Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seventy Five Bucks Later

A preamble to this posting (now 04-09-2013, Tuesday). My PC and main internet access got taken in for repairs for four days Fri, Sa, Sun, Mon, the perps adroitly taking out this PC for the weekend, my normal time to update, finalize and publish this blog. Much more went on than is blogged, which is always the case, but significantly more so for this posting.

My cell phone  went down to serve as a vehicle to create more confusion over scheduling and conferring that follows below.

I called a computer tech up to look at my PC (in place) as I have a failing drive (it says), and needed to get it "cloned" onto the new warranty replacement drive. The tech said to copy the files over as he got the USB drive to work somehow, when I couldn't. For a whole 15 minutes of putzing he charges me a minimum of one hour, $75, and departs.

Then the tech's plan to copy the files and switch the hard drives didn't work, (after a screaming rage show because the drive would not slip back in as it had slipped out readily, due to the design of the case). So a whole $75 spent on useless advice, save his magic ability to get the USB drive working. A day later he said he would come over to attend to a related problem, but didn't show. And haven't I been stood up before?

Earlier, a nutty high level of gangstalking; banking (always a high gangstalking scene), supermarket with freaks hanging around, then extra freak coverage at the organic specialty store, then the deli with the Fuckwit who kept hanging at the checkout as if he had a complicated transaction in progress and let me in, making out he was a commercial customer.

All these transactions and getting stalked up the asshole by freaks and Fuckwits.

PC back and assembled, with some wayward fuckery; if I want the G drive cloned to a new disk, why is it now the D drive, and why cannot I change the drive letter when the tech said I could. I have never been able to re-assign drive letters. [Update; I have discovered a new feature of Windows 7 called "Computer Management" -you mean it has only taken over 20 years to get to this, or is it just that I was kept in the dark?]

Then the USB3 drive continues its antics when the tech said they were visible when the two drives aren't. This infernal Windows message says to put in a drive when there are already two there. I pull them out and put them back and it still cannot see the drives

A $120 bill from the second tech, a shop, on top of the above $75 gouge, and then $37 to send the defective drive to WD. Some $220 for the latest round of sabotage on this PC when WD Caviar drives are known for being rock solid, hence their 5 year warranty. That makes 3 of 4 WD Caviar drives, all purchased at the same time, that have "failed" on me. Worse yet, WD sends me a generic drive in return, and doubtless, with no warranty continuation. Funny, my Crucial M4 SSD drive has been rock solid for the last year.

Then the music files wouldn't play, and then the Songbird thing got the new directory all wrong, and I piss around in extreme rage, and finally the music files begin to play for no apparent reason. It is just that they wanted me to start with Joan Armatrading instead of Jann Arden. Go fuck yourselves. And in putting the drives back in the case, a continuation of the fuckery over screws not threading and mating, a continuation of the hassle at the winery where I work. All to infuriate the living hell out of me. I cannot handle this fucking constant adversery any more. I want out, and the fastest would be a 9mm.

Finally, I got the PC back together, but still some mysterious differences between the function between the store and here. I still cannot get the USB3 docking station to be seen, yet the tech said it was, having phoned him back this morning. I am so confused at to where are my files are, and now the Copy Handler software, that would sort out the duplicates isn't working. On and on with relentless sabotage.

Today, I had to shell out $37 to get the defective hard drive back to WD; all told this squalid sabotage has cost me $220, and am still none the wiser as to if all my files are recovered as the second tech said a few didn't copy over (because of the bad sectors that somehow erupted). I still have a second set but what good is that if Copy Handler won't work. More plain needless, senseless and psychopathic fuckery, now closing in on 11 years of this insane abuse.

And of course more financial games in paying for the courier to take the drive; they took cash or check only for DHL. The last bills in my wallet was $35 in $5's (blue colored) and a $10 (purple colored). I had to leave the counter to go out to my vehicle to get a $2 coin to make $37. Not a financial transaction goes unmonitored, and/or unfucked. Once done, the red vehicle contingent was waiting for me in traffic and leading me at the ATM to get some more cash. I don`t usually take much cash now as it goes `missing`all by itself, some $1600 last year.

