Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post Haircut Frenetic Gangstalking

A Saturday, and an 0900h haircut and what an insane amount of gangstalking afterward. Even now, back at this motel suite for the winter, the noise is escalated as well as the tromping and pounding as they walk outside. And what is it about cutting the perps are so berserk about? From cutting cooked meat, vegetables, hair cuts, lawn cutting, plant pruning etc. the perps are absolutely fussed and frenetic about. They put on a stiff breeze for my post-hair cut errands I attended to, grocery shopping and clothing donations to Value Village. Serial streams of same colored vehicles too, at least six white vehicles in succession, and almost that bad for red colored vehicles, both at least 5x for a 20 min. trip. Even the left hand drive vehicles had to get in on it, parking next to me for crissakes, and then the driver sitting in the vehicle, doing squat.

Then a skunk on getting laundry going at 1100h, as both washing machines "happened" to be taken. This bullshit started a few weeks ago when I had no problem with finding an available washing machine every time for the last four months. Go figure, and not only that, there are less than half the vehicles there was a month ago.

I have been made to be totally slack in doing daily updates this week, and one can count on outside influence for that.

And  noise convergence all of a sudden; male banter outside with an excessively giggly girl. Then the dog barking noise from the N neighbor also chimed in. And the apparent association of this? The noises erupted when I looked at a dairy-free chocolatier website, brown and red it was, so maybe it was the color combination too.

Other excitement for the perps tonight is that I waxed my hiking boots, which darkens them for a time, maybe a day or so. Any kind of slow color transitions get them worked up. Having my tea infuse and slowly turn amber is another occasion for extra perp noise, interventions, light flashes, maser balls zinging around and the like. The color transition of steeping tea is just too interesting for them. Such are the hyper-intrusions of all things banal or routine. And it gets worse from there, should I attempt something new, it invariably becomes a total harassment scene with relentless rage-ification fuckery.

Reflecting back on the week, the septic services came to pump out the tank three days ago at work (a vineyard). There was plenty of extra sit time for the tanker with its engine running outside, some 20 minutes for whatever reason. When I went outside, carrying two plastic 3/4" hoses, it was the moment that the owners converged in their RTV, and the driver of the septic services truck got out of his cab. Later in the day the perps forced me to take a crap and lo, if the toilet didn't back up, and stay that way for the next two days. Plunging doesn't help much, as so many of these new toilet designs don't have a round throat at the base of the bowl, so plungers and "one-second" gas cartridges don't seal and therefore don't clear the toilet like for circular designs. But as the peps have been screwing me over for blocked toilets since the Day of Abusive Infamy (see Eleven Years On), it could be all a faked game.

At yoga yesterday, the tattoo platoon was back in force, placing themselves about the exercise room once it was free. Even when I arrived and signed in, the male with the long hair and the gross tattoos on his chest and arm was initially loitering in the S aisle of the waiting area. By the time I looked up after signing in, there he was at the N wing where the coat rack is, and "coincidentally" where I was headed. This gangstalking creature was loitering there for no other purpose as there was no one else to talk to. He expressly walked 30' from the S end (where waiting people were congregated) and arranged to be the sole gangstalker/loiterer at the N end where I was headed next. I took off my coat, sweater and shoes while he was hanging around 6' away. After class, and when putting on my coat and shoes, and thinking I could get out without seeing this foul creature again, he "happened" to end up right behind me as I was holding the exit door open to see if anyone else was going to catch the door. Like WTF; if I don't like the sight of fucking tattoos, why am I hounded by wackos with this very condition they want me to see? Eleven years of this fucking abusive insanity, all over what I abhor, and sometimes what I like. Go fuck yourselves.

Also in yoga, another male, some 60 y.o. and one I hadn't seen before in his ridiculous baggy shorts at his knees, and pasty white legs, though shaven. He did at least a half dozen struts around his mat before being sure he had it in the right place, which I take to mean "see me" and like over-obvious strange behavior. That he was in staring mode each time I glanced over told me he was on the feed and acting for the perps' purpose. There was one mat space between him and me, and sure enough, after a minute or so of class time, a latecomer arrives between us.

