Sunday, March 10, 2013

Severe Abuse Monday

The assholes started straight out of the gate by resetting my alarm one hour later for a much reduced morning routine; no coffee, no chocolate, and no shaving (anywhere). And too, they obstructed my Rx yesterday so no yellow pills inside me either. The boss laid on a bunch of demands, all reasonable in the context of the winemaker job I now lead, which meant I was busy the whole day pumping (brown, and yellow-brown) apple juice from one tank or vat to another and then extensive cleaning of bins, tools, etc. He has decided to make cider along with a cryo-extracted ice wine and so I have two fermentions on the go instead of the planned latter one. One in a stainless steel tank, one in a plastic tank, all juice from the same source.

With all the pumping and cleaning it was ripe for the perps to have me "forget" things, make multiple extra trips, make extra splatter and mess, have me mount the floating lid bung backwards, have the wind blow things around including smashing the glass hydrometer on the ground, have flies arrive from nowhere get stuck in the juice, have the primer pump hose flip out of the bin and then it lose prime and many other arranged adversities to keep me riled up all day long. They even scrambled me to pull my vehicle's fuel filler lever instead of the adjacent trunk lever when went to put my boots in the trunk. Then to complete their fuckery, they had a mess erupt on the floating tank lid at 1600h, and that clean up cost me more time so that yoga was missed, now over a week as they screwed me on Friday too. If I had access to a 9mm, I would do it right fucking now. [Post script; the floating lid wasn't needed as this is a primary fermentation- basic winemaking skills now scrambled as well].

They started the day with the same intense fuckery as all day yesterday to get me infuriated yet again, but backed off to normal level abuse for the rest of the day.

With the hydrometer broken from yesterday I had to use a hydrometer with a different scale and convert, and then that raised FUD because there was already a drop from wild yeast fermenting that I didn't expect. Was it the change in hydrometer forced by the breakage or is there an unexpected fermentaion going on at a much higher than expected rate? Why all this arranged confusion, almost as bad as the vehicular clusterfucks they create

The outside pounding and vibration outside my suite continued this evening, plus the yobos increased the volume of their banter so I could hear their words. And the woman in the N. neighbor suite has been on the phone for three hours of normal tone voice, though I cannot determine what she is saying. The combined voice, (male and female separately) and outside tromping and suite vibration reached a climax when I was watching the Ch. 8 news, and instead of the dishy blonde weather reporter (who was sick, apparently) there was a new young black haired Caucasian woman who they WOULD NOT do a close up on for me to evaluate attractiveness. Normally they do some close-ups of the weather reporter, but not this time; I cannot have too much too soon in any cognitive event, attractive female or otherwise.

Then off to tanning tonight, having missed last week because the perps planted the notion I was too brown. That break in the regular cycle brought on more pounding and yobo (male) banter outside before I departed. Then when on the tanning bed, why, the attendant starts up the vacuum cleaner for crissakes. And have I complained long enough about vacuum cleaners/cleaning arranged in my proximity? Not enough to make a difference. And would this be to perturb the etheric vortices as described in the "The Source Field" by David Wilcock and others, .......

Mouse clicks, light switches, door locks etc. all continue to suffer more "malfunctions" now, and especially online with me listening to music with EMF devices at my ears, headphones that is.

A pointless trip to the college for my tuition reciept; it is available online, but as this Firefox browser gets sabotaged with some kind of scrambled graphics and missing tabs, why, I couldn't find the link. All to sent me to have a look at the admin assistant's display and see that she was using IE and all those tabs were organized and visible instead of the jumble of web pages I get, the degree seeming to depend on the implementation technology. Naturally I had to wait for a person ahead of me me who has extensive questions and contingencies and spent a lot of time bent over and looking at the same admin. assistant's LCD display and web pages.

An 0800h workday arranged stunt where the driver of a large silver-grey pickup occupied half of the lane I wanted to make a L. turn onto. Ahead of me was half pavement and half gravel. I look up to see what kind of insane asshole would pull this, (he could of backed up too), and he has this big loopy grin on his face. Totally arranged, as any responsible driver would of moved their vehicle either forward or backward.

A screaming rage show over mouse fucking; copy, paste, insert and the rest of the usual mouse commands are getting screwed, my email won't reply but goes into a new message etc. All to accompany me making my very first interac funds exchange instead of the infernal charge card thing which is months behind. Except no screaming now, just hoarse articulated enragement.

