Thursday, June 03, 2010

Music Noise Start Up

Some muffled music noise is getting through my earmuffs, so I took them off. They know what I hear, and ensure the same volume level of the annoynace persists, earmuffs on or off.

The yoga gangstalk gauntlet today; the legions of shiftless Fuckwits posted on the street, with more of the males loitering about. And seven vagrant cluster on the sidewalk, splitting before I got to them, one group sitting down, and the others leading ahead of me as I went under the tree crowns projecting over the sidewalk. When hiking the assholes did the same thing; typically a gangstalker cluster on the trail immediately before or after a heavily treed portion. And here we are, over four years later, hounding my ass over the same circumstances.

And a flush of dudes (six) outside the doors of this apartment building when I went to the bank at 0900h, plus one convering me in the elevator from this floor and leading ahead out to the waiting dude cluster. And lo, when I went to yoga at 1100h, why, a dude cluster in the lobby this time, and many of the same loafing Fuckwits from the first group. I don't get it; why can't these assholes come out of the closet.

And lo, if I didn't get a call to go berry picking for two days from now. Back to that bullshit again after last summer's jerkarounds, making me late, tired and otherwise unable to do the job. And it is strawberry picking, the worst job there is for all the crouching and stooping over.

A round of real book reading again, with plenty of outside noise like motorycycles and hotrods that got through my earmuffs. I read more of A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz (interview) and her experiences and tortures as a child part of the MKULTRA nonconsenual experimentations. One section mentions Dr. Mengle of concentration camp abuses infamy, and how a number of victims recall him and under what alias at the time. One quoted victim mentioned an incident when she was shackled and held down while he raped her as a child, and then later taunted her about moving away, but that she couldn't as she was shackled. Then, Dr. Mengle snapped his fingers and the shackles were off, playing another mind-fuck game. Sooo.... that telekinetic extra-conventional application of remotely applied technologies then ties my harassors, who apply similar  telekinetic games in my circumstances, to me and my tormentors. That is to say, Dr. Mengle was doing this abuse and killing in the name of science for the same assholes who can apply telekinetic events to any location and any circumstance. And it also explains why Dr. Mengle got tipped off before capture, and why he was let go by the US forces shortly after WWII. He was never captured, and lived to old age, wreaking his abusive mayhem in the 1950's and 1960's in the USA and Canada in clinical circumstances.

Yet another survivor, “Dr. Black somehow attached chains to my wrists and ankle. He inserted the object into me ‘down there’ from behind. When the charge hits the nervous system, everything hurts and contracts in a hellish fashion. I did start saying aloud over and over again, ‘I’m sorry’ (for what, it didn’t matter) and ‘I’ll be a good girl, I promise, I promise….’ He may have hypnotized me, because his eyes got darker as I looked up at them, and I heard his left fingers snap and the shackles were gone. I thought he was a magician. That made him seem all the more powerful to me. After that, he told me that only with him would I be safe. I understood that if I stayed loyal to him, I would not be hurt again. The doctor told dad the he, the doctor, and others worked on each person until they were ready to do whatever they were told. He said the final test had been for friends and close relatives of the prisoners to be brought there. The prisoners were then ordered to attack their loved ones and kill them. He also talked about breeding. Dad was considered 'closer' to perfection because he had the blond hair and gray-blue eyes and was in excellent physical condition." P. 87 - 89 

And I had given up on the massacre events in the news and how they have some consistency with what the perps do, and expediting their covert research agenda due to blood having magnetic qualities, and that the perps like to have a blood to direct environment interaction by forcing bleeds from nowhere on me. And also, that the perps seem to get extra research mileage from this, as well as the various neural states of a person dying, not to mention their state of duress. And the latest massacre in the UK is very interesting as it was in Cumbria, and some of the victims were workers at the nuclear energy research plant there, Sellafield. As far as I could tell, the Sellafield workers were retired, but it does add a new dimension into it, as their organs and blood may have been mildly irradiated with ionizing radiation, and it may have slightly different properties. Anyhow, I won't make a big deal of it, but I am not alone among the TI community in suspecting that the timing and circumstances of these massacres just might be arranged by another party whose mind-fuck games I have come to know first hand, and having seen them improve their abilities since they first went overt/beserk on me in 04-2002.

The simple fact is that if the perps can send me to the wrong cupboard for items I use every day, or mess up the sequence of my shaving routine that I have done for over 40 years, they can grind someone down to take actions that are totally out of character and make them seem legitimate grievances to the deemed perpetrator's thinking/invasive mind technologies application. And believe it or not, ongoing wars in Iraq and Afganistana aren't enough, never mind the historical depredations of armed conflict.

A new urgency to getting some things done as I will be berry picking with only one day off tomorrow. Last year's berry picking was sabotaged my making me feel tired, and then they also kept fucking me out of setting the alarm for the moring when it had never happened before, or since. So... what are they going to do this year, and will it be any different than last year? Have me do berry picking with on/off sabotage to get me kicked off the job, and then shunt me over to do daffodil bulb picking for July and August, with a hopeful extension to November like last year? In the latter job, they had me berry picking from crates at waist height (very convenient and much appreciated), and that the berries were in a greenhouse. It seemed to be a big deal for the assholes as to what I picked where under what field conditions and what time of day, not to mention the helicopter coverage that seemed to be part of the show.