That was Friday yoga, and it is becoming such a freakshow that I am going to go Mondays only, though I am sure the freakshow will follow me there, as in the past. Other related excitement for the perps was that I had a leg wax two hours before class. Ordinarily I get this done on Saturdays, but for reasons only the perps know, Saturday was busy and booked up (for the first time in the past year of attendance). I had to leave work early, and had been pumping red wine through a filter that somehow didn't work. All those red color transitions through stainless steel and plastic drums and vinyl hoses is just too exciting for the perps it would seem. And I suppose, whatever color reaction data they might have collected there, they wanted to correlate it (or use it in some way) for leg waxing and then yoga. Eleven years of this abusive insanity (theirs), and here they are fucking around with red colors still. (And sending red plasma beams across my keyboard as I type this).

The perps also started me on an imposed "need" to pluck the body hairs from around my nipples for whatever reason earlier this week, possibly as a "warm up" for the above mentioned full leg waxing. All those plucked hairs and disrupted cells must provide them with interesting biological energetic signatures. Then there is the new harassment adjunct of having plucked hairs refuse to let go of the tweezers, and they seem to come back again or otherwise re-arrive when I thought I had got rid of them in the sink. As I am getting inundated with more hairs coming in from nowhere, even after a shower, and they aren't colored like my own, why should I be so surprised that my own hairs have extra-conventional gravitic properties? And for the record, my nipples receive anywhere from 20 to 80 jabbings a day, coming from unseen sources and directions. The nipples region, even in males, has extra innervation in the brain, so the in situ brain/mind research model, (aka harassment and abuse campaign) seems to support that particular abuse.

Other games that are getting more harassment time this past week is screwing me over as to which browser I use for email. I use a browser that allows me to block ads, and when wanting to compose or return an email, my Yahoo email won't work. It varies; sometimes the Compose button won't work, or I cannot type anything in the To field or the Send button won't work. So I go to IE to reply to my email, and of course the corporate O/S company doesn't supply an ad blocker, so I get these animated ads either side of my Yahoo email page for the perp critical moment of sending email. More high excitement for the perps.

Similarly, for internet access; the constant shuffling of my aerial for internet access. First it works in the top USB port but this blocks the headphone jack. So I move it down 2" to the lower USB port and it works fine there too. Then it doesn't after a few days, so I move it to the top USB jack and it works fine again, even if it precludes music listening. Then after a few days neither works, so I use the local motel Wi-fi and it works for a few days. Then this ridiculous merry-go-round starts up again. There is nothing wrong with the cell phone reception here as my phone has four bars. And it is the same company that supplies these cell phone aerials and the same network. Anyhow, the signal path seems to be of acute interest to the perps, whether it via landline cable, landline twisted pair (traditional phone), cell phone and cell internet access. Round and round we go with different accompanying background noise, one being the yapping dudes who arrived suddenly at 1730h as I was finishing the last 20 min. of month-end updates on Quicken. Said background of dude yapping, and there had to be at least five different male voices, continued while making and eating dinner, and while cleaning the dishes afterward. It seems they wanted dusk conditions to noise-track me, which is quite common for perp games and stunts.

An 8km hike today, though not without its problems. It was a resumption of last week's hike where I "happened" to take the wrong trail, and of course, no sign posts anywhere. I took the plan B route, the seeming correct trail for a kilometer and encountered a stream of over 12" deep and 6' wide. I passed on wading it as I didn't want to fill my boots for the rest of the hike (3km on way, and then another 4km coming back).

And at the trailhead at 0930h on a Sunday, why, someone had a big yellow school bus parked there. I later encountered this party of 20 or so, and they seemed to be on a geological field trip. This isn't the first time a clusterfuck of standees has been encountered on a hiking trail, nor a bus-full of gangstalkers. Past encounters have been arranged when a bus-load of person disgorges just where I "happen" to be passing by, but it is the first for a bus-full on a hiking trail. And the first vehicle I see on my return at the hike`s end, why, a blue colored school bus.

This hike was in the region of White Lake, and I assume it was approved by the perps, especially considering there is a radio-telescope observatory there, aka, dish-farm. The E-W line of scuzzy ground is a row of telephone posts with horizontal wires strung between them. Might this be a correlating ground reading aerial field? I don't know as I am loathe to make too many technical speculations.

A double feature on a serial killer nurse on 60 Minutes tonight. The perps like me to watch Mystery Detectives and like true crime shows, so I wonder if the 60 Minutes piece is related. This, after getting me warmed up with winsome blonde anchor in the prior local newscast. And at least three ```bleed`` stories tonight (punctuation has gone on the fritz) on the said local news, also possibly linked to the later 60 Minutes piece. Anyhow, enough morbidity and to get this posted.


Anonymous said...

I had an unusual situation where they put on a lot of gangstalkers, along with a bigger freakshow than normal. Yesterday, I received a phone call from a scam network.

