Saturday, June 05, 2010

Did My Email Get Scammed?

 Did I get scammed and get email sent out under my name, and detailing a laptop that I purchased, and promoting it? If this has happened, don't open up the email as it is a viral attack on my PC. I got a call from someone saying they got an email from me today about a laptop promotion. This has nothing to do with me; I never bought a laptop, and don't promote any commercial enterprise.

Or could it be one of those jerkarounds, having me suspect it is the assholes, and articulating this on the phone to said (caveat) friend.

And of course it is the assholes, but at this juncture, I don't know how big this is or how long it will run. Don't open any email from me if it promotes a laptop. I don't own one, and haven't had anything to do with one.


First day back from real work, picking strawberries all day, and I don't suppose it was any coincidence when a large woman sat beside me respelendent in her deep strawberry red coat. Then one of my seat neighbors tailed me off the bus for two blocks, somehow dithering and then later catching up. And of course I wasn't allowed to walk at my usual breakneck speed as I am "tired" and "cramped" from the field work. Like hell I am, and I fucking resent any attack on my person that reduces any capability of mine, or any knowledge that I may have.

A busy and hot day in the full sun picking strawberries, not my favorite as they take so much work to aquat down and find the berries, and then evaluate them carefully for bug holes. A more laid back operation, which suits me fine after last year, when they were so particular, and then ended up calling me "picky" because I learned it all from them. A bullshit game in all likelihood. And all day long, road traffic noise, and in particular, loud motorcycles and loud mufflers, just what I get here at this place by way of projected noise games.

And again, I was among the Punjabi pickers, who would get quite excited and feverishly talking whenever I was between them in the rows. The sickos like me to hear voice, but not understand the language, and no doubt their brown skin played into the perps' plans. And again, like last year, I cannot figure out what they are doing in choosing their rows as they don't seem to be completing them. The jist of it is that they needed to keep close to me immediately after lunch (eating brown colored tortillas), and after the first row, some 30 minutes later, they needed to be at least 200' away, halfway back. Similar oddities in the pickers' behaviors were noted last year.

And like 2008, 2009, and now 2010, I jerked around in applying sunscreen when I wanted. I usually apply it at 1000h so I don't get burned before lunch, but "somehow" I forgot again. Fucking bullshit, and this seems to play into the perps' imperative over exposure to sunlight, on skin or clothes, and their need to be all over me anytime I put it on. Not my problem, so why am I involved in this esoteric nonconsensual human experimentation?

I will be slinging potatoes tomorrow, so that will be some relief from fruit picking.

Lots of other stuff to report on, but I need to get to bed and get to sleep, as work will start an hour earlier tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I got a package in the mail for something I didn't order. When I got it, it was the "Rich Dad: The Business of the 21st Century", two copies of this softcover book. It left me wondering who sent it. It had an invoice, and it looked like the usual eBay orders that come to me. I was paranoid for a while that maybe someone had compromised my ebay account, but it seems that was part of the "Deal": having me worry over if it was sent as part of someone compromising my account. This was proceeded by a phone call from the Credit Union, where this Chinese woman speaking not-so-great English was asking me if I authorized a transaction from Direct Buy. What's odd is the way she said it all obfuscated-like, like she intended to say "did you authorize a direct deposit", but it sounded more like "Direct Buy". Maybe the idea was for me to sit there and wonder if someone had compromised my paypal account and ordered these books, when in fact the woman was merely a perp benefactor. The idea was for me to THINK the books were due to account fraud, when in fact they were a "present" by the perps all along.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got a package in the mail...

I have had the odd extra book show up in a package that was ordered, and the odd one "showing up" on unpacking after moving, but never a dedicated package from Them. No question that the perps like to sow FUD over email and banking incursions, or the appearance thereof, also escalating the concern by direct mind-influence as well. Thanks for the comments.