Sunday, May 05, 2013

Post Wax Frenetic Neighbor Noise

More disruption in the ongoing delay/extend my cosmetic and hair treatments, where a two part waxing appointment turned into two separate appointments either side of the weekend, and a haircut was performed in between, on said weekend. In other words, all waxing and hair-cutting was to be done in one visitation and lo, if events didn't unfold to have a leg wax one day (Friday), and haircut the next (Saturday), and then a back wax today, Tuesday. There must be something highly beneficial to the perps when body hairs are pulled or cut (shaving or head hair cut). Maybe all those pulled hairs have the pore cells "wounded" and giving a higher or different biological energetic signature.

Today, a Tuesday, must of been the perp's grand finale of this hair removal triple delay. A seated loafing Fuckwit 4' from my vehicle when I parked, then a parcel that was delivered (brown cardboard), and then all manner of raucous and high volume verbalization along with intermittent room pounding in this here motel suite. The latter arranged while opening the parcel of hose clamps with yellow thumb screws and another round of extra noise when cutting chicken meat off the carcass in preparation for my almost only menu item (lunch and dinner), chicken quesadilla. Long time readers and TI's will know the perps go extra berserk over meat carving, be it red meat or other. And too, vegetables and fruit getting sliced with a knife. And that includes the First Feral Family crowding around me when doing the same at their house, (usually). The neighbor nonsense disintegrated into an argument between he and she, which then moved to the parking lot outside. All has gone quiet for now (1850h).

Who knew that 11 years of insane abuse and sick harassment would go down this path of obsessive insanity, being hounded for applying a knife, along with the history of how and when it got sharpened and with what materials. The perps do love me to sharpen tools with diamond hones of late, but natural sandstones and man-made ceramic stones have been much studied by the perps in the past. It is almost routine that any day I return to vineyard duty with just-sharpened pruners (the usual tool for cutting or trimming shoots), I get sidetracked onto other non-pruning jobs for at least a day.

I left work early for today's waxing appointment, another dysfunction they introduced, as all these appointments were done on Saturdays until now. Mixing up the leg waxing days to occur at the end of work days at the vineyard would be another advancement in perp fuckery. Who knows what is next; a waxing appointment in the vineyard while someone else is cutting shoots? I imagine it has already been done by the perps, but not with me just yet, thankfully. The short answer to "how stupid can the perps get" (in terms of combinations and permutations of experimentation), is "stupider". Which they have demonstrated so many times in the last 11 years of this psychopathic maelstrom.

A day of fixing irrigation leaks and testing sprinkler heads on the vineyard today. I was working with the co-owner, attending to putting the fittings together in some places.

A dude babble session next door to my suite, my arranged background noise at the moment. It is the same deal; a rotation of next door residents; sometimes he and she bitching at each other, sometimes a woman on the phone for over two hours, then a dude on the phone for hours another day, and now a cluster of dude-only talk. As best as I could tell, they weren't watching the Boston - Toronto playoff game as I was. No loud coordinated cheering in other words, hockey playoffs being a good excuse to inject dude babble into the noise mix.

Another day of attending to the irrigation and then the farm owning couple strangely drop tools and watch TV in the living room with no direction as to what I would be doing next. I had 40 min. left in the day, so I attended to winemaking activity. Most strange it seemed. And they came by the equipment shed to have a row while I was there, while I was attempting to manipulate the silicone caulking compound out of the tub and onto a torn screen in a sediment filter. Funny how their disagreements are arranged for me to overhear.

Then near constant vehicular gangstalking for the 20 min. drive home after, with one stop at a grocery store that was also highly stalked, including the parking lot for crissakes. And they must of put on 20 motorcycles in groups of one or two, including one trike, which is the current rage in the gangstalking vehicle force.

And strange masers floating out of sprinkler heads, usually when I had removed them to clear the pipes of over-winter debris, usually a brown algae of some kind. The sick-ass perps were up to their new-found stunt of causing pipe threads to not engage, and then having me and the owner spend some 30 minutes on trying new heads, and all the other possible ways to get the threads to mate. But at least we are now armed, as of my plumbing fitting (read, PVC) store visitation this morning (also populated with a greater-than-normal dude population), with the right fittings to saw off the riser pipe and put a new fitting on. I had been through fucking hell a few weeks ago to get a 3/4" fitting to a pump to work with new fittings, and to no surprise, the perps want me to run this same abusive gauntlet again. We had about 5 cross threaded pipe "problems`` (keyboard function now messed with by outside forces), yesterday, and only three today. That is supposed to be progress. The vineyard co-owner gets the honors of attempting to fit the recalcitrant sprinkler head into the fitting, and makes out that she knows what she is doing. Another laugh-er (of a kind, but nothing much is ever funny as a TI abusee).

