Monday, September 06, 2010

The Turban Collective

Aug. 30, 2010
Back from a day of loading daffodil bulbs into a conveyor hopper, though I cannot complain, as I was in the sunlight, and all my co-workers were in the shade. The conveyor belt passes through a wall, though not inside the building. Such is the continuance of the perp sunlight/shade/skin reaction/skin color research objectives. Some put on high SPF sunblock for the day, while they have me using SPF 15 twice a day (if they don't dither me into "forgetting"), and missing some locations and not others to create more variation of coverage of shirt, sunblock treated skin and hat shadow/blocking. I suppose the Vitamin D component might be part of this, as the perps seem to have a strong interest in this as well, Vitamin D being generated from sunlight, and it has wide repercussions on one's immune system. Other co-workers might be aiding the variation game by putting on high SPF sunblock in the morning and nothing for the rest of the day. Usually, I put on the SPF 15 sunblock at 1000h and 1200h PDT, which covers the most penetrating time of day. all I know is that the perps have a sustained and wide interest in this topic, which included at one time, Before Overt Harassment, using tanning beds, though only short durations of 5 minutes or less.

Onto the title topic. As regular readers will know, any kind of hat or head adornment is an Unfavfored object/appearance, and turbans rank near the top of the fugly list. And they "got me" when on the city bus heading to the farm laborer job. I see a brown turbaned E. Indian get on and then plant himself near the front of the bus, visible through a plexiglas panel. I was in the rearmost row seat, and he gives me a stare. Fine, I go back to reading my newspaper, and have another look in a minute or so, and now the fucker is looking outside in profile, a common multiple pose of the Unfavored. Nothing to exceptional so far. I read my newspaper for a minute, and "happen" to look up and in the direction of said brown turbaned E. Indian, and lo, if an intervening but previously obsured black turbaned E. Indian leans out from the obstructing heads, to present himself and his freaking black turban, which "happens" to be spatially arranged side by side with the brown turban. Like WTF; if I loathe the sight of turbans, which I do now as it is perp managed mindfuck imperative (didn't care for them before, but it was not big deal), then why is is that these assholes are arranged on the bus to sneak in yet another one that I didn't know about?

That was bad enough, but there is this Punjabi couple at the farm who keep posing their brown-ness and yellow turban. And today, he arranged himself to be behind the washroom door as I opened it to enter, and if that wasn't enough, he came back in to the washroom while I was still cleaning my arms from the dust that had accumulated on them. All I can say is this pursuit of me and presenting all the things that I don't care to see has become the all consuming industry/economic driver in this town.

The farm was once predominantly E. Indian labor until they had an economic downturn, and only this casual labor Punjabi couple is the representative pair. They spend no end of time posing when I am on break, or the 45 min. clusterfuck/marshalling at the begining of the work day. If I have some subconscious aversions to head ardornments and hats, I don't see that it is anybody's business but my own.

Aug. 31, 2010
While on the inbound city bus trip, a highway lane closure for a seeming accident, though it seemed more important to have two grey truck trailers there, one a semi, the other a dump struck. No sign of an accident, just a tent they set up.

Another accident in my neighborhood, at Pandora and Cook St., into the grocery store, though I walked by it mostly, to shop another block away. Interesting that it is a red truck, as the perps have been increasing the red gangstalking vehicles of late. They had four red vehicles parked in file for my twilight outing to the two local stores tonight.

The Shover Negro at the farm job has returned to work. How he gets away with not coming for a few days, and then gets to work is beyond me, as they told us over three weeks ago that this casual labor situation was over. And to boot, he shaved his head bald, and on the Unfavored list, a bald male negro (two females also) is about the most disgusting thing out there, more than red hair, Caucasian bald heads, tattoos, and the grossly overweight. Don't ask me how this ranking of Unfavored gangstalkers got started, or even why the Unfavored list even started. It used to be a no big deal thing if I saw any of the above worst list.).

Big time rain today, and we started at work trying to make the daffodil bulb sorting/loading machinery work with the wet bulbs and the attendant sticky wet soil, but the machinery jammed up. So, it was weeding for the rest of the day in the greenhouse. As usual, the external noises started up when begining weeding, especially after break times, but this is so habitual now, at my parent's or brother's place, as well as work.

Not too bad, all in all, I get to work another month, as some of the causual labor folks got laid off today, as they like to get them done with at month's end, with the check ready. I suppose that might be why the finance guy did his strut through the warehouse today, so he could be seen as part of today's employment proceedings. The entire concept of employment, work, joblessness and other related terms is of intense perp interest. Any mention of these topics or other associations will be noisestalked, and even invoke a plasma or maser beam flitting by.

