Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pallet Stage Show

Sept. 13, 2010

The work scene again, hefting boxes of daffodil bulbs into a hopper that leads to rotating tumblers to remove skins and soil for downstram inspection by a crew of 8 to 12 bulb sorters who remove the dead or severely damaged ones. I stand outside the building on a stack of four pallets with another two adjacent stacks, one for incoming pallets and the other for outgoing empty boxes. My pallet "stage". The three pallet stack levels are kept the same height to avoid constant change of differing working heights. When a forklift delivery of a pallet with bulb filled boxes is to be made I take a pallet off the stack as a new one is coming in. I transfer it to the empty box pallet stack as the pallet was removed. The order is that the empty box pallet is removed first, I lug an empty pallet onto the stack to keep the same height, and then the full pallet is delivered onto the just vacated lower pallet stack. A little confusing to explain, but it is a two part job. And today, three different forklift drivers in succession "forgot" to deliver the second full pallet, leaving me one pallet thickness lower than the other two. I tell you, it is orchestrated, especially around increments of similar objects. In this case pallets with a top plywood surface and boards underneath with solid wood crossmembers. The stacking of the plastic boxes in another example of incremental build up a layer of a certain uniformity the sickos like to arrange.

They hired some more male wierds, plus one was re-hired, and he needed a new employee card as he turned his in. This is the freakish long haired blonde tall male who has a rather large gut, and likes me to see it in profile. No doubt this dude has more games to play, and is only getting started with his "gut strut". [09-18-2010 update; he has only come for this one day]. The three wierds were an severe obese case that is totally disgusting to look at, another who wears a bicycle helmet for no seeming reason, and the third is a ducktail dude who had a recent stroke and seems to have memory loses. Read on.

My ducktailed male helper seemed to forget everything I told him about two days ago, which included afternoon break time, that started some nonsense. He unilaterally shuts down the tumbler machine, and says he needs to take a piss. I tell him to tell me as I can cover for him as there are 12 downstream workers who depend on us putting daffodil bulbs through. Then he tells me it is break time, and I say no, its only 1400h, break is at 1500h. Then he says he will work until then, and I tell him that he said he needed to take a piss and to leave it all to me as I can run it by myself. So he takes off to take his piss, and I run all the equipement for a few minutes while he is gone.

Then he pulled a cigarette stunt, lighting one up while working. I tell him that it wasn't on for two reasons' the fire hazard with the bulb skins blowing all over, and that smoking in the workplace isn't permitted. This is what I told him two days ago when he asked in advance, and somehow he "forgot" to ask again today, as also "forgot" what I told him.

Also of interest is that he has tattoos on him, one on the right hand which I get to see far too often, my attention being redirected to look a the fugly tattoos.

Then the slow striptease over the working day; a coat, to reveal another coat, and finally an infernal red short sleeve shirt to reveal an am tattoo. Have I said how much I fucking loathe tattoos? In another vignette, he somehow slipped off the equipment, and when I saw him he was lying on the ground, back down, and recovered to continue. These lie-downs with one's back to the ground are totally absurd, and it is at least the third one so far I have seen co-workers do outside of field coffee and lunch breaks.

A stinking abuse show this evening, at tea time, -spilled the tea due to the center french press  plunger coming out, then messed me four times with attention re-direction games, had me do the teapot cleaning totally out of order, putting it all in the sink to begin with, and at least six rage-fications over mindfuck games, including gratuitous attention redirection fuckery. This is where I am in mid-task, a routine of making the tea as an example, and they send my attention to the cupboard and drawers that have nothing to do with tea making.

An arranged ink spill in the laundry which somehow got on my hands "from" a pen that "happened" to be "forgotten" in my pants when in the washing machine, with some ink on the jeans, though everything else in the laundry load seemed to be OK. (At work, they have me use my own pens for some reason, the same kind that I do my diary with.)

Sept. 14, 2010

Saanichton BC continues to a nexus of negro activity, at least 20 parties in the past two years, which defies the demographics of the last census. A negro on the bus again, three seats in front, with parka on but hood down to reveal his white ball cap, which he later took off for me to see his tight head hair. And then when he gets off, his parka is half on and a white sports jersey is underneath. In other words, he partially removed his parka between leaving his seat and exiting the bus. Fucking bizarre, but the clothing half on stunt is old news.

