Sunday, March 17, 2013


A Monday, and although not as fraught as last Monday, the perp stunts were in full measure. I had picked up a 10kg box of yeast nutrient for fermenting wine, and first off, my boss phones up fussing about attempting to stop the fermentat at exactly 17 Brix, as that is the number he wants to hit (no matter how it tastes). As it was 18 Brix, he wanted me to stop the fermentation right away. I said I would, having taken the call timed 30 seconds after I departed from picking up the yeast nutrient. I could pull off when I got the call, and did so as it is illegal here which driving unless it is a hands off arrangement. While I stopped at the side of this little used road to a near-derelict warehouse, the vehicular gangstalking parade erupted outside my vehicle. Then when on an two lane access route, but still in the city boundary, a vehicular gangstalker was on my tail at 60kph, and then 70kph. This still wasn't good enough, even if the speed limit is 50kph, so she passes me heading into a bend. She couldn't control the vehicle at that speed and it spun around going around a bend no less, and ended up in the opposite lane facing me, no rollovers and keeping the tires on the road. A slow going pickup with a black box trailer was coming the other way and had ample time to slow down. So here we have this spectacularly stupid driving stunt, and spectacularly lucky (har, har) outcome seemingly about me packing 10kg of light brown yeast nutrient in a darker brown cardboard box. Or at least that is the way I read it for all the extra gangstalking attention I got.

The boss phoned me four times in the day, at least two of those when I had just put on gloves to do cleaning. (I have to take them off to operate a touch phone, or at least the one that I have.) Another bullshit call also came on. Adding fuel to the perp excitement was that I had made a call to purchase an item online, and then a second call to a fermetation supply warehouse to purchase the above yeast nutrient. As regular readers will know, all manner of financial transactions from online, to phone, to bus fare, to laundy machines and all shopping are intensely gangstalked and gamed. That I am paying for something that I will be later reimbursed for is also a big perp deal, as is getting a sale price on the first of four items but none of the remaining three.

And the winery supply service sucked; the warehouse had moved March 01 this year, as in 11 days earlier, and neither party of the firm with whom I spoke told me. I went to the location where I knew it to be and a notice on the door said they had moved and gave me directions. The perps just love setting up these games of "dashed expectations". I have no idea why, but it is consistent as this abuse is relentless.

About 25 zits showed up this morning; at least five each in the crooks of my arms and the remainder spread over my chest and neck. Way back when in high school, the ferocious zit days, I often wondered why it was that a zit on one side of my face would get a mirrored zit a few days later, both in size and location. And now that I know I am harassed and abused (literally) up the asshole, and have been since birth, I now have my answer.

I also drove out to the raw foods dealer who stood me up on Friday afternoon, the asshole not even returning my message to explain how it happened. All I got was a "sorry about that".


Onto pruning today, hanging out with the contract pruners to learn what I could about the craft. Then in mid row, one phone call from the boss wanting me to put CO2 from the cylinder over the fermenting juice. LOL; a fermentation produces large volumes of CO2 and protect the juice from oxygen contact.

I pumped the apple ice wine to barrels so it can be transported into the reefer-container. Extra helicopter coverage today for some reason; maybe it was that I was working with brown colored liquid.

The boss arrived in the afternoon with more winemaking "goodies"; filter, bottling device, etc. And a new Rotweiler puppy; flown in from Czech no less.

And I see myfood order got sabotaged; somehow dark chocolate got substituted for milk chocolate that I ordered. I loathe dark chocolate and would have no reason to order it except for remote neural invasion or the electronic order got changed on me. Now that they can subvert short term recall and re-arrange concepts in one's mind without being any bit aware of it, they could of made me order the wrong chocolate online. Before they could pull these stunts, say 2009, they would sabotage the order after it was sent, and obstruct order confirmation emails.

The pounding and tromping outside this suite has increased for whatever reason, though at the same time I was writing up a reply comment. The perps like to noisestalk me the instant I send email as another related example.

My internet service got taken out last night, even if the cell phone registered four bars. And by dint of coincidence the motel wi-fi was extra slow. In other words, no internet service. I did my weekly tanning last night, then went to the LD store for chocolate. And lo, if a late model convertable showed up and out spills four young males in full-jocularity mode to lead-ahead gangstalk me into the store. Then of the four, the full black hoodie stalker loitered to be seen through the glass doors as I approached from outside, "found" me twice in the aisles, and "found" me yet again at the checkout. As their convertable was green with a brown rag top up, I can only assume he was on brown-green stalking duty or whatever else their improbable vehicle might confer. And the biggest hoodie going; I never saw any portion of his face, even from the side.And I when I got back to the parking lot, I see their vehicle had a light tan brown minivan parked next to it and a red vehicle next to the mini-van. Originally, the parking lot was bare except for mine and their convertible, and it was most strange that the next two arrivals park next to the gangstalkers' vehicle.

