Sunday, July 14, 2013

Overnight Port Wine Stain Arrival

I see that the windows of this stand-alone suite were replaced today, just as I was notified in advance. The owners indicated that this might be planned a month ago, but wasn't sure when it might happen. But the window installers did it in true perp style by making a mess. That is to say, there was a fine layer of pink dust from the stucco on the outside had "somehow "got inside and came down around each of the four window locations. That is, on furniture, the kitchen counter, clothes etc. Make my day assholes; I loathe messes, and this time they put the Windows Gang on me to make a mess in four locations.The installer said the old windows were leaky and making out he couldn't do anything about it. Was I allowed to ask him if he had a vacuum attachment on his saw, or if he taped the windows up before he started. No..sirr, putting Fuckwits on the spot and calling them on their BS is not allowed.

I thought that port wine stains on skin, usually Caucasian skin I would think, were determined at birth, a la Gorbachev. Not only did I get two red wine moles arranged vertically on my chest and within an inch of each other back in 2005 or so, but I got a new one last night on my face. Yes...sirr, these strange and persistent things/abuses can arrive overnight, and on my R. cheekbone, where there is minimal flesh covering the location. Not directly visible face on, but evident on my R. side profile. I am infuriated that this bullshit is done to me after 11 years of this sustained abuse. Seems the perps need a dark red mark to go with the present spate of cherry picking I have been assigned to. And I see the pics of it did not turn out.

On the general abuse front, there are plasma spots, flashes in my field of view lately, often the persistent kind that stay in my vision from outside to inside and then up the stairs to the next floor. These are important transition points for the perps, who put on no end jerkarounds over egress over these critical locations. I cannot shake these light flashes from my view, and sometimes they will change color and then revert back to the first color, often green, light and dark at different events. Often the shapes are segmented lines straight or arced.

And at least six ponytail male eruptions/stalkings after work today, when driving into town. Even a "greeter" at the parking lot pay machine was part of this freakshow.

Day 2 of the window installers' mess; I put sheets over all the things I could, so guess what, I get to launder them later this week. One of the Windows Gang put an ice cream cone in my freezer using my bowl, and the asshole didn't even clean it retrieving it. And no less, "somehow" I didn't see that it was in a bowl, as the perps wiped this particular object from my visual/cognitive field when I first saw it in the freezer. I spend over an hour doing vacuming the entire floor area of the place, cleaned the counters, top of fridge etc.

And I have yet to read Dean Radin's book, The Conscious Universe, which I can rightfully blame the perps as I bought it at least two years ago and haven't turned a page. But I see Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities in the same theme, and directly addresses yoga. I have often wondered what the perp's yoga fixation is about, and this new book might provide some insight. Based on the advertising copy, I would say he is on the right track, and should be thankful he doesn't get cancered or otherwise whacked like some of the leading physics thinkers.

A two hour nap attack, (though I got FUD-ed, so it might have been three hours), tea time at beginning and afterward, no dinner. I still feel wasted after the nap, a perp trademark I have come to know. Perhaps it relates to what follows; read on.

I am listening to a Bonnie Raitt CD, the re-master of Give It Up, one of my very favorite albums. To do so, the perps put me through three PC players after obstructing Windows Media Player and increasing my annoyance before the CD would finally play. And lo, if it didn't play from two sources (different software), one on top of the other. This is my fourth copy of the album; the first LP in 1973 got warped on the turntable in the sun, and the second LP seemed served me well until a generic "LP-disease" came on and caused localized warps on many of my LP's to have me replace them all in 1993 or so. (Yes, I looked after my LP's, and kept them from sun, heat, cold etc.). Then a CD was next, and now this re-master version. I first bought Give It Up in 1974, and turned a number of friends on to Bonnie Raitt's distinct talents. Back in 1990, by "fluke", I saw her win her first and fourth Grammy on TV, as I was studying at the time, and the house owner controlled the TV. It is one of my favorite albums, and perhaps that is the reason the perps put me through a long and unneeded nap in advance of playing the CD.

A two and a half hour nap attack this afternoon, and I felt groggy for at least an hour after that. I slept an extra two hours this morning, so I did not need the sleep. (Plus, some vile dreams in progress before I awakened). The associated deal seemed to be the post nap activity of cutting up the cooked chicken in the fridge. It was the first time I cut into it, though I pulled a leg off it four days ago when the Window Gang (per above) were here. As I had the last of the prior chicken until two days ago, one could say there was chicken-overlap, having both in the fridge for three days (until yesterday), and this one was begun today. As the perps routinely noisestalk me over cutting of chicken meat, or any food item for that matter, it doesn't suprise me that they hit me with an advance nap attack.

Earlier, the laundromat stalkathon, with the parking lot duly arranged with vehicles and trailers. This time a 20' boat and trailer behind a pickup truck dominated the parking, and stayed there for the entire time, some 1.5 hours. After I returned from errands while the load was washing, a pickup with a 20' flat deck trailer pulled in beside the boat and trailer. Call it trailer-on-trailer action, for whatever reason the perps find in this particular vehicle. A few weeks ago, for two visits a week apart, they put on a camper-trailer in the same parking lot. The owner was one of the stalkers at the motel (until May 31) and didn't have either the trailer or the pickup towing vehicle then. Funny how these shiftless males can come up spades in such a short span.

They put on a negro at the laundromat this morning, he first came to stand by his active washing machine and then feign putting more money it, an absurd proposition as it didn't need money. There is nothing one can do once the load has begun to launder. Said negro returned for my return when the drying cycle was done. Not only was he looking at his laptop, a very common perp prop, he then got up to cross my path after I came by. And lo, if he didn't have his laundry in the dryer next to mine, just like his washing. Way back in 2004-2005 the perps put a negro woman on my ass, as in stalking me, at a laundromat. A car from the state of Georgia was parked outside, and she "happened" to have her laundry in the next machine. She gives me this sneering look for no reason that I could discern, and I stare back, and she then departs. Fucking weird then, and thankfully today's laundromat negro kept his head down and staring at his laptop.

I see the above mentioned port wine stain has mostly disappeared, so some reprieve from the Fourth Reich on the facial flaws front.

Sunday, and a "need" to get a hike came on. I did my usual MacIntyre Bluff early enough that there wasn't hordes and herds of faux hikers to navigate past.

But no rest for tanning, as the forest ants kept crawling over me, and the bee "happened" to buzz me when I had both hands busy.

Another forced nap attack after the hike, a good two hours and the third in a week. As above, note the prior or subsequent events for a perp connection. And lo, if they didn't pull another ant invasion in the kitchen, in two places it turned out. Another freak-out from the ants, juvenile ants they are, and another clean up job, and then putting liner in the drawers so ant-like scuffs won't be mistaken for the them. I must of spent 50% or more of my free time this past week in the direct service of the perps; nap attacks, stucco dust cleanup, and ants-in-kitchen cleanup.

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