Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Posting Sabotage

June 23, 2030h
The assholes deleted a posting of at least a page with blatant intrusion of having the page re-display without any contents. None of the forced keystroke blundering to make it seem it was me; just unrepentant assholes at work.

A whole page deleted is rare, and yesterday they faked me out by displaying the page deleted, but when I logged in next, it was recovered intact. A fake out on their sabotage, not unusual when they like me to have the facts dead wrong. That's the "E" of FUDE, the new acronym to describe what states they like to keep me in, borrowing from the IBM salesman's credo of customer relationship maintenance; Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

A half day at work today, with an employment counsellor meeting in the morning, all for not much; I have a job, am steadily working, case closed for now. Certainly there wasn't much to go on, and it is just as well, though no bad feelings, unlike the last one who wasn't too keen on me getting training grants, and who was the third sabateur of the lot who sank $3550 worth of Oracle training in the fall.

I had my parade of vagrants and other Fuckwits on display when negotiating the two city blocks to the employment office. Two mobile cranes were in place for my walk by, an all too common occurence for the arranged circumstances I live in. One was gone when I returned 40 minutes later, so who knows what was getting tested. The residual energetics of the departed crane in the asphalt road surface it was bearing on when operative, with the second crane as a reference? Same old bullshit this.

And now that strawbery picking has increased of late, as in me as the farm laborer with my co-workers, there is an profusion of red colored vehicles, sometimes six in a cluster, and also of the shiftless dude gangstalkers in red shirts or red ball caps. Two days ago they even drove a red vehicle beside the bus, viewable through the rear door windows while I was standing, where there wasn't a lane for the red vehicle, just an ntersection space. They pinned this piece of driving insanity on an Asian driver, doing the pretend-to-not-notice-no-lane-to-drive-in but keeping up with the bus as it cruised into the stop where I got off. All that just to treat me to more red-through-tempered-glass for a whole 10 seconds before exiting the bus. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

Other Fuckwit goings on were to do the negro skinhead, surely the most loathed of all the skinheaded males I get to see in a given day. This was the sometimes loafer on the couch in the lobby, now promoted to walking outside from the apartment building, and some extra plasma an light games to ensure his head looked extra reflective and thereby, extra disgusting. (This is my new assigned reaction to skinhead since early abuse onset, since 2002).

One time they slowly corraled my gaze while waiting outside for the group leader to having a negro bald head positioned between two dudes standing in place, narrowing down the disgusting part. I almost wanted to puke there and then, but they wouldn't let me. Another such stunt was pulled in a mall about two years ago, where one happened to be sitting on a couch as part of a promotion. It is amazing how often they try to eliminate all the extraneous things in my vision all to show of the central Unfavored specimen or feature thereof by placing bounding Fuckwits to frame the Unfavored alone. If I don't like bald heads, I don't see why I am to be hounded relentlessly for over eight years as to my own personal predispositions. Go fuck your own.

Being at home for half a day, save the employment counsellor meeting this morning, wasn't good enough for the parcel delivery hijinx to be imposed. I left at 1140h, and I see the delivery attempt was at 1405h. Fucking brilliant, all to jerk me around and send me to a red livery post office to retrieve it later in the day, and later this week.

And the farmwork jerkarounds continue, the legal Mexicans now adopting the same intrusionistic fuckery/moves as the Punjabis did for the prior two weeks. Horning in on my working area while picking potatoes and then bending over to have their ass pointed at me, 18" away. And lo, if the tractor isn't started up each time this stunt goes down. Are Punjabis equally rude as Mexicans, or is this staged and orchestrated, not unlike so many similar physical intrusions the assholes have scripted for the past eight years? I rest my case; this entire existence is orchestrated, unless some readers have convincing information on the rudest ethnic groups. Considering I have many gringos intruding upon my personal space in all manner of public contexts, it seems to fit the pattern.

Other co-worked gangstalking bullshit is for them to walk out of the row of strawberries in my row, explicitly changing rows to do so. Another is to have the "supervisor" take some of my filled pint baskets of strawberries and to place them in his carrier, and swapping me empty pints instead. I suppose this latter situation has efficiency considerations, saving me a walk out, but as I have had them all over me and everywhere I have stood or stepped, I tend to be more perjorative about anyone's motivations in close proximity.

And a red shirted dude with a white ball cap did show up in the strawberry picking field, conveniently keeping his face obscured, and I have no idea who it was, and the person disappeared again. No vehicle, no association with anyone else, just another of those "come from nowhere" events that are getting more common of late. A similar scene was this semi-vagrant dude wearing a red helmet on a bicycle who was hanging around the warehouse door when we returned from field picking late one day. No one knew him, or said hello, and he just followed us into the building from outside on his bicycle. I even later asked someone who he was, but she didn't know.

Its getting late for a 0430h wake up time, so I am going to post this now, rather than accumulate a week's worth of postings due to above mentioned posting sabotage.

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