Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Avocado Sandwich

It was me between two near-same avocado colored tops of the women each side of me at yoga yesterday. One even had a near-same avocado sweater that she took off and put down between me and her at the start of class. What is it about avocado green that interests the perps so much? I realize avocado green may have some tonal variations when one cuts open the fruit, but if one sticks with the guacamole color they would have a firm idea as to what the bookends' tops looked like.

Thomas Townsend Brown, a prodigy in gravitic research and the omniplasma continuum (as he called the ether/empty space) often wore avocado green and had an avocado green convertible car for a time. . Though TT Brown was also connected to the dark forces who were keeping technology at bay, and ensuring that the advanced gravity research stayed in the lab and never got out, even now. And I know how often the perps hound me over sun exposures, sunblock use, and play sunlight games in having it filter through trees and heighten the harassment by turning it into a stroboscopic effect .And TT Brown seemed to be also aiding the dark side in his sunbathing skyclad whenever he could

And I had avocado green stitching on my blue colored singlet that I wore at yoga, so now doubt the perps thought there would be some color continuity between me and my yoga mat neighbors.

 Both the N and S adjacent neighbors in this motel suite "happened" to have whining/droning  women at 0500h, my regular get-up time. And until now, neither party was up at this time, and both combined for the same early time on the same day with the woman doing most of the talking with the odd male grunt interjected. Bizarre that someone would arrange this.

What is it about oncoming vehicular road traffic centerline encroachements that the perps so desperately  arrange? At least two/day for 20 min. of driving each way each day. Sure, there are the centerline straddling gambits with the pickup swinging way too wide to pass a cyclist that is wholly on the shoulder, but I am now getting unabashed, no-excuse Fuckwits driving headon in my lane. And we are talking about two lane streets and secondary arterials. This morning, the left turning vehicle from my right on a crossing street to cut the corner so ridiculously belligerently to pass through where I was just about to stop at the stop sign.

A clunking breakout tonight, along with pounding and vibration from the outside walkway. How is it that the downstairs neighbor can clunk with something most of the evening and have it heard upstairs? While it might be the sound of dishes in the kitchen sink, there is no way it should be half the volume that it is. And no shared heat vents either, as this can be used as an excuse for sound transmission in basement suites.

I looked but the hockey game wasn't on last night. Might this be the just-for-me schedule as the sixth game of San Jose and LA was on alone,  no other competing series last night.

The vehicular pit-lamping is getting way too obvious. This is where headlights or some other light source is trained on me. A vehicle was sitting at an intersection at the stop sign and not moving when there was no traffic, all to keep the headlights trained on me, when walking back to my vehicle. Like WTF; this vehicle was sitting at a stop sign to turn either left or right, and there was no through road traffic to cause this vehicle to wait. And yet it did for a full three minutes to keep me "beamed" while walking to my vehicle in the parking lot and still when I drove off.

A forced "forget" on taking may wallet to the LD store tonighte. The Milka bars are back at LD after a six week absence, but I could only buy two with the change I had.

Pounding and  vibration from outside this suite again, this time one foot predominantly heavier than the other, as if a 10kg wieght was attached to a limping foot, (8x passing by in the last 10 min.). Later I find out that the N neighbor is on crutches for whatever reason, and now transits between two suites on a regular basis.

A sudden confluence of activity outside my suite as aI type this; even the manager on was on her phone passing by.

And for the very first time, a deep brown vehicular tail on me for about 10min. of driving. They never let this happen ever, only parked or fleeting glimpses of a deep brown colored vehicle if mobile. Only the tan browns have got much gangstalking transaction in the last year, the perps adventurous enough to put three in file last week, another "first" in recent memory.

And more oncoming traffic lane encroachments; 3x on a one way commute, and at least 1x this am. What is the fucking matter with drivers that there are so many oncoming lane encroachments?

Guacamole was allowed to be eaten for the first time in 1.5 years; it could not be found in this town except for the awful looking red peppers embedded I loathe to no end. (Or more like, the perps make me loathe it). And so, only an hour after dinner, why, an avocado colored vehicle was tailing for 10 minutes.

In keeping with the extra bizarre noise, door whacking with soft thumps of no conventional cause, about one per five seconds or so.

There are way too many internet logon hassles tonight.

I see the perps wiped out my session history in Firefox again, something they do every week or so. I class this is disruption-fucking, as the tabs remind me of what items/interests I have current. The past browser history isn't entirely useful, as some tabs were opened up weeks ago, some a few days. Why cannot one retroactively access the tabs/configurations for each log-out/disconnect? Because it is too easy, and there is no way a TI is going to have anything but managed and constant adversity. And besides, it rhymes with perversity.

This is the last night in this motel unit before I move tomorrow, and the perps are making the most of it; coordinated coughing, sneezing, throat clearing from three sides and the clunking and vacuuming noises from below. And the noise was increased (louder) so it can get through my earmuffs as I type this.

I see the perps took out the TV volume on a show I wanted to watch tonight, this being a
Friday. A regular show on PBS, and for the last night of having TV (as well), why, the perps blocked the volume. They did this last week for a the weekend news from Global with the way-gorgeous blonde anchor; no volume, therefore no viewing. The CBC News channel is assigned the volume coming from another channel, again, making it pointless to view it. As this channel has lots of documentaries, I really feel I got rooked. Not forgetting that the perps also blocked playing of DVD's via an HDMI cable onto this same 46" TV, not even a year old, about the same as my DVD-Blu-ray deck. The motel staff couldn't get DVD's to play either, so this TV/DVD viewing adversity, including the aforementioned recent audio feed blocking of select channels, has been ramped up this last week.

I will publish this tonight, -05-31-2013 (Friday) as I don't know I will next get online with moving tomorrow and likely connection "problems"


Network Ace said...

nice blog...keep it up

Anonymous said...

Consistent home depot orange T-shirt stalking for the last week or.
As Donnie Darko says "When is this gonna end?"

Anonymous said...

one commonality you and I have is an interest in how this place functions physically.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the way the perps made you dislike certain types/features over times, for example, the dreadlocks and tatoos. And for me, they put on balding/thinning hair types of varying degrees, and I'm being conditioned to loathe as well as tested against those types.

And today, they put on a young couple, who ramped up their loudmouth act just as a cop friend of mine who was on patrol was driving past greeting me. This one couple was being loud and annoying with conversations, deliberately, even going so far as to making dog barking noises disguised as normal conversation. Well, normally that wouldn't make any sense nor would it be social acceptable behavior, but this is perp controlled land.

AJH said...

I have had a few heated couple interaction games over the years, but never one that was interupted. It is interesting they timed their act just as you were to be distracted from a passing cop/friend.

Interupting ANYTHING is a perp signature arrangement; e.g. a recent communication with someone at yoga, only to find that they are now listening to someone else without making any motion of hand signal or otherwise let me know. Thanks for the comments.