Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tigers in the Night

I had a dream about tigers again; it was domesticated and in a house I was living in, but I still didn't trust it. I don't know why tigers interest the perps to make it dream content, but I get at least 6 or so such dreams a year. And of course, being informed of all the arranged reality, much of it tragic, such as tigers turning on their trainers, tigers attacking zookeepers etc, and habitat loss of native tiger populations. It is just plain bizarre as I don't have any strong interest in them, apart from admiring their colors and markings.

Yoga with the athletic pixie instructor after work. The tattoos on women class members were duly arranged around me, both near and far, simple (near (4') and mid-distance (8') in the E direction) and grotesque (20' away, beyond three intervening students). When the class was done and we re-entered the lobby where the next class members were waiting for a joint clusterfuck. All to have two heavy tattooed dudes serially block my access to my coat and boots. Then when 4' from the door and awaiting for the clusterfuck to disperse so I could get the hell out, the second tattooed dude gets in front of me for no reason but to show off his vile tattoos again, as it was the exit, not the entrance where he was headed. If I don't like fucking tattoos of any kind, color or placement, I don't see why it has become a near 11 year long tyranny of relentless abuse and set-ups, such as arranging said Fuckwits around me or in front of me, and having women with them on and then a flush of males after that. I loathe the sight of tattoos and that should be the end of it. Of course it isn't, but why such abuse over this?

Winemaking was busy againg today, pumping it from one tank to the next, called racking where the sediment gets left behind. This wine pump has the strangest behavior; moving from A to B was slow but problem free. Going the other direction, with the tank heights the same (and the lower valve got stuck somehow), the pump somehow "flaked out" and timed itself to occur just as the last hard to get 12" some 4' down where I couldn't reach. And it was too heavy to lift up to hand bail.

Said pump was on a yellow platform and handle.At the end of the day when putting the pump away, why, the owner's new puppy peed a flood exactly where the pump had been stored. This after a day of racking white wine, which appears yellow in the tank. The day before it was racking cider, which also appears yellow in the tank.

And I see one of my three hard drives is begining to fail; I gave it the Western Digital download test, and it failed two tests of two. These are the WD Black drives with a five yeaqr warranty. I bought five of these drives in 2010 as they are the most dependable and came with a 5 year warranty. Two have been replaced under warranty and it appears that I am on my third.

When I first got the drives in 2010, one went kaput in a month or so and I got it RMA'ed. Within a week, the drive that was in my mother's PC appeared to have the same problem, but instead it was a flaky cable. Call it disc drive failure emulation for whatever purpose that served. Though  my perp-abetting mother was talking it up at the time, though that doesn't help me figure out what it was all about.

At present two of the drives connected via USB3 cable and spinning at my feet, cannot be found in Windows; it asks me to insert them when they are already there in place.

All of the above diagnostic work served to wind me up into a screaming rage show over the clunky WD interface, and then again with Windows and its wretched help referencing menus and dialog boxes I didn't have.

I have been going to the local big box store to get irrigation parts for winemaking each morning this week, before starting work. I have been getting the lone dumpy and chinless woman as the cashier, but today they put on a cute babe with tattoo on her forearm as the cashier.

 It was red wine racking day today, fulfilling the perp games with red and yellow this week and in so many ways like vehicular gangstalking, ambulatory gangstalking etc. The Australian neighbor came to see the owner today, (call it getting a wider gangstalk audience), and helped me out at one point. In his dark green overalls, a plasma beam, emulating his leg articulation sat 2" off his overalls for at least five seconds. And have I long complained about red colors following green colors? Not lately, but the most egregious example of that was sometime back in 2008 or so, when at the First Feral Family house and my perp abetting brother was helping me move my bed into the crawl space and the grass was red. All of it, and this was a suburban house lot and we covered 60' of lawn. When we get inside he said, "wasn't that a rush", and I said no it wasn't, as it nearly made me sick (which was true). When we exited the house again, all the grass was green again.

Evening time; - tanning and shopping and the usual litany of headlights flooding into my vehicle from every direction. They even put on semi-trailers with a full 60' trailer at 1930h
for crissakes.

My wake-up alarm was fucked with; either cognitive manipulate in (not) setting it or else a nightime "adjustment"/sabotage. So no brown food this morning -no coffee, no chocolate. And no shaving (anywhere).

And all to continue the morningtime routine (this week) of going to the big box store for irrigation parts and then afterward a smaller supplier that our viticulture class had visited back in March 2012 (last year). This was identical stunt of a few months ago, also started by an alarm clock jerkaround, and having me end up at this same smaller supplier to get a metal part for my hand pruners that had mysteriously worn through.

