Sunday, August 04, 2013

Many Worlds

A two hour clean up of the toilet tonight; the perps had the toilet back up three successive times with no successful clearing/unblocking in between. Their past record had been two, but they decided to up the "brown games" ante by one more. A full on rage show at times as well, as extra adversity gets added in too. And they also allowed the adjoining carpet to get wet somehow when I had the doorway dammed with two towels. They have so many ways of dithering one's cognition as well as telekinetic fuckery that there is no point speculating as to how it happens.

Needless to say I am absolutely fucking annoyed that they have spent over 11 years of messing with shit, driving it around in tankers, pumping it across sidewalks and all the rest of the juvenile inanities they have pulled over the years and here they still are, playing shit games with the toilet. Regular readers will know this all began when the perps first went berserk/overt in 04-2002 in my apartment in Seattle, and one of the uninvited personnel blew up a balloon, tied it off, then flushed the toilet and inserted the balloon to obstruct it. And they did a good job of it, as I had to get a plumbers' snake to free it up a few days later. And ever since then, taking a shit has become a fraught and adverse experience, even down to the toilet paper not separating on the perforations (nearly every time). Anyhow, not the first time this has been mentioned and I will spare my readership  any further details.

Some toilet related events caused me to go straight home instead of grocery shopping when driving back from the vineyard. Then a 40 minute nap attack came on, making me feel fogged and clogged afterward. Then onto grocery shopping, replete with a three staff member choreographed cluster fuck in front of me as I was about to pass through that very (and constrained) aisle space. Instead I got to watch this insane ludicrousness until my egress was permitted (no one in the way). They with staff  black shirts, and a black coat on me, initiated by thinking that a thunderstorm was to come when I set off. Then I got skunked on getting a hot cooked chicken and the small size tortillas, and got to the cashier where other strangeness was in progress, i.e. the prior customer hanging back.

Then onto the supermarket to get their hot cooked chicken, my original source until May 2013 when the above organic store put in a hot counter, and so I bought their organic free range chicken (cooked) since. That is until today, as it seems the perps have a chicken eating/digestion comparison event going on, and so it goes. Said supermarket put on their E. Indian at the hot counter, and another to tail me to the checkout. Then the woman behind me came forward to put her cloth bags against my plastic bags that were just filled, and so it goes. The perps are totally desperate to determine what it is about plastic bags they seem not to know. (Last week, a vineyard visitor put two plastic bags on the couch, one each side of my coat for crissakes, moving my coat to set it up in the middle as it was in a corner of the couch). NOT my problem why the perps don't understand the energetics of plastic bags, but one can see they are upping the harassment ante.

Then I visit the tea shop next to the supermarket as the notion of getting some summertime teas was duly planted some weeks ago. And lo, if they didn't put on a negro woman staff member. I got the spiel on teas, and when I wanted the 2L infusion jug with a teal colored top (instead of fuchsia), the woman had to go on a ladder and look in all the tall cabinets and lo, there was none remaining in boxes, so I got the demo one instead. But she had to get the (brown cardboard) box out anyhow to get the bar code off it. And so it goes, from brown boxes to brown colored skin and all the transitions, fuckery and harassment that goes with it. NOT my problem the perps don't like it that I hate various colors, brown being one of them.

I got plenty of vehicular gangstalking on the way there and back, uncluding a semi-trailer and tractor unit headed E from two blocks away, and after changing directions to get to the organics grocery store, why, there it was again, heading N from two blocks away. All this at 1800h, not exactly the busiest commercial time of day. And too, at least 20 individual motorcycle stalkers out too, "just happening" to be driving around in the shopping areas of this 30k pop. summertime holiday town.

Vineyard work; tapping day long, like yesterday; one or taps per second, emulating house construction, though I never heard such pathetic carpenters until the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002. But there is a real house being constructed in the neighborhood, so maybe they are having someone wielding a hammer on it. Later in the day, and when wearing the headphones and listening to favorite music, why, they put on the tapping noise to be heard through the headphones with music playing. Ditto for aircraft noise, hot-rod muffler noise and a few others. It would seem that a "regular" perp noise series now being punched through while wearing EMF a device (headphones) while listening to music.

The Saturday freakshow at the laundromat again, this time heavy on male skinheads (three with a shiny bald pate). One tailed me to seemingly  "inspect" his laundry which "happened" to be next to the machine I selected to use. He rudely cuts between me and the washing machine before I had inserted any laundry, then does these mini-back-and-forths, stepping to depart and then reverses. I ask him what he is doing, then he says "sorry", and moves back to where he was. I look at his washing machine, and it is active with water sloshing around on the front glass window. Like WTF; he goes to his washing machine knowing he cannot do anything about it, long before it is finished, to "inspect" it. Totally bizarre IMHO, but nearly identical to what a negro did two weeks ago at the same laundromat.