This was the number. They were asking personal info like DOB, as well as my home address. I did see a huge spike in gangstalking as soon as I got the scam call, and there were gangstalkers all over me while I was on the phone with them. The spike in GS operatives was a hint to me that the perps in charge were trying to tell me to hang up on the scammers. They kept intently watching me wherever I was going. One of them was doing their favorite tactic they do to me: put their hands clasped behind their back. I have so many incidents of this. It's like Rachael O. where she says they do the wallet-checking tactic all the time to her. But with me, they do this instead: both hands behind the back.

And I didn't figure out they were scammers. I thought that was odd, because usually, I would have been on to the fact that I was being phished over the phone, but something must've been defeating or clouding my judgement, and the human gangstalkers were there to observe what info I was giving them.

I also wonder how they got my info. I've got Verizon, and I suspect there is some corruption going on in their company. Usually companies like Verizon, if they are big and dominant enough, they will cooperate with the gangstalking network in order to stay "on top" of the competition.

AJH said...

Answer to: I had an unusual situation

As of 2006-07, the perps could defeat my ability by remote means to detect perp stunts, arranged vehicle colors, harassment routines etc. So I would not be surprised that this research result has now become operational and they apply it to other TI`s, even routinely if the harassment level is high.

The perps like to arrange left-right side self body contact for gangstalkers; folded arms, crossed legs (if sitting), and as you mention, clasped hands behind the back, the inquisitor posture which I abhor the sight of.

If your circumstances are proscribed as mine, the telephone service carrier, phone number etc. have been arranged in advance and the TI victim merely recites these planted thoughts when creating the account. IN any event, it has been my experience that the perps have unconventional means to eavesdrop and visually monitor the victim in real time. No privacy whatsoever. This can be conveyed to gangstalkers and other operatives in the vicinity in real time. This happened once, and in the morning, when I was staying at the First Feral Family house. My perp-abetting mother was helping the perps in telling them aloud I was awake (in the next room) while a ruckus was going on in the attic above me. Which means that she had real time access to what I was doing visually, as I had not spoken and was still in bed at the time, and did absolutely nothing to convey to her, or anyone (conventionally speaking) that I was awake. And even more curious is that the only access to the attic was a portal in the ceiling of a closet in her room, and there was no way I would of not heard the inevitable clunking and thumping of someone getting in the attic as it is such a tight fit. After she told them aloud that I was awake, the person-the-attic noise stopped in about 10 seconds or less.

I am not too surprised by the perp wallet checking, though I don`t see it much. The perps have a long storied history of stealing my wallets, some 10x in adulthood, and do love it when it gets overlooked and laundered in the washing machine. Wallet size is also a big deal, and I could only get a smaller billfold wallet the last time. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I couldn't figure out why there was such a big fuss over thumping on the walls. If I went to the restroom in a place, the employee working in the adjacent kitchen would be able to thump directly on the walls, and that's what I got. And they use to do noisestalking when I would get a drink from the soda fountain. In one case, a girl sitting down played her ringtone as I was getting my drink. It was a snippet of "Gold Digger". Or they have operatives fiddling with the soda fountain "on/off" function of the nozzle, as though they were obsessed with getting their drinks topped off just right. But what is up with that? They do it so much: the repetitive turning on/off of the soda fountain by moving their cup in/out, creating this noise distraction. Again, it appears that they are obsessed with getting the right amount topped off, but they repeat this on/off cycling 10X or more. And it's very consistent and frequent, no matter who does it.

Another big noisestalking event is when I head to the restroom. And funny how if there is one restroom in the place, they have people coming in, have them go to the restroom, and then the most important part: have them consume a large amount of time in there. I know that's not a coincidence, but planned: having people being rude and takings lot of time to go to the bathroom (like 5 minutes or more).

And here's another skit they had planned along my walk: a young athletic girl playing basketball in her driveway. Both are built very similar. But the first one was very pasty pale (no sun tan), and the second one at a different house right up the road not too far from the first had a red sun tan. Furthermore, the sun tanned girl, upon my approach, pretended like she had to go inside. It's a 'pretend the operative is shy/scared of the victim" that they like to do. But interesting that they didn't do this with the pasty, un-tanned girl.

Anonymous said...

It seems having human operatives thumping or pounding on the walls is something they like to do. One time, it was coming from my attic, and the year was, around the late 80's, early 90's. I'm not sure what was up there.

