Friday, June 04, 2010

Mid Day Drive Outing

Back from an outing where I went to the First Feral Family (FFF) home to borrow the vehicle to get two items at two problematic bussing locations, both of which I ended up packing back with me on the bus in a light yellow-brown shopping bag acquired at the FFF home, after the white and red terry towel had been removed from it. Strangely, my perp abetting mother did not have any other plastic bags, and regular readers will know how beserk the perps are over any exposures (visual or touch) to plastics. They can't get enough, and I doubt that all the irrigation pipe bearing vehicles in town wouldn't be enough if paraded in a circle around me. Having kids jump up and down in all the Ikea ball filled rooms still isn't enough of their bullshit.

Then a stop at the LD store after I got off the bus and negotiated the dude clusters in mid sidewalk on the way there. And a total gangstalk scene in the LD store; at least three wheelchair acts, one being especially low to the ground and I didn't want to look any further to see what that was all about. The Fuckwit parading around me twice as I had to wait longer for a checkout as there was a sudden flush of "customers" ahead of me, aka gangstalking Fuckwits. And in keeping with the colors of the arranged vehicles, a big woman in a deep red top arrived behind me at the checkout. Red colors are playing big, and they even arranged four same red vehicles in file in front of the bus stop before it came. A whole lot of greyscale colors as well; two days ago they put on 25 greyscale colored (silver-grey, white, mid-grey and black) vehicles with only one red colored vehicle embedded in the entire cluster. Much the same today, though the assholes are putting in more light tan metallic brown vehicles, and even "daring" to put two side by side. Don't ask me why they need to slowly and progressively introduce me to brown, red, yellow vehicle colors in such an incremental fashion, but they do, and have done consistently since this insane abusive depravity began in 04-2002.

That one of the above items was pulled from a brown cardboard box with green foam chips in it was also likely to have been a big deal for the sickos, as even color association is important to them.

A haircut earlier at 1000h, and there is nothing they like better than to have a gangstalker scene afterwards. The stylist didn't have his fugly red shoes on today thankfully, as I find them very distracting for whatever reason, usually meaning perp directed attentional gaze control. A halfwit was also at the bus stop, plus the usual rabble going by, and then the bus eventually came after the red colored vehicle show passed by. And lo, if the only availible seat was in the back row, middle, and my feet ended up on a yellow painted hatch with some embedded gritty compound. (Not too different than the plethora of skateboarders and the grip compound on their boards. And not too different than the sandpaper bearing gangstalker two days ago.)

I was sitting between two women on the bus, one at each end of the full width back street seat, and they were each suceeded by two dudes in front of me who were strangely compelled to do their seat changing games after each of them departed. One of the said dudes, "happened" to be getting off at the same bus stop and tailing me for at least half of the walk to the FFF home.The public seat changing behavior has been a recent eruption on the city bus freakshow, the present record held by a broad brim hatted Fuckwit who moved four times in one trip that was only half the length of my journey.

When I approached the FFF home, there was a red pickup truck in the driveway, this being the furnace repairman doing his annual inspections. I suppose that is reasonably legit, and free of conspiratorial inference. Once I backed past the vehicle, and travelled to the first intersection, why, there were five red vehicles parked just before it, and another once I made my turn. And then off to the races with the big vehicular gangstalking, just me in the vehicle this time, joined by my posse of color selected vehicles, one being a large red cabbed dump truck immediately behind me. The sickos were prepared with road digging, road constrictions and the inevitable boom trucks doing work, or a facsimile thereof, on the overhead lines or else in the manholes in the road. Which makes me wonder if they don't post a Fuckwit below the road I am driving, under the manhole, getting access from the roadside.

Then I drove to an auto parts store to get what I hope is a decent birthday gift for my daughter in two day's time, as it will be her 20th birthday tomorrow. The sickos have me cranked up about getting car safety goods for her vehicle, so I will have to comply with that for now, as the FUD has come over me as to its suitability.

Then onto Purolater with my vehicular gangstalking consort, plus the pre-arranged cluster fuck in the parking lot outside the office. Then my "talking to himself" (headset at his ear) B and W with tie dude was on top of me when I exited the vehicle, and lo, if he wasn't headed to the same place I was. And when I got in, why, a major tubby dude was doing his hand waving while talking to the babe at the counter, making out that he was a driver and needed to talk to the dude who was my tail in the parking lot. He went outside so they could have one of the perp trademark on-street conversations, posted outside the windows of the office I was in. That was all over in a few minutes, and they were still there while I had a brown box in hand, and lo, if the assholes didn't send me to the wrong vehicle, as if I didn't know. I don't make those kind of mistakes ever, and that bullshit started about 2004 or so when they seemed to be able to dick with my direction finding and relocating skills. And we all know how beserk the perps are over anything brown colored, especially if I touch it.

The post-dinner loud mufflered vehicle noises are upon me, likely to correlate with the identical noises before dinner. A surge of motorcycles and hot rod noises have erupted and seem to be the present trend in noisestalking. That, and the absurd Lexus sports car that sounds like a cow; at least a dozen of them in a day, up from none three months ago.

