Monday, May 20, 2013

One Hour Early

I got royally screwed this morning. The perps controlled to alarm clock to ring one hour early, though it was a different ring, as it sounded only once. I got up, did all the morning time things like breakfast, showering, shaving etc. and set off to work. Only when I was 1 km away after a 20min. drive was I allowed to know that I was headed for work at 0600h, and not my usual 0700h. So... I turn around and hang out on the web for 20 minutes, looking up towable pallets, ones that can be moved on wheels on rough surface.

This notion of getting a towable pallet has has been planted in mind due to the cooler container being 200' away from the winery, and it is a packed surface, but not one that can be used with a pallet jack. (Or maybe not the one I am familiar with). The boss hasn't exactly been too interested in the concept, but keeping maturing wine and fermentations cool enough is very important. He agrees, and fobs me off with "we will do what we can". Like WTF; if you are in the commercial wine business, show some basic grasp of the business and act on it, instead of dishing out hoary evasions. What is that line about vision exceeding one's grasp?

I got plenty of attention from the two males in the vineyard today, as in gangstalking (or pointless parading and emulating). This was at about 1000h when I put on sun block , a long time perp study objective, at my break time and just when the sun had come out and I was kneeling at the vines to prune out the canes that were not laid down on the trellis wire. One passes by for no seeming reason, and that "happened" to be to get the other so both could pass by from the opposite direction. The went and had a confab at the house for a while, one sitting in the same chair I had been sitting in only a few minutes before. (And where I applied the sun block lotions).

Sun block lotion, as well as shade and sunny areas are a constant perp study fixation. Most of my farm-worker colleagues who were participating would put on their sun block lotion at 0800h or so, while I put it on at the first break at 1000h. I have mentioned a past event in 2008 where I had my shirt off in the back of a farm field for maybe five minutes, and then the sun going behind a cloud suddenly and the air got cool to force me to put my shirt on again. My shirt wasn't on for a half minute when five different parties descended on me and the proximate area. All were doing their regular job, e.g. foreman, crates delivery truck etc., but it demonstrated to me the sub-second choreography that can also be timed to atmospheric conditions and the temperature of the air.

I told the vineyard owner he will be in the vinegar business if he does get on with getting his reefer running with the Acerbactor spoilage on 900L of cider I made for him. That seemed to motivate him into putting it on. He said he would do it two days ago and didn't. It is most strange to me how someone can profess to be driven to enter the commercial winemaking business and be so slack about attending to getting on with vital tasks. Naturally, he hasn't trained me on starting it up and the generator too, so he is the point man on keeping his cider cool. The problem is that it is in a IBC pallet tank which has a high surface area to volume. I sparge it with CO2 each time I open it up, but that hasn't helped. The owner has allowed about 4 drums of apple juice to self-ferment, so his track record isn't inspiring to say the least.

I was pruning vines most of the day, so it is interesting to note when the noise games start. In the winter the vines are pruned to four canes (long shoots), and while still dormant, the vines are laid down on horizontal trellis wires, two per plant, one each side of the trunk. But it seems that the former crew missed a few, and so I take an upright  vine, a spare until cutworm season is over, and lay it down on the trellis wire. In the upright position the leaves are mostly horizontal, so when I lie the upright cane down on the wire, the leaves are angled vertically, though this will change inside a day or so as the plant will adapt its leaf orientation to the light source. It is the transition of these canes from vertical to horizontal that brings on associated extra noise; trucks, motorbikes, aircraft, hot-rod muffler noise etc. This would be noisestalking in my parlance, an flurry of noise from external sources for consistent actions on my part. But what I find interesting is that crop circle formations often have the upright (grain/grass usually) stalks turned in differing directions. So it would seem there is some intrinsic energetic plant response to its gravitation and solar source change that the perps are attempting to detect by remote means. I don't mean to sound conflationalist, but it seems so many themes related to aliens or conventional organizations cross this experiment for which I find myself the nonconsensual subject for. And no one in my family has filled me in on what happened to me from age 2 y.o. to 5 y.o., as nearly all memories have been deleted. And my recall should of been exceptionally vivid, returning to Montreal two years after the first stay, an academic year duration (8 months). You know the rest of this gripe.

Fridays are the day of the week I usually start a new razor insert to shave with, and that will bring on all manner of crazy perp silliness. About 30% more vehicular gangstalk traffic at 0630h, and a few more brown colored vehicles among the regular phalanx of grayscale colors, white, silver grey, mid-greys and blacks. And major silliness in the parking lot outside this motel suite with a monster pickup parked across two stalls beside my own. And the " rigour" mud splatter too to then join the mini-van beside me with its new-found mudsplatter, identical light brown. Said mini-van has been parked in the same stall for two weeks, and somehow, in the evening gets a light spray of the same mud as the monster pickup. Go figure, as to how this happened/erupted.