But recently, I was about to sit down on the sofa on our sun porch, and the clock mysteriously fell off the wall, hitting the metal baseboard heater behind the couch. When I checked on the clock, the batteries had been knocked out, but there was no damage to the heater or the clock. Amazing. So maybe having the clock fall off the wall with no obvious external cause was to provide noise stalking ahead of me sitting down on the sofa. And the clock had a metal frame, so the metal-hitting-metal "clunk" that resulted produced a sound they were after. I assume that could be related to how they pulled off that thumping sound I heard in the attic in the late 80's that I described earlier. It seems the goal was to celebrate my awakening (an extremely important event to the perps) by providing a thumping sound from overhead.

Wow, I just realized that the perps like to noisestalk me immediately after I wake up, or they precede it by providing the noise in advance, or even to wake me up with the noise. The noise they wake me up with would then be used to noisestalk me because I was now awake. They then cease the noise after 1 minute. They never go beyond that.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Yeah, I couldn't figure out..."

Lots of perp themes in noisestalking; not only the timing of the noise at critical moments, your mention of drinking at a fountain, but what might be in contact with you at that very instant the noise is timed. They very much like to arrange noise during the ingestion of food or drink, and as well, have shills and operatives nearby with food or drink in their mouths. Similarly, having their tongues hanging out, and also parading around with plastic stir sticks (many possible colors) as well.

Noise and vibration are related of course, being compressed air waves, though the extent, degree and frequency are all important. I reckon wall thumping and building/wall/floor/ceiling vibrations are added to perturb the ether and create more vortex energies which are designed to interfere with the TI's own biological energies, which is used for remote analysis of the parent source, down to neural pathways, possibly to the cellular level.

The bathroom and toilet games are endless in my experience, but having longer "dwell time" (i.e. gangstalking in advance), for their operatives seems to be vitally important. I once went to a school year end function as a parent, and one of the fathers that they regularly used for gangstalking at my daughter's soccer game was seated about six seats away. This guy would even stalk me in the parking lot at my kid's soccer game, while it was in progress even. I could not get any relief from this weirdo. Some 35 to 40 min. before the end of this school function, the weirdo gets up for no apparent reason and doesn't return. After it is over, and I am outside headed to my vehicle and making conversation with my daughter and family, and then there is this weirdo again for a 2 second viewing while I was walking and talking. So it would seem that they yanked this guy early and had him hang around outside for the remaining duration, i.e. 35-40 min. of dwell time. To be precise, I don't know for sure if he was outside all that time or where they had him, but it is the most useful example of how long they want Fuckwits to be ready for gangstalking in advance of the TI victim passing by.

As for basketballs, they do like to have them in play some 120' away or so, just at minimal audibility when I am in subdivision land. As for their selection of girls, and how they dispatch each, it is hard to know. The perps seem to want to map all the visual aura and look of cute girls and attempt to map them to lesser attractive ones. Hence the "blonde aura" girls/woman as gangstalkers in advance of the dudes and fuglies. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: "It seems having human operatives thumping..."

Clock dropping is new to me, but batteries rolling around isn't. I get the sense that electrical batteries act as a localized dipole that perturbs etheric vortices, and again, is used to interfere with bio-energetic fields of the TI victim and anyone else in the vicinity, to then use for mapping bio-fields of the TI victim.

Noisestalking, light flashes, and other oddities are quite common for me when going from the vertical to the horizontal and vice versa. The last apartment buiding had a fire alarm after I was prone for a minute or two. And too, many forced "forgets" come to mind as I am in bed, causing me to get up to attend to them as I know they will not be recalled after a night's sleep. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I have witnessed quite a bit of dry cells laying around on the road when going for a walk. Usually, they are the AA or AAA size, but they might be C size at times. And while I'm on that topic, I used to see the occasional car batter sitting on on somebody's back porch. The reason is that lead acid batteries may leak, hence it's better to have them sit outside. But in reality, they may just have wanted me to get exposure to a car battery. Supposedly these batteries are dead, but it could be that they have enough voltage left to produce some sort of current.

It could also be the Magnesium Dioxide that is inside some dry cells is something of interest to their testing.

AJH said...

Answer to: " I have witnessed..."

The perp games around batteries is endless, which of course includes them as components of garbage and litter on the roadside. (And related to that, magnetic tape strewn about). The lead in dead car batteries is even energetic enough that one should not remelt this lead for fishing weights. The fish can detect the difference between re-used battery lead and fresh lead from smelter ingots, and are deterred by the former. Thanks for the comments.