Monday, July 08, 2013

Cell Phone Without Case

My cellphone crapped out on the weekend, and no matter how many reboots with battery pulling, it would not connect to the network. it was charged up, as the LG graphic came up followed by a full battery graphic. Soo.... I had it out of its protective case while attempting to reboot it, and in the cargo pocket of my pants all day. Once done at the vineyard, I went to my waxing appointment, and lo, if a moped wasn't putzing ahead of me for all of the 15 min. trip. Then ditto when in town, and then the Fuckwit was in the same hair salon as me, in front of me. And lo, if the staff didn't point out the parked moped to me, making it seem I might have something to do with it "because" I had cargo pants. All to show me the same gangstalking moped, which I did not notice when I got to the hair/spa salon, but there it was, directly outside. And what was the point of that? To confirm it was the same gangstalking vehicle that led me for 95% of my just completed vehicle trip?

Anyhow, the waxing appointment was done, with extra redness for reasons I won't get into. Then I retrace some of my trip to go take the infernal cell phone back, and lo, if the blonde woman with serious cleavage wasn't there again. Her "magic touch" caused the cell phone to connect to the network, and all was solved. She does this every time; she sinks low and leans forward for me to see down her front, and then attends to whatever it is that I am asking for. Again, what was the point of that; having me redouble some of my tracks (2km) with an extra red chest from a prior waxing appointment and then look down Ms. Cleavage's chest while my uncased phone springs to life in her deft fingers? It is all too stupid for words, being kept as a lab rat in a Potemkin Village Maze for 11 years to perform/view major cleavage presentations.

The Texan has departed the vineyard, and I am holding the fort alone. Not that I stay there, but the watering and animal feeding must be done. The boss phoned me for the first time in three weeks, and is getting out of hospital today. He didn't sound too good, but I am sure he is much better than he was. Still no word on what was the matter; the symptom of total renal failure doesn't explain much. Sounds like a perp job to me, and they did it to someone who is aiding them all the time I am there. I quite haven't figured out why some abettors come up roses with a new vehicle, house, business start etc. and some get totally shafted. And how do the perps assign worth to that in order to compensate the witting subject who unwittingly gets a three week health scare of unknown cause?

I see my browser has suddenly gone to larger and bolder print with the "upgrade" today, and as text size is also of consuming perp interest, it would be more of the same.

A two hour nap attack in the evening for no seeming cause. Very often a nap attack is either a preparation for when I go to get a specific item (especially if it has been a burning "need" for months), or else serves as an interuption when I embark on something interesting. In the latter case, they pulled a five hour nap attack after beginning to read a new (to me, though used) viticulture book this time last year.

At the vineyard I was building some 4" diameter PVC tubes to hold filter cartridges so they can be re-used if back-flushed. Some have a bell end and others don't and as I found out the hard way, one can get fittings to fit the bell end and not the normal pipe diameter. Of course they didn't tell me that at the supplier when I bought them, as I had never heard of special fittings for the flared bell ends before, in any size. I wanted to put these together but the perps totally scrambled me over which size gets what fitting. I never have a problem keeping pipe fittings organized, but for some reason I had a massive cognitive "failure" to the point that I abandoned the planned PVC gluing. Which would be the second time this project has been sabotaged, the aforementioned fitting problem caused the glue to set up over the indigo primer. Normally one doesn't see glued up ends as they are inside the fitting pieces. But for some reason the perps wanted glue and primer to congeal on the PVC pipe and have it sit there for two weeks now.

And pointless hours looking online for server racks; I could use one to vertically stack the printer, modem, NAS server (if I get one), stereo component (if I get one). They are not exactly cheap so I got to wonder why am I spending hours on this if I am indifferent to its cost/benefit ratio? This hasn't been the only futile product search that I have been put through.

