Sunday, March 03, 2013

Deep Yellow

For some reason (read, planted notion) I wanted to start a multivitamin and duly purchased one. And that has become the the biggest "source" (read, action-at-a-distance abuse) of the latest harassment. The multivitamin is the deemed "reason" for passing deep yellow urine, which by itself isn't much of an issue for me, as it seems like just an extension of their yellow-on-white ceramic (toilet) games. But some how, they have extrapolated from this to having deep yellow pee arrive on a white towel, the toilet seat and the pockets on the inside of the lid. And if that wasn't enough, they then pulled this same stunt at work, plus a toilet blocking. It never ends; ten years of this insane psychopathic abuse and here they are putzing with the yellow tone of my pee.

The above, and then they started loose bowel games at work, and back at my residence. All told, 3 craps today when 3x/week is the prescribed "normal". Add in toilet blocking games too.

Winery work was minimal, so out to the vineyard for most of the day on pruning work. at the end of the day, I made up the the yeast starter and that got me some extra harassment abuse; my pen went missing and they sent me to other parts of the room to get a replacement and then blanking me out as to what my intention was.

Some high wierdness with the boss/owner erupted today when he sent me an email with a link he had sent me some months ago. An undisguised "back to basics- you don't understand" message that was another WTF; all this forward progress and something caused him to get our understanding over the latest fermentation project terribly wrong. A later and brief conversation confirmed this dissonance. But as I have been down these dead-end roads with him before, and he has a habit of other inexplicable diversions, I chalk this up to the imposed FUD-ery that I have been cast into. He is a natural; nothing contrived about his inexplicable edicts, bee-in-the-bonnet cranky sessions and other FUD and WTF directives.

And hijinx with three males who came to get this 11' tall tank with foam on the outside removed with a forklift and pickup hauled trailer. One was involved in a winery and so we did a sampling of the red wine, the third such morning time sampling of this wine this week.

One of them blocks the driveway by parking next to my vehicle, so he must of been confident that the owner, his father-in-law, wasn't going to come back. These two are at loggerheads of late, and it was an interesting timing consideration to have the father-in-law away all the time the son-in-law was there. And that is a deep metallic red pickup parked next to my vehicle where there was plenty of non-obstructing space elsewhere. And too, the week before, the vineyard helper did exactly the same thing with his same colored truck, a Toyota instead of a Ford.

The son-in-law made out that he needed a red wine sample and seemed to know in advance that I drew one yesterday. I gave it to him as he said he was going to do some testing on it. Later, I went to his red truck to get the sample back to do the above tasting, and then returned it there. After an hour or so of getting the tank on the trailer, he returns to his truck and keeps the white wine sample but returns the red wine sample to the fridge without explanation. What was the point of all that to have a red wine sample in a red colored truck the whole time I was outside helping his tank loading?

Back at this motel residence and the babbling and hollaring males again, an outbreak timed for when I started reading a new book. More was later timed for when began to eat chocolate with tea. Then, an outside cough erupted the instant I opened the cupboard door beneath the sink to access the garbage and saw a 1" spot of blue plasma light. and lo, if I didn't have a same colored blue tea sachet and was about to throw it in the garbage just where the blue plasma spot was. Cough-stalking has not gone out of style.

And on the topic of blue light, the debit card readers at the supermarket were all replaced with new ones with bands of blue light, in a gradual increas of blueness in 1/4" strips on the 2" display. Just the week before, it was a different model debit card reader with a similar blue, but an even blue tone on the display. And in the last act at the checkout, they timed a negro wearing an identical blue sweater 30' away, exiting the supermarket with nothing in hand. The next time I came back, the debit card readers had all been changed out to the above mentioned tonal banded display.

Other related nonsense is that they like me to see or touch an object and have a similar color object or clothed person nearby. This morning it was a blue colored pen I discovered in my pocket while driving, and lo, if a similar blue vehicle didn't speed into view on my R side. I was already doing 20kph over the speed limit and this Fuckwit needed to go faster for some reason.

Tractor-trailers with pup, ak B-trains and like configurations, are being arranged to gangstalk more often of late; even running red lights when they could of easily stopped and the rest of the driving excesses I see routinely.

The boss' high strangeness of yesterday goes unsaid; all my planned lines of the evening before as to what to say to him were suddenly vaporized from mind. He puts on the big smile thing again, and I have long been practiced in ignoring that come on.