Then tapping in the neighborhood while putting out the laundry to dry. Add on dog barking, HD motorcycle noise, and it was just another day of the arranged noisescape. Later, I attended to the weeds poking through the cracks in the doorstep, and then the noise really erupted. An aircraft flew in low on its approach to the airport, then a lawnmower, followed by HD motorcycle noise again, ... and so it goes. That I deal with plants (vines) all day long, the perps needed to replicate that activity at my own residence it would seem.

My latest CD fix has kept me housebound for the most part this weekend; along with ripping them into FLAC files. The perps like me to have back ups out of sync with the source directories, and adding to my music library will surely accomplish that. A Synology back up NAS would be nice, though I don't think I can afford it. If Windows had an intelligible back up management I wouldn't have to comtemplate another computer. I find it amazing that a commercial enterprise like Synology can make a significant business out of what Microsoft refuses to address, at least for this Win7 Home Premium OS.

Another fixation that is taking up more time, is the hair plucking. Now not only chest and neck hairs, but a new plucking "front" is my cheeks where hair started a few years ago. Most often then there is a black colored filamentous maser emanating from the just-plucked facial hair, that lifts off and parallels and follows the tweezers until I drop the hair into the sink. More often, the hair somehow sticks to my fingers or the tweezers so it can re-arrive in the proximity of the next plucking location, or else re-arrives via teleportation.

A likely related activity to above mentioned cheek hair plucking is the ongoing molar sensitivity, now into a third month. I saw the specialist and even had a CT scan, but no firm diagnosis. The sore tooth causes me to chew most of my food on my R side, which by "coincidence" is where the majority of the cheek hairs are, and of course, get plucked with accompanying maser beam.

Reading is another home-bound activity of late: I read about Charles Fort and his cataloging of the paranormal and extra-conventional events like raining of frogs or blood, and his thumbing his nose to the scientists of the day. He gives good cause to doubt everything in the historical human experience, including geology. Another read is Hugh Everett III, the man who developed the "many worlds" concept, which I suspect is a significant component of perp research. It relates to quantum theory, and its premise that it is a quantum world (not a classical physics world), and that there are multiple universes to reflect quantum interactions. Almost at the edge of my comprehension, but an interesting read that the perps put on for me, presumably to better understand their nonconsensual human research agenda.

Anyhow, time to send this to be posted for the week, even if I get an extra unpaid day off tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

As I was getting out of my car at the department store today, A Butch homely Lesbian and a Lipstick Lesbian were planted next to my car performing and extended make out session in the car next to me. I believe they were planted at my location to create a negative psychological event in my thought processes.
Quite depressing. I'm thinking it is to go along with all the Pro Homosexual Rights news media references lately. I really have nothing against Homosexuality. I do not understand it, And witnessing it is repulsive, but have nothing against it. It may seem like a Contradiction but it is not. People have different tastes and like different things and I recognize this. I believe they should have every right to be with who ever pleases them and do what ever they desire. How ever creating a false situation to traumatize me is Wrong.

Anonymous said...

I never thought they'd do it to me, but somehow, I forgot my password for my voicemail. So interesting that I spent a number of hours trying to recall my VM password. And what's more, I had remembered my password earlier in the day and was able to access my voicemail then. It wasn't until later in the evening, when I had completely forgot my VM password! I eventually was able to remember it later on in the evening. By then, I got the message that there were 3 unauthorized attempts to access my voicemail from my cell.

It looks like the perps temporarily blanked out my recall of my password. It's interesting because I could remember everything else but that. And then I was suddenly able to remember that password. I guess it was because someone at UPS left a message for me about a job interview there. And maybe the perps were controlling my access to my voicemail by blanking out the recall of one specific item, my password. Interesting how precise their memory blanking is, and how they are able to have the TI remember what that item is some time later.

AJH said...

Answer to: As I was getting out of my car at the...

I get the "Lovey Dovey" couples sometimes, though I ascribe it to using their combined biofields to interfere with your own, and somehow dissecting which energy (by remote means)and which emotion came from each member of the couple. It would be more difficult to figure out with a homosexual couple I would think. I often get the "split couples" ambulatory gangstalk game where they separate by way of some feint and have me walk between them. Thanks for comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: "I never thought..."

Since about 2007-2008 they learned everything about my recall, short and long term, so I would think recall dithering is now embedded in their operational capabilities and applied to overt and covert targets. And too, they like to make sure you know about it by way of an possible need to use your voice mail password, i.e. message about job prospects. Thanks for the comments.