The above antics, and finishing a book that served as my companion while this PC was at the shop, served to mess my shopping schedule up. Directly from work I went to a nearby grocery store, and lo, if it wasn't busy at 1600h. One item I wanted to get was mushrooms, but lo, if there wasn't a cluster (three) women over top of the mushrooms. I go elsewhere in the store to finish up my shopping and come back to the produce section, and lo, if two males aren't hanging over the mushrooms and protracting their dwell time there. Screw it, and time to get out. Who would of thunk it; 11 years of sustained stalking abuse (among other methods), and here they are setting up parties for mushroom shopping obstruction.

Though I should mention that my perp-abetting mother got onto a mushroom cooking routine for a few years of my once per week dinner visitations. She never cooked mushrooms before and then seemed to take this on when I was there for at least two years and then suddenly stopped for no know reason. So what is it about mushrooms, and fungi that so interests the perps and why am I a vehicle for researching this insane techno-obsession of an undeclared abusive entity who has kept themselves in the closet?

Part of today's extra stupid games might be that I was wearing a new fleece jacket, to follow on the one that didn't have a breast pocket and put my cell phone at risk in the course of winery activity. The former jacket also developed some color changes in the artificial fleece, normally an odd circumstance but nothing new in Abuseville.

A bench trial of a tannin product at the winery was going fine until the penultimate sample when the pipette and connected aspirator leaned over by itself and then dumped the tannin product on the bench. That is, a brown colored solution soaked into my journal, papers and other ling things, making for extra clean up, and for me to pack a brown soaked, now dried, journal with me. Exciting moments in perp games, though oddly, they didn't force me to take a crap before of after this "browing around".

And onset of pounding and vibration at this motel suite; doors slamming, tapping, and I take off to the tanning salon. And lo, if they weren't slamming nearby doors while I was cooking under the bulbs. I also did some shopping while out, coming back with a hot cooked chicken. And just like old times (past residences of the past 11 years), noise eruption while cutting up the chicken meat, taking off the wings. This time, it was the outside dude yapping that erupted. I don't know why they like to play this particular noise as much as they do. but it has been nothing but consistent, and usually follows prior female banter.

A windy day, especially while doing drilling and sawing in getting a pump platform together. And lo, if an adjacent property didn't get into the same activities, drilling and sawing as some kind of activity and noise emulation. I chipped a 1"x4" piece of wood out to make a notched corner in a 2x10, and lo, if a 6" long filamentous maser didn't float up toward, visible for four seconds or so. So what is it about wood, as a tree or dried as a board, that the perps are so nuts about? Here we are in North America, living in wood frame houses for the most part, and they are hammering my ass for 11 years over cutting wood.

The boss man got into spraying sulfur in the wind for crissakes; I thought it was too windy to spray for effective coverage, but he, or his perp advisory didn't. Even his wife thought it was too windy for spraying work. Go figure, though it was a noxious chemical smell that even got inside the house.


A sudden eruption of activity in the laundry room at 0930h results in me getting skunked and bringing it back to wait for another time. At least two others were waiting, plastic bags of laundry on top. Lets see; for the past four months I have done my laundry nearly every Saturday morning and for the most part there has been no one there. In the least, the washing machines were free. Now, at the same time of week and day, it is suddenly backed up. I had the new jug of detergent in hand, as of yet unopened and maybe that was the perp excitement. But as they constantly fuck with my laundry (e.g. inexplicable load balance problems), and just love to put on noises, finger fumbling harassment and other delays each time I open a new package of anything, why should I be surprised at this escalation of fuckery?

Plus the "rude dudes" were parked outside the laundry room in a no parking location, and just "happened" to be exiting their room and accessing their very large pick up vehicle and getting in the way before I could enter.

And more games with the internet service going down, and then the local motel wi-fi instead, working now. The perps are constantly having me alternate between internet access methods/technologies of late.

I will post this now that I am nearly a week late.

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