Enough of this, and I know I "forgot" some more perp games today, having gone out three times, but that would be another one of those "happenings".

More shenanigans that I now recall. A phone call from Purolater, at the instant I was to sit on the bed, and catching me just before going to yoga, with the implied notion (likely planted), that I had better answer it as it could be a call about cancellation of yoga, in keeping with the wretched idiot show/chaos of past "notificiations". No, it was Purolater with impeccable timing, as the perps have put me through this almost-seated get-up game before, not to mention the odd shill doing the same thing. Purolater says I have a parcel at their place, as they attempted delivery, but didn't leave a notice on the door. I later check to see if they left a notice on my mailbox, but no. In other words, they left no notice anywhere, and didn't appear to call even, and they pull this stunt. And no less, I get the wrong tracking number from Newegg, so I cannot track the parcel either. I sent Newegg an email earlier, and they didn't reply to this nonexistent tracking number. All this insane dicking around and for what?

Then Powells books fucked up my wish list, wiping it out somehow. I had at least 200 books wish listed, my form of "cloud computing" where I store this online, except that they wiped it out. A four year old backup has more books than the one now. So why did this happen, and why is it that the sickos keep fucking with what I have backed up and where? And to add to the infernal games, I see I have two backup locations of my pictures on the same disk, so now I have a three way reconciliation process to go through. Fun stuff, and always with the dead hand of the assholes behind it. And as I type this, voice noise from outside is somehow coming through my earmuffs.


Anonymous said...

Maybe TI's have hinted that 9/11 was a perp orchestrated event. I'm sure the combination of jet fuel, burning buildings, as well as live bodies hurling themselves dozens of stories to their deaths, in conjunction with a major structural collapse was a big deal for the perps.

Speaking of collapses, here's another one:

I can see where the bridge swaying would be a big deal for the perps, though I don't see how they could have been orchestrating something this long ago. You never know though. There is something very odd about that Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse. I was introduced to this footage in high school physics, where we "studied" this. The teacher was making such a big deal out of this tragedy, like it was so monumental. But it was a very fantastic collapse, though. And having a huge structure sway like that, that must've been a goal from the very beginning. The engineers claim they didn't know anything about the wind funneling effect as well as giant structural resonance. I'm wondering why they would think they could build something so thin, in a windy area, and not expect this thing to sway and oscillate like that.

Another thing is that the Tacoma bridge was built at just the critical length such that the average wind speed through the channel region would make the thing resonate wildly. Funny how it was just the right length exactly to make it go out of control with oscillations like that. The engineers played dumb, though, saying they didn't know about aerodynamic effects and resonance. Yeah right.

The bridge collapse had lasting effects on science and engineering. In many undergraduate physics texts the event is presented as an example of elementary forced resonance with the wind providing an external periodic frequency that matched the natural structural frequency (even though the real cause of the bridge's failure was aeroelastic flutter[1]). Its failure also boosted research in the field of bridge aerodynamics/aeroelastics which have themselves influenced the designs of all the world's great long-span bridges built since 1940.

Notice around 1:40 the fuckwit walking on the bridge to "investigate" the swaying motion.

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe TI's have hinted...

The collapse of the three buildings in their own footprints at near freefall speed is rather suspect, one of them not having had an aircraft fly into it. The whole thing was dustified on the way down. And they had installed a sprinkler system and yet no water was jetting out anywhere. And some odd timing I encountered that day as well, which I won't get into.

The Tacoma Narrows bridge is a engineering classic from what little I know. The deck is hollow, made of gridded steel, so one can see down the the water, which of course prevents differential wind pressure above and below the deck. Maybe it was a "natural" disaster, though I use the term advisedly. One of those "doesn't matter" events now. Though don't get me started on earthquakes. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

The perps had me flipping off the cops last night, without me realizing it was the cops. Unfortunately, it was two guys I knew out on patrol. The cops just laid on the horn, which was a cue for me to flip off the horn blower. When I looked, I was shocked to find it was cops doing it.

Then the stalkers were doing their usual cowardly street theater bullshit. I don't know if these stalkers simply are jerks lacking a life, or if they are scared that they too will become life-raped as I have if they don't comply.

I had an interview 2 Fridays ago for a chair position at a local ITT-Tech campus. The dean who interviewed me was a woman, and she said she would call me sometime the next week to schedule a teaching demonstration. I was to start working 3-4 weeks later. (Thanks to the perps, they inserted the correct weeks amount when I had not known previously.) Unfortunately, she never called the next week, and I kept calling every day, and never getting her but I did get her voicemail. She never called back, so I assume the job went to someone else. She went into "hiding". I'm sure that's a common trick your perps/interviewers pull on you.

