Sunday, July 28, 2013

Strange Question

I was asked by the boss at work as to whether I want to take a holiday. Like WTF; an understaffed vineyard and winery behind on tucking, thinning, laterals removals, sucker removals (shoots below the head of the trunk to the ground), and wine filtration and bottling.  And his wife needs back surgery, as she is often a vineyard worker. All of which he is acutely aware.

Maybe he is playing up the financial instability theme again, something that has been going on for at least three months now. Most odd, to make such a suggestion, though Monday morning is about the best time to sort out these longer term issues.

A very hot day, 32C in the shade, and the perps messed with my thermo-regulation and had me fatigued and wasted by 1300h. Lunch revived me some, though I was back in the fatigue zone within an hour. Artfully, the perps had me "forget" to take my hydration electrolytes with me, and so it was filtered water for the day. I find the electrolyte addition to water make a big difference to hot weather survival, though that could be entirely stage managed too. Back before they went overt/berserk on me in 04-2002, I wilted in 26C+ weather.

It was 34C in the shade today, and now back on electrolyte addition to my drinking water I was doing fine. Some vineyards start at 0600h and finish work at 1400h to avoid prolonged heat exposure. I was doing the hedging again, using the electric shears to top prune just above the highest horizontal wire, done from a moving ATV. The perps love to mess with the shears, and have them cut out and intermittently stop and start to make it a hassle. This "happens" after an hour or too, then the vexation plan follows, usually for a couple of more hours. No power tool, electric or gasoline motor, is allowed to function normally for very long in this TI World, before they mess it up and cause frustration in operating it.

Full blown sunny today, save for those odd drifting clouds to put on some dimming, arranged for when I completed a row of tucking grape vines, a major perp moment. That is, I reverse direction and attended to the vines on the opposite side of the trellis wire. Any kind of direction reversal, whether driving, vehicular gangstalking or the loopy sidewalk spins the perps do is just too damn exciting for them.

And a doubling or trebling of vehicular gangstalkers at the regular 0630h commute time; the excitement might of been that I was carrying two 10L jugs of gasoline in my trunk, and made a prior phone call to a business to order a replacement knife. I had two of these knives once; one was stolen from my luggage and about two years later, its replacement "somehow" hopped out of its full body sheath. (No hole in the handle for attaching a lanyard then, unlike the current offering. Or else I got a special version that didn't have a lanyard hole). Anyhow, it has become a minor pissing match issue with the perps, but seeing that I don't have a likeable knife in the 4" blade size, it will be handy to fit between the 7" sankotu and the 2.5" paring knives. Likely related to this, and in part causal as it was about the same size, in the first year of harassment/abuse, (2003), I asked Ms. C to pack up my apartment, and lo, my Buck knife and its sheath went missing. What is it about the perps and their obsession over knives and their sharpening and use and having to steal at least three of them in the recent past?

The old E. Indian male, replete with a 14 inch beard, was hanging back at the vineyard at 1500h when I departed. Normally he departs at 1400h, but for some reason he needed to tail me back to the house at 1500h and lounge around when I departed by vehicle. Later (next day), I found that he had resumed tucking vines on the very row I had finished up on.

And this was the after work day for getting a money order at the bank for the above-mentioned knife payment, to be submitted snail mail. An E. Indian male was ahead of me in the queue at the bank, with his 4 yo. child, ending up at the adjacent wicket. But it was me who got the young male E. Indian teller, he of permanent smirk on his face for some reason. Why he had to ask me three times as to what the money order amount was, when he got it right the first time (he wrote in down), was also equally mysterious. And outside the bank tow truck eruption; it seems that a woman who was standing around had locked her keys in the truck with two dogs, and phone for a tow truck. The preponderance of this particular vehicle type in all its extra steel and dual rear tires since the perps went berserk-overt in 045-2002 hasn't gone unnoticed to say the least. Tow trucks seem to be useful for perp gangstalking when towing a vehicle, meaning it has only two wheels on the ground instead of four.

All of the above E. Indian-brown skin activity preceded me going to get my one new Pirelli P4 tire mounted and installed at the tire shop. And we know how berserk the perps are over tires, in all their configurations, not to mention the litany of tire problems (ahem) that I have had over the years, some of it detailed in the last posting. So now, I have a set of P4 tires of different vintages; now three purchased all together, and one a year younger (F, passenger side). And lo, if there wasn't extra brown dressed scooter drivers on the road, crossing my path.

