Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ridiculous Reds

A short trip to a local grocery store, my second attempt today after I bailed from relentless vehicular gangstalking. A same mid grey color as my own vehicle, but a pickup truck and the large flat panel tailgate in front of me. Yes, lead-ahead gangstalking on all my curious routes, and at the turn to the parking lot I kept going instead. I haven't had such an obvious vehicular gangstalking since 2002, the year of the onset of this imposed berserk-ness.

Which set me up to go to this grocery store later in the evening, where they put on a red haired kid in scarlet red T-shirt, who redoubled over my tracks and tried to keep himelf in play (being seen). As he was about 15-18 y.o. and by himself, he stood out like a sore thumb when making out that he was shopping. That he didn`t pick anything up also served as a tip-off, and fortunately  he didn't follow me to the checkout. I have seen plenty of clashing reds in the course of this 11 year long abuse, but red hair and a scarlet shirt was a total gross-out. And this signifies the perps are still putzing around with colors I abhor and combinations thereof.

The vineyard owners are still having a family feud, as in not talking, so I found it strange that the other party`s brown dog was there, putting on this yelping howl k for no seeming reason. And this dog could time its barking/yelping to my pruning cuts, at least 4 in succession. Having this dog around last year wasn`t enough punishment it seems, so the dog gets to visit while the family doesn`t. But as there has been an increase in barking dogs from all directions, including my immediate neighbors in this motel suite, it doesn`t surprise me that the perps would add an additional and highly annoying bark into the noisescape, and time its yelps-barks to the exact moment I am cutting the shoots and canes of the vines.

Saturday, and a waxing appointment, this time on the legs, which grew faster than normal, and my chest for the first time. (Normally I shave my chest hair each day).. Said chest has been the subject of much picking and tweezing of ingrown hairs of late, and by extension, of  intense perp interest. Maser segments will arrive as the hair is pulled out and follow it while still held in the tweezers. These maser types are squiggly black lines that float along in  mid-air, parallel to the hair and its root, off-set by a millimeter or two.

In advance of the above waxing appointment, the perps stepped up the fake touches from nowhere (feet, hands and forearms) while making and eating breakfast. And too, when in the bathroom, head hair will arrive from nowhere and land on my face, razor, tweezers etc in greater numbers that ``usual (grammatical syymbols are now being obstructed). These teleported hairs are most often colors (blonde, black, grey) and lengths (over 3in.) that aren't my own, so how do they arrive with such precision so that they land just where I am shaving or tweezing. I nearly always get a few on me as I exit the shower, which never happened until the perps went berserk-overt on me in 04-2002.

A two hour nap attack on the couch finished off my afternoon. I wasn't short of sleep by any means, as it is a Saturday, and yet this sudden and compelling need to have sleep came over after I launched the duplicate file finder software which ran for 40 min. or so, while asleep. Then I find that the wrong disks were run, so here we go again.

And kiddie noise from outside at 2130h as I write this, and the occasional dog bark from adjacent neighbors. The kids should be in bed by now, as they are small enough, under 3 y.o. One was licking a puddle when I entered the parking lot to go to the laundry room earlier. I pointed it out to the nearby father who was cooking on the outside barbeque. I suppose this was arranged because the perps screwed me out of dealing with the laundry in the morning as I typically do on Saturdays.

The perps got me up at 0600h and had me finish the breakfast, shower and shave routine by 0730h. Then they jerked me around on a number of loose ends, including waiting for the file duplicate detection software to finish running. I finally got going by 1000h, which just pisses me off as I like to start hiking much earlier.

I was screwed out of the first choice of hiking after the map and instructions didn't seem to work out, though I did drive around Oliver looking for the trail-head. Instead, I did the MacIntyre Bluff hike, one hour each way, and a huge 180 degree view up from the rock immediately W of the river channel, NE of the vineyards. (One can see the trail before it goes under the trees) . It has become my default hike if the exploration of new trails goes awry, as it usually does.

As the perps delayed my start, it wasnt any surprise to encounter hordes of gangstalking vehicles, and the trains of color and vehicle arrangements. They now like to alternate red and white vehicles, and so far, no more than four in file. I had four black vehicles on my tail at one point, while I was following a white vehicle and a red one in front of it. And what is it and these lonely dudes walking along the highway. At least 6 today, and of course, freaks in some capacity; large male guts, long beards, irregular gaits, and the finale was the pair of negroes walking together, one with a near-indistinguishable brown shirt on. One was wearing a bright red toque, about the most ridiculous head-wear, short of going tribal.

