Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tromping and Cackling

I switch web pages and a then a sudden eruption of two dudes outside; one yapping, one cackling as this this suite is being shaken and vibrated from their seeming leaden feet. I think we have done this one before.

Yoga tonight, and the darling, but well toned, athletic pixie was giving the class. I had my mat neighbors come in after me; it was the tight curly grey haired women tonight, save the same one as last Friday, on my left again, the class facing the other way. And the perps were up to their gravity wave game again, pushing me off balance and not letting me re-establish my pose. Sometimes these unbalancing gravity waves come in slow and I can counter them for a second or two before they increase the imbalance and have me break out from my pose. Other times they will move my feet to counter the forced imbalance when I had no intention to do so, as I usually give up because I never win. It is most odd to see one's foot countering a gravity wave imposition and knowing it is not me that is controlling it

And yoga was so interesting for the perps that they applied their light reducing scuzz film on both lenses of my glasses. Normally, (read, this perverted normality) they scuzz up the L lens of my glasses in the evening only, something they have consistently done for over a year. But for some reason they were moved to not only do this earlier in the day, but for lenses, though more scuzz on the L lens. Funny how that "happens".

A busy day at the winery; I expected to do my cold stabilization today but the boss wanted help on his gantry crane assembly, and two picking bins cleaned. In the process, I had to assemble the new power washer, which is nearly identical to the last one that failed and warranty service was an endless loop on the phone. This one failed too, but for different reasons. And lo, if the manufacturer (begins with "K" and ends with "r") didn't "forget" to put the screws in the box, just like the one of last summer. Except it had a hole in the box and some nesting material, presumably from a mouse. So the mouse would of got "browned" from the pressure washer box and the perps would compare the mouse to me and how much I like brown- all conjecture of course. Or else the plastic spray wand would of had mouse energies as the pressurized water is passing by.  It is all too absurd at times, why they would hound a schmo like me for nearly 11 years without bothering to confront me and explain why they are the most relentless Fuckwits/Fuckups this world has ever seen? But pressure washers do play an important part of the perp prop games; the very first pressure washer I rented long before the perps went berserk/overt in 04-2002 had the pump fail after five minutes. Also, I have pressure washed the First Feral Family patio, and also used it to drill holes in the ground for narrow steel fence posts.

Some problems at the winery with 55gal. drums of juice this morning, though not of my making thankfully. I got my cold stabilization done, did the endless cleanup activity and did pruning for the afternoon. Nice and sunny, though blustery and a cool wind. It has snowed a little this morning, enough for me to cancel any notion of turning the vehicle around and sliding around. By about 1000h it was all gone. I suppose the perps are still working on the color games with snow as they are working on sky colors as well and changing them via weather, or the sky trails they like to play with.

A busy day of slinging barrels with an overhead gantry and fabric slings. The barrels are full of frozen apple juice with partial thawing to concentrate the sugars to make a cryo-extracted apple wine

The boss didn't inform me that were would be doing four pallets of barrels, after I cleaned everything up after the first pallet, just like yesterday. A whole day of activity was planned and he chose not to enlighten me in the least. All to keep the FUD going and have me pack up prematurely.

And coughing and hacking outside at 0450h while having breakfast.

A very cold and windy day and I was outside for most of it. First there was the arrival of a new 1,000L tank and so I had to pull off the protective plastic wrapping inside it. That took 30 minutes as it was a slow pull to prevent runs in the plastic and a more difficult job in the cold. The plastic removal is the same stuff if you have ever seen new cars on a car carrier (a fave perp gangstalk configuration) with a white protective plastic over the painted body.

That was on the inside of the tank, and the outside had shrink wrap over the swirl marked surface, and so another variety of plastic to remove. Then there was leaning in and cleaning it and the perps made sure one leg got soaked past my long underwear. And if that wasn't enough they forced me to take a pee and see their soak job on the under garments. They pulled at least four washroom visitations this morning, though not a record, but as there hasn't been many for a month or so, it does make one wonder what they are up to and why they need a forced pee series like this.

And five yobos/Fuckwits were clustered for their male banter session nearby this suite when I returned from yoga tonight. How is it that these dude clusters form every hour or less all evening long in this motel of seeming disparate souls? This was the first time I got to see the Fuckwits for real, as their banter has been arranged for me to overhear for at least the last two weeks.

And all the more, it seems that yoga is rehearsed by the rest of the class, leaving me to flounder alone when the ambiguous instructions are supplied by the male instructor. In fact, many of the class of ten or so, knew what was coming and started on their pose before the instructions were supplied. And so it would seem that the rest of the class were arranged ahead of time for yoga. And what is the point of that?

