Monday, September 20, 2010

Crumb Inundatations

Sept. 19, 2010
 A  day off from farm work, that will make it a three day weekend with a doctor appointment tomorrow. Just the usual "visit the East Indian" trip, no specific purpose other than that. He might have one his "students" in there too, or sometimes another doctor. Last time it was an Asian shrink who came to sit in, so it would be combination of Asian and East Indian male doctors. I am on record with predicting my next replacement doctor to be a negro, going up the brown skin scale, from Caucasian, Asian, East Indian where it currently is. Though I am told that negro shrinks are a rarity, I am sure the sickos will find one when they need it. As in "when", not if, though I cannot be 100% sure, but it seems the perps are still working on their negro exposures, especially male negroes, possibly related to traumatization associations of their doing when I was young, abused, and then recall deleted. It seems that subconscious recallections are what they are working on, and have been since they went into overt harassment in 2002. I say this abusive and depredative life rape has some 3 to 4 years to go, given that it has taken them 8 years to getting around to allowing me have food cut with a ceramic blade instead of steel.

I got two pieces of bum advice yesterday, found out today. The tea shop was said to have Bodum teapots with infusers, and the nearby coffee shop was said to have manual coffee grinders. I went and did a post-rain excursion to these two stores and got skunked on both. I did get some loose tea though, something I had wanted to do for over a year. That is how it goes; crank me up on an interest and then keep reminding me of it every few weeks for a year or more, and then finally allow me to execute the plan. Gangstalking and other stunts enroute and return and in the store are not optional.

Another long standing event that was allowed to be completed today was laundering my microfiber coat with a fleece liner. It looked scuzzy and the assholes wouldn't let me wash it until today. Wonders never cease.

The 1405h #27 bus was 10 minutes late, long enough to put on an extensive gangstalking vehicular show with the Asian woman rudely standing in mid-sidewalk some 7' away. When the bus finally came, why, it was near full, and I end up getting a seat beside her and her odd head drooping habits. I never did figure out what she was doing exactly, and whether it might of been an intense music listening experience. Her standing in mid-sidewalk next to the bus shelter meant that the procession of ambulatory gangstalkers that came from behind her all had an excuse to step onto the ashphalt street to get around her, and she didn't move after the first such obvious signs of obstructing public egress. I have never seen an Asian so fucking rude before, but there are so many firsts in this role as an exotic abusee.

Sept. 20, 2010
A stayover at the First Family Feral home last night, with prior serial visitations by my daughter in the afternoon (scraping for donations fo Run For the Cure (huge cancer fundraiser here)) and then my in-town brother for dinner. Then a near pointless trip to Lee Valley Tools for a chain mail glove to protect me using the recently purchased mandoline slicer, but as it was $80 plus taxes I defered, not having done any other prior shopping to find alternatives. Then an hour of yard work, resuming the digging job of removing the plastic sheeting buried in the soil, but as it was so extensive I had to cut it off and make another project out of the rest of it, as it is over one foot deep. This digging project to level a 10' square backyard corner had begun four weeks ago, and has already uncovered three other buried plastic sheets. I assume this is all perp related as they are totally consumed with the effects on plastics on soil, plant growth, water contact, and of course ageing. I don't think my parents put the plastic sheeting down, as they had no reason to. And I see that there is orange colored polyethylene plastic there, a relatively new product and different from the transparent and the black colored poly sheet that has been around for some decades.

And while my daughter was visiting with their family standard poodle, the next door neighbor saw fit to engage in some soil slamming to shake the house a little and add concurrent noise. The guy had started a fence repair job and "decided" that it was served by slamming the post down into the dug hole, presumably to compact the bottom of the hole so he could pour concrete in it to set the fence post. As mentioned, the sickos will use any excuse to increase the noise and vibration level, especially when there is more family about.

Another perp interest is plants, their roots, and soil interaction. The above mentioned digging job uncovered many roots of the nearby pine trees that had grown around, or between layered plastic sheets. This digging job exposed the roots, as the plastic had guided them to some extent. This same digging job had been held up for some three weeks as it was raining each of the past three Sundays, my only normal day off, save today. The doctor appointment forced me to take a weekday off, which was cleared with the employer in advance. As always, the SAC overhead aircraft noise started up when I started digging, and was near continuous for the hour that I was engaged in this activity. Other "regular noise" was the off-on percussive roofing noise, as if someone had started yet another roofing job in my proximity, wielding an air gun intermitently, unlike any roofing job I have known.

