Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sirens Abounding [Updated, 09-17-2010]

[As of Sept. 17, 2340h, I have converted this rough notes version to the one you now see.]

[Original text: This is a rough notes version; just entries of  my notes that I intend to elaborate on, as I don't have much time tonight to get this fully written up. And the typo sabotage is intense. I cannot make much sense of this either, as a cut/paste went wrong as it often does in TI World, aka, Unconventional and Relentless Abuse World.

-Sept. 13; I begining to update this, but only a portion at a time is allowed as I suddenly and uncharacteristically get demotivated].

Sept. 09, 2010
Four days of blogging just got wiped out by some strange and unbidden behavior of Blogspot, also with no backup. A blanked-out version suddenly erupts and no choice as to saving or not to save the prior work. Needless to say I am totally pissed off and rage-ified, as the assholes seemed to be getting over this particular brand of of this fuckery some two months ago.

Sirens; at least 15 different episodes on Monday (Sept. 06 Labor Day) and then again Sept. 07 when at work in the daffodil fields of Saanichton. In the latter case, these are often 1960's style sirens, which they seem to think has some kind of associations of that era. I began school in 1960 in grade one, though there are some some absences that I cannot account for; 16 days that year it says on my report card, and I have no clue as to why. And no recollection of being sick.

Sept. 10, 2010
I was loading daffodil bulbs into a hopper all day long, as they then get sent through a series of three 3' diameter tumblers to remove loose skins and debris, and then get passed down a conveyor belt manned by some 8 to 12 staff who extract the rotten and poor quality bulbs and let the good ones go by. I am outside, and the conveyor passes through a hack in the steel wall to another conveyor where the staff are; sheltered and out of direct sunlight for 90% of the day.

And I have had black helicopter coverage from a Robinson in the past, a "recreational" helicopter for those who can affors such toys, but certainly a less menacing make and model. But today, a white Bell 206 helicopter coverage close in at times, 30 time, and likely aided/supported by two white trades vans parked nearby, and my white dust mask that I did not put on today but was close by (have had it on for two weeks, but no dust today). The helicopter moments were also accompanied by other co-workers doing pass-bys, engaging me in short, sometimes irrelevant conversation. In effect, "drawing me out" to verbalize and presumably exercise those neural circuits that remain on their research agenda.

The supposed trades guy was wandering around with his cell phone on much of the time, some four hours total. He was one of those scary crew cut dudes with nothing to do but wander around, and not unlike the asshole that assaulted me on the street a few years back.

As part of the daffodil bulb sorting crew, I leave my backpack on a 20' long plywood table along an unused wall, along with the rest of the crew. But when I get to my backpack on break times, it is constantly ringed with objects each time I go to retrieve it; cardboard (think, brown), plastic boxes, coke can litter, floor mats etc. And also, they are now doing sentry work around this plywood table, presenting a wall of bodies for me to find an opening for another location to place my backpack at break's end.

A pair of negroes got on the bus in Saanichton, about the most unlikeliest place they are to be found in all of this Greater Victoria and Saanich Peninsula area. (Central Saanich demographics; 5% visible minorities). They seemingly couldn't figure out where to sit on the upstairs level of the city bus. First one was ahead and one was a few seat rows behind, and then the one ahead came back to his pal a few minutes later, and were in constant conversation thereafter. It had to be one of the most strangest seating "decisions" made by two seeming voluble chums. None of the usual indecision discussion at first, just this implied (read,scripted) odd routine where they were required to be separate with me loosely in the middle.

Another city bus freakshow special was red ballcap hatted Fuckwit walking N. past the bus stop on the opposite side of the road  while us farmworkers were at the bus stop at the end of the work day. Then he "happens" to be on the S. bound bus after I boarded it 10 min. later. Like WTF; not only did he change his plans 180 degrees, but he also took a bus to do so, and got on at the next earlier bus stop after crossing the one N-S arterial road.

And of late, the perps have been busy with presenting the Unfavored Freakshow by means of suddenly presenting these arranged fuckers in front of me with minimal advance sighting from afar. Today's bus driver was this male Punjabi  with tall turban and 18" beard, a total surprise stunt, as I stepped onto the bus first looking at the fare machine to swipe my card, and then I look up, and here is this Unfavored specimen in full view within 2' of me.

Later on the street after work and getting off downtown, a skinheaded dude popped out within 2' of me from around a building corner, abetted by a bicycle on the sidewalk that forced him wide behind a building corner and to then pop out, and likely cognitive dithering as I should of seen the fucker through the adjacent window.

And what is the deal with the Fuckwits in bicycle helmets and no bicycle? A supposed new employee wears a freaking helmet on the bus, has no bicycle (two days so far), dresses like he is a biker (leathers, fabric riding pants), and even wears his helmet at the sit-around area before we start work. I haven't seen him without the helmet yet, and of course he works somewhere else so I don't know if he wears it while working. He does. [Update; he is said to be an epileptic and uses a helmet as protection in the event of a fall. Sounds like BS given all the helmet stalking games that are unfolding every day.] Or hmm...; I did have a woman have an epileptic fit on the bus nearby me, this in 2000 when commuting from Everett to Seattle. Likely not a coincidence, but I am curious as to how they manage such events.

Sept. 09, 2010
Four days of blogging just got wiped out by some strange and unbidden behavior of Blogspot, also with no backup to access. A blanked-out version suddenly erupts and so choice as to saving or not to save the prior work. Needless to say I am totally pissed off and rage-ified, as the assholes seemed to be getting over their spate of this fuckery some two months ago.