Before dinner, two hours of cleaning up the links on the TI Consolidated Link List, with some mysteries still left in place. The J K Harms site comes up on Google, but I cannot get to it. Which pisses me off as it has some of the most readable content and accurately predicts perp behavior and harassment patterns, especially for color combinations. And I see that video of the intense number of gangstalkers as originally on CATCH Canada is not to be found online. It is one of the most effective videos on gangstalking has suddenly taken a powder, and even makes a self-referential link that is broken. Read perp take down, or else a "just for me" take down, not unlike what seems to be currently happening for the J K Harms links; the link is broken but Google still has it as there, and no forwarding address is supplied. Go figure, and maybe it is really down, which would be a shame. Link by link, taking out the best ones on extra-conventional abuse and harassment perhaps? Let me know if you can get to either the CATCH Canada video taken by Norma Lawrence or the J K Harms site,

City bus freakshow highlights today; the inbound trip was arranged to have me sit near the front, as the back was full up. They seem to populate the bus to have only one availible seat. And so I got a good look at the weirds coming on board, close up. The Most Disgusting Award goes to the very fat and short man sitting in profile, as an incentive to look outside more and avoid this grotesque sight. In the last two bus stops they added a faux vagrant whacko, glowering at every one, and sitting between me and the above mentioned fat Fuckwit.

Other nonsense on the city bus, in both directions, was the driver going slow, just trolling along and perhaps that was the traffic speed for everyone ahead of him, but it was different from the sometime breakneck speeds they often go at.

More voices from the hallway and somehow getting through my earmuffs. I get at least four like events in day now, up from none some two months ago. The content varies, that is, tonal content as I cannot make out the words. Earlier today, they put on a mental defect speaking in the typical labored manner. Presumably, they know about my once arranged interactions with this kind of person, as they also arranged a Down's Syndrome gangstalker at the outbound bus stop today, also planting herself nearby, and escalating the activity when the bus travelled corners or bends. They might look the part, but they all know how to gangstalk. Which begs the larger question; are they for real or are they made up to look that way? One can never be sure about what the fuckers are up to, as they have so many choices in how to set up their acts. Chances are they want to decrease the neural activity of those around me as a way to pick up whatever neural activity of mine.

Off to do berry picking tomorrow, and hence these postings will not be so frequent or lengthy. Maybe this gig will go for two months or so, or maybe longer. Regular readers will recall that they took me down after six weeks of berry picking last year, making me very tired, and then fucking me out of setting the alarm in the morning, something that hadn't happened before or since. Other games were going on too, one being letting the berries ripen on the vine and not pick them. No doubt another big event/jerkaround/experimentation project has been cooked up, and this time the farm is closer into town, and hopefully the bus service won't be that inbound zoo that it was in the afternoons.

And I see the assholes fucked me out of getting a birthday card tonight, for my daughter who turns 20. These kind of jerkarounds just piss me off; so trivial and gratuitous as I see it.


Anonymous said...

I've been getting a lot of themes based on a age or age difference of 20, and there are important events that happen on the 20th of certain months, according to the perps. This could be a reason why. It does appear that the perps love to cross over other to other TI's with their harassment tactics. Also, I get doppels and suggestions as to what other TI's look like with the in-person gangstalking. For example, one kid working at this one place quit (according to the perp storyline; many of these storylines are complete BS), and the reason I got was "he's a manly man; he found a landscaping job". I figured maybe this "landscaping" job pertained to you. Or maybe it's just a suggestion by the perps that they want me to do landscaping or yard work. They seem to be berserk over that in particular. It turns out the kid never actually quit... it was just another storyline that the perps love to present, and then have me discover later that it was completely false. They seem to do this a good bit.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've been getting a lot of...

Lets see; could it me that my daughter is 20 today, the First Feral Family (FFF) party last night?

I have done landscaping for the FFF but not for a commercial outfit, only farm work. But they do love to nail me with noise or other incursions when I dig soil, and especially when I handle plant roots.

And the work quitting thing; when working for government forestry there was one guy who quit, and worked elsewhere, and a month later I see him in the coffee room. He explained his story that the job didn't work out, and that the union contract allows one to come back up to 30 days, he just scooping in the last day. Don't ask why the perps arrange this, but of course there was the element of surprise as I see him back, with no one telling me in advance. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've noticed that when I'm mowing the lawn, that's when this flurry of gangstalking activity happens. Last night, they had the neighbor and his wife just stand out in their yard, still as statues, for a long period of time while I mowed. I'm not exactly sure why, but it could be to harvest some of my energies through those two. Or, maybe it's because his name is "Adam", and earlier in the day, I and a co-worker were talking about the Intel Atom N270 processor. Hence the need for a putative gangstalker whose first name resembles the processor. Also, I had been thinking about the neighbor when mowing the front, hence, the perps sent him out there to pose with his wife while I was mowing the back.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, I've noticed that...

Any kind of foliage cutting like pruning or lawn cutting brings on perp interest for me. That, and digging up weeds and pulling roots up. Any kind of harvesting from plants in fact; fruits, nuts, vegetables, tubers, bulbs etc. In my estimation, there must be some psychic/life energy the perps are attempting to detect in you (or all TI's) in response to the plants being perturbed or even mutilated (from the plant's perspective). One book the perps let me "find" and read early on was the Secret Life of Plants, by Tompkins and Bird, both with former CIA associations.

The jist of the book is that the plant reacted, per sensitive galvanic response sensors, to other plants, and even sink algae, being injured in their presence, including elaborate random event outcomes. I cannot recall much of the book beyond that, but I am sure it is a very significant clue as to what the perps are attempting to remotely detect and ultimately control, in all living things, even as you mow the lawn. The neighborhood "sentries" standing outside for no seeming reason are "human co-sensors", in that whatever plant-human energy interaction you might of been experiencing while cutting the lawn, the perps and their shills were attempting to detect in your perp collaborating neighbors who stood outside and removed their house from the overall energetic data scatter. Which tells me, that the perps can now detect a close human to plant energetic interaction (mowing the grass), but wish to detect this same interaction from a greater distance. Thanks for the comments. And it is no wonder they have me working on picking fruit and picking potatoes now.