Sept. 01, 2010
in a remote field to pick daffodil bulbs with one other person. The forman "forgot" to pick us up at the end of the day, so we walked into Saanichton to catch the bus there. This meant I didn't get back to my hiking boots and made the inbound bus trip in my gumboots and green rain pants tucked into my pack.

Were kept from the payday line up; all our confreres got their paychecks and we didn't. No doubt this was all about some kind of distance dependent experimentation, keeping me away from them, and then seeing them on the bus when it came through.

Onto tomorrow, wearing my gumboots outbound this time.

My new kneepads have been duly sabotaged to have soil roll down behind them, stay in behind the kneepad, and then mess up my pants for laundering every night. So now, I will somehow have to deal with this new and regular incursion of mess, soil on my pants that erupts from behind the kneepads.

-Split couple, the Punjabi pair, who rarrely speak to each other.

Sept. 02, 2010
A daffodil bulb sorting job today, feeding the hopper.

Turbaned Punjabi behind doors again, twice in two days.

Black hoodie dude, three different ones in three days, all disguising their head for the first 30 to 50 minutes of work. Yesteray, the black hoodie dude was getting way to close, attempting to get in the bus before I got out, last in line, about 6 of us getting out, one being him.

Yellow shirt worn today, and the perps were all over me today, and tonight at the local supermarket; about 30 freaks, and then an extra 10 minute "hold up", aka checkout obstruction while the skinhead pissed around with his plastic bags, getting the peaches out, and then from his wallet, getting the credit card out out a plastic bag. Fucking ridiculous. Still worse than the Fuckwit in front of me with a small deli item that was wrapped in a reddish paper, holding it near his head with one finger stuck in his ear for no discernable reason, save the extra conventional Fuckover games.

Swpt. 03, 2010
Another day of loading bulbs into the hopper for inspection by the downstream laborers to select out all the rotten ones, and leave only good ones to go through to the boxes at the end.

Major depressive feelings, (read, planted mind state) this morning, and therfore wondering what the assholes are up to now.

Sep 05, 2010
A day off working, and another, being Labor Day tomorrow, and time I posted this for the week.

Nice to get up later, 0730h instead of 0445h for a work day. Though, plenty of provocations to get me riled up, some 40 or more deserved vocalized annoyance, though nothing outrageous to beget screaming rage-ifications. The provocations have increased since early August, a week before the TI meeting in Nanaimo, and the week they shut down one of the two elevators again. And the elevator is still out, prompting many trips up the stairs, as well as "just standing there" gangstalkers and othe feints and dodges with elevator egress. One such event took place in mind week when I was headed to the laundry room; the elevator "happened" to open up just as I turned the hallway corner and the 3x Fuckwit gangstalker on this floor emerged, the door stayed open for longer for me to see another dude leaning on the back wall of the elevator, and a simultaneous entry of another dude down the hallway, some 15' in front me. A three dude flush, all around me at the same time, and all ostensible engaged in other activities. Funny how these "dude flushes" keep "happening".

A similar "dude flush" occured earlier this week. As I passed by the Fort. St (at Douglas St.) bus stop, six dudes all aboput the same build and height and all wearing ball caps, filed out from the rear door of the bus and assembled into a five wide array across the full width of the sidewalk headed the same direction, and one walking  in formation on the street surface in the track of the bus some 3' from the curb. Truly a feat of orchestrated fuckery/gangstalking, as there is never this kind of exodus from a bus at 0630h on a weekday at this bus stop, as have walked this every weekday for two months this year, and four months last year. As inferred, these orchestrated confluences of males has occured often enough to get its own name, "dude flush".

And the freakshow frequency has also increased this week, that is, the within outing frequency, say a supermarket visit. Two days ago I amde an evening visit to get more milk, coffee and other items, and if there is one gangstalker jerkaround I have extreme loathing for it is getting my coffee beans ground at the store. I am captive for a few minutes until the coffee is ground in the machine, and this brings on the freaks and gangstalking weirs more than any other time. Those brown beans been ground into a brown powder and the whirring grinder are too much for the sickos to resist stacking the gangstalker scene with extra odd back and forths of Fuckwits behind me, loitering Fuckwits doing their head spins (and spinal twists) while standing in place, and other gormless dweebes passing through. Not to mention the skinheads, tattoo acts, chinless wonders, and other fugly Unfavored specimens.