And more noise at the aforementioned event of laying down a vine cane that was growing vertical. The aircraft noise has joined the noisestalk fray for this momentous event, as did the dirt-bike noise, and a string-trimmer. The adjacent farm had a very loud sneezing act going on, though I cannot recall what the simultaneous event was. The vehicular hot-rod noise continued; this one navy blue pickup seems to have nothing to do but drive by at least four times an hour. I got detailed for making up sample bottles of wine for the owner in the afternoon, a variation of this week's viticulture heavy activities.

And so the word "phototroph" [-n, an organism that obtains energy from sunlight for the synthesis of organic compounds] was planted in mind this morning to attempt to understand why the perps are so obsessed with the moment of placing a vertical plant cane to a horizontal trellis wire. Though when I looked it up, it really covers plants and fungi directly, not us humans. It is the properties of the sun that so fascinates the perps, not to mention the long past heliolithic civilizations [that involve sun worship] that the perps surely must of been following if you subscribe to the greater conspiracy model, one that precedes us TI's by millennia.

The Saturday of a long weekend in this here part of North America. Though in fact I work two of the three days as the vineyard work has got to me done. Never mind the lack of staffing or the fact that 900L of cider has a spoilage growth floating on it. He doesn't seem to moved by the fact that he might have vinegar if he doesn't keep the temperature down to no more than 2C. Yesterday he was out of fuel for the cooler's generator, and it was 8C inside, going by the external thermograph. If the cider does spoil, I am sure the owner will turn on me as the culprit when it was his foot-dragging all along. I told him a two weeks ago he needed to get it into a floating lid tank, and he as done squat about it.

Then about 1330h I got my exposure to a fuel truck as it came then, and it was my responsibility to show him where the generator was. And of course I got discombobulated enough to then incurr extra driving and redoubling my tracks, plus walking and driving over where the fuel truck was parked. The fuel truck driver pulled a total bozo stunt in attempting to get in the container when I told him it was on the far end of it. Then he blocked the driveway with his truck and I had to take a long way around.

And heavy extra-conventional poking and jabbing this morning; at least 100x before I finished the morning routine. Then when out shopping at the very early, for me, Saturday grocery shopping, I had considerable vehicular gangstalking on the highway and in town. At one point they had six identical metallic maroon (deep red) color vehicles ahead of me in a single glance, and one behind me. A few minutes later they put on the exceptional show of four same metallic tan colored vehicles, in two lanes, two vehicles per lane in a formation of four.

And extra vagrants and Fat Folk (both highly Unfavored) in the stores this morning, on stand-around duty in these ridiculous street side conversations they engage in, all to be still there when I get out of the store, my pre and post store visitation stalkers.

So what was different this morning? For one, they limited the duration of my light brown (tan) colored hair conditioner to a minute or less. Ordinarily they have me with conditioner in my hair (now a white foam color) while shaving my face and front and then I go back for a short shower to remove it and the inevitable cut hairs and shaving foam. But "somehow" I "forgot" this year old habit to expedite cleaning up after shaving (my front and face), and didn't have the conditioner in my hair until the second shower, and for only a minute or so. And tney had me "forget" to shave my nether region, though they did allow me to perform the weekly shave of my arms. It may just be that these alterations/fuckery of my usual routine was the reason for extra amounts of vehicular gangstalking and imposed sensations of no apparent cause.

Work on a long weekend... getting final vine pruning done. As above, plenty of extra noise each time I lay a vertical down an cane on the horizontal wire, about 2x/hour. Though different noises and noise blends; hot-rod mufflers, dog barkings, chat from the walkers, tractors, chain saws, HDmotorcycles etc. And only three forced pruning miscues today, where I "accidentally" cut the cane that is meant to be kept, as in tied to the horizontal wire. I had a check-three-times habit that saved me at least twice that, but I now know it too can be cognitively defeated.

And I see that my shopping cart got wiped out at a certain webside. What is the fucking point of this relentless juvenile pranks?

And from the No Ostensible Cause (NOC) collection of onging strangeness, these soft door whacks, every five seconds or so. All to compete with the bathroom wall whacks of the last six months or so.

I sense that I am getting cognitively clobbered to prevent new entries, so I shall post this.

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