Another public behavior driving anomaly of increased occurrence this week is to have drivers ahead of me at a traffic control fail to proceed when the light turns green. All to contain my progress and vocalize my annoyance. And what is with the new choreography of the trains of vehicles I get to experience, by having one pull off at a wide area and then pull back onto the road to follow the last vehicle? Is it to have this person re-aim their headlights directly at me as they exquisitely time their re-entry onto the road or is there some other motive/research agenda? Given the excuses the perps put on to get lights trained on me in all and every circumstance, it could only be another such excuse/incursion. I have mentioned "gravitic lensing" before, and it seems to fit their ether-gravitic modifying methods. Yes, I know the link is technical, and invokes Einstein by name which is reason enough to stop reading because it is too obscure to understand, me included. Somehow, I think there is a different and simpler technical reason if we are ever allowed to understand there is an energetic ether in which we function. (Einstein said that his theory would be inapplicable if there was an energetic ether, and he also ignored the very detailed and extensive results of Dayton Miller and instead rode with the lesser Michelson-Morley experiment results. Though now that I read the links through, I see other confirmatory experiments and ongoing controversy. Not that I trust Wikileaks any as they removed the gangstalking term some years back even with plenty of supporting experiences).

And instead of the flurry of red or silver vehicles making turns ahead of me when making the corner off highway 97 to Green Ave. (I call them "pop-ins" or "pop-outs" depending on whether they are entering or exiting the road that I am driving), sits a 10 y.o. kid in a  wheelchair parked all by himself at the corner. Like WTF; how did he get there and it is a busy corner to say the least with no pedestrian need to cross the road (bush on the other side), and as it was a weekday at 0730h or so, wouldn't he get picked up by some kind of special school bus at his home? And what is the perps relentless and infernal need to put wheelchairs or images thereof in my path?

Back to the walk-in clinic to have the doctor give me a new prescription, the same doctors as as three months ago, and he still introduces himself by saying his name and looking at the floor as he is walking in. Never do I get to be disruptive and respond, "are you talking to the floor or to me?". And he didn't look at me once except after the Rx was prescribed (all online) until I asked him at the end if I got a three month supply, because yet again, he didn't say. BUT this time, unlike the first visit, he deigned to ask, (while turned away from me), if I was benefiting from the Rx, which I piped up, "yes", when the reality is "maybe". But we didn't want to get into being harassed for ten years of sustained and organized psychopathic abuse with one facet being exposing me to horrid colors or combinations thereof, which includes feeding me bright yellow pills every day as an thin excuse for this ongoing atrocity did we now?

Laundry this Saturday morning, and cough-stalking from outside just as I  read something interesting or realized the perps screwed me via a web page text misspelling. Exciting moments for perp nutters. No "unbalanced load" games in the washing machine today; that jerkaround hasn't yet reared its head at this location, but I expect it soon as it nearly always "erupts" in such circumstances. First get the baseline data on conventional normality at a given location, and then start spoofing things to get the laundry delayed and victim riled up.

Other perp excitement was putting on the lead-footed tromping/room vibrating gangstalkers outside, a feature of this motel, unlike last year's similar abode. The overhead pounding and stomping harassment of the last residence location has now been transformed to adjacent and lateral walkway tromping with likely augmented unconventional energetic effects to shake this place. And so begins a "day off" in fucking hell.

And the cardboard box with the blue sachet teabags is in the garbage now, finishing it last night, but the above blue light games/fuckery wasn't enough, so a 1/2" fragment of a teabag sachet somehow arrived by itself outside the closed door under the sink where the garbage is. All to "tune" me to this color at breakfast time when I don't drink tea until mid afternoon. More excitement over the color blue. I will refrain from detailing the minutia of the relentless crumbs, lint, fabric pilling and thread invasions and eruptions I get all the time, but once in a while a blatant planting of litter/debris will get a mention here.

The Firefox browser got sabotaged again, stripping out features and colors again, and the page that is used to set up viewing preferences has strangely disappeared. All to play that ridiculous game of "hunt the online display button/feature" again; I move the cursor over blank areas of the screen, which if correctly placed, reveals a button, say for "forward" (email) that I could not find due to the uncorrectable/sabotaged screen display setting, aka display feature stripping. This absurd game has been going on since about 2004, when only Amazon dot com or ca would have the oft-used "wish list" button missing, and if I knew where it was, I would click the vacant location and poof, the book (usually) would be confirmed as saved to my now lengthy wish list.

And after three re-boots, (that is, two inexplicable terminations), the TV found all its channels, moving me up from ten or so, to 40. That later morphed into watching ice hockey, a Saturday habit I once had but it passed out of favor due to intense demands way back in the farm ownership screw-over that began in 1996. Two hockey games in fact; my sorry fave team from back east and the local Vancouver team who put in a respectable performance tonight.