Sept. 06, 2010
I was to continue digging and reshaping an area of my mother's backyard today, but the rain has come on and I am back here at Abuse Central, via a city bus trip into downtown where I live. They had the turbaned E. Indian ready for me, having drove past him waiting at the bus stop, as I drove my mother and her vehicle to a suburban mall where there is more choice at to buses. He got off after one stop after I got on, and he could of comfortably walked the bus trip length if he had wanted. But he isn't the only one doing strange short length bus trips these days, even on good weather days.

A holiday Monday, at 1020h, and although pissing rain, here were over 30 people on the bus headed to downtown. One woman standee passenger had two gardening tools in hand, both dirt laden, a trowel and a dandelion pry tool, not in a bag or anything. Fucking bizarre, chasing me with just-used gardening tools, and getting on at a location where it was mostly shopping, and few homes.

I got my bus shelter mate, a older puffy faced man sitting next to me on the bus, and on the other side I had a blonde woman in a brown jacket sit beside me, then getting off. She was soon replaced by another and cuter blonde woman in a black jacket and hood up, who at least smiled at she came in close to sit down. The array of gangstalkers at the bus rear door was set up beforehand, as I have seen this before where they line up across the rear doorway and have me pass through the line, a very common gangstalker arrangement. Tso of the assholes standing at the rear exit got in my way to hold onto the the grap rails on the bus at it lurched into the stop, which is primetime for the assholes to dump my ass on the floor, but it did not happen thankfully. This vignette seemed to be all about forcing me to relase my grasp, and then re-grasping the rail while the lurching bus was pulling into my stop. Fucking absurd that some asshole has to play fucking games over how I grasp a rail on the bus.

Other bullshit was last night when my in-town brother visited, going on about the sockey salmon that he wanted to purchase, and then didn't and then did. This was from native Indians at my farm labor work site, and eventually he did make contact via cell phone, and met the person halfway into Victoria, as they lived up-Island in Duncan. It did strike me as odd that he wanted to do the deal at 2000h on  a Sunday night when most people want to put their feet up, and even more odd that they each drove some 30 minutes each way to meet. Later he phoned to tell me it was a rip-off, as she said it was two frozen fish per bag, when it was a quarter of that. I cannot figure out this ongoing stunt show over salmon, but it seems to be a consistent part of the harrassment. Said brother brought some last night, just as there was a cooked piece ready for him, and I now posess it for cooking up tonight. That the piece of salmon was in my bag on the bus might of been the attraction for all those gangstalkers on the city bus freakshow. Though to be fair, there wasn't too many freaks today, just the turban bullshit, as most had their heads down and were reading books. I suppose this is the only way they can get their fuckers in close in a socially acceptable way, and it doesn't matter how ludicrous the setup is.

A two month catch up on my Quicken entries, this time using the Quicken 2010 upgrade to permit downloads from my online bank access. And of course there are some fields rearranged, and new popup boxes, and finally, renaming rules for the download payees so they don't clobber the recorded ones that I use.

Catching up to the July Quicken transactions was a brutal rage-ification show; the assholes messed with selection of categories, messed with the rules, blocked selections of certain categories, pissed with the calculator display, and many other dynamically applied sabotage events to keep me screaming at them, at least 50x over the two hours it took to do this one month.

After salmon dinner, I did the August Quicken entries, and there wasn't so much abuse thankfully, though they did knock out some eight downloaded transactions that had to be entered by manually, like I always did it before. I suppose they wanted to benchmark me with the old method on the new software version. And I note that $140 cash went missing in August, and $100 cash went missing in June. I would assume they are playing their wallet contents games as it seems to be vital to their fuckery, those colored bills and all. Presently, they have me down to no cash in my wallet, surely a big moment for them as this is rarely allowed to happen. Another rareity was having an orange $50 in my wallet for a week or so in August, before I had to pay for my hiking boot sole replacement in cash. There have been many wallet thefts over the years, some mysterious, as it was full of cash from an ATM withdrawal and in my coat, and I was at my desk the entire time. And yet, the wallet went missing from the office that afternoon. Now that I experience materialization and de-materialization of crumbs, dog hairs and lint on a daily basis, as well as larger objects less frequently, I now understood how these long past wallet disappearances occured.

I best post this and start a new blog tomorrow, another weekly one as I have such little time in the evenings for blogging. I am also getting dociled and recall depleted, as there is much more to blog about each day and "somehow" I cannot recall the specific events when I have the limited time to do so


Anonymous said...