And to add the white color theme, the negro with the white ball cap was followed by a male MIW (Men In White) walking down the aisle of on the bus, with the assholes making sure my attention was directed at the scary white pants. There is something quite loathsome about seeing males in loose white pants.

And daffodil bulb loading all day, my one ducktail and tattooed helper turning mysteriously odd about how he lets so many bulbs drop down from the equipment when it is his full time job to stop the back ups that cause them to drop into the bin below. It is not just me who cannot figure out what is going on with him. He seemed to forget everything I told him two days before, including lighting up his cigarette around all these bulb skins in the air and in bins. Ditto for leaving his stuff on the loaded pallets that are moved. Maybe he was hired by the perps for his ugly ducktail and scrawy partial beard and tattoos/ Or maybe the constan open mouth he has. It seems that the perps want to continue to expose me to male ponytails, and having a male with an "almost ponytail" hanging around me at work for eight hours each work day might be their usual incremental exposure game, interjecting the odd babe with a ponytail, preferably blonde when elsewhere, say bus or public sidewalks.

I even got a look from a blonde babe on the bus today, not long enough to be a stare, but I noted they later put the hat-backwards male rube in behind her seat, and when she got off, why, the rube sat in her seat. This happens so often I have called it "auric radiance co-opting", putting the Unfavored specimen (male rube/Fuckwit) in the same seat or location as a Favored person, blonde babe having two Favored features (attractive and blonde).

Two days ago on the bus, a rainy day with my Blunt Tip umbrella beside me, a young blonde woman was standing up, getting ready to depart, and she looks at me, I look at her, all normal duration and no staring by either party, and then I get distracted by my umbrella suddenly sliding out and I grab it before it gets to the floor. But the strange thing was that the tip was resting on the rough no-skid surface, and there was no slow movement, the umbrella had suddenly moved 12" or so. I contend it was de-materialized and the re-materialized 12" away as I could not replicate the apparent lack of friction that would of conventionally caused it to move. I have had many of such events, often in the most mundane of circumstances, dropping a teabag into the garbage from 3' up, and I don't get to see it drop, it suddenly materializes in the garbage below.

And all manner of co-workers gathering around my backpack when I leave it on the bench nearby; they also arrange plastic crates and cardboard around it as well, an ongoing study for the assholes to put people everywhere I have my stuff, or have sat or stood. More weirds trolling by as well, I have no idea who they are and they don't introduce themselves, even more odd IMHO.

I pulled some makeshift cardboard off the hopper today as it was becoming a pain in the ass, and the mechanic was to come anyhow. The instant I had the brown cardboard in hand, why, the foreman was all over me, chatting away and engaging me in dialog that was job related, but as there has been so many of these events, though usually not cardboard related, I can only assume it was a big perp moment, for me to grasp brown cardboard that had been used to contain the bulbs from climbing out of the hopper.

Sept. 15, 2010
Later afternoon rain, much the same timing as the day before. A record number of pallets of daffodil bulbs were put through the machine today, 19 in all or (19 x 48), 912 boxes. I was suprised that so many could be put through, though I had a helper to keep the machines clear. It seemed the perps put on a three hour rain onset to ensure there was a slow gradual color change all round, most objects getting darker when wet.

The seeming co-workers still like to cluster around my backpack wher it is left on a plywood table, and they seem to be ready for me to come and retrieve it for a break, or to return it to the same location, or else obstruct the original location to have me place it elsewhere. They also like to lie on this plywood table, in keeping with the plywood games that go on; pallets, the 1/4" plywood pallet load covers, and now 3/4" plywood covers.

Miss Cambodia who has followed me from the former farm to this one has now changed wearing her ridiculous red ball cap to a red hoodie that had been stored in her jacket collar all this time she has worn it. This since mid-July when at the first farm work site, now tailing me to my second farming job/employer for 2010 along with another Cambodian, a loopy male, and a large Caucasian woman with spots on her skin.

