Sunday, July 21, 2013

Government Vehicles in the Yoga Parking Lot

I have seen Penticton Municipal (city) vehicles park at the yoga studio location parking lot, and the presumed employee gets out and starts walking down the road, not bothering with yoga in the least. This is on Monday evenings at 1715h. Strange enough. But a US Government licenced vehicle doing much the same, (though no driver apparent), parked in the lot and next to me for the 1.25 hours of the yoga class. Penticton is NOT a border town, and I cannot conceive why such a vehicle would be parked outside the yoga studio, except for nefarious gangstalk and harassment purposes. [Re-evaluation; a conference center is a half block away, but it still no reason to park their truck at the yoga center].

And for the first time in six months, they deigned to put another male in the yoga class, usually 10 to 15 of us. I don't know why this poor sod got the assignment, but he should take a beginner class first. Totally out of his league, and not a seeming yoga practitioner. Usually they put a male in the lobby standing in front of my coat and shoes when I get out of the class, but this time, for whatever reason, they raised the ante and put this guy in behind me, and backed off on the male lobby stalker.

The venetian blinds were re-installed in my residence after cleaning and two of them were clipped at the ends to be shorter. And for the second time in a week, I find sawdust on clothes and items next to the windows, done by the very persons that were remarking on the sloppy job done by the window installer of last week who managed to get stucco dust from outside in the place. It does make me wonder if anything can be taken at face value.

And as the vineyard work is getting so very repetitive, it was the first listening of music this year while tucking vines. My player was getting spoofed with as same first four songs on multiple albums kept repeating until I forced it into an album play mode. And while this was going on, there were at least four passes by the same helicopter in 20 minutes of play. The perps also broke the phone's belt mounted carrying case tab, so I will now use a rubber band to keep it in place. Last year they had the phone drop from the belt mount "by itself" enough times that I put the same rubber band on it. Why they had to break the plastic tab on the Ballistic belt mount after I had some confidence it after last year is a mystery to me.

Morning and afternoon thunderstorms, causing breaks in work, as the rule is that no vineyard work when a thunderstorm is on. I see the cleaning lady putting on her tattoo show again, though just the one on her calf and covering the ones on her arms. Just to think that part of the tattoo "show" was to keep me from seeing any tattoos on her for the first 14 months that I knew this person, coming once per week.

A two hour nap attack on a weekday, and another hour to recover from feeling so wiped out. I have no idea why they wanted to pull this stunt on a weekday, as they did last week. Normally, nap-attacks have been on weekends in the last year.

The sensation of feeling "stoned" again this morning, as in a slightly derealized headspace, which tells me the assholes are at their temporal lobe takeover games again. I learned at an ADD seminar from the clinical brain scan reasearcher, that the "floatly" feeling is from de-energized temporal lobe activity. Nice to know one's deepest brain regions are accessible in real time by remote means, don't you think?

Many distant light flashes today, some were lightning (and we know who can arrange that too), often arranged to be seen through my L. side glasses lens, which mysteriously got scuzzed in advance. I get many light flashes these days, brief spots of white "from" extraneous reflections (something that suddenly increased in frequency when all this began in 04-2002). I even get them in my residence, no more than 20' away, such as today, when at least three came through a window after I was in the place for a few minutes. All part of the gravitational lensing that they seem so very determined to utilize in their nonconsensual human research agenda.

Noise games at the vineyard, per usual, and helicopter coverage with a nice sleek retractable landing gear Bell ? in the same mid grey as my vehicle. It did a hover over the lake for a minute, at least 1.5km away, and then climbed and banked to make a W turn, having arrived from the N, and the airport.

A weekend changing jerkaround. I drove too close the the fence at this place and "inadvertently"snagged the tire on an over-length stud that was projecting from it 4" above the ground. The one tire shop I know "happened" to be busy when I phoned, so I will have to deal with getting the wheel off with the standard Toyota jack and tire wrench. Lucky me.

[Later] I got the vehicle jacked up, and can thank the ever diligent Toyota Camry manual to ensure that all was safe; e.g. blocking the diagonal wheel so the vehicle woudn't move on me. And I can thank Toyota for putting a full size Michelin tire in the spare compartment and having the tools there too. The whole spare tire replacement went relatively well, an exception to most everything else.

As an example, I make many 100's of pruning cuts in a day on the vineyard. And nearly every time the perps have me put the pruners in the wrong and unintended location, e.g. touching the pruner's jaw underside to the area where the cut it to be made, instead of inside the jaw to make the cut. I earn my living making pruning cuts and yet nearly every one is sabotaged or interfered with. All of which is accompanied by a relatively new (imposed) cognitive deficit, having my depth perception fucked with momentarily, at least 500+ per day when on pruning work. I don't know what the shrinks would say about this, should they be still hiding behind the DSM-4.

