Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Odd Shopping Skit

Off the bus and to the LD store to load up on chocolate, and when I get there, the Milka bars are gone. And was I was attempting to make a substitution, an odd female whacko in brown and one very skewed eye starts making some furtive moves behind me, and then she did it again, almost like she was going to pile onto me while babbling away. The perps had me ask "what are you doing?" and then walk out of the store, but not before the faux manager was obstructing the exit with three deep brown ceramic pots on a trolley. Like WTF; I cannot go shopping and then they won't let me out of the freaking store. I haven't had anything quite so fucking odd in a long time, and for me to bail out on a chocolate shopping is a major mind fuck.

The prior city bus freakshow had the Fuckwit two seats beside me place his brown leather coat over his plastic bag next to me. A brown colored dude in super baggy shorts with the crotch halfway to his knees with his brown coffee in hand was also on the rear bench seat, and lo, if the fucker didn't get off at the same stop as I did. Other oddities on the city bus were two females, one with pink fiberglass insulation in a small roll package (6"x15") and with duct tape, and her Cheersing mate had a package of sandpaper. Talk about bullshit, bringing these props onto the bus. Almost as stupid as packing flattened cardboard boxes.

I was doing digging work in the backyard of the First Feral Family home, and I had plenty of noise action while pulling the roots of the weeds. At least three SAC flyovers, other aircraft, gurgling hot rods, delivery trucks outside on the street, and a few distant lawnmowers. My mother did her vacate-the-house thing again, coming back to see what I had done.

And off and on rain as well, coming on after I got back with the black vinyl border edging roll from Home Depot. And lo, if my in-town brother wasn't there to gangstalk me too once I got back, the border edging sitting there outside while I was kept inside listening to his banter. Obviously, catching me after completing driving the vehicle is a big deal, as if I didn't know that before.

Some light flashing games tonight to force an early tea time. Same deal; conventionally impossible light beam paths coming from the residential tower opposite, about the 17th floor and somehow getting around the overhanging balcony and into my apartment by some 12' from the window. The curtains were closed, and that didn't stop them, as the light beam can now penetrate the curtain and illuminate me. That isn't too bad, but then they got up to light flashing and so I ended my web surfing, took some pics, and some movie footage, and I will have a look at it later as to if it turned out. The LCD panel on the camera wasn't showing the flickering of the light beam when I could clearly see it happening with the naked eye. Just too exciting it seems, having me eat chocolate.

The sirens have started up for whatever reason. Even switching tasks can bring on extra noisestalking. And tonight, the other tasks have been checking out possible acquisitions, though some ways off when I don't have extra income to finance such. Underwear might be the next item to acquire, and my stock has been depleted by two pairs and the remainder have been peppered with pills and lint as a near permanent feature, and always getting worse in the washing machine each time.

And what is the perps' rationale for making underwear so difficult to come by? I want black colored, mid height, non-cotton (read, non-soggy) underwear in briefs style. I get into these websites of "performance clothing" and I find the "wicking" underwear, but no briefs style. I did eventually succeed, though it looks to be another mail order epsisode from the US. Which is how the last order went; I brought them in from Sierra Trading Post in Nevada, a clothing discounter, and had a local alterations woman cut down the waist height by 2" and re-attach the waistband with a serger. An extra $10 per pair just so I didn't get the waistband sticking me in the gut. And I am sure my tormentors liked that too, as they could score a swatch of fabric off each pair, never mind the fact they were in a nearby shop for a week or so. Plus, they had the alterations woman use olive green thread for one pair, she claiming she ran out of black thread. Bullshit.

Thats it for today; not a big blog posting and I skimped on the city bus freakshow, but you all know that every city bus ride is a portable gangstalking platform, and get a major show each time. Freaks, seat changers, blue-green hair today, and some wackos with white headscarves, doing the Islamic looking thing. Creeped me right out, and I was glad when they were gone.


Anonymous said...

That's probably their motivation behind me getting the Census Enumerator job: so I can get gangstalked in various locations. So the ultimate reasons could be that the gangstalkers in other areas of town can get a workout. It seems people everywhere are getting trained and coached in how to gangstalk, and if I'm never there, why then their gangstalking talents are going to waste. Also, I'm sure they want exposure to different operatives all the time, as no two persons have the same resonant frequency. So it seems it's an attempt to test their readings on a variety of different people, so they can gather up energy readings (and store samples of them) from a wider sample size of the population.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's probably their motivation...

The perps like us TIs to get a wider population sampling, and visiting other's homes is a big deal, as you are there for only a short time, and haven't been as immersed in the energies of that particular location as the resident. I hope it pays OK and lasts a while, as many short term jobs can grind one up more than sitting and waiting for the right job. Thanks for the comments.