And the cute cashier of the big box store was again there to be my cashier, though this time her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she looked a little more severe (maybe makeup). But as I had picked one 3/4" hose barb coupler that was different from the rest, she couldn't ring it through. She said she would ring it through if I went back after the purchase and replaced it. I said I would, but by then the older chinless cashier "happened" to be passing by and offered to run it back and replace it. She also needed to take a sample coupler to compare it to, so by the time she returned she emulated my visit to the irrigation section, bringing back one just-selected coupler and the one that I gave her. In the meantime I made small-talk with the cute (but less attractive today) cashier about the trials and tribulations of irrigation sizes etc.  All in keeping with financial transaction games, stunts, delays and jerkarounds.

And still on the red wine pumping; this time some 50' away and going through some 6 different hoses coupled with couplers in above mentioned acquisition and first cleaned up with Go-Gone (a perp favorite) to get rid of the price tag adhesive residue, and then cleaned to get rid of the Goo-Gone odor.

A pre-work big box store visitation again; more irrigation parts to accomodate the loss of the racking pipe I had loaned out to the Australian guy from yesterday. This time the cashier was the chinless fugly one again, but she let her black hair down, and for me to see the added  red tinges in it too, upping the fugly content some.

 This time it was wine filtering, with a new filter. That is, pumping it into filter plates to then extract the suspended sediment. The perps screwed me into misreading the instructions and I got the filters in backwards, and eventually getting it right with the owner helping out. I had to work late to 1730h to clean up. Thankfully it was only 100L of wine and not 900L.

But even at 1800h when I was on my way back, why a brown UPS truck was still on the job apparently, along with myriad other gangstalking vehicles. And lo, if I didn't get an Amazon order delivered into my suite, shipped via UPS.

A Saturday, and in the morning after doing my interwebbing the perps scripted a massive crap that needed excessive amounts of toilet paper, and then off to take the the laundry to the laundry room at this here motel. And when I got in the laundry room, they put on a woman flicking her clothes about to remove the tissue paper fragments with many shreds of it on the floor. No such thing as privacy in a TI's World.

And back to the vexation on this PC where a music player won't work for no seeming reason, all to force me to use another. More hi-jinx followed with the internet aerial not working in its usual USB port. I moved it up to the next USB port and it did work, but also blocked the headphone jack. This caused me to change up music listening as I don't have any speakers, just headphones. Later in the evening, same deal, and back to the original port so I could listen to the CD's in the Amazon package. This served to constrain my music listening time, and to force me to listen to Dusty Springfield on the disc when I could of played the digital files that had been ripped earlier in the day. To the perps, there are important differences in listening to the same music from different sources; spinning disc or the files from it. Go figure.

Though they do have me on a Dusty Springfield kick this weekend.

And I see that Yahoo email is getting blocked as I cannot compose email in the Firefox browser, and the "View in IE" command is now removed from the pull down box, my usual workaround for email create/send obstruction which goes on every few weeks.

Another singer I am returning to after a 3 decade absence is Laura Nyro; similar to Dusty Springfield as to genre (soul) with background singers, orchestral and horn sections. As part of the above mentioned Amazon order I also received a biography on Laura Nyro. It was sad to here of her passing away in 1998, as it was a year end obituary list on the news. I mentioned this unfortuneate event to my then-wife who was her usual odd self when I lamented the loss of any one well known, even locals. I could not figure out why nearly all dialog was like a dead zone all the time. But as I am now regularly scripted with sudden and abrupt conversational stops by the other party, I can see the similarity. As to why the perps like to script these stunts, I have no idea.

And I am listening to Laura Nyro this morining, part of my above mentioned Amazon order. And reading her biography by Michele Kort who also wrote Dinah! It seems there is at least three interweaving themes this weekend; the author of two books I have or am reading, two similar female singers from the 60's to the 90's, and both of lesbian association which is a good part of the Dinah! (Dinah Shore LPGA Palm Springs golf tournament) book. Not that I much care about gays or lesbians and am in no way trying to make any big deal of it, but if you agree that my existence is scripted to the microsecond and every last cognitive thought, then it is mighty curious as to what this is all about.

The browser and email hassles continue, and it seems to be a big deal for the perps to have me cut/copy/paste names and email addresses from the Firefox browser to IE or else in reverse. I was allowed to figure out an additional workaround to the missing "View in IE" command from the drop-down boxes, and that is to launch IE from the Start panel. Easy when one is not cognitively clobbered. More jerkarounds on the infinite combinations and permutations of online browsing, which doesn't cover 10% of this abuse I get all week

 A hike this afternoon with getting turned around a number of times, which is very uncharacteristic. I have given up on trying to print a map of this local park as the printer goes on the fritz each attempt.

Something I haven't had for some two years or so, but decidedly apparent; a wall pounding and a simultaneous whole body zapping.

Anyhow, I shall post this for the week, as there will surely be more to report on.

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