Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three Pumps Later

A day of infuriation at all the things that went wrong; three different wine pumps failed to pump the wine, and of course the fittings were different and had to be swapped around. Even correctly sized NPT fittings didn't fit and I had to get my boss to muscle on fittings. Given that it is a Monday, and the perps like to arrange a full-on adverstiy assault, they succeeded. As with the now usual, I get to fume in hoarse whispers out of earshot of anybody (save the cat) so nothing is heard. (The son-in-law later corroborated my lack of success with the dedicated wine pump and its fundamental inability to lift more than 5'.) So..., 1,000 liters of wine had to be bailed by buckets into the new tank.

And per recent adversity activities, the perps made sure I missed my Monday yoga class, the cute and trim pixie. That is, no beer gut or skinhead (male).

And apart from one incident, the perps suddenly laid off the harassment in the evening when I got back from work.

More wine pump hassle again; it wouldn't pump with the liquid from 8' up -I could of siphoned it if the hose wasn't so large, 3/4"ID.

And I see the roadworks of last fall has been resumed; a mile of a new section of asphalt on my way back from work- always exciting for the perps.

A major cleaning job; 10 drums of apple juice, or former apple juice, to clean up; using a plastic bristle brush on a plastic surface. And as of some 4 weeks ago, the perps had me swap my two year old natural bristle tooth brush for a plastic bristle one from the dentist, the perps seem to be moving onto new territory.

I see that my boss has started the East Indian (from India) contractor personnel to do the tie-downs of the pruned vines. One being a white bearded and turbaned act hanging around, always erupting in the odd glimpse I may make in his direction, and even arranging his lunch break at the same time, and it was a late lunch at 1300h. The  perps fucked me into not knowing what a turban looked like for crissakes; he exited the vehicle upon arriving and the perps totally blanked me out as to what I was looking at. Given that headwear of most kinds gets my immediate attention, (read, Unfavored item/look as a result of subconscious traumatization associations, aka abreactions), this was a significant never-before cognitive impairment event indeed.

Back to the constant vexation front, continuing from Monday; a new wine filter was put into use for the second time and I was given a high dose of visual cognitive fuckery in setting the wine filter up, somehow not knowing the difference between an end plate and a middle plate.

BUTthis time the wine filter leaked and shot jets of water 4' away, either side. I have no freaking idea why it didn't work, though it seemed the plastic plates to hold the pads were not sufficiently connected, and were warping. The boss didn't seem too impressed, but he acted as if there was other stuff bugging him too.

And the turban act kept hanging around, being outside 10' from the door when I first opened it. He is the only E. Indian working the vines today, presumably to give him more "hang time" (as in hang-around, as a gangstalking freak)without the other two women. For their part, they put on these face masks and fabric draped down from the back of their neck, from a cap usually. It is March for crissakes, I don't think these are tanning days yet (at the 49 degree parallel).

The perps were nuts with vehicular gangstalking on the way back with this new section of just-paved road. Yesterday it was a single 3" thickness, today, it was two layers deep, 6", but only 3" on the other side. In the asphalt follies/fuckery, this too was a big event.

And many more much more brown vehicles today, and a rare first; contra-concentric brown vehicles, one turning L, the other R 90 degrees offset, though both light brown, one tan metallic, the other a more greenish brown. For the brown colored vehicles this is a very rare event. Playing these games with red colored vehicles has been going on for over ten years now.

I finally did make it to yoga this week after a 11 absence. They pulled an instructor switcheroo again, putting the fugly dude instructor on instead of the Irish woman. And a significantly larger tattoo-ed representation; four full-arm + chest fugly tattooed class members and one tattoo-lite. And two males in the class, one of whom needed to show me his furry arm pits. And have I mentioned how often I loathe the sight of tattoos (read, Unfavored sight) and mention their highly frequent display in my proximity? Nearly every blog this year now.

The couple who own the vineyard had a rousing 20 min. slanging matchthis morning. I departed at noon to reduce my hours to 80 per two weeks, the oft-mentioned requirement should I build any up to adverse circumstances like pumps and cleaning "happening" late in the day.

So it was a rare weekday visit to get my hair cut and a leg wax too. The asphalt games were on again; not only with extensive waiting for the one lane to proceed on the mile of new road surface, but also a 2' wide section of driveway outside this motel residence was removed for an imminent paving job. Like WTF; no advance notice of a driveway blockage, and here was a 4" high cut out that had been filled with gravel for the last two weeks. And by the time I got back, it was being finished with the compactor.

Though this time I went to an adjacent vitamin store for drink additives and lo, this woman with a split shoulder/arm dress with freaking ugly tattoos on the intervening skin. Not just fugly, but frightful.