The vehicular gangstalking remains heavy, and with more oncoming vehicles straddling the centerline, as in encroaching into my lane. What is with this bullshit? Another stunt I now see is to have oncoming vehicles (with headlights on in the daytime, as all vehicles are) staggered to add more light sources at once. The oncoming vehicle will be close to the centerline, at a respectable offset, but the vehicle behind is way wide, straddling the shoulder line so one extrat headlight is directed at me. This creates an illusion of three headlights abreast coming toward me, when in fact it is two vehicles playing games for more pit-lamping exposure time.

My birthday, and a Saturday, but no reprieve from the abusive assholes. They let me wax my vehicle this morning, beginning at 0700h as it gets too hot by 0900h. And they let me finish the job and even cooled it down by arranging some cloud cover until nearly finished. Which is about all they did for me today, assuming it was for me in the first place.

I assembled my laundry into one pile in a steel basket, just ahead of placing it into a olive green duffel bag. And lo, if I didn't "need" a break because of a sudden tiredness onset, and lo, if I didn't get sacked for a two hour nap attack, beginning at 1015h. I don't need naps, and NEVER need them or had them some five hours after awakening, but it would seem someone wanted my laundry to be piled but not packed while I slept. (And the just-waxed and polished vehicle 30' away, on the other side of the fence). By then it was lunch, still feeling wiped out from the nap, and so I got onto laundry then. The much gangstalked and fucked-with event of doing laundry was after lunch, as it seems they wanted this to occur, as it had always been done first thing Saturday mornings. The laundromat had tattoo shows, the oversized males, the shiftless backpacker who didn't appear to have any laundry but needed to run the faucet all the same, and a few other Unfavoreds, e.g. dreadlock hair.

Both washing machines at the laundromat fucked me out of an extra dollar coin. Then the tattoos and shiftless males arrived to loiter around. And the perps even arranged one of my face cloths, the one they dyed with pink spatters, to "fall" to the ground and have me pick it up just ahead of a Fuckwit Redshirt walking over that identical location of the face cloth. Funny how those things "happen", and keep "happening".

Later when back, I see the perps fucked the heat-AC pump to make it appear 10C, way down from the 26C I have it set for. Said remote control wouldn't work from 15' away, so I had to walk up to the machine to turn it off, then on, all to have it reset at 26C. And how many times have I had to do the same for TV remote controls? Hundreds in the past 11 years of this insane abuse, and my TV exposure/availibility is limited as I don't own one.

A bicycle road race to re-arrange vehicular traffic so that it was one lane in both directions and the N bound lane was using the L lane of the S bound lane. The perps just love these road traffic games, mixing up lanes, road works, L-hand Japanese vehicles and on and on.

I got to hike with my new black colored Kelty pack, that has reasonable room. I still haven't figured out pack sizes and how they can claim 28L goes in my small pack. The hike was aborted with cattle/bull going aggressive by standing his ground and then going to stand in the way when I wanted to take an alternative trail section. The cows didn't seem to mind me taking the hiking trail, though they kept a wary eye on me to make sure I was passing through. But this bull wasn't going to passively watch me, and stood his ground from 60' away. The adjacent forest was full of slash (downed tree fragments and I would of likely broke an ankle if having to move through it at any speed.

I took a lunch break at a lake near the parking lot, and somehow, some pitch arrived on my pants when I wasn't under any trees, or on any pitch bearing objects. It makes a major cleanup problems as it will stick to other clothes. So.. an unplanned clean-up, and a forced trip to the laundromat, and lo, if the pitch didn't re-arrive on my pants after laundering.

Vineyard work was detailed to cherry picking and pitting -with plenty of perp stunts of opening up my fingers and having cherries drop to the ground/floor; about 30x over the day. Other finger manipulations to impair my intention to grasp or let go, about 40x over the day. And two cherry juice messes that erupted when the zip lock bag gave out. The perps just love screwing with zip lock bags and and having them separate after being zipped lightly together. So it goes; one insult/assault follows another.

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