Monday, June 07, 2010

Crotch Potato

A very busy two days of farm work, and a stayover at the First Feral Family home last night, delivering me to the farm work site this morning at 0700h. All kinds of perp disruption to established habits have transpired, and likely for habits to be if this farming gig takes me to November as suggested by the management. It is not the farm of the last two years, but one much closer into town and less commute time. But lots of hours, some getting 60/week according to one of the management staff.

June 05 was picking strawberries adjacent to a busy road, June 06 was picking potatoes with some rain interuptions, and June 07, today, was a full on day of picking potatoes, and then washing them on the conveyor line, right to the boxed state, ready for shipping. And I got to work on the "conveyor line" in the box of the hopper truck with sloped sides and a plywood covered conveyor in the bottom. It was my job to control the feed rate so the conveyor motor didn't need to be on/off-ed, and I did that by straddling the sides of the hopper truck bin, and controlling how fast the tumbling potatoes landed onto the conveyor. Largely accomplished by blocking them with my feet (in gumboots), and with a hose to direct them down if needed. I also pulled the plywood covers off the conveyor to reveal more of it as the pile was diminishing further back toward the front of the hopper box. So... every potatoe shipped for the past two days, tonnes of them, had passed under me as I straddled the hopper box as it was the only way to be able to stand up, as the potatoes covered the plywood conveyor hatches for the most part. Quite the juxtaposition of events and objects to say the least, not to mention all the water being sprayed at high pressure to douse the potatoes and direct them down the conveyor. Everything was food-safe and all that, save the odd potatoe I stepped on, (actually, my foot was lifted up unbidden by me and came down on a spud), which would of been picked out of the line further along, as they have a qualty person, after the spud shower stage to pick out splits, funky ones, soft ones and any that are disfigured or ugly. Rest assured, any of the few spuds that ended up under my boot were not passed onto the food chain.

And as part of that entire gig, I was picking the potatoes in the field with the crew of eight or so, picking them up by hand as these are the small new potatoes and too small for the automated equipment apparently. Soo... my colleagues were OK folk, Punjabis mostly, and most from one family, with one or two that aren't, and then one Asian. A large Caucasian woman joined the crew today, about two hours into the work day, and I did get to speak English today, save the 20 y.o. Punjabi girl who is fluent in both languages. BUT the males especially, made me very claustrophobic despite being in some 50 acres of fields, and they kept invading my personal space, and arranging their asses to be pointintoward me some 70% of the picking time. One of the seeming-senior Punjabis was doing his wander all over act, picking my row ahead of me, and then not, and fussing over me when my plastic 5 gal. bucket was filled, or even partially filled with just a few. He was doing the "helpful" work, keeping us pickers going without intervening stops to take the full bucket to the nearby bin where we dumped all the potatoes, once picked. Helpful sort of; he would take my bucket without notice (sort of OK, as I could observe it), sometimes bring it back, or swap me for an empty one, or sometimes do both. No rhyme or reason, and as well, picking in my row where he specifically wanted me to pick. The ass-planting bullshit got too extreme at times, and so I went ahead and worked there, and usually, withing 10 seconds, they had a picker beside me, sometimes doing ass-planting again. I don't want anyone's ass closer than 18" of my face in any public or worksite experience, so why in the fuck is this insane ass-planting cluster fucking bullshit going on? Like I say, they cannot ever get enough ass-plantings in my face, and last years berry picking also brought similar high rudeness, this being the freaking native Indians.

Speaking of which, the two days ago first day of farm work, and a mighty sunny one at that, came with a overpopulated freak show on the city bus, this at 1600h on a Sunday for crissakes. And one native Indian large gutted and long haired male with his skanky babe, the candidates for the Least-Likely-To-Be-Travelling-On-a-City-Bus award, were on the back bench 4' away. Then about 3/4 into the bus ride, he makes a beeline for me, but isn't looking at me, and looks at the window and raps on it, making it look as if he saw someone he knew. Like WTF; he wouldn't of been able to see anyone from where he was, and he invades my personal space, scaring the living shit out of me having this Fuckwit barreling at me, and he expects to live the tale. Well, when working with the assholes, to a script, they can have these invasions "happen" without consequence to the perpetrator. In a rough town, without the mind-fucck script going, he would of had a knife up his nose. It is fucking insane I cannot be permitted to be left alone in public, and having these grevious incursions on my personal space. Only the day before, someone waiting at the daytime bus stop, with no prior history with the police, minding his own business, was murdered in broad daylight. There isn't a fucking gnat fart in this sick town that isn't arranged, so I am assuming the hapless victim was fucked over by the Fourth Reich. This incident, "happened" a day before I resumed my city bus trips, so I cannot say it was truly coordinated with the abuse they heap on me (including blood samples about 5x/week), but it bears thinking about. And the victim was E. Indian, and lo, if I didn't start working with an E. Indian crew the next day. And yesterday, this E. Indian, arrives with my ex's older daughter, and no one introduced him, or explained why he was there. And he does his homework while there for crissakes. Stupider and stupider. And I got noise stalked and rage-ified with insane degrees of typo sabotage while this was typed up.

An early night as I have to take a hot bath to relax my stiff muscles and remove the excuses for making me so stiff.

Other bullshit was yesterday, when I had to pack for work, but also a First Feral Family (FFF) stayover, and lo, I didn't "forget" all my usual toiletries and face cloth I take there every Sunday. So.. last night, no teeth cleaning, same this morning, no Deep Clean for the eveningtime greasy face, and no shaving this morning, and no shower which includes no shampoo or conditioner. All very important events for the remote energetics evaluation and experimentation crowd, the gutless wonders of the TI abuse. In other words, I wasn't permitted to use the plastic packaged products which seem to be the bane for the sickos, and they had me in relatively "raw form" this morning for a 0700h work start and a 1715 finish after two cycles of potato picking and washing, per above.

Anyhow, I will get this done now, call it a day, for another early start.

no shave, shower, etc

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