Well, I've been teaching part-time since 2004, and all of a sudden, I need "mentored" so I can teach better (according to the college where I teach). I haven't thought about this since I began this reply, but... the ongoing theme is that they want me to "improve myself". I just got the hint that the perps themselves are behind this. Apparently, the perps don't care about other professors' standards; they want me to become uber-flawless. All the while, it's a part time job with no benefits. I understand what they are getting at. Who cares if I can't make a living; no, what I make isn't an issue. The perps have tons of money invested in me, and they want me to become uber-perfect, the pinnacle of teaching excellence. So although I have been teaching there since 2008 without complaint, all of a sudden, I need a mentor. Interesting. I'm sure this is a sign that I have to move on (to perhaps information technology or engineering).

What I'm thinking is, the perps instructed the director where I teach at the college that she needs to keep stressing "he needs to improve himself". She just says that, without any supporting evidence. I find that interesting that any other instructor can do as he or she pleases, but not me: I have to become perfect.

I just got books on Java and TCP/IP at the bookstore on Aug. 24. I've been reading every night, trying to get up to where I should be on those subjects.

I believe that a lot of people going along with this are told certain things, but know nothing else. An example: me having to "improve". Everyone I come into contact with is into this who mantra. And I have 6 years of experience. That's what happens when the perps are in control of clueless employers and colleagues.

Anonymous said...

I just did my research, and info tech looks to be the best field right now with this bad economy. So that's what I was trying to get at with my previous post on Java and TCP/IP. I have been reading intently every night those subjects, hoping I can transition from teaching to employment in that area (info tech). I am also looking at a Java certification exam, along with others (C#, Python, you get the hint).

Seems they want me to stay in teaching, I guess. Who knows what they want? My goal is to get hired on a regular job, so I can go to work 40hours/5days.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, I've been teaching...

That is funny, the perps insisting on "uber competence". They do similar things to me, insisting on me being squeaky clean honest, and here I live in a world of other's lies. Or, just maybe, they need an extra gangstalker to buzz around you, hopefully a cute female one. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just did my research...

The perps have run me out of working since late 2002, and allowed me to do some part time begining in 2008, the daffodil bulb picking. And I am still marginally employed in this, currently working as a farm laborer. They might allow me to return to IT, but they cut me off from studying and deeper engagement with the Oracle DBA courses I took in late 2009 and early 2010. So, like you, I don't know what the deal is; continuing with farming work and messing with bulbs, weeds and harvesting, (all of considerable interest to the perps) or chase down IT work, seemingly a longer term objective they have in mind for each of us, in according to our respective scripts that unfold very slowly. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

From last semester, they never allowed me to see my evaluations. In the spring, they gave me nothing but lab courses, which only paid a little over $2,000, for the entire semester. I began losing money, because I need to make car payments. Then, in the spring, they had me sign contracts, which had me making over $7,000 for the entire semester. Then, without explanation, they took away every class except one. I complained to the Dean's office, and they did give me another class. So now I'm going to make around $4,500 for the entire semester. Not great, but I think of it more of a blood transfusion to keep some blood in me while I look for a more suitable job money-wise.

It seems they purposely had me teach lab courses, as those classes aren't subject to teaching evaluation. That, combined with the purposeful hiding of my teaching evaluation last year, allows them to manipulate my situation more. So they can say, "oh your evaluations weren't good, so that's why you're not getting any significant number of classes". But I know it's all bunk. I believe I don't fit their conservative, traditional, stuffy, follow-the-leader canned style of teaching, so they are looking for an excuse to get me out of there.

But funny how my students always come to my defense, saying they like the job I'm doing. I believe I'm being set up for a screw job.

Anonymous said...

Also, there has to be a reason why they are so arrogant. I believe they have something up their sleeve, like they have a complete parallel government in place where they can just do away with anyone they please. They are so damned cocky. But they do seem to come to my rescue at various times to save me if things get too bad. I think that things are so unbalanced power-wise, that the perps have this much power. Or there really is a parallel government that only a few know about.

I would like to get a job, though, so I've been trying to get my skill set up for an IT-related position. I've been working on my Linux/unix skills, as well as languages: Java, C-sharp, Python, you name it.

AJH said...

Answer to: From last semester...