A stakeout at yoga; the elder ladies and the tattoo girl came again; plus the cute one who has a tattoo on her arm; the "cute but a little tattoo" instead of the major fugly tattoo scene next to her. I hadn't been for 10 days, and didn't feel the worse for it, and the perps let me do balances (on one foot) a little better instead of the non-stop gravitic pushes and foot movement that is usually imposed. They did this once before; one footed balances suddenly got easy and from thereafter were sabotage relentlessly. On either side of me both women wore the same colored top; lime to avocado green

Winemaking; busy with disaster prevention as the H2S smell started on one of the ferments, so I had to add more yeast nutrient. That cost me an hour at the end of the day. But the vehicular posse was ready for me, running clusters of color coordinated vehicles ahead and behind me, along with the center-line hogs in the opposing lane coming 12" into my lane for no seeming reason but flagrant belligerence.

An unabashed Fat Girl laundry stalker; leading ahead while on the phone, then still on the phone when dealing with her laundry. I turn on the light as it was getting mighty dim in there, and she did at least turn around to look how it happened. Then she is crossing back and forth in front of the washing machine I wanted to use, essentially stalking the wasthing machine while still on her EMF device and using this as an excuse for totally rude behavior IMHO. Then about 1.5 hours later, I retrieve my laundry from the washing machine and the same Fat Girl comes back to attend to her laundry in the dryer, on the phone again. This  time she has a 3" wide unnatural red and yellow streak in her hair on the left side. I don't see how I could of missed that the first time.

The perps then screwed me when I made up a bench trial for wine tasting, so 20 min. of work had to be tossed out.

Then shit games all day long, the leaking sensation needing attention at least twice.

And a late evening phone call from the downstairs neighbor accusing me of shaking the place. I told her it wasn't me, it was the tromping males walking outside on the walkway outside my room. Then she said something that I never make noise when I go up the stairs. Like WTF; why didn't you figure it out that it wasn't me and likely other persons who you likely viewed going up or down the stairs if you know my habits so well?. That her timing for phoning was impeccable didn't go unnoticed; within 10 seconds of me turning most of the lights out, as I was about to go to the bathroom at 2220h for crissakes. What a time to call and to accuse me of shaking the place when it is the trompers and it was a relatively quiet evening for that, unlike the evening before.

Friday and I got to do winemaking to keep the apple ice wine ferment going. yet again, some of the juice got on me and so I get to launder my clothes after work for the fourth time in the last five work days. Then I got scrambled as to whether I put in the detergent or not, and the manager "happened" to come by and ask about my TV and player, as the room cleaner is techo-savvy I am told. The room cleaner also "happened" to also come by the laundry room, and the manager asked her if she got the player to play onto the TV in my suite and she said she couldn't figure it out. Get this; a one year old TV, and a one year old disc player, both with HDMI connections and the player won't play into the TV. I had checked it out before this, and couldn't get them to work, so I was not alone.

And a stood-up stunt; a raw foods outfit said to come before 1500h today to pick up my order in Naramata, and so I started work earlier and left earlier, and got to the raw foods farm with 20 minutes to spare, and no one was there. I got the right place as they had a sign on the door, and I even phoned them to no answer. I cannot believe this bullshit, arranging to meet at a specific time and the fucker didn't show up at his own place. A note on the door would of worked, but then again, why would I expect common decency any more?

Saturday, and I drove into work at 1100h, a rarity. But as there is an active fermentation going, I thought I had better have a look. Good thing I did as the fermentation increased in temperature by 80% and did this in half the time as before.

Sugar; what is it all about? I went to a new store I have not visitied and shall call GCSS and was gangstalked up the asshole for my first time. A Fuckwit skinhead male was sitting in his red truck when parked the vehicle and then decides to get out and tail me to the shopping cart shed. Said Fuckwit skinhead lets out a loud yelp of some kind after I had exited my vehicle. I look at him wondering what it was, and he made out it was nothing as he was staring back at me.

And lo, if I didn't have the right kind of change to insert a dollar coin into the handle to of the shopping cart to unlock it. And lo, if another Fuckwit male was sitting in his vehicle on the other side of where I parked. I cannot get over the number of shiftless males sitting in their vehicles and doing squat in parking lots these days. So when I got to the entrance why some gangstalkers were walking the other way, exiting at the entrance. And ditto in reverse when I was exiting; Fuckwits entering the exit.