Back to the spare tire installation tonight; the tire is punctured at the wall-tread corner so I don't think it is salvageable, so it will be a $150 or so to get a new Pirelli P4. And too, the perps filled me with ideations of taking off the tire and taking it by taxi to the tire shop tomorrow. These notions went on for at least an hour while making and eating dinner. Then when looking at the above mentioned Toyota manual, I "learned" that I had a spare tire compartment, and only then did it dawn on me that I could use it. It is like every possible thing that I know, all my knowledge, is replaced by the perps, and not to to the level that it was. They want to put me through a total re-learning of everything I know, and they know exactly what that is. Back in 2005-2006 they screwed with my spelling, and freaked me out that I couldn't spell any more. That might of been them having me re-learn how to spell with remote influencing interference/governance. Ever since, the odd time when I use a rarely used word, I cannot spell it, and need to go to a dictionary. My spelling was nearly infallible until they messed me around. (I don't normally use a spelling checker, but need to now).

Just when your (TI) reality adjustment to all and sundry is at it limits, here is another corker, the "alternate" and entirely believable version of the Madelaine McCann (an e-book, and an hour to read it all) kidnapping which occurred in 2007 to great press coverage, and still the story gets the headlines due to recent police statements about new lists of persons of interest. Which begs the question, who is it that is stage managing all of this, including stories, retractions, inconsistencies etc. I just don't get it, though it seems that all clinical doctors are in on the TI/harassment picture, though not to the level of an operative, say. In fact, Kate McCann was overheard to exclaim, "they stole my child", which if nothing else, demonstrates that this particular doctor (mother of the abducted child) does indeed know about a secret and pervasive force/experimentation/harassment initiative. I wonder how the perps deliver the news to them; at university, or later residence locations.

Saturday, no alarm, and a 9 hour sleep. Plenty I thought, but no, I got taken out with a two hour nap attack in the afternoon. Plus the usual hour of recovery time, feeling wasted and limp.

My tire is unrepairable, so a new one is ordered. The Michelin spare would be of intense interest to the perps due to their long running automotive tire fixation and sabotage record that goes back 20 years or more. When I had a forestry job and drove company trucks, I could count on a flat tire once per week. I could never figure it out, but added into the mix was a different vehicle every few weeks. When I had my Volvo in about 2000 and put on a full set of Michelin tires, it seems the perps could not abide by that. I had a front end wheel alignment done by the Volvo dealer after the tire installation, and they screwed it up as the front tires prematurely wore out. The other potential culprit could of been the tie rod ends and ball joints, but they were all relatively new as well. Again, the perps could not handle the fact that I had a full set of the same tire model, and arranged the tires to wear and a replacement set was installed. In mid-2006 the front pair wore out (again) so I got a replacement pair installed before I gave the vehicle to my daughter as the financial crunch was coming down. So what is it about having a full set of tires on one's vehicle that the perps cannot allow after 14 months? I don't know, but as tires and all things automotive are important to them, it is all part of the sabotage scene. I cannot count the number of times the perps clustered around the wheel wells on the low-floor public buses I took for the six automobile-less years in Victoria. The wheel well is significantly more exposed and time without fail, they would have a Fuckwit with their ass backed onto the wheel well. Every so often they would put on a high floor bus to change up the passenger-wheel juxtaposition.

Back to the "stoned" sensation again, the perps keeping me inside and online for two hours of color calibration games it would seem, and finally letting me out at 1100h. A little late for hiking, but that is what they wanted, and the whole deal was about me purchasing a just-released hiking book of this area at a downtown runner's shop, looking it over and selecting a hike while parked and this large-gutted coffee bearing Fuckwit walked down the middle of the street, past my vehicle. And so, after some more cognitive FUD, I set off to a trail-head, which could not be found, though it did have a parking lot nearby. I hadn't gone more than a kilometer when the perps spooked me over snakes in the grass, and had lunch and turned around. It is most common that the perps have me only travel part-way on a new hiking trail, only to return to it later and do it all. Last year I was deterred by thunderstorms on my first hike attempt up MacIntyre Bluff. Ditto for another trail.

Anyhow, it now late in the day, and after the perps screwed me senseless over my month end accounting (June) for two hours, I was finally allowed to finish it. All the while kiddies-at-play noise was outside as the owners have a pool outside their house. The perps do things like adding or removing transactions from the web page after I have found a discrepancy, even it is seeming to come from the bank. As well, Quicken transactions are routinely sabotaged. It is a brutal grind, aka full blown rage-ifcation event, to do one's finances on a PC as a TI owing to the perps' relentless in all things financial. Onto another weeks and pondering what is coming next.

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