And perhaps all the prior events were reason enough for a full-on eruption of perp/yobos and their revelry by yelling outside tonight. After a 11 day absence of this public behavior outside my place, this sudden outbreak tonight with yelling and threatening going on too. (As in threatening to phone the police -what I overheard coming from downstairs, not me doing it).

This raucous racket seemed designed to accompany me reading Soul Picnic, a biography on Laura Nyro. And too, to accompany me listening to her music as well.

Onto tanning tonight; extra semi-trailers were out tonight; three yellows, one navy blue tractor unit, all at 2000h, way too busy for a small town of 35k. At the tanning salon there was a cluster fuck of vehicles (10 or so) outside and a hanger-about in the lobby, all too busy for a Thursday evening one hour before closing. They put on a fat girl with extra heavy cleavage to get my attention all the more to attend to my booking and run out to prepare the room while I was paying via debit card. And surely I have mentioned financial transaction stalking before, and how the perps like to take the money side of it out and have points as currency instead? Just to think, all those points/customer loyalty programs might be doing the perp's bidding.

Other related perp fuckery;  I "forgot" to cut my mails on my R hand after doing my L hand this morning. Never in my life have I "forgotten" to attend to both hands equally until today. And they didn't let me find out until this evening. Then I cut my nails on my R hand, and lo, if I didn't "discover" I missed my R thumb, ordinarily the very first fingernail I cut when doing the whole hand, which I always do. And as the perps like to create asymmetrical energy signatures, be it clothes, furniture or anything else, it stands to reason they are fishing for something related to nail cutters and whatever else goes with it.

Another Thursday event is that my room is made up, and due to above mentioned ructions I ended up lying on the bed this in an attempt to find a noise free area. (No such luck as they moved the noise inside and from below). Which was identical to last week, they starting something up outside on Thursday evening and I retreated to the bed, made up by the housekeeper but not yet slept in.

Skipping Good Friday (yesterday), a national holiday, though I worked at the vineyard and winery. The daughter, son-in-law and two young children came to visit and pump out 900 liters of cider into a pallet tank they brought round and I helped out until the pump (theirs) got set up. As the truck and trailer were parked where I was to be working, I went vine pruning for a few hours until it was done. There is a family feud going on, and that caused the female of the owning couple to leave in advance of the arrival of family, and come back when they were gone. It seemed that this was the nub of the two day's ago slanging match. All this emotional wrangling and angst, and IMHO, arranged for me to at least overhear it, though not the specific words and issues.

And for the very first time, telepathically delivered "threats"; if you buy an headphone amp/DAC then we will take you down. Well.., the very folks/fools who planted this sudden ambition to get my computer file audio act together (after a decade of doing squat, and having headphones and CD players incessantly sabotaged) are now threatening me. How stupid is that?

Besides, given the ongoing volume control and audio playing conflict that passes for normal (for me, in a high sabotage existence) in the Windows environment, I want a dedicated playing device with a volume control, and that limits the field significantly. Plus, I want some decent storage, like 300Gb, and all that just isn't available right now, and I don't want to be locked into the Apple MP3 ipod environment either. And furthermore, I want to be able to play lossless FLAC files in my vehicle too, and there are no automotive players that do this at present. Go figure, but plan on me being "feature fraught" for the next two more years (or more) over having true audio file playing portability with a single non-proprietary lossless file format (FLAC) and without the ergonomic nightmare of Windows or any other generic computer. The Android phone with the Poweramp app comes close apart from being a generic device and plays FLAC files but the storage is limited to a 64Gb removable card. The Anstell & Kern player comes closest, save the limited storage capability.

One can be sure that the above will last at least two more years until all my audio  purist and ergonomic requirements are met. And ditto; all these fussy purist audiophile notions also were planted in mind by the same folks who have begun the above faux threats nonsense. Besides, they can take me down for whatever reason at any time of their chosing and whatever life aspect; health, financial, logistical etc. Often I wonder if they might re-program me in my sleep so that I would be a totally different person and not even know it upon awakening, and that includes recognizing one's self in the mirror. I believe they can now do this given the increased cognitive "failure" events (i.e. remotely applied neural manipulation) I have come to know in recent years.

And the most loathed mechanical sound that I know of, is now beginning to ramp up; that would be the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise, and the funny louts that ride these things are now arriving early than last year. It was mid-April when they invaded and drove by, some 4 per minute on weekends, but have now erupted outside where I live and the semi-rural  vineyard area.

