Monday, May 13, 2013

Road Marking in Yellow

There is no question the perps have a thing about the color yellow with respect to what I think about it, which isn't much. And there was no question the yellow road marking maintenance binge has laid down a lot of yellow paint recently, even a soft yellow (noted in last week's blog), for a shoulder line which was repainted white over the weekend.  But they outdid themselves by having all the parking stalls painted yellow at this here motel. The lines were white before, and for some reason (har, har), they went with yellow.

Not only converting all white parking stall lines to yellow, but they somehow informed everyone to move their vehicles out in advance. There was no prior notice, and the Albertan silver-grey Volvo 850 that I usually park beside was gone too. It hasn't moved in three weeks, and "somehow", the owner was informed and it was moved. Or maybe, the owner left the keys at the front desk. I find it amusing that this was all coordinated, without even the pretense of it being conventionally planned. The manager stopped by yesterday for an unrelated matter and she didn't say anything. Such is the excitement in Perp Land, aka TI World.

Other things of greater perp interest are skin lotions. Some have been kicking around for over two years, and suddenly I have the "need" to use them up. Those would be from plastic containers for the most part, and it seems the perps are making significant progress in modelling the energetic signature of lotions absorbed through the skin. And how many millenia have humans been daubing themselves in paint, lotions etc. and only now are the perps getting an handle on this. They even have me use one lotion and apply another over top. Their imposed breast hair plucking is still going on, and I use two lotions to clean up the spatter of red skin, in part from attempting to tease ingrown hairs to the surface. And yes, skin dynamics, absorption and hair color all factor into their research agenda that I am kept in.

A hot day in the vineyard, doing final pruning after counting the buds. I was garbed the whole day; two prior days of tanning while working were sufficient, and I don't want to give the perps any kind of excuse for other problems.

Going dairy foods free is another dietary change I have a notion (read, perp planted) to attain. I finally looked up skin conditions related to ingrown hairs, and it seems that sebaceous hyperplasia is clinical term. I have had zits for over 40 years, and the ones on my forehead have been getting worse, and are more problematic to purge. Another new diet adventure, and hopefully it will be one that stays, and better yet, has a zit-free outcome. Though, given the perp interest in skin, and all its properties, I don't see the latter being likely. They have way too much invested into this conditon and related skin color and properties research to let me go zit-free.

Saturday, and a male-female shouting matched was arranged at 0630h for me to overhear. Thankfully it wasn't more than a few minutes.

A skunk (no result, aka dashed expectation) on the laundry last evening; had to do it this morning, and of course, have it all sitting in the laundry bag overnight with the detergent beside it in the living area. It seems the normal places for each are getting tired for the perps and the process of packing laundry from its hamper to the bag, grabbing the detergent and walking 120' to the laundry room was happening too fast for them. So, they fire me up to do laundry Friday night, arrange a skunk where someone has two machines tied up (S. neighbor as it "happens"), and have the laundry sit around for an evening and overnight until this morning. Then the zinc oxide stain battle began afterwards. The perps screwed me into preventing it by blanking me out while putting a shirt on, and lo, there were the stains all of a sudden. Seven shirts got hit with this fuckery, while that was totally preventable if they had left me alone.

The zinc oxide was applied to the rash they gave me which sits above the rash from the imposed chest hair plucking habit that started a few weeks ago. But as I have some kind of long running skin condition of ingrown hairs and secaceous hyperplasia, though nothing terrible, the zinc oxide is proving helpful to soften these up, and then following with an exfoliating glove applied in the shower, the embedded hairs are now visible on the surface and pointing out instead of down. Maybe I will get them all removed by waxing instead of shaving them each day. Who knows where this angle of perp harassment/fuckery is going. That, and the above clothing stain games was good enough for two hours of extra harassment recovery/treatment.

A shopping outing, and one that is fraught with the usual color arranged gangstalking clusters of vehicles and bizarre driving habits. And the too-close "customers" who somehow sneak up behind and emerge way-too-close in my peripherial vision. Doesn't anyone have any manners nowadays, like "excuse me", should I be unintentionally obstructing egress which I don't do anyhow? And then the freakshow too; dipshit males with straggly hair to their waist somehow "needing" to arrive in my field of view a half dozen times in one store visitation.

