Sunday, September 17, 2006

Whither Montreal; City of Students in Flak Jackets

This BBC news item has the story on a Columbine-like rampage in Montreal that occured 09-14-2006, and is very much in the news. I have been news impoverished over the past three weeks with my PC down and the parts order for the new one having inexplicable delays. And did I not say somewhere in these postings that the perps have a habit of pissing on/disaster creating or otherwise creating large scale destabilizing events in my path? The hurricane in Kauii, New Orleans 2005 flooding and disaster continuance (it seems), New York and 9/11, and so it goes. Not proof by any means, but an astonishing number of "hits" (to be insensitive for the sake of arguement) on geographical locations I once lived in or visited.

And so it comes to Montreal, where my father took his PhD at McGill, and I was the first and only born at the time. He spent a year in attendance, and we lived in the huts where many of the Hungarian refugees of 1956 stayed. I was 3 yo. then, and that would make it 1957 to 1958 academic year, before my brother arrived. It is a city which I cannot say I know, but the first of memory, and some day I would like to visit it, not that I would recognize a thing to be sure, perhaps only the ambience at best. My feelings about Montreal is that I owe it a visit, just like an old aunt, to re-kindle any memories.

And so the news was mentioned to me about a Columbine-like rampage in Montreal, and it is most odd that something similar has occured twice before; an invasion of a gun-toting nutter to a academic institution and tragic results. See the side stories at the above link, the most tragic being in 1989 when 14 students were killed. (I myself was at a academic institution then in Burnaby, BC).

Does the shooting rampage at Montreal's third academic institution in 20 years seem an unusual imbalance for a city that doesn't have these occur very often? To me it does, but don't ask me to generate any statisitics, that being another subject area where the perp's invoked cognitive deficits have taken their toll, as much as I like the subject.

Is there any attachment to my current harrassment situation? I don't know, but the timing of the news was at their silly time, before meals. I won't go out on a limb and connect this tragedy to my own harassment activity, but remain uncertain about this one. It is not quite the same as the helicopter hijinx that follow me about, personally, in the news and related unfortunate events. It is also interesting that the latest Montreal shooting tragedy occured during this enforced news drought upon me, PC problems staying persistent etc. The conveyor of the information was smoking a cigarette at the time, a favorite gangstalker adjunct, and a portable "space-time ripper" per JK Harms' deliberations on conventional properties of energy.

This one is too losey goosey to tag to the perps with repsect to me, but I have become quite the cynic on world disasters, wars and other catastrophes being as happenchance as they seem. I have deliberated on climate engineering in one posting, so that source is mightily suspect as a natural causal agent. (The research seems solid).

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