Other exciting perp changes today were to keep a yapping male consort outside of my room for an hour to cover my arrival and then dinner. This might of been to force me to eat in the bedroom to limit the noise-stalking, as a "warm-up" to an hour long nap attack this evening. Then to wrap it up, they turned down the heat, no matter if the suite heater is set at 74F.

I got my assigned pruning done today, and had time to evaluate the new wine filter the boss bought two days ago. More "browning around" maybe, pulling it out of the box and assembling it in part, as well as reading the scuzzy photoprint manual and to then later read it online in glorious color. The perps like to create these contrasts; see it in muted form, and later in full color and/or detail. Hence the regular channel TV news anchors being washed out color-wise and then later in full (unbleached) color.

A short work week, this being the last day of a pay period and I must not work more than 80 hours over two weeks. So... a whole 2.5 hours of work today; enough to tidy up loose ends and get tagged with a toilet blocking there while concurrently they cause a gallon of water to leak onto the floor in the garage, some 40' away. These are filter tubes that block the sink all the time and as I spend 50% of my time at the sink (as a winemaker) I have to move them. They are full of water in an attempt to purge the mildew/mold in them as they didn't get stored properly, and when moved onto a plastic tote it slowly collapsed while I was in the bathroom. So.. more cursing and then a mop-up which morphed into a full walked-area mopping as the planted reasoning was that I might as well clean up all the sticky floor. The perps just love to have one job expand into another along with job interruptions so to have three or more on the go and have pointless interruptions imposed by remote neural influencing. And too, exposure to water and filtration is always a big perp deal.

Heavy room vibration and outside pounding noise, back to the level before the phone call from a supposed complainant, incorrectly (ahem) thinking it was me. The pounding and vibration did decrease all round since then, until last night. And if the pounding and vibration was from more than one party, as it seemed (coming from different directions), then they all got the message.

And back to dog barking noise from next door, in keeping with the surfeit of this particular noise. The vineyard/winery owner's new Rotweiler puppy from the Czech Republic and that counts for extra dog barking noise in the noise-scape. And too, the puppy is having training problems and crapping inside the house. Then the cat also decided to crap outside its litter box, so carpet nuggets are both upstairs and down.

Anyhow, a whole Saturday off without even laundry to do, as it got done yesterday without incident apart from getting skunked at 1300h when both washing machines were busy.

That was before I set out to a small specialty grocery store, where they had me gangstalked with a black and a white pickups, near identical in model and make. One of them took me from motel exit at the road to the very parking lot I was headed. Then this strange native indian dude in ball cap needed to tail me all over the store, including the checkout, adroitly getting ahead of me at the only open checkout.

And more online screwings; I cannot get my cell phone billing detail for the current bill, and nor can I log into my credit card. The written down password, particular for the credit card, somehow got missed where I keep it. All to rile me up to a screaming rage show equivalent, as vocalization is now limited to a hoarse whisper. When is this insane abuse in all its myriad facets ever going to end? Imagine being riled up some 30% of your waking hours for close to 11 years.

The nattering and cackling yobos have set up shop 8' from my room and seem to think it important, yet again, that I listen to male banter, throat clearing, coughing, over-jocular  laughing and cackling. Nothing funny in this grim Potemkin Village.

And some Windows warning about a hard drive about to fail; I got these particular hard drives because they had a five year warranty, and most of them have failed now. The Windows warning prompted a backup session to start, and this represents the first time I have used Windows for backing up as I can never find where the application is. And I see that it is the intended backup drive that is supposedly flaky. It never ends.

An insane amount of tromping Fuckwits outside this motel suite. About one per minute lead-footed Fuckwit shaking this suite, along with the noise and male/yobo banter to go with it. Why this corner of the 100+ suite motel is a mecca for the shifless bums doesn't surprise me if one applies the harassment-victim-in-Potemkin-Village theory.

Enough dulldom; it has been mostly a shut-in weekend and for what? Extra heavy gangstalking when they let me out. The freakshow at LD confirmed that along with the hyper vigilant stocker/stalker dudes.

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