Sept. 16, 2010
A near identical rainy late day as yesterday, except this was payday, and the pay office was duly "reinforced" with at least 5 of the 8' plastic tables stacked on edge and leaning agains the office wall. (An office with a window to the outside where we present our badges to get a check). Also " in attendance" in the prop lineup were three cannisters of propane in various sizes and some barbeque equipment. There are some 20 to 100 motorhomes descending on the farm for a get together, all to add to the all-round Fuckover with their vehicles, GPS gear, solar roof panels and their satellite dishes unfolded. Talk about near unbridled wealth, as some look bigger than my apartment that I live in when their bays are extended. Some of these bays are 10' to 12' long as they add to the floor area. There must be websites of motorhome afficiados where no toy is left undiscovered.

On the homebound city bus freakshow a Secret Sicko (SS) male with a white sucker handle protruding from his mouth, emulating a cigarette, and making extensive phone calls on his cell phone. He was hanging onto the seat sideways with icky almost red hair, but lighter, say ginger color. Ginger looks good on house cats but not the SS dudes in their black jackets that somehow didn't get rained on like everything else outside. Another one of those "least likely to be seen on public transportation" dudes.

A day of loading daffodil bulbs into the hopper at work; 18 pallet loads that contain 48 boxes each.

Another new torture the assholes have been building up for was on for last night, getting me up at 2413h to deal with a muscle cramp in my leg to walk off the pain. The pain was evident when I was lying down, but as it was getting too nasty while in bed and I had to relieve it (in theory) by walking it off. And just now, more leg cramps, also alleviated by walking it off, this time both legs at once being rendered temporarily impaired, though still keeping me upright. These pains come on from nowhere, and sieze my thigh muscles up and render the entire leg stiff and in pain. I would get these when swimming regularly, and I could not figure out how they came on so suddenly. Now I know; I was invaded then, as I am now, and just didn't know about it then, unlike the rest of the swim club, many of whom seemed to have joined the SS. It was all those year long absences that I couldn't figure out.

Sept. 17, 2010
Finally some relative calm after getting Fucked Over for at least 40 rage-ifications while making and eating dinner, as well as cleaning the dishes. The big highlight jerkaround was when I was cutting the quesadilla in two, and they rotated it a quarter inch, and messed up my cut line that was in progress. The two halves still stuck together after I finished cutting in two, an ongoing game they play. And so while complaining, read, screaming at the assholes for jerking me around for at least 300+ times (lifetime) on this particular event, they then revved up a truck outside, over-revving, then it subsided for at least three cycles. The noise, and perhaps if was a real vehicle too, it would of had an EMF signature to go with the engine rpm. Such is the state of the ongoing games, starting noises while screamingly infuriated at their insane pranks. Other aggravations were pulling objects from my hands, screwing me out of the usual order of doing the dishes, as the garlic press is always done last (a forced "forget" on the drinking glass that remained on the table), inundating me with crumbs in excess of what normally would occur, flashing me with red microdots of plasma beams, interfering with my word choice while yelling at them, and a few others that somehow don't come to mind. Other invasive but not enraging abuses were touching me with faked objects (at least 50x) and voice changes (2x).

On the farm work side, there is a middle aged Punjabi couple, a remnant of when there was over 200 of them working there. The last Punjabi left in the spring for a better job at a nearby farm, though I am sure there is more to this story given the perp manipulation themes over race and skin color, and interactions with the worksite, including the flooring, seats etc. This pair keep "showing up" around corners, stopping and staring at me or the,  "just standing there" dumbstruck in typical gangstalking locations such as building entrances doing their poses. And they like to erupte from behind corners, behind washroom doors just as they are opened and otherwise odd posing outside or in doorways. Fucking bizarre behavior. One time at the end of the work day the woman was sitting on a concrete barrier for delinating parking stalls, and her back was facing me and she was facing a railing 1' in front of her, most bizarre to begin with. But her swweater was lifted some 2" to expose bare skin and below it, a 2" band of her pink underwear. All for me to see for all of a few seconds as I entered the crew bus and got a seat on the other side so I wouldn't see this startling visage any more.