The perps like to test as many combinations and permutations as possible. Teaching courses without student evaluations, then with, and then witholding the evaluations, it is all part of their need to mix up the variables of being evaluated as an instructor. It is hard to fathom why they need this degree of absurd (IMHO) detail, but they do. Other obvious perp combinations that have, or will come to play are instructing in the daytime, then nightime, then the same course in two different buildings, then different racial mixes etc. The perps are totally beserk over the concept of instruction; who teaches, what is learned, what isn't learned, who conveys what information to who (and where they learned it in the first place) etc. If you follow Deepak Chopra and his notions around consciousness embedded with information, you can get a handle on what the perp agenda is about when it comes to conveying information (instructing) to others. DEan Radin and "the Conscious Universe" is one title I have but the perps haven't let me read yet. Food for some serious research if the perps permit you.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, there has to be a reason...

I sense one reason is to rile the TI, something they do constantly with me. A streetside smirk would beget mild TI annoyance/attention, but this is important to the perps as a different and deeper neural circuitry is involved. Ditto for sudden strange noises from familiar sources. And too, they like to send one into great (and planted) imaginings, e.g. the "parallel government", and have it as a thought meme for a day or two. I am sure that the low level lackeys don't know much about the bigger picture, which would include such larger organizational objectives such as their own government. (I am quite sure that the perps do have a covert government, and the experiences of the former governor of Minnesota, the professional wrestler (getting a name blank out) are quite telling. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The Pro Wrestler: that would be Jesse Ventura. He talked about being stalked and hounded by the CIA in a video I saw on YouTube.

Also, I never thought about that, about the various combinations of teaching environments: usually they like to have me teaching in the day, as a matter of usual "rule". Now one summer, they did have me teaching 4PM-850PM, but wait: one older adult student usually required help after the class was over. So I wound up being held over till 1000PM.

That summer course was taught one day per week, which meant that I had to go like 4 hours at a clip without a break. One student remarked how amazing that was to her, that I was able to go straight through hours at a time, and still be enthusiastic at the end.

The lab courses last spring without evaluations were one day per week, also. I guess the perps wanted me to have something else to do throughout the week, get a little diversity. This Fall, they have me teaching 2 days per week again, with no night courses.

When I was doing the Census, they had an abetting shill ask me where I work full-time, which was an obvious perp-inflicted question, as they knew I was only working part-time. I was only allowed to work up to and including 40 hours, but could not go over 40 hours for that job. They got mad when I resigned from phase II, which was far too involved for my taste, and I was battling an infection.

Now, they're suggesting that I start a new career as a Freelance-type, this time as a math/engineering tutor. I know the reasoning behind this: they will get the chance to see me around a wide variety of ages and races, and I will be able to change environments. They seem to like it when I go into people's homes as part of my job. It seems each home has a certain amount of "energy" embedded into the structure.

And of course, they are making a big deal over how certain races differ. And they love to have blacks show off the underside of their hands, to see the "white" part, as compared to the much darker skin on top of the hand.

This evening, they had a black dude and his son come in. The dad was very classic "African descent" looking, but the son (high school aged) was dark too, but had a distinctive Asian look to him that his dad didn't have.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: I am definitely getting worried about the financial situation here. It seems like they try to screw me out of full-time work. I'm wondering if the perps will find some way to get money to me for allowing them to make a lab rat out of me. I'm guess they will not, and that would involve them coming out of the closet, and admitting to doing non-consensual human experimentation. I wonder if they every feel guilty about all of this?

They have hinted to me that they would find some way to compensate me. Also, they also thank me for cooperating with them. It's interesting how my parents tried to keep me from having a job when I was growing up. I'm starting to think the perps were behind this, too. Well, they tell me I was targeted since 1985, and I did have some strange dude sitting around where I went to school in 1987-1988, in the cafeteria. So it looks like they've been at this for so long.

AJH said...

Answer to: The Pro Wrestler...

Correct, it was Jesse Ventura. The basement dwelling operatives said they were from the CIA, though I strongly suspect it was the shadow government representatives.

The nature of the light, daylight or artificial in all its variants (e.g. flourescent, sodium arc (usually outside though), incandescent, and now LED) is also an important variable for the perps.

I think you have it correct as to the reasons for the perps having you do tutoring gigs at various homes, getting more house-TI energetics interaction samples.

Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, I've been teaching part-time...

Finances are always highly perp regulated, not to mention it being used as FUD-ing fodder; Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

I have had the compensate promises too, going back nearly 8 years, within months of this harassment begining. One TI some 90 miles away has revised her first covert harassment events in light of some adversities that I pointed out to her. So it would not be a surprise if they were following you even earlier than 1985, presuming that you were born before then. I don't know how they pick their victims, though I suspect that DNA/ethnic lineage, intelligence and aptitudes are part of it, and I suspect that military parents is another. Father in RAF, WWII, 1944-45, DFM).