An hour later, and I still hear the raucous dudes from next door, and lo, if it hasn`t degenerated in pounding the building in some way and shaking this suite.

Last night's raucous dude yapping went on until bed time (2200h), and then the seeming dude resident was on the phone at 0600h this morning after I had got up. Quite the noise train, and covering me after a night's sleep no less.

The perps were in extra silly mode this morning, causing me at least 15 delays until I could get out the door to my vehicle. And lo, if it wasn't parked next to the bright yellow Ford Escape, this vehicle that seems to me moving incrementally closer to mine, parking stall by parking stall. Sometimes they put a grey-scale vehicle behind it, black, white or silver-grey, some more acceptable color rather than Unfavored yellow (of any hue0>

And it has been a big two days for the perps and their yellow line painting games. The new section (2km or so) of the East Side Rd. got the center-line painted a bright yellow yesterday. And now I see that another km of my commute route in town has been painted the same bright yellow, center-lines and shoulder lines. On the aforementioned repaved road, the perps painted the shoulder lines, not white, but a pale yellow. Never in North American driving (40 years worth) have I seen shoulder lines in anything but white, but as of today, they now come in a muted yellow. All part of the shoulder line transitiion I suppose, from white (repainted too) to light yellow. I suspect the perps have got a long road of abusive fuckery ahead, if this is where they are at. And too, the painted line "mis-application", now routine in my experience, where the yellow centerline job got muffed up with a paint spill or two, and follow-on road traffic somehow drove through the wet paint.

And more screamingly infuriating rage tonight, though without any neighbors hearing, as hoarse whispering is now the imposed routine. The assholes have been fucking with the key and mouse clicks, sometimes 4x in succession. It "happens" for any keyboard I use, be it here in the evening or the odd time at work, or even the so-called smart phone.

More irrigation work today, in keeping with their fascination over water delivery, from a city to an individual at a water fountain, or by way of irrigated crops that are then processed into wine or sold as produce. And all that plastic PVC and poly pipe and the fittings (sprinkler heads, drip line etc.), glue and primer are all so interesting to the perps as the water courses inside the pipe. Or, as it explodes from a leak. Which does make me wonder as to who really  might of caused the innumerable city water line bursts that make the news with such regularity. And to think about the larger picture of fresh water diversion projects worldwide; dams, pipes, canals, aquaducts, flumes, sluice ways, bottled water and on and on, and here are the perps still putzing around and having me do PVC pipe work (sawing, sanding, priming and gluing) for later irrigation of vineyards.

Back in  1996 to 2000 I got stiffed with owning a small farm holding, and ended up laying 600' of 2" PVC pipe along with valves, filters and drip heads in a new trench to replace the leaking water lines on the property. I also replaced the irrigation system of an acre of kiwi plants. And here we are, some 17 years later and the assholes are still hounding me over the same things. That farm job cost me $5k in digging, hauling and materials, not including my labor. So it would seem the perps are attempting to replicate past activities anew, especially when it comes to water delivery, crop irrigation, and having me consume the crops or products in various forms, from vegetables, fruit, jams and preserves to wine. The great worldwide experiment over water, in all its forms, sources and enfolded energies seems to have a particular focus on me and what I am controlled and scripted to do. Lucky me, as in NOT.

I went to see a place to rent, and what a holy gangstalking it was on the way back. I even had a motorcyclist pull out from a gas station, poised and waiting but NOT LOOKING, perfectly timed to be a rude ass, causing me to brake and sound my horn. The Fuckwit biker waved, but still couldn't be bothered to find out how close it was. Like WTF; if someone is waiting for traffic to pull out and enter a street, say, from a driveway, don't they always look to see what is coming in case they have a collision? And all the more so when they are driving a motorcycle as the recovery from any kind of vehicular contact is significantly greater? Not in TI World, where everything and everybody seems to be arranged and normal civic behaviors don't apply.

More conventionally inexplicable lack of motivation yesterday over looking for a new place. I must be out of this motel suite by the end of May, which of course means look now. For "some reason" I didn't do a whole lot about it when I had the whole Saturday to do so.

Another beach encroachment by ball playing Fuckwits backing into me. With 200' of vacant beach they start a two person soccer kick-around some 20' away, and we know where that is going. Back up toward me to get closer and then field an errant ball onto me or else have said Fuckwit collide with me. End of tanning in less than 20 min. They left me alone on beaches last year, save one out of town when the wet dog shook beside me. Yesterday's beach encroachment gave me 30 min. of tanning before the football throwing males, some with disgusting guts on show, got too close for comfort. And it is the season of the Harley-
Davidson motorcycle noise, and they made sure I heard all about while at the beach, both visitations.