Other musings; the vison perturbing masers and light flashes have increased over the past few months; very often there is a floating fuzzy black spot or toroid (doughnut shape) sitting exactly where I am to look or read. If I flick my head to look elsewhere, the full panalopy of masers and visual perturbances will arrive and become re-installed within a second or two, drifting into place as the perps would have it. Another variation is that a segment of a maser in lineal form, sits where I am looking at an edge and slowly moves off it. An example of the latter when doing the nightly ear hair pluck (R ear is 20x more prolific than the L ear for whatever reason), a half inch long maser sits on the edge of my ear as seen in the mirror and slowly lifts off from it, free floating in space. Usually I swap ears and look for hairs there to avoid seeing the maser any more.

 A near shut-in Saturday when it was nice outside. I had at least three unimportant errands to do today, and I got screwed out of all of them.

My internet access is acting up again; yesterday a forced relocation of my USB aerial so it now blocks the audio jack, and again tonight as it keeps getting disconnected for some strange reason. Nothing wrong with the cell phone service from the same ISP though.

But plenty of time for reading, Soul Picnic: The Music and Passion of Laura Nyro. I have followed her music since 1970 on and off, though never saw her live on this side of North America. A inspiring person and gone way too soon at age 49 of ovarian cancer, identical to her mother's demise in age and condition.

When finishing a book, especially a biography, I get extra perp harassment attention; some shaking of this place, ostensibly from door slamming of neighbors, aircraft noise, loud muffler noise and sexual activity from downstairs.

A hike today, getting out early (by recent standards) to the trailhead by 1000h. A glorious day, and only contrail clouds out, of which there were many to slice and dice the sky into perp manageable pieces of color (my theory). But as my printer gets sabotaged when I print maps, I have got out of the habit, (read, perp neural influencing), of always taking one. This was cause enough to send me the wrong way for some 3km, but at least I got a near full day of hiking. Last week's hike in more difficult terrain was a carbon copy; going the wrong way is now a perp imperative. I noticed that one dog was scared of me for no reason, so maybe I am encased in a white light or something, such as other TI's have determined with their cameras. (They cannot see it, but the camera does).

I had my same color metallic maroon red vehicular gangstalkers in each direction, one taking over from the next in the identical colored vehicle. And what is this deliberate "get in my way" stunt going on, where the vehicle is parked at the side or shoulder, sees me maybe a 100m back, and then proceeds to drive along the road shoulder until their speed is comparable to mine, and only then gets in front of me? This "curb crawling" driving behavior was most noticeable in parking lots and city streets, but has now "graduated" up to highways where it seems so obvious.

And too, a stream of silver-grey vehicles ahead of me, say five, and one embedded metallic maroon red  vehicle two ahead, and the vehicle immediately in front does obstruction duty by hiding the red vehicle for longer than normal. The usual stunt is to move from center line to shoulder line to block the vehicle and then a slow calculated reveal. Bizarre, save that it is so utterly consistent.

Enough of the weekly rambling and time to post this one.


Anonymous said...

What is it with the perps and their path obstructions? A typical space-mobbing tactic they do: yesterday, one woman was standing close to the counter, and another woman comes in, standing further away from the counter, effectively creating an obstruction. That is, blocking my path. And the path was on the way to the soda fountain. I was planning for a refill of cola, but the second woman who came in was highly unfavored: a little overweight, but not obese; and had this kind of smart-ass look on her face that I despise. And she wasn't really good-looking. Well, maybe a little, but she was a relatively young female, and that made up for her lack of looks. I wouldn't call her fugly, but definitely had an unfavored traits. And I know the perps knew it.

Anonymous said...

And the other night, I had two dreams about me shopping for watches. The first dream I was shopping at Macy's, and I was looking at a watch that cost $4,495.00. And in the dream, I was standing at the watch display, looking at the various watches that cost significantly less.

I woke from this dream, and when I fell asleep, I had another dream about shopping for watches. In this dream, the plot revolved around me thinking I wasn't dreaming, and that the previous dream was "just a dream". I came to the conclusion that my previous dream was actually a premonition dream, because I was looking at watches "for real". However, the "for real" was in reality a second dream.

When I was younger, I used to get nested dreams. I.e., you dream that you are asleep and dreaming. And you wake up (however you are in reality still asleep in the same REM dream). But then within that context, you realize that the dream was in fact a dream. And when you wake up for real, I found myself questioning whether or not I was still asleep.

I'm sure nested dreams occur naturally, but I can see where the perps might want to induce those types to see if the person they are studying can tell if they are really awake once they awake for real.

AJH said...

Answer to: "What is it with the perps..."

