Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Brief Update

I am still being hammered with orchestrated problems in getting online, and will be for at least three weeks as the PC parts order has not shipped in a week. There is a sudden dearth of the motherboard (Asus P5LD2) make and model that I ordered. How convenient. I cannot think of anything I have ordered in 2006 that has arrived as planned. Some have come 3 months late, some in bits and pieces, some just blatantly dropping items off the order and so it goes.

There is a glitch in everything of any complexity that I (used advisedly) take on gets messed with. And no less, I am responding to the perp's sabotage of my computer IMHO, and get sabotaged in dealing with a response (new PC). It never ends, and it is the sickest vilest assholes who keep this up.

Today, an hour was spent on the phone to get the internet accounts "straightened out" because the ISP got my parent's address "mixed up" with mine (the forever moving me, again, no thanks to the perps). Excuse me, but Shaw Cable is an excellent operation and I cannot see them making this fundamental blunder. No doubt the real aim of this was to have me sitting on the brown table for the duration of the call, just to play their color games, what they do all the time.

Anyhow, I am still steamed about the internet connection takeout as well as that of my PC.

But it is interesting to know that the perps will plan these events so there is at least 8 to 10 month's "fallow time". That is, the activity plan and/or ordered item will be researched and sometimes ordered, and then it sits in this fallow period before the plan is utilized. In the case with the PC, I, as in mind-controlled me, spent three months from 11-2005 bookmarking, putzing about and imagining which motherboards and other PC components I would use to build one. Then after exhaustive research, it all suddenly stopped, with the rationale that I could'nt afford it, as I already had a working PC.

And wonder of wonders, 10 days before moving the motherboard packs it in, a blown transistor apparently. Of course all the bookmarks (with planned configurations) were on the PC that failed. But with enough recall, poking and prodding, I managed to pull together an order that was reasonably budget conscious and one that should give me my first fast PC. (The least expensive dual core Pentium CPU). All those hours of imagining a dual processor board went out the window, but that is OK. Any and all potential glitches are exploited to the max in this cursed existence. Anyhow, this is one of many "lie fallow" events that go on in this TI's world, and I am sick fed up of having to be idled while all these maser and plasma beams are flitting about my "cell", my 8x10 room I now rent, and everyone else pretends that nothing is happening.

Fucking venal, to put anyone through this, and any of those who abett this. This vile mind and behavior assault after 47 years of covert harassment, now 4 years long. What are the sick shills and quislings thinking?

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