The new-"found", (read imposed) habit of plucking my breast hairs from the roots continues. I never did this before, and as I see it, it is a totally pointless exercise as there are so many, and ingrown ones too. This nonsense started up on my thigh hair last summer, but thankfully it didn't last for more than two weeks. I have no one to impress, and besides, I shave my front torso hair every day. And while doing the breast hair plucking, a sensation of feeling slightly stoned or drunk comes over me, and I hadn't ingested anything that would cause it organically.

There have been other times of feeling stoned from no conventionally attributable cause. This was two days ago at work when working with irrigation parts, priming, gluing, sawing, filing etc.

And a stalking from the RCMP no less; a half block tail into the parking lot, and then she (policewoman on duty), got out and walked behind me. Two more sightings in the store while she did her walkabouts (no apparent shopping) and then departed. I get plenty of vehicular cruise-by's from Canada's Finest Fuckups, but never had a ambulatory police tail in this town for the 15 months I have lived here until today.

More angst over finding a rental suite; do I get the small house with all the utilities to pay, or do I get a cheaper apartment and have someone banging on the ceiling overhead? If the perps didn't keep me near broke the house would be a no-brainer, but after 11 years of strange assholes for neighbors, as well as the unconventional forces shaking a 12" concrete and steel ceiling overhead, maybe it it time to eliminate the excuses for outside disruptions.

 I finally got to see A Clockwork Orange last night on TV, the latter half of it. I wanted to see this when it first released but it seemed that there was one interruption after another. It helped that there was no commercial breaks for a rare change. And the content, of being neurally modified to eschew violent acts, with some kind of apparatus on the head of the protagonist, Alex, while in the care of a physician. Just to think, they can now do this from remote locations and with no attached apparatus and unbeknownst to the subject. And they are very close to 100% mind control, as it seems only my attention switching begets immediate noisestalking onsets.

And time to post this one, though I am sure there is more I could write about.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that they presented you with a bright yellow Ford. Late yesterday afternoon, I saw a bald guy pull up in a bright yellow antique Mustang. Very nice. And of course, probably the goal was to test the favored (nice classic Mustang) against unfavored (bald guy driving it) and also the color, which was unknown (bright yellow).

And I have seen 2 Trikes so far, the first one on Friday. On Friday, this older dude gets off his Trike, and it kinda had this exotic "Transformers" look to the front (2 wheels in front). And late yesterday afternoon, I saw a couple on a similar type of Trike.

And of course, the usual freaky gangstalkers were out and about. Recently, though, I have been seeing people out for walks who appear to have been walking through the cemetery. And this never happened until I had been taking walks through the cemetery. And now I have "imitators" who are out for walks walking over the hill exiting from the cemetery, just like I had been doing. And one time, there was a little black kid yelling "HELP ME!!" over and over again, in the housing project next to the cemetery. I was slowing walking through the cemetery, and I see this black kid yelling, and he was positioned kind of close to me. And he was making no attempt to hide or conceal the fact that he was a yelling gangstalker operative.

And it's interesting that I have had the urge to go walking through the cemetery lately. I liked to walk and pause at gravestones of people I've known. Or I like to see the dates of when they were alive, and imagine what it was like to live in an earlier time period. And there were a couple of possible relatives who were born in 1897 and died whenever. So it's possible there is some sort of testing they are getting out of this. Maybe name recognition of deceased, or my perception of if they are family members or not. And maybe they are curious to see what I am visualizing. Interesting that I did hear a strange noise while taking a shortcut from the narrow asphalt roadways through the burial plot. When walking over a grave site, I heard a strange sound, followed by the image of someone trying to grab my foot and trip me. I suppose they are trying to pretend there is a vengeful spirit there, but I know it is them with their audio/visual games again.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Interesting that they presented you..."

Yellow is big right now, most evidenced by this town's road centerline (yellow) and shoulder line and stop lines painting (both white). Even the malls are getting in on when they wouldn't be part of the city's line painting initiative. The wellow school bus sitting at the side of the road was out again this morning, though staying put and not deliberately pulling out to get in my way.

Cemeteries aren't much of my arranged world, and I really wouldn't know anyone in this town, (Penticton) as it is new to me as of 01-2012. Though I do wonder about the wackos who deface and destroy graves for a lark, and ponder that it might be neural influencing for some mysterious perp purposes. Thanks for the comments.