Another trait in vehicular gangstalking is adding more brown vehicles; some half dozen on my afternoon commutes of 20 minutes. And not just the light metallic tan ones either, but mid-browns and dark-browns too, though usually with a metallic flake finish. I suppose the recent elimination of chocolate might be part of this, as they don't want the brown color in me any more, just around me. The opening salvo for this new state of browning around was three weeks ago when they put on a Volvo 850 wagon (Favored vehicle) in deep metallic brown (Unfavored color). The perps have put together all manner of individual person Favored-Unfavored combinations (e.g. blonde girl wearing red or brown), but never with vehicles until now. Nothing is sacred, not even sighting ones favorite vehicle.

One of this mornings lead-ahead gangstalk vehicles was a pickup truck with a heavy duty after-market box that was black in color. And only in fleeting glances and when making its last turn did I see it had a mid-brown cab. Exciting moments in perp games, 11 years later. Funny how I didnt have the notion to take a long walk off the cliff when I was up there on my hike.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you mention hiking, as I had a series of recurring dreams every night in 1973 when I was 4 or 5 years old. I had this dream every night that I was taking my dad's motorcycle out of the garage, and walking along side of it, while hiking up this big ash dump "mountain". Interesting that I had this dream every night of the week, and they ended on early Saturday morning. In this dream, I was about to take my dad's motorcycle out of the garage for my "walking along side of it up the hill" hike again, but to my dismay, my dad was home, and he wouldn't let me take the motorcycle out. He instead gave me a toy motorcycle, and told me to play with that instead. So, I was hugely disappointed, and I didn't go hiking up that hill again. And then the dreams

And this "ash pile hill" was a large dump of spent coal. My dad used to have me on his motorcycle, I believe it was a Kawasaki street and trail bike, and he and I used to travel on that bike to the ash pile ride up it. I remember one day, the motorbike didn't have enough power to climb the one side of the hill, and we both fell over. LOL. He was telling me to prepare for a fall, and I did.

As for those recurring dreams, I'm not sure a 4 year old would have enough strenght to walk a motorcycle on a straightaway, let alone a big hill. In 1973, I would be surprised if the perps had the technology to do dream invasions like this, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. They seem to have been at it for a long time, like lifelong. I think they started in Jan. 1969 when Nixon took office or sometime when Nixon was in office. I would have been less than 2 months old at the time, but that's perfect for the perps to start their lifelong plans for the target.

Anonymous said...

They've been at in for a real long time now, as you've seen in my previous comment. What I'm wondering though is how come I have found out about my status as a TI only recently? A possible answer: I suppose with the internet, other TI's started sharing their stories, and it all started converging in a coherent way around 2005. Otherwise, there was no way for a person to figure out he or she was a TI, as this was a very top secret operation, kept under wraps. The only way to find out is via other TI's blogs and stories on the internet.

In my case, I believe they spent most of my life keeping me under observation and kept the interference to a minimum. And then at one point, they intensify the harassment to new highs. And at this point, they perhaps let me see that I was a TI, as though allowing me to awaken from a sleep.

There were still instances of strange dreams here and there before they way berserk/overt which seem suspect, as well as one incubus nightmare I couldn't wake up from, around 1976 or so. That particular nightmare, I was lucky to survive, because for some reason, I could not wake out of it. I think I was kept in this scary dream at least a half an hour too long. I'm sure they wanted to study the effects of fright on a sleeping victim.

Anonymous said...

The new tactic being used against me is the perps fabricate some reason that requires me to initiate some verbal contact with some one. the result is usually spun into a situation when I am accused of harassing them. also the perps drop the "if I live long enough" phrases meaning I should worry about their health, or if I am not worrying about their health I am a heartless uncaring sociopath. either way I loose.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hello
The new tactic being used against me...

There is no question the perps like to arrange verbal altercations in public, and there is always a plan to end it. The "if I live long enough" byline is straight bogus, as the perps would never let on if this were true. They being the sociopaths of course, not you.No end of scenarios get turned on their head to have the victim blame her/his-self. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: They've been at in for a real long time now...

No question the perps like to arrange the "flight or fright" neural pathways. These are likely connected to parts of the brain (amygdala) where psychic fields are said to reside. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Funny that you mention hiking...

I believe that dream invasion has been a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the perps for all of my 58 year life-span. Though in my case, if the dream got too strange I would wake up and reset my sleep again, knowing that the strange perturbances were a dream and not for real. That is, until 2005-6, when they learned to defeat this "circuit-breaker" and now can keep me in a dream. This has been exploited a countless times since.

Related to this, there is neural circuitry that also manages the dream state, telling one that it is just that, a dream. In 2006, they had me nap in mid-day, and slipped me into a dream where I was standing on a tall building and looking 20 stories (or more) down. I don't like heights at all (possibly due to perp games during the three years they mostly wiped from recall). What the perps did was then defeat the dream management/oversight to make it seem real. As soon as I "realized" that I was looking down 20 stories as if it were a real event, I immediately snapped out of the dream state and woke up with a genuine fright. Never, ever, did I have a dream that was taken literally before. Thanks for the comments.