffler noise vehicles, most being pick-up trucks, also added to the noise coverage to keep it constant.

Set the alarm for 0600h, and lo, if I didn't wake up at 0630h to find that it wasn't set. Just another jerkaround to change my plans. I was to get to the laundromat early to avoid the bums, freaks and tattoos, all to finish at 0900h before a waxing appointment. No such plan permitted by dictate of the Fourth Reich, Mind Invasion and Life Trashing Division.

The hair pulling/waxing "need" continues, as does the invocation of admiring my own tanned and hair-free legs for the subsequent weeks. Wearing trunk style shorts has become near permanent wear; as underwear for pants, or as shorts if the weather permits. The extra baggy shorts to the knees on most other males continues as the most important perp fashion statement, one I consider fugly and absurd. Even in the two days of torrential rain this week, there they were, out in these baggy shorts and T-shirts no less. Just plain ridiculous.

And someone splattered bleach, or something like it, onto one of my shirts while it was in the washing machine. Nice orange tiger marks to go with the olive green shirt, one of my regularly worn items. Could it be to differentiate it from the new olive color duffel bag used to haul laundry?

So. many things I need to get of late, moving into larger quarters, as in planted notions of "needs". The perps love to put me through weeks of coveting some object, usually online and placed in a virtual shopping cart, all to have the plans go south due to some new financial development. Current "needs"/planted notions are; a folding clothes dryer rack, a, new sleeping bag bedsheet liner (because the one I have is too difficult to get out of), a NAS computer to get backups under control, a certain kind of knife for the kitchen (in keeping with the perp's obsession over knives), furniture, a bigger back pack, a portable drill, multi-oscillating tool bits and attachments,etc. Then I get hit with a $800 health insurance bill for one year, the notice in the mail strangely delayed by the landlady finding it Monday morning before I headed out the door. All to allow a full weekend's web shopping/object coveting last weekend, and dashed expectations once the mail was opened.

A Saturday posting, as I will be busy in the vineyard again.

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Anonymous said...

The Harbor Freight Ceramic Knives are a nice change if you have not tried one. cannot sharpen them though. but they are fairly inexpensive and stay sharp if cared for properly.
Yes, I get hit all the time with the Items in Virtual shopping cart them , poof up in smoke.
I think it has something to do with the mental Consumerism / materialism trap they are setting.

they are trying to mentally road block with false dichotomies all the time