More insane games on the home front yesterday; the blocked toilet with 24 hours of liquid plumber backed up to the rim while plunging it and then went into vortex mode and cleared. A 15 min. cleaning job followed. Then I had a shower and when putting on my shorts, why, they jabbed my small R toe and caused it to bleed, begetting additional cleaning on the very area that was cleaned. All of it was cleaned up with toilet paper, so I would assume they wanted different bodily fluids/substances to flow down the line in discrete groups for some berserk reason.

A short hike today, maybe 4km, though in near alpine elevations of 1728m. It was at a ski hill, so I had plenty of landmarks to go by. I was all by myself (not counting aircraft and one service truck) for one of the few times ever in the last 11 years of this near constant harassment and abuse. But not far from the beamers, as there were two cell towers up there, plus another aerial mast that had those too-familiar loop antennas. And a flat planar antenna too. The chair lift was inoperative, so no short cuts or sudden arrivals of stalkers. Though, I did get one ski-hill pickup truck travel the service road as the trail paralleled it for the most part. Some grand vistas though, as far as the eye could see.

I got my overhead aircraft noisestalking at least three times during the hike; the high altitude jets, but no contrails. Mixed cloud and some deep grey threatening ones too, having been screwed out of taking my raincoat, it made for extra threat assessment even if by myself. Last week I got screwed out of a hike because a sudden onset of panic over the tall grass and possible rattlesnakes at the beginning of the trail. Three weeks earlier, a hike was aborted because of a bovine bull was looking to stand his ground. One can see that even hiking, much like yoga, gets sabotaged now and again, even if once per week. The perps view strenuous and regular activity to be highly governed and any regular activity must be put off schedule if at all possible.

I wasnt free from cattle manifestations; the perps had me step into a cow pie when I stepped out of my vehicle. I was infuriated as the green goo was realtively fresh, and there is absolutely no way I would of done it myself. The perps controlled what I object to, my internal rules as well, and blanked me out so to facilitate their psychopathic stunt. And I see the green goo is on my new Pirelli P4 tire, so I can imagine having it rotate while driving was the funniest thing they did all week.

And the crapper is still blocked, somehow defying four days of sitting in the water filled pipes and liquid plumber as well. This week past marks the first time they have pulled a toilet obstruction at this new residence since June 01. Anyhow, I shall post this and see what this week brings in the way of imposed adversity and harassment.


Anonymous said...

Just a Quick hello
Press on

Anonymous said...

Watch this movie if you can.
'The Adjustment Bureau'

It seems to be about Us TI's

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you've ever heard song lyrics that seemed to reflect your situation, life, etc., in certain ways? I was thinking about the song "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold, for example, and noticed some parallels between what happened in my life and the person's story in the song.

The song was from 1977, first off. Seems kind of unrealistic that the perps would know things about me back then, since I was 8 years old back then?

I listened to it, and noticed certain parallels. So Gold was presenting this story of a person's life here. Here goes:

The person mentioned in the song was first born, as was I. Then a couple of years later, the guy's mother "brings him a sister", exactly 2 years later. In my case it's 3 years exactly, but very approximate. Anyways, he feels despair because he is no longer getting the attention from his parents that he once had before his sister came, and that's precisely what happened in my case! In my case, I did feel a sense of disappointment like the guy in the song, but however, I didn't "run down the hall and cry" because "his parents lied". But the song is dead on about the aspects mentioned, like for example, his mom and dad telling him he was their only son, and it mirrors my story that after my sister was born, he is disappointed to realize he was an only son, but not an only child. Exactly my story.

And my parents also instilled the exact value mentioned in the song, that is, they taught the song to "fight to be nobody's fool".

And this guy's sister also has a son, just like my own sister.

Another interesting parallel is when the song lyrics mention he leaves home in the winter of 1969. In my own situation, I got fed up with my parents' constant attention to my sister and her kid, so I left home in the winter of 1996. So that is an interesting way to mirror something: 69 and 96 are the same digits mirrored.

Everything is fine between me and my parents since then. But it's interesting that I found a "story of my life" being mentioned in a song that was recorded in 1976! I can imagine that the perps wanted to have someone write a song to kind of represent what I have been through in the early part of my life, before I reached adulthood. After all, I was 7-8 years old.

Sure the dates are off, i.e., the person in the song is born in summer of 51, and the sister in 53, but the point is there are linear parallels. For example, I was born late fall 68, my sister almost 3 years later in 71, but there are still similarities.

That's always been a hallmark of my perps: to have someone tell their story in a song, and it's almost completely factual, and it mirrors my own life in some fashion. Sure, there is 1951 vs. 1968, but still, the parallels are 100%. Even the part where he mentions he had "lost loves" early on in his life, exactly in my case.

Also, Andrew Gold died in 2011 at age 59. Interesting that he seemed to be doing well with his cancer treatments, but died unexpectedly. Maybe perp involvement here, as they felt he was no longer valuable?