Sept. 11, 2010
More toilet breakdowns; the chain inside the cistern just "flips off" the clip that holds it to the lever arm, a long standing perps sicko stunt that is as tiresome as it is attributable to them. Recall that in the April 2002 apartment invasion by mostly sights and sounds, and later personnel, they had an operative block the toilet by putting a balloon down it while flushing it. I later had to snake it to clear it out. And ever since then, 99% of the time I take a crap something goes wrong; blockings and plungings, shit flicking, and enough mess to force me to shower to clean up. That is over 8 years of abuse over the act of taking a shit, never mind the privacy invasion. I got over the latter a long time ago, by 2002 year's end.

And over 50+ rage-ifications over dinner, making it and eating it, especially when making up the salad. They had a whole clove of garlic “flip out” from the press twice, unbidden by any action from me. It was only a partial crushing at that point; one flip out went laterally and onto the adjacent fridge and then slid down to the counter, the next flip-out had the clove directly jump into the salad bowl with the greens in it. I suppose they were testing a partial crushed clove against differing surfaces and then the greens themselves. Needless to say I was screamingly infuriated that this aspect of food preparation had to Fucked Over.

More white 206 helicopter coverage at work; first making passes over a kilometer away, one at lunch and viewable through the lunchroom window, and again when I was outside, only 100' off the ground and a very slow (20 mph) progression. Later, more aircraft, though fixed wing, some in formation. After that and at a relativelyh normal altitude, the yellow EH101 Coast Guard helicopter flew overhead.

Fixed the toilet again; the perps like it when they make me dip my hands in the cistern water, one hand at first, and then after a few minutes later, the other hand. Likely a pre-cursor/warm up for the bath I took and the later nut shave, see below.

Sept. 12, 2010

A day off, and that means laundering. The towels today, the bath towels, face cloth and the lavender colored glasses cleaning hand towel. The washing machine on this floor was busy, so up to the 7th floor to wash, and then the dryer wouldn't take my money, so down to the 5th floor to get them dried. They have pulled extensive laundry facility obstruction stunts in the past when in the 2005 to 2006 residential tower that appeared to have no residents. What floor I do my laundry on is now a matter of intense perp interest when it wasn't for most of my residence here, since 2007.

Then a two block walk to the post office inside a downtown drugstore in the rain, and so I take my parcel delivery attempt notice and go there, using my new Blunt Umbrella, and lo, if they didn't put up a sign on the counter to say they were closed for lunch at 1110h when they opened at 0900h. Another skunk job, and I am batting about .500 when going there to get a parcel; either they are closed or they give me further notices when the parcel had been picked up. They also closed down the opening hours; only a few months ago it was open to 2300h, then 1900h, and now I find they close at 1800h unilateraly, at variance with the stated parcel notice.

A nut shave last night. The assholes stole 10 (two packs) of black colored Gillette twin blade razor inserts, leaving me to use the triple blade Schick Extreme with a green and a yellow teflon rub bars. Since the regular facial and frontal Gillette blades I use are grey with a white teflon rub bar, I am sure they were after me today for a yellow or green "glow" from my nuts. (Or, maybe it (color energy) translocates via the bloodstream over one's entire body). Such are the postulations from the increased gangstalker activity over these colors, or any others that I have recent contact with in the form of clothing,footwear, earmuffs, desk surface as I type (pine wood), and the like.

[As of Sept. 17, 2340h, I have converted this rough notes version to the one you now see.]


Anonymous said...

I just heard from a recruiter who wanted me to update my information on her company's site. I did that, and somehow, I was "told" that I needed to pay $39.95 with a credit card to update my information. I'm not sure if I was distracted into clicking on a different link, but here the fee was to sign me up for Resume Rabbit. This service signed me up, posted my information from my resume to 46 job search sites.

Well, I'm not sure what happened there, if her company's site may have been a client of Resume Rabbit. But I guess the side effect is desirable in my case, because I got signed up for 46 job sites, complete with a computer-generated username and password for each, which I can list by clicking on a profile link from Resume Rabbit.

I believe the perps were behind this, but for once, they were helpful instead of just trying to flat-out piss me off.

I seem to have the worst luck getting recruiters and HR depts. to notice my resume, and maybe this will help. Looks like the job market is bad, and they simply get spammed by tonnes of unqualified candidates, which drowns out the qualified ones.

This will help, because I was just brushing up on TCP/IP and Java fundamentals. I suppose I could use quite a few more books to teach myself Python, Ruby. But those two languages are similar and seem to add more features in every release. So a book on those would be quickly outdated.

Ironically, the one recruiter who asked me to sign up for the service was from Hicksville, NY. Interesting name, and I'm sure the perps were behind this "coincidence", too. But at least I will be signed up for dozens of job search sites at once.

Hopefully, I can stay in my hometown and find something decent. I likely will have to move somewhere else, as this state sucks for job opportunities.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just heard from a...

The perps have differing degrees of adversity in all TI's lives they run it seems. Some TI's do OK on getting and keeping jobs, some don't (me), and it all depends on what their research objectives are for each TI. Even learning is a major reaearch area for the perps, and yes, they will hammer me so I don't understand on a dynamic basis as applied to each subject area. Hopefully the next paying gig works out, and that you get to progress career-wise. Thanks for the comments.