And the doctor appointment was duly attended by an "assistant" who asked all kinds of questions, making out that he wasn't up to speed with my case history. It went OK, and I didn't figuratively impale myself on describing gangstalking, harassment and the progression of mind control research. The major pissoff was that the appointment started 10 minutes late while the procession of wierds and oddities passed by, some doing back-and-forths, some doing synchronized seated posture changes, and others varying their spinal orientation, from slouch to bent over, like they were going to take a crap. I reckon ithat it was more important that I spend extra time sitting in the copper colored upholstered chairs, given that it is a highly featured gangstalking color, and that it is the third change in seating that has been arranged in that waiting room in the past seven years.

Said "assistant" was similar in face and eye appearence to the former work colleague I keep in touch with, and who emailed me two days ago about meeting a mutual colleague who suffers from MS. We didn't get together as it "happened" as there was no return phone call from our colleague. Such interactions that don't reach fruition have been noted in prior situations where a near-doppelganger "happens" to appear not long afterward. The perps seem to be seeking some kind of intrinsic neural signature of communication with the same person, be it by email (the past two days), phone (in the past), or in person with them morphed over (possibly today).

As one TI indicated to me early on, the sickos read one's spine like it is an aerial. And that seems to be true, as the fuckers are all over me (extra gangtalking) when I walk from yoga class back to my apartment. And too, a public yoga class out yesterday when I went to two stores, getting skunked at both on what I intended to purchase. The manual coffee grinder and the teapot with a stainless steel insert basket instead of a nylon one will have to wait yet again. The perps seem driven to have me get a glass teapot, and like to noisestalk me while the color changes while the tea is steeping. Heaven knows when they will let me have a ceramic teapot.

A city bus ride to downtown, then a freakshow at the supermarket while shopping enroute to my apartment. The assholes fucked me out of getting the bus I wanted; I was to get a #11 and the screwed me out of knowing that is the one I take, and I had to walk another half block to get a #14. Like WTF; why is it important to them that they screw me out of an intended bus? I don't make those kind of mistakes as I know most of the bus routes in this town, and yet they fucked my cognition and access to my knowledge.

A sudden Firefox browser crash a few minutes ago. All to follow the prior boot-up where last tabs were to come up but didn't for "some reason". About 99% of the time I boot up Firefox I have the last most tabs as it saves opening new ones and serves to remind me of what I was last working on, looking at or planning to revisit. Soo.. to change things up as they do, they fucked my Firefox boot up to have no saved tabs from the last session. That is how it goes in Sabotage Land, even the most picayune habits or routines get trashed for their own sake.

An eruption of dude talk from a neaby balcony; I closed the window and put on my earmuffs and was not able to atenuate the noise level by any appreciable degree. I don't why the perps insist on arranging loud dudes to banter just out of word-audible range, but still within voice noise audible range, but that is how it has been for over eight years, these ersatz dude chats in my proximity. And I don't have any particular insight or given read as to why they are doing this either.

An noisy evening as the dude banter re-started again while making dinner and continued while eating and cleaning the dishes. That, and the thumpy stereo noise from a putative neighbor was my accompaniment on this particular Monday. Another first was that I used my new Microplane cheese shredder today, acquired two days ago and without the usual months of "fallow time" for most new acquisitions before they are permitted to be used. I haven't figured out why this applies to some but not other items. And some items are acquired and so far, years later, never used. The safety toed boots were bought in 2008 in the anticipation of future construction laboring work that never materialized, and haven't been worn yet. Which suggests a future job in some capacity where tey will be worn, but so far, nothing yet and I have no idea what it might be. IT work would not ordinarily have a call for this footwear, but in my circumstances one just does not know what is around the corner. The sickos don't like me to have much money, and a decent wage job doesn't seem to be in the offing. Though, they could get me on the expense side if I had a decent paying job; automotive expenses are often a money pit they like to exploit with strange and unexpected vehicle repairs. Been there, done that.

Enough for a post, and insurance that this isn't blown away like recent perp blog sabotage.

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