And today before work start, the Punjabi woman was sitting on a brown plastic seated chair outside and partially blocking the entrance to the men's washroom. Like WTF; what woman sits on a chair next to a men's washroom. It looked plenty stupid as it was contrived. Next they arrived on the daffodil bulb sort line, after being kicked off over a week ago because they didn't know what they were doing, and didn't speak English. (No other Punjabis as translators). And to make his turban even more silly, he put his black hoodie up to cover it as much as he could. She added to the strange headgear scene by wearing a scarf that somehow bagged out at the back, making it seem that she had an extra long head projection at the back.

I have seen these "bag hats" plenty often, the kind that sag at the back of the head,  and all I can surmise is that the perps are attempting to replicate some beings who have oversized heads compared to humans. As again, I have no such recall of seeing strange head shapes or aliens if that is what it is about, as my recall was nearly totally deleted from the age of two to five.

As part of the strange headshapes scene, there is much increased hoodie wearing among the gangstalker crowd, especially the coworkers. They get seen in all manner of poses, often in profile where I don't even get to see any portion of their face.

Sept. 18, 2010
I was sent out into the public zoo today, called downtown, after getting roused that I coulld't slice food, save with a knife, and that is always so inconsistent. So...., after a year of doing online coveting of mandolines (read,.perp mindfuck planted), and then also for ceramic knives, I finally get the opportunity to get a Kyocera ceramic bladed hand mandoline from a downtown store. Then a hankering for a decent and sharp cheese grater came on, as did another for crockery as my side plates and bowls are annoying with their too small bases, exploited by the sickos to make them extra tippy. I didn't get a set of bowls as the only plain ones were $17/bowl, kind of expensive, even if from France. I still didn't get the manual coffee bean grinder or a stainless steel basket for my Bodum teapot, but at least I got some leads of other stores, more than I usually get. The latter two are also on the "must get" list for whatever reason, as they don't seem to want me near electrical appliances on a regular basis. And I don't want to be captive  to the gangstalker parade in the local supermarket each time I use their grinder machine. Never mind the fucking mess of spilled coffee beans that erupts no matter my precautions.

All three purchased items had stickers on them, so out comes the Goo Gone to remove the remaining adhesive, and then a cleaning with the dishes cleaning brush. But the perps have had me on a domestic stint this year, having me get measuring cups and spoons, sieve, two stainless steel spatulas, a garlic press, and a pestle/rolling pin. All that new  gear mostly sits around, save one spatula and the garlic press (sat around unused for 4 months). Which suggests the perps have a big domestic agenda planned for me, and being even allowed to prepare meals other than the same one for over seven years.

On the "wonders never cease" front, I got the first email from my daughter in over 8 years, as she along with everyone else cut me off, save the odd one from the ex. Regular readers will recal that she actually got me a Father's Day card, and something for my birthday this year, also firsts. Suffice to say this is another major piss off, being excommunicated from my own family for no apparent reason. But it fits the pattern of everyone else doing the same fucking thing, including all those supposed "friends" that were fully participating in this insane abusive nightmare.

I put the mandoline to use for dinner time, making a salad and slicing carrots and a lemon cucumber. There was plenty of accompanying noise of faux water running and clunking, so it is a HUGE deal for them to have me change up the fundamental nature of how I cut my food up. It would seem that by using a ceramic bladed device I am eliminating the energies of the steel knives that are typically used for cutting carrots and cucumber, as it was tonight. I had been using a stainless steel knife purchased from Ikea a year ago, and it had been sharpened with a diamond hone since about 03-2010. And over the next while this food will digest, and presumably have a different energetic, (or electromagnetic if you prefer) signature than before. All too fascinating for the perps, and this does represent a watershed moment of them monitoring my food preparation and consequent energetic interactions with utensils and then later digestion. Like I have said in the past, I am under intense scrutiny as to what I eat, from what crockery and what utensils. I noticed that one of my regular gangstalker co-workers, one who tailed me from the previous mutual employer, was using a folding titanium camping fork/spoon at lunch yesterday, so no doubt this too will be part of the abuse reasearch agenda.

I will post this now, 2020h, as I am concerned it will get wiped out like recent postings in progress.

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