I went to the local Value Village for the first time, and lo, if it didn't turn out to be an cashier obstruction jerkaround, with the tattoo-ed elder-male pulling stunts to delay the cashier. The cashier manager arrived at one point to "help" and then walks away with five customers backed up. About four minute later, a nearby staff member opens a second till, all for me to join the ball cap dude ahead of me as the elder-male was still on his obstruction stunt. Not much in the way of furniture there, and the books and music section was duly populated with large males who made out that they were intent on looking, when all they were doing was putting on the spinal stretch in the crapping pose.

And all the while, my zinc oxide stained shirts were in a grey plastic bucket soaking with Shout and Dawn. We shall see if this worked or not, though the perps never give up a good opportunity to stain clothes without a battle.

It did work, and my clothes are free of any zinc oxide markings. Though, when one is harassed over cleaning the dishes and the color of the detergent for 11 years, and also equally harassed over laundry and its detergents, one can see where the perps are going with the zinc oxide stunt. That is, have the victim use dishes cleaning detergent in the laundering of the clothes, an add-on (double) detergent experiment. It has taken the assholes 11 years to be this advanced in beginning to remotely detect the energetic signature of a combination of two long used detergent. Another 11 years of fucking hell is the likely conclusion from this.

A 1.5 hour nap attack yesterday put a big hole in my afternoon. Of late, the "need" for chocolate is diminished, and it would seem, the incidence of brown colored vehicles is increasing, though maybe five per outing from none, save the odd tan metallic colored ones. The elimination of the imposed chocolate "need" should save me $100/month, and it cannot of come soon enough. I rented a small house for June onwards, and naturally the rent will increase. But there will be no Fuckwits pounding the ceiling above (even if 12" of concrete and steel), and none on either side, and none below having sex exactly below me everytime they copulate. Imagine that; no adjacent neighbors, and no roomates. It seems to good to last a year, the stated lease. Which means the perps may develop some kind of scenario to drive me out before the lease ends. It has been done before, though for the last four years in Victoria they let me stay in one place. Once I moved here in Penticton in 01-2012, I have been put through four residences, five by June 2013. It is difficult to know what the perp agenda is exactly, but constancy of residence isn't allowed except after extensive moving.

A 1.5hr hike, after an attempt to drive to another trail head ended up with me turning back as the road was too rough. Thank goodness it wasn't more than that, like getting high-centered for hours, and getting an expensive towing charge. I ended up taking an alternate route from Oliver to Keremeos, and it was mostly bush all the way, and not recommended. Then a big circle route back to Oliver on the highway. And while on the bush road, who did I meet? Why it was the same vehicle parked at the other side of the fuel pump about one hour earlier, coming the opposite way. Like WTF; I have never experienced something so odd as to have a recent nearby vehicle, a pickup with a boat and motor in it, end up on a remote road that wasn't even near by.

Yoga tonight; strange that the seating arrangements have changed; they once put an Unfavored party next to me at the last minute before class started, but now I have all manner of extra room, like I was radioactive or something. And no dude insertion games like last week where this guy comes in 10 min. late and didn't know basic yoga, but somehow ended up in advanced yoga. I still get the dude plants in the lobby after the class, that seems to be a regular pattern. And after some four weeks of no tattoo-ed Unfavoreds next to me, (an unexpected rarity), I get one tattoo-ed woman in the class of eight women and me. They put her across the other side of the room where I wouldn't see her tattoo often, instead of putting the tattoo-ed Unfavored specimen in my view, sometimes between me and the instructor.

Anyhow, I will post this lest it run for weeks.

And lo, if the pic with the yellow vehicle getting special dispensation to park transversely to the new painted yellow lines didn't get deleted some how. A delete on the card after import, then Picasa won't show me the pics so I look for it in Explorer, find them, and then the cut/paste blows up because of insufficient disk space.

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