I discovered that this dean looked so much like a TV news woman here in my area, so that could be the sole reason for my interview. The town was called "Tarentum", I assume that's why I was interviewed there (because it sounds so much like "Tarantula"). Ridiculous, I know, but not if you're a TI.

So the bottom line is: the only purpose of the interview is because the interviewer looked like someone else, or whatever. Pretty much the only reason.

And last night they perps, in true cowardly fashion, put on a skit that further opened up a wound started by this bitch operative who is in love with me but sold out to the perps. She's the asshole who supposedly got pregnant and had a baby, but however it all seemed suspiscious. Like it was just a show to get me suffering for a duration of 9 months, the supposed "pregnancy". I congratulated her and asked her how much her baby weighed, and she didn't know. That proves she is a faker and completely sold out to the perps on this pregnancy shtick which had me convinced 50% of the time her pregnancy was legit, and 50% of the time I was "convinced" it was faked. The reason is that when you've been life-raped with assholes, stalkers, and asshole stalkers putting on skits to get you all enraged, yes it is no big deal for the assholes to have my supposed girlfriend fake a pregnancy by her former lover.

Some signs it was faked:

1.) She showed me the alleged sonogram, at 4-6 weeks, and the fetus resembled the shrimp I had for dinner the previous week. The idea there is to make me "feel" as though I "ate" a premature fetus.

2.) First she said she was 4 weeks pregnant, then later she said she was 6 weeks. Oops, did someone forget the perp-supplied storyline? Sickos.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that this operative "girlfriend" never shows me anything of hers, until she supposedly got pregnant. interesting how I was pretty much a stranger at that point, yet she still showed me something personal like a sonogram. That's a common trick with shills around here: showing me movies and pictures of their privates and them performing sex acts. All seemed fake to me. Like why do I need to see some idiot's schlong? Eww. That's what he showed me. After he showed me, he told me "that's what a real man's dick looks like". Sure. I'm guessing it's a reasonable facsimile of what one of my perp's dicks look like, like they're trying to show me how big their dicks are.

Enough about that. I had another operative/girlfriend prior to this one, and she admitted she fell in love with me, but I completely freaked out because of what the perps were doing. Which is true. She said I became a freakshow for no reason. Like I'm supposed to be happy they busted down my life's door and life-raped me so far up and down the street, I'm afraid to talk to strangers anymore, because they may be shills. Also, I've been conditioned to hate certain types of people with the freakshows they've been pounding up my ass.

The cops last night stopped mid street, and were intently looking at me. I suppose the perps ordered them to observe me, because they were starting to really piss me off to the extent I wanted to go after someone with a large stick. They've done that, have the cops stop and have an excuse for interviewing me, like someone's been complaining about a guy doing this, etc. All was expected, I'm sure, but the perps needed me to have contact with the operative/shill/officer.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about this life raping is the constant pretense that nothing of the sort is going on. Like my mom will be like "What are you talking about?" and every bad reaction I have to the perps' bullshit is supposed to be me losing it. Like, wow man, you're crazy, or becoming schizo, which I'm sure is one of their goals. So of course she sells out to their bullshit.

AJH said...

Answer to: The perps had me flipping off...

My experiences with the version that harasses me is that they don't ever make mistakes, and if it seems they have, it is likely a setup. They just want to get you riled up and concerned, but are offering enough clues that it isn't for real. And I also know that they can control one's libido, so I really don't know what to say, except be extremely cautious and take all preventative measures.

I think the dean interviewer likely knew the deal going into the interview, and this sudden uncommunicativeness is to make it look after the fact. This is the way they played me for the first year, not then knowing how large this caper/control was. As always, in the TI realm, nothing is for sure, and everything can be faked and mostly is. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I should point out...

I had two girlfriends just before the perps went overt/beserk in 2002. In 2005, they told me it was the same person, just morphed over! They did play alternately, but I am not sure I believe this one. Though someone at work asked my about girlfriends, and said I had two, and he had a big smirk on his face, and I thought it was most odd at the time. Who knows.

I reckon the easiest test for a real life companion is to tell them all this stuff up front, and tell them that they will be in the middle of it too. I know this scares off babes, but it might save you later grief with the (faux IMHO) love thing that gets laid on you. And it happened to me, the keeper girlfriend in Seattle came up with that one, and of course she hasn't visited me up here since. A load of crock it was at the time, and I knew it too, but had to verbally fake my way out of it for the moment. And in retrospect, it seemed that is all they wanted to do; have her declare "deep feeling", but be a total jerk about other things. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: The worst part about this...

Keeping one's perspective while living in "two worlds" (not an original name) is a big deal. But I would challenge your parents: what evidence do they have, why have they changed their behavior (if this is the case). Mention John C Lilly MD and that he routinely talked to the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO), and his esteemed accomplishments as one example, after studying up. Its a way of cutting out the interaction you might have had with your parents. And any arguements go nowhere I have come to experience. Hence my suggestion about asserting what they know about that suggests other than organized harassment. Tell them this was going on 200 years ago and is documented in the book, The Air Loom Gang. Thanks for the comments.