From then the TV "habit" kicked in big time, and I watched murder mystery/forensic science cases until midnight and then updates of a current murder case in Arizona. All the while, this pressure was on my forehead region, deep in my head. Given recent readings of David Wilcock and the interest of many civilizations in the brain's pineal gland, the so-called third eye (which in fact has retinal tissue even if not on the optical pathway), why, that just might be the perps doing some experimentation/abuse. All the murder cases involved spouses going rogue, save for one lesbian couple who were murdered together by another party. Grisly stuff for sure, but as I haven't watched any of this fare for 15 or more years, along with hockey games, I am a little mystified as to why the perps sprang this on me in one stay-in Saturday.

And what is it about anything and everything to do with CD's or DVD's or the entire format that gets sabotaged? From viewing, to creating, to viewing and whatever else, it gets sabotaged 90% of the time. The latest is my Blu-ray player that won't send the signal to the TV. I got new batteries for the remote control today and it still doesn't work when it worked fine before. I have about 20 movies that have been acquired over the past three years and have seen maybe two as the player keeps getting sabotaged. I have at least four stacks of recordable CD's and not a one works to record onto despite the spec. I once bought software for universal formatting of discs and it didn't work, and when I phoned the outfit/developer they didn't know either. My CD player crapped out in 2003, I got it fixed and it worked for one CD and it crapped out again. Both Sony Discmans somehow crapped out a few years ago. Relentless sabotage over fuck-all.

I was out to get an Rx that was two days late, the assistant somehow knowing it was almost ready without referring to anything like their system to track them all. Quite the feat.

Then the checkout nonsense started up with a mother-daughter pair needing more items so she sends the daughter back, crossing my path in close, and I got to see her fugly red streaks in her blonde hair really close. I swear they moved the always-narrow checkouts closer yet for this stunt.

Plenty of more suite shaking from outside tromping Fuckwits tonight, and even a duelling coughing between two outside "just sitting around" gangstalkers.

Enough from the dulldom of being kept. A pic to finish off;

Plenty of metallic maroon reds in the top pic in some kind of distance dependent configuration. In the bottom pic, this is what they do; park vehicles in the middle of the road and walk off! A cowboy came out later and drove off. A few days later that whole scene was covered in white snow so maybe this was a "warm up" on white.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. They do something similar here in town. Like at this little 3-store place, the parking lines are parallel to the store fronts. Yet, there are people who park perpendicular to and right in front of the store fronts, in complete violation of the parking code. I forgot to notice the colors of the cars, though. I have noticed they do things like have dark shades at night, with various shades of gray, all the way up to solid white. Of course, color perception at night is probably one of their goals; I forgot about that.

And I've been getting more interviews, followed by the disappearing act (no rejection letters, etc.). I'll have a good interview, like this one job which involved Python, C++, and C-sharp programming. He tells me I did good on the phone screen, and to expect another call to schedule a technical interview. Well, that second call never came. Interesting. That's 3 interviews going back to mid December where they just disappear and leave me hanging. Well, there was another last year, so that makes 4 in the past year where the company seems to want me, and then breaks off all further communication. Maybe if I hadn't been a TI, I could be working at 3 out of those 4 jobs.

And that leads back to the ideas I have been having about pursuing a Ph. D. again. This time, they have me teetering back and forth between deciding to go for a Doctorate in Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering. Last night They were pumping me with notions that I go back for a PhD in Math. This seems a little insane, as I need to make up a lot of math courses in order to even make candidacy for a Math Ph.D. The E.E. degree makes far more sense, because I only need 18 credits or fewer plus the qualifying exams plus research.

And I have been getting these "fighting the perps and their system" notions again. I have been obsessed with going back for my Ph D., and searching for the solution as to how the perps are pulling off these tech. tricks with their impressive surveillance network and their other technological marvels. I have been also thinking that I don't want to waste the rest of my life fighting the perps, because I want to enjoy the rest of it. I don't like the way they hound me, but I'm not sure it's worth me wasting my life's energies finding them and fighting them.

AJH said...

Way back in the late 1980's I had aspirations of getting Masters in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and settled for a one year non-degree diploma. Then they messed with my work assignments such that I never got to utilize my GIS training. (Went onto relational database design).

One has to decide if the academic route will provide a further gain for employability. And if the academic stream is for them. The perps are great at plying one with ambitions but short on tangible benefits or economic feasibility.

There is no end for "fighting the perps". They are a disruptive factor in TI's lives. It varies by TI as to degree of course, and at the level of harassment I get there is no point in fighting it, but nor do I accept it. Every TI makes their own peace with this depravity so they can function with some degree of autonomy. Thanks for the comments.