And said male instructor put on his best billiard ball skin-head look, having the remaining stubble shaved off and his head gleaming in reflected light. And too, if that wasn't enough, he had his jeans on, and still with his ample gut. He had plenty of hands on pose maintenance/adjustments for the one young blonde girl while the rest of the class, all middle aged women, had to do without. I suppose the male instructor was attempting to get some "blonde aura" or whatever need it is for the perps to arrange Unfavored males (Unfavored- skinhead, gutted and male) around blonde girls.

And what is it that the perps need to arrange a coughing Fuckwit outside my room at 0450h, three days in succession? I am eating my breakfast and lo, if the same coughing lout doesn't erupt outside at the same time.

[Cue coughing and hacking in background and door clicks of no ostensible cause a I realized my bloggings on this date did not survive the past session even if I saved it].

And the latest surge in perp inanity is to block links that formerly worked. As in no action whatsover, which fits their recent campaign of having the off switch to this LCD do nothing for a half dozen pressings and screaming at them all the while to leave me the fuck alone. Though, "screaming" isn't quite accurate as they have me exclaim in a hoarse whisper so not to be overhead but infuriated all the same.

It was the same deal with turning on this PC a few minutes ago; they totally blanked me out from doing after turning on the AC powerbar, and here I was wondering why I didn't get any normal boot up sequence.

Then there was the sudden motivation last weekend to unpack the DVD player and plug it into the 50+ inch TV with the HDMI cable and for some reason it won't work. The TV picks up the HDMI and goes to a menu titled "Source", I select the HDMI signal and still it doesn't work. More rounds of infuriation over this particular stunt. But as there is a long and storied history on devices not working or working incorrectly since they perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, I just plain give up if something doesn't work, knowing it is the Fuckwit Agenda at work.

A haircut and a full leg wax earlier today. The hair stylist came in 10 minutes late and was brusque as she was tubby (very). At one point she was pushing her gut into me while I was in the chair. Then the leg wax which at first they made out to be a wait of 45 min. but the woman at the desk "found" someone who was free and she started. About 45 min. later she was swapped out for someone else, another young woman. Both were amiable and good company, but why should I be so surprised there was this tag-team activity around me? It was common to have have cashiers swap in and out in mid-checkout for the longest time, and this would be a little different as it was a service continuation and not a financial transaction, a source of huge perp stunts and activities.

And a special treat of unnatural hair color again; the fuchsia colored hair of a hair stylist was on show when I had my glasses off and head in the sink with water running through my hair while the stylist was attending to it. Then a few more sightings next to me while my hair was getting cut, then she was front and center as part of a stylist cluster when I exited from the waxing area, and then she was doing a pass by (80' away) for me to see her from my parked vehicle. Gangstalking reprises indeed, and unmistakeable with the fuchsia hair, even if straight and banged at the front.

A new twist to the pounding and vibration goings on; shake this suite the instant I switched to a new web page, differing color and another site altogether.

And I see creeping changes to my music files; someone has gone and crammed album name, track number and song title all into the song title field. I spent considerable effort to get the music metadata correct, and someone has gone and changed it. Or at least, this is the way it appears in Media Center 18. I check the same metadata in Tag Scanner and it is OK, just the way I set it up. Either there is a mysterious metadata field I cannot access, or someone is spoofing Media Center. Go figure.

Sunday, and it looks to be a shut-in day as all shopping got done yesterday, even at 2100h in the near vacant supermarket where a surfeit of stocking/stalking Fuckwits and their brown boxes somehow arranged themselves to pop out behind aisle corners and the like, Even the floor sweeper Fuckwit was in on it, somehow creeping unheard within 4' of my back before I saw him in my peripherial vision, also an intense region of perp research.

Though it has been inordinately quiet this morning; no babbling dude clusters or shaking the place from Fuckwits passing by.

And what is it about blondes and disagreeable males that seems to be grist for the perp's mill? The Bad Oscar makes the news before the Academy Awards (Oscars) and gets a free pass to be on bail because he doesn't have a propensity for violence according to the presiding judge who duly ate up all the hagiographic press material he could find. Meanwhile, his blonde girlfriend is dead from gunshots he fired through a wall. Human angst, depravity and consequent suffering and grief is merely feedstock for the perp research agenda, whatever that is in all its entirety.

But I did get some room shaking when I put on the headphones later, those EMF devices either side of one's head and surely a perp research augmenting device given the attention they have devoted to mine, and messing up the good Grados I have.

Masers and plasma beams all week, and occuring in each glance or activity. (This is the new normality; constant apparitions, shapes and light flashes every where I look. They also like to put a maser in the form of a toroid (doughnut) at my ear immedidately following the removal of a hair with tweezers. And too, the extracted hair somehow sticks to the tweezers and may even fly off them to arrive back on the ear near where the maser is situated in space.

This is getting dull, if it wasn't earlier, so I shall sign off and post this. Some red vehicle pics for posterity- three of them parked around me.

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