I don't know for sure, but the perps want to emulate/repeat the exact same measurements (of one's known energetic signature) at that location for their shills and for the victim. Recall that I claim there is a geographic/spatial aspect that the perps are attempting to isolate. By having you, preceded and/or followed by their cooperating operatives/shills, who likely have been there for an hour or more, they want to determine something unique about that very location from a uncooperative victim (TI). It would be soil color and kind, same for concrete floor, shoe materials etc. and your own body substances and color as well as that interacting with your clothing color. All these energies they remotely detect relate to color in some way, though I have not figured that part out, significant as it is.

As for the female bait; I get the gamut from fugly to georgous, and apart from a Favored/Unfavored classification, I don't know what its significance is for the perps. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: "And the other night, I had two dreams..."

As for the dream content, I did replace my watch band yesterday. I NEVER had nested dreams or dreams referencing dreams until the last six months or so. Now it seems because of the repetition, this is leaking into my memory when even vivid dreams were rarely recalled for more than an hour. They are tweaking my dreams to be more vivid, and self-referencing to the point that I am not sure why/how I recalled them a week later. Very perturbing to say the least. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

After the watches dream, I had mine take to the jeweler to get the metal strap adjusted. Had to get some links taken out. And the battery needed changed. This is a watch that I got as a gift, some 20 years ago, that I never wore. And this watch has both analog and digital displays, and the jeweler said the digital display was faded. Turns out that despite me never wearing the watch since it was new, the LCD display is very faint or doesn't show at all. The analog part works fine, however. I can't understand how the LCD portion went bad with me never wearing it, except maybe a component failed over time. Interesting though that it was kept in my dresser drawer, and never got banged around or worn until now.

So I'm happy that the analog part works. And the clasp is a little off-center, as the jeweler took out 3 links on one end, and didn't take out even amounts of links out from both ends.

I was looking at the Citizen Eco-Drive watches as a future purchase, as they don't need batteries.

AJH said...

Answer to; "After the watches dream..."

Funny that, keeping a unused watch all that time and "somehow" it got faded. Interesting though, following the shock and awe apartment invasion when the perps first made themselves known to me in 04-2002, they took out my analog watch with the metal mesh watchband (not a linked band). I was in Seattle at the time and could not get a replacement in short order, so I got something similar, one with a more reflective mesh watchband. The Fuckwits took that watch out too over a week, and now both just sit in a derelicts drawer as I haven't the heart to toss them out along with my Nikkormat film camera. Eventually, they allowed me to have a digital watch some months later, and that is what I still have, though I have been through at least four of them since then. It just seems that the perps did not want me to have extended metal (watchband) contact, though the backing plate is metal, the rest isn't apart from the battery. So yes, metal contact is highly governed in my circumstances. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I hate this place, these damn cronyism fuckwits. all there fucking street theater bull shit.
I am at my fucking witts end. I can no longer lie myself into some phoney state of mind to fabricate some false hope to keep my self trudging along. I hate this fucking place and everyone in it. All the piece of shit bullying manipulating lying mother fuckers.
I am trapped in a world filled with crazy evil chimpanzies. I have had it up to my eye balls.
I hate this fucking place!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure, but the perps want to emulate/repeat the exact same measurements (of one's known energetic signature) at that location for their shills and for the victim. Recall that I claim there is a geographic/spatial aspect that the perps are attempting to isolate. By having you, preceded and/or followed by their cooperating operatives/shills, who likely have been there for an hour or more, they want to determine something unique about that very location from a uncooperative victim (TI).

What you describe above bears a striking resemblance to what happens in the movie "Dark City"

Anonymous said...

This site seems amazingly well done and thought through.
Have you seen it?

AJH said...

Answer to: `I hate this place...``
(I see my keyboard punctuation is now partially remapped)

I can commiserate completely; I would of checked out a long time ago if I had the means. It was bad enough in 2002 that I wanted out, never knowing that this psychopathic abuse is now running nearly 11 years.

AJH said...

Answer to: ``I don't know for sure...
and movie reference to `Dark City`

I will have to check it out some time, though my movie viewing is highly constrained by the perps, the latest being that they took out the HDMI connection between my Blue Ray player and the 46`TV screen in this suite. Sweet too.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi
This site seems amazingly well done`...

I haven`t seen it, but now my PC is near operational again, I will have a look.

AJH said...

Follow on comment on the above website;
I don't understand what the author is on about when he says that "gangstalking is a myth". I have some 1580 posts to date which often mention gangstalking in all its known facets and variations, particularly around moving colors (of clothes and vehicles as prime examples).
Interesting that the web site author posits that all humans are controlled as a "Level 1" control. I have reluctantly come to this conclusion over the past eleven years of targetted abuse, though I have nothing solid to substantiate it.