There are other instances here and there of songs that seem to put stuff I have experienced in song lyrics from other writers/bands/singers.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm wondering if you've ever....

Hardly a day goes by when some song lyric doesn't "crop up" (read, planted notion) and seems appropriate in the context. And if I have music playing through my headphones while working in the vineyard, it creates another level of "coincidences". And of course the lyrics that play in mind for days, even if I haven't had any recent exposure.

Though I don't know of any songs that are closely autobiographical like your experiences, except for one. This song seems like blueprint of the fantasical future the perps like me to know/ponder. There are also fantasical and friendly personal associations with a few of my favorite female vocalists.

As part of the music listening, I get snippets of Dylan songs, and re-cast them in light of the TI experience and find some odd (but fitting)correlations to his obscure lyrics.

No question that the perps actively manage my music listening, choices and circumstances as to when I am listening, as well as content correlations. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you've ever heard song lyrics that seemed to reflect your situation, life, etc., in certain ways?

As far as Lyrics and Literature imitating my specific situation, not so much. I consider Things like that to be more of Psychological Memes to coerce my state of mind.

I see quite convincing evidence we exist in a repeating cyclic system. So, It could be that "They" are using your own Past events to manipulate you. letting you recognize seeing your own past mirrored in a song. this would have the effect on most people of instilling a state of despair and helplessness. I believe we may be being manipulated so someone else can better there present through manipulating Us in their past.
I made a pretty accurate cartoon video about my own Future employer about 9 months before I knew anything about the company. I never asked to work there, they asked me after the temp agency sent me there.

Anonymous said...

It could be that Dylan was cooperating with your "friends", the perps. It seems that a number of entertainers, possibly Dylan included, are part of the perps' agenda. So that could explain why TI's believe snippets of lyrics here and there mirror their stories or lives.

And I was watching the movie Billy Madison, and found numerous parts of the movie that seemed to be relevant to my campaign. For example, the part where Sandler splashes his crotch with water, and makes the kids think he peed his pants. This is one of the things the perps were doing back in 1994-1996 at the time: having me wash my penis off with water each time I urinated, the result of which was excess water on my crotch area, making it look like I peed myself. Another is the song Telephone Line when Madison calls one of his bullying victims on the phone to apologize (one of my favorite songs from college). Another is the scene where the kids call him "loser", and he responds by claiming they, not he, are the losers, and this is something that has cropped up recently from 2005. And again, the chem teacher seems to be mirroring my teaching quirks and mannerisms. And the girl in class telling him to leave him alone, the guy freaking out at the end because he was propositioned with an "unfair question", which is relevant to my recent campaign.

I expected the film to be from 2005 or later, but I was surprised to find out it was 1995! Interesting, because most TI's blame Bush and his Dad for their targeting. And Bush wasn't in office in 1995, and Jimmy Carter was in office in 1976 when that song was written. So it seems Bush and republicans aren't really as big a part of my targeting as I suspected.

I'm not sure how far back it goes, but 1995 and 1994 were big years for the perps in my life. Granted, they are much more present and noticeable since like 2000 when Bush took office. I'm not sure where Bush and his Dad fit in to my targeting. That's one of the answers I'm sure I will find out in the future.

I and a few other TI's believe that the perps have the ability to read a TI's future years and decades in advance, and thus can put the appropriate content in films and other psy-ops media to show the TI that they "knew" about things and events in the TI's life well in advance of them happening.

AJH said...

Answer to: "It could be that Dylan was cooperating..."

I suspect he knows about the perp's grand plans and methods, as he did seem a little contrite when I last saw him interviewed on 60 Minutes a few years ago. In fact, someone else mentioned it, linked to it with their suspicions, and CBS later pulled the video. Though he may not of been a knowing cooperator at the time of the songs, (early 1960's) though I am sure he has, with many other show biz types, been enlightened. For example, Robin Williams was pointedly staring at me back in 2002 (first year of this overt abuse)on a Seattle downtown street corner. Someone came from behind him and "recognized" him to start a diversionary event before I might of stared back or got annoyed.

I suspect the perps decided they were going to go overt on me back in 1996, which is when my ex started bawling her eyes out every night for two weeks, and I never got to the bottom of that one. And I suspect that they also decided to ramp up the abuse on many other TI's back then. My take is that most, if not all, all TI's have been covertly followed since birth, and the perps decide on a case by case basis as to their objectives of going overt on the TI. I don't think the president or prime minister has any direct control on this abuse and harassment, though they might nominate a obstinate opponent as victim. Just my call, though it would seem the perps also have a generational interest too, having followed parents, grandparents etc. Thanks for the comments.