I had to get bags of sugar, and lo if I didn't have a family posse on my ass, with two shopping carts in serial formation and when I stopped at the sugar at the end of the aisle, why, they stopped opposite me. Then to the checkout to get out of there, and when unloading the sugar the cashier commands me to leave it in the shopping cart. And when it is my turn, she tells me that there is a limit of one bag per customer and I had four. I said I didn't want any in that case as I didn't want the inconvenience of getting it all over town. Then she says that I can have three at the higher price; I tell her that is OK then, I just want four bags of sugar.  Like WTF; first she tells me I can only buy one, and then she modifies this to be one at the sale price, the rest at the regular price. She had this habit of looking 12" to my L when talking to me, not to my face directly. It is the first time I have ever seen this kind of deranged behavior anywhere, persistent horizontal gaze displacement, but not vertical gaze displacement. It was most bizarre.

I am fighting pink bars showing up on the Firefox browser for no seeming reason, (purportedly an error message) and lo, if they aren't replicated in plasma form; at the bottom of the LCD display rather than the top, fainter for sure, and also skewed 5 degrees from horizontal.

PDT, as in Pacific Daylight Time, or would it be Psychopathic Dithering Traumatization? As in an insane screwover this morning. They had me adjust the three clocks last night. This morning, when looking at the time on the PC it was two hours ahead, and I was planted with the notion they screwed up. Later, when headed out the door I checked my cellphone and it was the same, two hours ahead. Only then did they allow me to realize that I got fucked into turning the clocks back instead of ahead, and so I had to change them all again today. NEVER have I screwed up a DT/ST time change, and NEVER has my analytical faculties deserted me as I would of figured it out after looking at the PC time.

More supermarket shopping cart fuckery, using my minimal knowledge to a disadvantage as I don't normally deal with shopping carts in any store. One has to insert a quarter to release the lock, but it was sprung and as the perps removed my finger the quarter goes flying out, hitting me and then to the ground. The second time it "happens" the quarter just disappears in mid air as it didn't fall to the ground or captured in my hand. I get another quarter and try again, but none of the three shopping carts would release the locking pin. I turn around to go, and find the first quarter 4' behind me on the ground. How did it get there as it made no sound, and plain disappeared from sight? One old geezer in brown came by to look at me, staring as he was walking toward the doors, and what would that of been about as I wasn't making a scene even if totally infuriated.

A Sunday, but as an active fermentation is going I on, and the owner flitted off, I had to attend to it. I find it most curious that he departs when he did not supply me with critical supplies that I had asked for, and said he would get, but didn't. I just wonder if that was to set me up for the above mentioned supermarket shopping cart fuckery that erupted at both stores as well as the interim vexation of trying to unlock them.

More orange and pink plasma beams sitting over the bottom of this LCD display, sometimes going off horizontal.

More of the organized vehicular calvalcade; either driving over center-line or over the shoulder line.

Anyhow, another week is done and to get this posted.


Anonymous said...

That's something that happens to me all the time when doing laundry: getting messed with as to whether or not I put in the detergent. I wind up putting in a small "extra" amount just "in case". The result is extra suds and an extra rinse cycle, which may have been what they were after all along.

And getting accused of "making noise": I've gotten that before. In late 1994, my roommate confronted me and asked me "Was that you making that noise last night?" I told him I went to bed earlier than usual, so it couldn't have been me. Then he tells me "It sounded like someone `packing shit'". Another WTF, and probably an excuse for confronting me.

And this same roommate used to crank up the heat in the fall for no good reason when it was 62 degrees F outside. He'd crank up the heat to 75 deg. F, and I'd go downstairs and turn the AC back on, as it was still warm outside.

He used to do this all the time, with the excuse that he was "cold", though I dispute that. Funny how when I came to visit the apartment months after I had moved out, the thermostat was set at 67.5 degrees where I set it when I moved out!! So I figure, it could've been something the perps were instructing him to do, as some places I go to this very day have the heat cranked up like this when it isn't even cold out. Like for example, it'd be an early spring day, 60 deg. out, and the heat would be on in the place. Then, this would be followed by them turning on the AC, making it cold in the place. And it's very consistent, these hot and cold games they play, i.e., extreme warmth followed by a sudden cold via turning on the AC.

AJH said...

The air temperature in rooms and the sensation of warmth or cold is a big perp deal. Much of their research relates to air, breath, and whatever energetic/etheric interactions that creates. Hence, changing the temperature to vary the data and better remote detection. I commonly have gangstalkers at the checkout with frozen goods, and hot goods, in front and behind me.

The laundry detergent games are new to me, and the color of the detergent container also seems to be important for the perps. I have been screwed twice in a week by this stunt and the near daily launderings due to wine splatter are part of the mix. Thanks for the comments.